Long Haired Dachshund Club

Judge : Anne Moore

Best in Show

Robert's Swansford Whoopydora SL

RBIS -  Angear's Ch Ridgegrove in Disguise ML


Best Puppy in Show


BPIS - Lockett Walters & Walter's Ralines One of Those ML

RBPIS - Mitchell's Bronia Miss Moppet SL


Best Veteran in Show


BVIS - Sutton's Damai Master Benedict


BEST IN SHOW. I was stand in Judge for Miss Poulter who was indisposed, get well soon Pam. As there are separate judges for dog and bitches I was called in as referee for both varieties. I chose the bitch Robert's Swansford Whoopydora over River Rumpus through Dachalune in Longs. This was a close decision as he is an excellent exhibit who gleamed with condition but the bitch just had the edge for me. In Miniatures I chose the B/T dog Angear's Ridgegrove in Disguise who I felt oozed quality. It was really splitting hairs for BIS and it was minor details that made my decision, would have preferred In Disguise to have a less round eye and felt that Whoopydora just kicked out better behind so I was delighted to award her BIS with In Disguise RBIS. For BPIS I chose the cream miniature dog Lockett-Walter's Ralines One of Those. 6 months and a bit he has a fair bit of maturing to do but what a lovely prospect. RBPIS Mitchell's Bronia Miss Moppet, very pretty red, just preferred the hind action on the miniature. BVIS B/T long Damai Master Benedict ShCM, very nicely constructed, belying his years, in lovely condition, went round the ring like a youngster. Jan Rowe Memorial Open Stakes 1 Damai Master Benedict ShCM. 2 Green's Eldmour Electra, red bitch, pretty head, OK in shoulder, elbows could be tighter, excellent ribs, lovely behind.
Anne Moore