Smooth Haired Dachshund Club

Judge : Betty Munt

Best in Show


Callow's Garthorne Little Eva MS

RBIS -  Seago & Gibbard's Ch Amilda Evora SS


Best Puppy in Show


BPIS - Armstrong's Lauralee Nicholas Nickleby SS

RBPIS - Ergis's Siouxline Flynn Rider MS


Best Veteran in Show

BVIS - Reed's Deercroft Devotion MS

RBVIS - Turner's Ch Marictur Uptown Madam SS


It was my pleasure to judge BIS, BPIS and BV at this well run show. Bis was the Miniature Smoothhaired bitch, Garthorne Little Eva. Feminine head with a lovely expresion. Standing on the move her outline looked good. Well made front and rear and just the right size. Her movement was spot on and gained her the top award. RBIS was Ch. Amlida Evora. B/t Smooth. Pleasing head, nice expresion. Well made body, good bone and feet. Correct topline. Just a trifle unsettled on the move. BPIS was thr Smooth, Lauralee Nicholas Nickleby. Outstanding b/t. Dead right for size and balance. Lovely head, reachy neck, correct shoulder and strong topline. Sound and stylish on the move. RBPIS was Ergis's red Miniature Smooth, Siouxline Flynn Rider. Nice outline. Pleasing head. Correct topline. Showed well and moved with style. BVIS went to Read's, Miniature Smooth, Deercroft Devition. What a super red bitch. Admired her as a puppy and always felt she should have gained her title. Completely sound and a pleasure to go over. Lovely head, front assembly and excellent topline kept on the move. Moved with style and looked a picture. RBVIS went to the Standard, Ch. Marictur Uptown Madam. This lady was in excellent form. She has a pleasing head and a good strong body and is sound on the move. 
Betty Munt