Midland Dachshund Club 2011



I was  honoured to be asked to judge Best In Show at the Midland Dachshund Club sub  group championship show.  I would like  to thank the other jduges for sending through an excellent selection for me to  choose from. Best In Show I gave to Norton's Standard Smooth Ch.Matzell  Mildred. Well constructed and looking capable of a day's work.  Beautiful proportions without any  exaggeration. She also displayed her feminine charms. Reserve Best In Show was  Mitchell's Longhaired Ch. Bronia   Lotario. In excellent coat and condition.  He is again my interpretation of the breed standard and was on  top form today. Best Puppy in Show I gave to the Miniature wirehaired Fulton's  Bothlyn Brigadoon.  He caught my eye as  he entered the ring.,  Well constructed  with a harsh coat.  He moved with drive  and purpose. Reserve Best Puppy in Show was Mitchell's Longhaired Bronia  Callista. From the same mold as Reserve Best In Show, I was not surprised to  discover she was a repeat mating.  She  put on an excellent performance for her first attempt. I will certainly watch her  career with interest.
 Barbara Metcalfe

 V. (7). 1. Mitchell's, Bronia Lucidissima. M/s. 7 and a half years old. Good head, lovely length of neck, shoulder well angled and laid. Ribs well laid back, quarters strong and hammy. Moved beautifully and really covered the ground. A real credit to her owner. 2. McNaughton's, Ch. Cedauoch Bewitched. Standard long. 7 and a half years old. A picture in stance but just a little narrow in font and rear action. Beautifully presented. BRACE (3,1). 1. Warren's, pair of Mini Wires. Well matched and moved well together. 2. Starkey's, pair of Standard Smooths who just didn't want to work together. DOREEN AND ANGEL NEGAL MEMORIAL SpP 1. Salisbury's, Brocklewood Black Velvet. B/t. Mini Smooth. Nice type. Moved well. Good ground coverage. Just very immature. 2. Green's, Neertanauf Callum the One. B/t Mini L/H. Ok throughout. Moved well. KATH PINCHES MEMORIAL SpJ. (5,2). 1. Mead's, Minimead Maid Sweetley. B/t Mini Smooth. Very nice itch. Correctly made throughout. Was a super mover. 2. Dunn's, Ashridge Dun Dustin. Mini Wire. Nice head and eye. Moved well. BILL PINCHES MEMORIAL O. (7,4). 1. Phillips', Minimead Montmorency at Daxphilly. Red Mini Smoooth of lovely quality and soundness. It was a real pleasure judging him. 2. Green's, Eldmour Electra. Sh/r. Mini Long. Nice type. Very sound. Just a bit boxy for me.
Joan McLean