Scottish Dachshund Club 2011


BIS went to the Miniature Smooth Ch. Sonderbar Billy Jean At Stargang for owner Ellen Blackburn. Shaded red with great substance. Lovely front, sweeping topline and well finished quarters. RBIS was awarded to the Long, emily Mitchell's Ch. Bronia Lotario, elegant shaded red of good size, flat coat in gleaming condition. BPIS was  Tite's Blk/Tan Smooth Rijobeau Hot on Ya heels. Beautifully balanced youngster who really enjoyed himself even after a very full day. Loved his free movement particularrly his clean thrusting hind action. Will have a bright future. There was no award for a Res. BPIS but I would like to mention another baby who impressed. Patton's Wire, Lesandnic Sea The Stars. Was in the BIS lineup. Elegant and clean with very close fitting coat. Needs to gain in substance, but would not want it any other way at the moment. Another with a bright future. BVIS was won by the Choc/tan Smooth from the vintage class. Lewis and Eddies Topthorne KoKo. Over ten years of age and enjoyed his moment.
Lovaine Coxon n


DON McNAUGTON MEMORIAL P STAKES (18,8). 1. Elnside Syrupottydodan. Mini Smooth. 2. Cwmdarhian Can;t Touch This. Mini Smooth. 3. Abydachs Summer Lovin. Long. SpBEGIN. (8,3). 1. Tolberh Holly's Little Tilly Sh CM. Mini Long. 2. Abydachs Summer Dream at Kindeace. Long. 3. Somercould Explorer. Wire. Y. (7,5). 1. Djeata Midnight Sun. Mini Smooth. 2. D'arsisca Strip the Willow at Elnside. Mini Smooth. BRACE. (6,4). 1. Ergis's, Mini Smooths. 2. Jamieson's, Mini Longs. VERONIC COLLINS MEMOERIAL O STAKES (11,2). 1. Am Ch. Insights Captain Clutch. Long. 2. Ch. Bothlyn Penny Black. Mini Wire. 3. Cwmdarhian Tough of Class. Mini Smooth. MEMBERS O STAKES (10,5). 1. Cwmdarhian Little Monty. Mini Smooth. 2. Djeata Cosmopolitan. Mini Long. 3. Somercloud Explorer. WWire.
Mike Caple