Midland Dachshund Club 2012


VARIETIES: AV V (18, 8) 1  Dare's Ch Bronia Playgirl. Red Std Long, 7 yrs old in excellent condition,  super head and expression, very elegant, nice length of neck into correct  shoulders, good length of ribbing, well angulated throughout, moved so soundly  with great enthusiasm. 2 Mitchell's Bronia Lucidissima. B/t Min Smooth, 8 yrs  old, good head with lovely eye shape, nicely angulated throughout, very neat  outline, moved out well. 3 Price's Samlane Pink Gin. AVBrace (5, 3) 1  Cooper's two cream Min Longs, very much a brace, half brothers, excellent  condition. 2 Bates & Maes-Jones. Two Std Wires, mother and daughter, again  a very good brace. AV MINIATURE: Sp PD/B(9, 6) 1 Salisbury's Brocklewood  Calypso. Red Min Smooth, 7 months old. Sweet head and expression, super front,  nicely angulated throughout, moved soundly. 2 Jamieson's Dinkidax Magsybabe To  Djeata. Min Long, super head with lovely sweet expression, well angulated, good  front, nice tight elbows and neat feet, moved well. 3 Goulding's Jiljac Dolli  Parden. AVSp J D/B (6, 2) 1 Bates & Maes-Jones' Derochaise  Elegancia. Std Wire, still very young,  nice head and expression, well angulated throughout, good body  condition, moved soundly keeping good topline. 2 Latham-Jackson's Urishay  Geranium. B/T Min Long, very sweet expression, good front and well placed  shoulders, nicely made all through, moved soundly. 3 Mitchell's Bronia Carmina  At Imirika. AVSp OD/B (9, 7) 1 Jamieson's Djeata Midnight Sun. B/T Min  Smooth, very neat overall, good head and expression, good front and length of  ribs, nicely angulated, moved soundly. 2 Wand's Leveliss Rakish Paddy. Red Std  Smooth, good head, correct eye shape, good length of neck into correct  shoulders, kept topline on the move, would have liked to give two first in this  class.
    Dawn Norton