Southern Dachshund Association Championship Show 2016

Dachshund (Miniature Smooth Haired) - No CCs

Judge: Mary Murphy (Classidax)

BEST OF BREED : HUNT Carpaccio Casablanca JW.
Best Dog : HUNT Carpaccio Casablanca JW
Res Dog :  PROTHEROE Royalmaple Anky Panky
Best Bitch :  ROLLINSON Cwmdarhian Lady in Red for Diamonddax
Res Bitch : HUNT Carpaccio Blithe Spirit
Best Puppy : HUNT Carpaccio Blithe Spirit

Best Veteran : SEATH Sunsong Sea Mist


Veteran Dog or Bitch (1)
1st:  SEATH Sunsong Sea Mist


Minor Puppy Dog (2) 
1st: PHILLIPS Stargang Devil May Care of Robinswood
2nd: RUDKIN Dynastydax Diamond Geezer

Puppy Dog  (3)
1st:  LEWIS Trixhund Bring Me Sunshine
2nd:  PHILLIPS Stargang Devil May Care of Robinswood
3rd:  RUDKIN Dynastydax Diamond Geezer

Junior Dog (3, 1 Abs)
1st: PROTHEROE Royalmaple Anky Panky
2nd: OAKLEY & PEARSON Traveller Joy at Ardenrun

Post Graduate Dog (2)
1st: PHILLIPS Stargang High Hopes of Robinswood

Limit Dog (2)
1st: BARRETT Ayseebee Rumour Has It
2nd: RUDKIN Dynastydax Secret Agent

Open Dog (3)
1st: HUNT Carpaccio Casablanca JW
2nd: PAGET & CARROLL Bronia Valente at Marvale
3rd: PHROTHEROE Ch Grandgables Crafty Lil Devil at Royalmaple

Minor Puppy Bitch (3) 
1st:  HUNT Carpaccio Blithe Spirit
2nd: MUGGLETON Mosiarto Miss Match
3rd:  PEARMAN & SHERWOOD Delandmar It Had to Be Me

Puppy Bitch (3)  
1st: PROTHEROE Royalmaple Beryl the Peril
2nd: REED Deercroft Deep Secret
3rd: BURKE & MANSTON Radclyffe Zathera

Junior Bitch (3, 1 Abs)
1st: PAGET & CARROLL Bronia Magdalena of Marvale
2nd: REED Deercroft Hopes n Dreams

Post Graduate Bitch (7, 4 Abs)  
1st:  ROLLINSON Cwmdarhian Lady in Red for Diamonddax
2nd: MUGGLETON Mosiarto Miss Calculate
3rd:  PEARMAN & SHERWOOD Zarosa Stunning in Black for Delandmar
Res: OAKLEY & PEARSON Ardenrun Valentines Day

Limit Bitch (5, 3 Abs)
1st: OAKLEY & PEARSON May Blossom at Ardenrun
2nd: PEARMAN & SHERWOOD Lokmadi Rumour Has it for Delamour

Open Bitch (1)  
1st:  ROLLINSON Cwmdarhian Lady Marmalade by Diamonddax JW ShCM

My thanks to the committee for asking me to judge & to my very able stewards.

MIN S/H – I thought this variety had improved since I last judged them. In general front movement was good but many still pin in behind as they move away.

V (2,1a) 1 Seath’s Sunsong Sea Mist, neat little bitch. 8 years old but not showing her age at all. Moved out as well as the youngsters. BV. MPD (2) 1 Phillips’ Stargang Devil-May-Care of Robinswood, pleasing red puppy. Good head length & ribbing. Moved out well; 2 Rudkins’ Dynastydax Diamond Geezer, nice outline. Moved with drive. Not as mature as 1. Just needs to tighten up at front. PD (3) 1 Lewis’ Trixhund Bring Me Sunshine, masculine head, nice front leading to good chest & length. Extrovert mover. Won class on maturity; 2 S Devil-May-Care of R; 3 Rudkin’s Dynastydax Diamond Geezer. JD (3,1) 1 Protheroe’s Royalmaple Anky Panky, eyecatching red dog. Lovely masculine head & reachy neck leading to sound front. RBD; 2 Oakley & Pearson’s Traveller Joy at Ardenrun, nice outline. Good length & topline which he kept on the move. Pushed for 1 but preferred tighter feet of winner. PGD (2,1) 1 Phillips’ Stargang High Hopes of Robinswood, another attractive red dog. Masculine, houndy head, lengthy ribbing & good topline. LD (2) 1 Barrett’s Ayseebee Rumour Has It, good head, neck & shoulder placement. Carried himself well on the move; 2 Rudkin’s Dynastydax Secret Agent, well ribbed to well angulated rearend & good driving action. Lost out to winner’s slightly tighter front. OD (3) 1 Hunt’s Carpaccio Casablanca, could not be denied. Lovely head & reach of neck, well placed shoulders, lengthy ribbing. Well angulated rearend. Moves so well. Was very pleased to see him go RBIS. BD, BOB & RBIS; 2 Page & Carroll’s Bronia Vallente of Marvale, masculine head, long neck to good front. Moved out well; 3 Protheroe’s Ch Grandgables Crafty Lil Devil at Royalmaple.

MPB (3) 1 Hunt’s Carpaccio Blithe Spirit, I see that she is my BOB’s daughter & she shares many of his attributes. Good head, front, length, topline & hocks. Lovely movement coming & going. BPB, RBB & BP; 2 Muggleton’s Mosiarto Miss Match, very promising puppy. Good front & ribbing leading to nice backend. Moved well; 3 Pearman & Sherwood’s Delandmar It Had To Be Me. PB (3) 1 Protheroe’s Royalmaple Beryl The Peril, loved this puppy. Good head, front & ribbing. Unhappy about the table but won class on such good movement. Should have a really bright future when she discovers her confidence; 2 Reed’s Deercroft Deep Secret, another promising puppy. Nice head, reach of neck & front. Moved well but just spoilt outline by flying tail; 3 Burke & Manston’s Radclyffe Zathera. JB (3,1) 1 Page & Carroll’s Bronia Magdalena of Marvale, small red bitch. Good ribbing & topline which she kept on the move; 2 Reed’s Deercroft Hopes N Dreams, nice head & front. Still rather immature, see she is still a puppy. Not yet as confident in movement as 1. PGB (7,3) 1 Rollinson’s Cwmdarhian Lady In Red for Diamonddax, lovely red bitch. Correct head & front leading to good shoulders and topline. Moved out so well. BB; 2 Muggleton’s Mosiarto Miss Calculate, another nice bitch with similar attributes to 1 but slightly spoiled outline by favouring tail when moving; 3 Pearman & Sherwood’s Zarosa Stunning In Black for Delandmoor. LB (5,3) 1 Oakley & Pearson’s May Blossom at Ardenrun, elegant bitch with good front construction & length. Moved out positively; 2 Pearman & Sherwood’s Lokmadi Rumout Has It for Delamour, another nice bitch with a good outline but not as tight at front which affected movement. OB (1) 1 Rollinson’s Cwmdarhian Lady Marmalade by Diamonddax, stood alone but worthy winner. Good head & eye. Pleasing outline. Moved with drive.