Ladies Kennel Ass Championship Show 2021


Judge: Mr Lloyd Cross (Loggeta)

BEST OF BREED : 1647 COXON, Mrs L Sundsdal's Black Cadillac To D'arisca
Dog CC : 1732 TITE, Mr J Ch Ayseebee Twinkling Star
Res Dog CC : 1658 GENTLE, Mr & Mrs D Dimogen Stargazer
Bitch CC : 1647 COXON, Mrs L Sundsdal's Black Cadillac To D'arisca
Res Bitch CC : 1660 GITTINS, Mrs T Markidachs Safrons Dream At Boomerloo
Best Puppy : 1726 RUDKIN, Mr J Dynastydax Alfreda

Best Veteran : 1646 COXON, Mrs L Distinctly So D'arisca

Class 569 MPD (4 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 1637 BULLIS, Mrs A Amaffrey Jimmy Mack
2nd: 1665 HUNT, Mr J E Carpaccio Red Rock
3rd: 1699 MUTTON, Miss J & MUTTON, Miss T Montone Bear ly Red (naf)

Class 570 PD (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 1670 JENNINGS, Miss J Marvale Northern Cardinal at Jenivon
2nd: 1642 CHARLESWORTH, Mr A keydax satchi
3rd: 1713 PROTHEROE, Mr P Ginco Mikey Boots By Royalmaple

Class 571 JD (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 1685 MASON, Miss A Teckeltown Master Piece
2nd: 1681 MAGRI, Mr J A Bronia Cellini Rozamie

Class 572 YD (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 1690 MELBOURNE, Mrs D & CARROLL, Mr G & PAGET, Mr M Melriding Cloak and Dagger

Class 573 PGD (8 Entries) Abs: 3
1st: 1724 RUDKIN, Mr J Dynastydax Tarquin
2nd: 1711 PROTHEROE, Mr P Swankydax Mr Blue Sky by Royalmaple
3rd: 1627 BEACH, Mr L & BEACH, Miss L & BEACH, Mr A Laurabelle Rocket Man
Res: 1657 FRANCIS, Mrs R Stargang Hay Bob At Feebrick
VHC: 1707 POULIER, Mrs N Auradach Alfred The Great

Class 574 LD (7 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 1696 MOES WILLIAMS, Mr C Cwmdarhian Jesse James
2nd: 1731 STRANGE, Mrs C Stargang Magic Alfie Moon
3rd: 1728 STARKEY, Mrs W Carpaccio Black Obsidian For Hamoura
Res: 1687 MASON, Miss A Teckeltown something magic JW
VHC: 1669 JENNINGS, Miss J Duddondaxs Judge Jude

Class 575 OD (8 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 1732 TITE, Mr J Ch Ayseebee Twinkling Star
2nd: 1658 GENTLE, Mr & Mrs D Dimogen Stargazer
3rd: 1676 KENT, Mrs Y Ch Lokmadi Sand Dollar
Res: 1631 BLACKBURN-BENNETT, Miss H Stargang Barracuda
VHC: 1703 PEEL, Ms K & ANDISON, Mr J Clentry Donnie Darco

Class 576 VD (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 1646 COXON, Mrs L Distinctly So D'arisca

Class 577 MPB (17 Entries) Abs: 3
1st: 1726 RUDKIN, Mr J  Dynastydax Alfreda
2nd: 1668 HUTCHINGS, Mrs F & PRICE, Mrs N Collidach Splish Splash
3rd: 1693 METCALFE-BILGIN, Mrs S Metadale legacy Lives On
Res: 1688 MASON, Miss A Collidachs Hot Springs
VHC: 1705 PEEL, Ms K & ANDISON, Mr J Clentry Wish Upon A Star

Class 578 PB (11 Entries) Abs: 4
1st: 1625 BEACH, Mr L & BEACH, Miss L & BEACH, Mr A Beachdax Queen Of Hearts
2nd: 1706 PEEL, Ms K & ANDISON, Mr J Minidogland Bunny The Best (Naf Taf) (Imp Rus)
3rd: 1630 BELL, Mrs L Tolberg Eostre
Res: 1674 JENNINGS, Miss J Jenivons Miss Marple
VHC: 1655 FORGE, Mrs I Normpug Red Flame

Class 579 JB (13 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 1663 HANNEY-MITCHELL, Mrs F Ch Bronia's Antonella
2nd: 1691 MELBOURNE, Mrs D & CARROLL, Mr G & PAGET, Mr M Melriding Chanson Roland
3rd: 1704 PEEL, Ms K & ANDISON, Mr J Clentry Girl Like You
Res: 1636 BULLIS, Mrs A Amaffrey Bridget Jones
VHC: 1655 FORGE, Mrs I Normpug Red Flame

Class 580 YB (6 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 1710 PROTHEROE, Mr P Royalmaple Itsy Bitsy
2nd: 1648 COXON, Mrs L D'Arisca Desires A Porche
3rd: 1635 BULLIS, Mrs A Amaffrey Truly Scrumptious
Res: 1686 MASON, Miss A Teckeltown Lady in Red
VHC: 1682 MAGRI, Mr J A Boadacea Be Creative with Rozamie

Class 581 PGB (10 Entries) Abs: 3
1st: 1656 FOSSETT, Miss B Brysdax Along Came Polly
2nd: 1649 COXON, Mrs L D'arisca So Scrumptious
3rd: 1641 CHARLESWORTH, Mr A keydax queen bee
Res: 1671 JENNINGS, Miss J Melriding Natasha at Jenivon
VHC: 1721 ROSE, Mrs B Pennydach Mystique at Rosencrantz

Class 582 LB (11 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 1660 GITTINS, Mrs T Markidachs Safrons Dream At Boomerloo
2nd: 1640 CHARLESWORTH, Mr A Keydax Pennies From Heaven
3rd: 1709 PROTHEROE, Mr P Royalmaple Higledy Pigledy
Res: 1727 RUSSELL, Mrs C Russteck Tea Cake
VHC: 1722 ROSE, Mrs B Ardenrun Foolish Whisper at Rosencrantz

Class 583 OB (9 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 1647 COXON, Mrs L Sundsdal's Black Cadillac To D'arisca
2nd: 1662 HANNEY-MITCHELL, Mrs F Bronia Bellezza
3rd: 1652 DUNHILL, Mrs R & DUNHILL, Mr R Cwmdarhian Annie Aokley at gellijam
Res: 1708 PROTHEROE, Mr P Royalmaple Daphne Blake
VHC: 1633 BLACKBURN-BENNETT, Miss H Stargang Song of Ice N'Fire

Class 584 VB (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 1626 BEACH, Mr L & BEACH, Miss L & BEACH, Mr A Beachdax Duchess Daisy Doo
2nd: 1701 MUTTON, Miss T Posh Pride Alfa Lady (imp ukr)


Many thanks to the committee of LKA for this appointment and I trust the entry did not disappoint – huge thanks to my stewards Katherine & Eileen Herrington for their hard work and cheerful disposition even after a full day of work. Although numerically large I found a lot of the exhibits lacking in flowing hound lines, many poor toplines and many lacking the correct hind angulation. That said there were many high-quality exhibits and a dream minor puppy class of seventeen many of which could have been awarded a 1st prize. I was disappointed to see weights creeping up and some male exhibits were only slightly shy of 6kg (more than 13lbs) which to me is not a true miniature. I made allowances in some classes where quality exhibits were bigger than I would like but won on conformation and movement. I have said before that it takes true dedication and understanding of breed lines to produce a correctly proportioned balanced miniature type without exaggeration but oh how a correctly sized balanced exhibit stands out. Nearly all my class winners and those winning top awards were of excellent quality and of the correct size. Thanks again to all exhibitors who gave me such a fabulous entry. 
MPD (4,1) 1 Bullis’ Amaffrey Jimmy Mack – Up to size shaded red of real quality. Correct front with nicely angulated shoulders. Good tight feet, nice substance and masculine head. Lovely ribbing and short loin. Lovely hind quarters with the correct angles behind providing a good driving action. Held a lovely outline on the move. 2 Hunts Carpaccio Red Rock – shaded red of just 6 months baby on his first outing of correct size for his age. Great outline on the stack and in moving. Good head and prosternum correct shoulders, at the moment a little narrow in front. Will watch his progress with interest. 3 Mutton’s Montone Bear Ly Red. 
PD (3) 1 Jennings Marvale Northern Cardinal at Jenivon – shaded red of a nice type if a shade long cast. Quality front girdle all fitting together well. Good head and expression – good ribbing and moved soundly fore and aft. 2 Charlesworth Keydax Satchi – Black & Tan with a lovely outline when deciding to cooperate with his handler. Good head and neck, correct shoulders still needing to strengthen behind. 3 Protheroe’s Ginco Mickey Boots by Royalmaple 
JD (2) 1 Mason’s Teckletown Master Piece – shaded red of correct size and without exaggeration. Lovely front girdle construction, tight elbows. Decent ribbing and loin. Slightly strong in head. Nice hindquarters. Moved correctly coming and going holding a lovely outline at all times. 2 Magri’s Bronia Celline Rozamie - similar to 1st in many respects slightly heavier type but of a good quality. Preferred the hindquarters and movement of the winner. 
YD (2) 1 Melbourne, Paget & Carroll’s Melriding Cloak & Dagger – lovely B/T of correct size without exaggeration. Beautiful markings, quality head and nice length of neck. Correctly angulated shoulders and nicely angulated behind. Nice outline on the move. 
PGD (8,3) 1 Rudkins Dynastydax Tarquin – up to size shaded red of quality type, good front and nice sweep of keel, correct depth. Smart well angulated hindquarters used with purpose. Would prefer tighter elbows 2 Protheroe’s Swankydax Mr Blue Sky by Royalmaple – much smaller type but in this instance could be a bit more of him. Held a good outline on the move. Decent front again could be slightly tighter in elbow. 3 Beach’s Laurabelle Rocket Man
LD (7,1) 1 Moes & Williams Cwmdarhian Jesse James – beautiful red of super shape & type. Correct in front and shoulder, good prosternum. Lovely topline and quality hind angulation. Moved correctly all angles with style and presence. Held a lovely outline. Just a bit too much of him for me. 2 Strange’s Stargang Magic Alfie Moon – correct sized shaded red lovely to go over, good masculine head, nice eye, good shoulders, nice front, topline and underline. Moved correctly fore and aft just lacked the sparkle on the move of the winner on the day. 3 Starkey’s Carpaccio Black Obsidian for Hamoura 
OD (8) 1 Tite’s Ch. Ayseebee Twinkling Star – Black & Tan of a lovey size and balance. Super front well laid-back shoulder, good head, eye & neck, held a lovely outline on the move using a true driving action behind. A lovely honest dog without exaggeration. C.C. He has many attributes of his sire who I also awarded a C.C. 2. Gentle’s Dimogen Stargazer – another lovely B/T of correct size. Beautifully balanced lovely front and shoulder construction. Level topline and nicely angulated behind. On the move just preferred the outline and drive of the winner but called back for in the challenge and delighted to award him a well-deserved Res C.C. 3 Kent’s Ch. Lokmadi Sand Dollar 
Vet D (1)1 Coxon’s Distinctly So D’Arisca – lovely, shaded red of 7 years. Super sound throughout, great front, correct shoulder, ample ground clearance, lovely hindquarters being fussy would prefer a slightly more masculine head but a lovely balanced veteran. Best Veteran in Breed 
MPB (17,3) Super strong class 1 Rudkins Dynastydax Alfreda – beautiful feminine Black & Tan who caught my eye when she entered the ring. Lovely, elegant style and when assessed on the table oozed quality. Everything balanced and correctly put together great front girdle and super sound hindquarters. Super outline on the move. She won a strong minor puppy class where all the five placed girls could have warranted a first place! I will watch her future with great interest. BPB & Best Puppy in Breed. 2. Hutchings & Price’s Collidach Splish Splash – Red brindle & another stunning girl of lovely type, chunkier than the winner but full of style and quality. Excellent substance and lovely outgoing temperament correctly made all through which meant she could only look great on the move. A lovely outline moving and naturally standing. Liked her Dam and I am sure she will go on to great things 3 Metcalfe-Bilgin’s Metadale Legacy Lives On. 
PB (11,4) 1 Beach’s Beachdax Queen of Hearts – lovely correct sized eye catching Black & Tan of 11 months. Elegant with super front and shoulder construction, good ribbing and nice short loin. Held a lovely classic outline on the move. One of a lovely quartet of winning puppies. 2 Peel & Andison’s Minidogland Bunny the Best Naf/Taf/ (Imp Russia) – another top quality black & tan of just 6 months. Similar type to winner although at this tender age still to grow into her frame. Compact size but a pocket rocket. Super all round construction and once she gains a little more ring confidence will certainly make her mark in the ring. One to watch 3 Bell’s Tolberg Eostre
JB ( 13,2) 1. Hanney-Mitchell’s Ch. Bronia Antonella – shaded red of honest sound quality. Lovely correct front, well angulated shoulders and nice tight elbows very nicely angulated hindquarters. Good top and underline maybe a shade long for me but easily the best mover in this class using her well-made hindquarters with purpose showing a true driving action. 2 Melbourne, Paget & Carroll’s Melriding Chanson Roland – lovely balanced Black & Tan & just my type. Super sound throughout and have watched her as a puppy. Lovely compact size with a beautiful outline just could not match the hind movement of the winner. 3. Peel & Andison’s Clentry Girl Like You 
YB (6,1) 1 Protheroe’s Royalmaple Itsy Bitsy – lovely, elegant clear red of correct size and balanced proportions. Lovely feminine head, good dark almond shaped eye, well-made shoulders and hindquarters, carried herself well holding a lovely outline on the move. Well-presented and handled. 2 Coxon’s D’Arisca Desires a Porche – sound honest shaded red slightly longer cast girl. Good front, nice tight feet. Sound shoulder placement and moved OK just preferred the outline of the winner on the move. 3 Bullis’ Amaffrey Truly Scrumptious
PGB (10,3) 1 Fossett’s Brysdax Along Came Polly – faun of good balance and size. Lovely front and shoulder assembly good topline and sound hindquarters. Won the class on her overall sound conformation – a little reluctant to show her best today. 2. Coxon’s D’Arisca So Scrumptious – Black & Tan of a lower type and longer cast to my winner but overall sound in construction. 3. Charlesworth Keydax Queen Bee 
LB (11,0) Strong class 1 Gittins Markidachs Saffrons Dream at Boomerloo – B/T of super balance, size and proportions – nothing exaggerated but an understated elegance and style that caught my eye from the off and kept me coming back to her. On the table lovely to go over with a good front girdle and nice tight elbows. Nice lay back of shoulder into lovely sweeping topline finishing with well-made hammy well angulated hindquarters. In this very strong class held her own and equally caught my eye in the strong challenge to gain her a very well-deserved Res C.C. 2. Charlesworth Keydax Pennies from Heaven – super sound red of good size and balance also lovely to go over on the table with everything flowing. Kept a super outline on the move. 3. Protheroe’s Royalmaple Higeldy Pigeldy 
OB (9,2) 1 Coxon’s Sundsdal’s Black Cadillac to D’Arisca – lovely, elegant Black & Tan with lovely flowing lines. Lovely head and super reach of neck used to advantage at all times. Good front, correct shoulders, lovely sweep of keel lovely flowing underline into well angulated hindquarters used to good effect on the day. Nothing exaggerated about this quality girl who for me was an ideal size and weight proving quality can be achieved easily within the miniature weight allowances. Delighted to award her C.C. Really complimented my Dog CC and, in the challenge, I just preferred her natural flowing lines to give her B.O.B 2 Hanney- Mitchell’s Bronia Belleza – shaded red of a lower to ground type, sound in all areas and good hindquarters preferred the length of neck and head of winner. 3 Dunhill’s Cwmdarhian Annie Aokley at Gellijam 
Vet B (2) 1 Beach’s Beachdax Duchess Daisy Doo – Black & Tan of 7 years. Quality type of good overall construction and sound throughout moved correctly fore and aft with drive and purpose which won her the class on the day. 2 Muttons Posh Pride Alfa Lady – another 7-year-old B/T of a nice type holding a good shape and outline standing and, on the move, good proportions, presented in lovely condition just did not have the drive of the winner on the day.
Lloyd Cross (Loggeta)