Leeds Championship Show 2021


Judge: Helen Wayman

BEST OF BREED : MELBOURNE, CARROLL & PAGET Melriding Cloak and Dagger & Hound Puppy Group 4
Dog CC : MELBOURNE, CARROLL & PAGET Melriding Cloak and Dagger

Res Dog CC : TITE Ayseebee Twinkling Star
Bitch CC : CALLOW Garthorne Grace Kelly
Res Bitch CC : ERGIS Ch Siouxline Rapunzel with Melriding
Best Puppy : MELBOURNE, CARROLL & PAGET Melriding Cloak and Dagger
Best Veteran : ERGIS Ch Siouxline Rapunzel with Melriding
Best Special Beginner : STRANGE, Cazdachs Time to Shine  & Special Beginner Hound Puppy Group 3

Puppy Dog (5 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: MELBOURNE, CARROLL & PAGET Melriding Cloak and Dagger
2nd: MASON Teckeltown Master Piece
3rd: MAGRI Bronia Cellini Rozamie


Post Graduate Dog (6 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: PAGET & CARROLL Riowood Black Jack
2nd: STRANGE Stargang Magic Alfie Moon
3rd: GLEAVE Stargang Lord Dashinton
Res: JENNINGS Duddondaxs Judge Jude

Limit Dog (7 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: PEEL & ANDISON Clentry Donnie Darco
2nd: STARKEY Carpaccio Black Obsidian For Hamoura
3rd: ERGIS Matthew by Siouxline
Res: MOES WILLIAMS Cwmdarhian Jesse James
VHC: FRANCIS Stargang Hay Bob At Feebrick

Open Dog (7 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: TITE Ayseebee Twinkling Star
2nd: COXON Distinctly So D'arisca
3rd: MOES WILLIAMS  Gellijams Russian Sun For Cwmdarhian
Res: KENT Lokmadi Sand Dollar
VHC: PEEL & ANDISON Clentry Here Me Roar


Veteran Dog - No Entries

Special Beginners Dog or Bitch (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: STRANGE Cazdachs Time to Shine
2nd: ROSE Ardenrun Foolish Whisper at Rosencrantz
3rd: CUMBERLAND Mumysami So What
Res: MANGER Kentwone Winter Willow

Puppy Bitch (Entries) Abs: 2
1st: CROSS Loggeta Pickled Lilly
2nd: COXON D'Arisca Desires A Porche
3rd:  RUDKIN Dynastydax Wilma

Res: MELBOURNE, CARROLL & PAGET Melriding Chanson Roland
VHC: STRANGE Cazdachs Time to Shine

Junior Bitch (6 Entries) Abs: 3
1st: MAGRI Rayol Rejoice With Rozamie
2nd: MASON Teckeltown Lady in Red
3rd: JENNINGS Jenivon Miss Muffin

Post Graduate Bitch (13 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: KENT  Lokmadi Jingle Belle
2nd: GLEAVE Stargang Krystal Kisses
3rd: MASON Teckeltown You're The One JW
Res: TURNER Barryamn Venus
VHC: CUMBERLAND Mumysami So Distinct

Limit Bitch (14 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: RUSSELL Russteck Tea Cake
2nd: DUNHILL Cwmdarhian Annie Aokley at Gellijam
3rd: SHUTT Donnadoon Carolina Moon
Res: HUDSON Teckeltown RainDrops
VHC: MILLS- JONES  Carlita Welsh princess

Open Bitch (9 Entries) Abs: 3
1st: CALLOW Garthorne Grace Kelly
2nd: COXON Sundsdal's Black Cadillac To D'arisca
3rd: KENT Lokmadi Magic Dragon
Res: HERRINGTON Kathington Just By Chance
VHC:  FOSSETT Lokmadi Peggy Sue For Brysdax JW

Veteran Bitch (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: ERGIS Ch Siouxline Rapunzel with Melriding
2nd: CUMBERLAND Mumysami Miss Solitaire Sh.CM

PD (5 Entries) Abs: 0

 1st MELBOURNE, Mrs D & CARROLL, Mr G & PAGET, Mr M Melriding Cloak and Dagger. Super Black and Tan, was totally captured by this gorgeous chap. Super head, his strong neck flows smoothly into a well laid shoulder, correct return of upper arm, super length of ribbing, strong loin, full round rear, moved with such confidence for one so young, delighted to award him  CC, BOB & BP

2nd  MASON, Miss A Teckeltown Master Piece another quality pup, good head and eye, very balanced all through, good overall shape and outline, moved well from all angles  



  PGD (6 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: PAGET, Mr M J & CARROLL, Mr G Riowood Black Jack,b/t boy, super head, correct front, holds his outline on the move, strong rear, moved really well

2nd: STRANGE, Mrs C Stargang Magic Alfie Moon another nice quality boy,  good head and neck, liked his front and length of ribbing moved really well

3rd: GLEAVE, Mrs J Stargang Lord Dashinton

 LD (7 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: PEEL, Ms K & ANDISON, Mr J Clentry Donnie Darco, this boy really caught my eye, such a super outline and good type, super head, excellent front, good to pine and strong loin, moved really well and was close up for top honours

2nd: STARKEY, Mrs W Carpaccio Black Obsidian For Hamoura one I have judged before, really like his type and quality, but today his mind was elsewhere and not showing at his best

3rd: ERGIS, Mrs S Moragden Matthew by Siouxline 

OD (7 Entries) Abs: 1

Some supper boys in this class

1st: TITE, Mr J Ayseebee Twinkling Star super dog, spot on for size, good neck such a clean front, good depth and length of ribbing, super rear, such a super mover close up for cc but delighted to award him the rcc

2nd: COXON, Mrs L Distinctly So D,Areias so similar in type to 1 with lots to like, just felt 1 was a touch more together on the move, but another close decision

3rd: MOES WILLIAMS, Mr C Gellijams Russian Sun For Cwmdarhian


 SBD/B (4 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: STRANGE, Mrs C CAZDACHS TIME TO SHINE bitch of nice type, good head, correct neck and frontenoguh ribbing, good strong rear, moved well BSB,

2nd: ROSE, Mrs B Ardenrun Foolish Whisper at Rosencrantz correct sized feminised bitch, ok in front, good outline and strong rear, moved well

3rd: CUMBERLAND, Miss C Mumysami So What

PB (11 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: CROSS, Mr L LOGGETA PICKLED LILLY I really liked this super quality girl, she presents such a. Lovely picture, femine head, super front, correct top line, lovely filled rear, moved so soundly,

2nd: COXON, Mrs L D'Arisca Desires A Porche quality girl, spot on for size, good head proportions, strong neck, very good front, super outline stacked and on the move a sound girl all through


 JB (6 Entries) Abs: 3

1st: MAGRI, Mr J A Rayol Rejoice With Rozamie little separated these two, just preferred the overall package of 1, super front, enough ribbing, good strong rear and moved really well,  all round quality girl

2nd: MASON, Miss A Teckeltown Lady in Red she is of lovely type, only just out of puppy, super front and outline, moved well, just preferred the neck of 1


 PGB (13 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: KENT, Mrs Y Lokmadi Jingle Belle what a super package this girl is, really liked her head, excellent front and depth, good ribbing and loin proportions, well filled rear enabling her to drive round the ring.

2nd: GLEAVE, Mrs J Stargang Krystal Kisses. Another super girl, in this strong class, feminine head and expression, super neck and front, good length  and strong rear, moved really well. Close up to 1

3rd: MASON, Miss A Teckeltown You're The One JW

 LB (14 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: RUSSELL, Mrs C Russteck Tea Cake quality girl headed this strong class, attractive head, good ear and eye, strong neck, correct shoulder and return of upper arm, good length of ribbing, strong round rump moved real well

2nd: DUNHILL, Mrs R & DUNHILL, Mr R Cwmdarhian Annie Aokley at Gellijam, close up and many attributes apply, she too is well made and sound, just preferred the overall package of 1

3rd: SHUTT, Mrs M Donnadoon Carolina Moon

 OB (9 Entries) Abs: 3

1st: CALLOW, Mrs A Garthorne Grace Kelly I have judged this lovely girl before, really thought today was her day. She is so well put together, she has a feminine head and outlook, good  front, super outline, she is well balanced all through, moved so soundly delighted to award her the cc

2nd: COXON, Mrs L Sundsdal's Black Cadillac To  D’Arisca, super girl and close up, so sound all through, good type, super head and front, loved her overall balance and outline, moved well

3rd:  KENT, Mrs Y Lokmadi Magic Dragon

 VB (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: ERGIS, Mrs S Ch Siouxline Rapunzel with  Melriding, hard to believe this lovely girl is a

 veteran, she is so sound, feminine girl, good neck and front, correct ribbing, strong, rear, moved so soundly BV

2nd: CUMBERLAND, Mrs J & CUMBERLAND, Miss R Mumysami Miss Solitaire Sh.CM another youthful veteran, lovely head, super front and outline moved well.


Helen Wayman (Judge