Southern Dachshund Ass Championship Show 2021

Dachshund (Miniature Smooth-haired) - No CCs

Judge: Liz Stephens (Bedu)


BEST OF BREED : KENT Lokmadi Dragon Tattoo
Best Dog : COXON Ch Distinctly So D'Arisca
Res Best Dog  : KENT Lokmadi Sand Dollar

Best Puppy Dog :  MASON Teckeltown Master Piece

Best Bitch  : KENT Lokmadi Dragon Tattoo
Res Best Bitch : REED Deercroft Daybreak JW

Best Puppy Bitch : CROSS Logetta Pickled Lilly
Best Puppy :  CROSS Logetta Pickled Lilly

Best Veteran :  REED Deercroft Summer Serenade JW

Veteran Dog or Bitch (4,2)
1st: REED Deercroft Summer Serenade JW
2nd: KITCHEN Dovestream Titch at Tarkdash


Minor Puppy Dog (1)
1st:  MASON Teckeltown Master Piece

Puppy Dog (1)
1st: COXON D'Arisca Drives a Daimler

Junior Dog
1st: No Entries

Yearling Dog (2,1)
1st: FAIRCHILD Bronia Diodato for Restinim

Post Graduate Dog (6,1)
1st: MUTTON Ivan Poddubny Iz Omskoi Kreposti for Montone (Imp Rus)
2nd: POULIER Auradach Alfred the Great
3rd:  OWEN Gwendary Pickpocket
Res: STRANGE Stargang Magic Alfie Moon
VHC: THOMPSON Black Button Sweet Heart

Limit Dog (5)
1st: MASON Teckeltown Something Magic JW
2nd: GENTLE Dimogen Stargazer
3rd:  REED Deercroft Dream Chaser JW
Res: POULIER Auradach Alfred the Great
VHC: WARD-BLOWER Whitewebbs Sweet William at Willowhurst

Open Dog (4,1)  
1st:  COXON Ch Distinctly So D'Arisca
2nd:  KENT Lokmadi Sand Dollar
3rd:  WARD-BLOWER Whitewebbs Sweet William at Willowhurst

Minor Puppy Bitch (2,1)  
1st: CHANT Dayjaris Xmas Wishes

Puppy Bitch (5)  
1st: CROSS Logetta Pickled Lilly
2nd: COXON D'Arisca Desires a Porche
3rd: CHAPMAN-REITH Hayvenhund Dare to Dream
Res: STRANGE Cazdachs Time to Shine
VHC: LEGG & HALL Cazdachs Take it Easy

Junior Bitch (5)
1st:  KENT Lokmadi Dragon Tattoo
2nd: MASON Teckletown Lady in Red
3rd: DUNHILL Cwmdarhian Annie Aokley at Gellijam
Res: Pinot Noire
VHC: KILROY Janacop Red Sky

Yearling Bitch (3)
1st: GIDLOW Tia Jane of Hulverstone
2nd: HICKS Phoenie's Capriccio
3rd: JKILROY Janacop Red Sky

Post Graduate Bitch (7)
1st: BEER Stargang Candy Stripes at Lowrider
2nd: MASON Teckletown You're the One
3rd:  O'CONNELL Hollybirch Glowing Gold
Res: KITCHEN Swingletrees Roses are Red at Tarkdash
VHC: HICKS Net Narin Limited Edition at Phoenie (Imp Rus)

Limit Bitch (13,2)  
1st: REED Deercroft Daybreak JW
2nd: KENT Lokmadi Jingle Belle
3rd: COXON Sunsdals Black Cadillac to D'Arisca
Res: ERGIS Siouxline Rachel
VHC:BULLINGHAM Bowetts Carminia at Stoweytop

Open Bitch (2)
1st:  BEER Stargang Frankly Magic at Lowrider
2nd: BURTON Swingletrees Star Arni Dahl

I would like to thank the committee for their kind invitation to judge MSD and the exhibitors for their entry. It is the first time I have seen MSD since the explosion in registrations The increase does not seem to have translated into a new influx of exhibitors into the breed. The show was held under Covid rules and we were very lucky it stayed fine. Some of the classes I found very disappointing and lacking in quality but was delighted to find in my winners Dachshunds displaying quality and good breed type. The ring was of a good size but the ground left a lot to be desired being lumpy and prickly which did not help when assessing movement. Miniature Smooth Dachshunds: Vet (4,2) 1 Reeds Deercroft Summer Serenade 7 yr old red bitch in super condition holding her topline on the move, well balanced excellent forechest, well muscled quarters and good feet. Moved freely over the rough ground BV. 2: Kitchens Dovestream Titch At Tarkdash: another 7 yr old red enjoying her day out, kind expression, moved with enthusiasm very well handled. MPD (1) 1: Masons Teckeltown Master Piece, smart 7mth old sh red he was a lovely shape, well balanced with well developed forechest, good shoulders leading to correct topline held on the move, correct 2:1 ratio giving good ground clearance. I liked his attitude moved and handled well. BPD. PD (2:1) 1 Coxons D’Arisca Drives A Daimler 11mth bl/t quality puppy nice type, liked his forechest deep brisket good ground clearance, unsettled in the ring found the grass difficult. YD (2.1) 1. Fairchilds Bronia Diodato For Restinim sh red compact dog of nice type reasonable topline didn’t like the grass. PGD (6.1) a disappointing class 1 Muttons Ivan Poddubny Iz Omskoi Kreposti For Montone (Imp Rus), moved the best in this class. Well balanced, typical head, decent front and strong quarters good ground clearance moved with drive. 2. Pouliers Auradach Alfred The Great, bl/t another who coped with the ground liked his overall shape, good ground clearance, coped with the ground.3 Owens Gwendary Pickpocket. LD (5) 1:Masons’ Teckeltown Something Magic JW, upstanding male, good head on well laid shoulders, balanced pronounced pro-sternum standing on good legs and feet 2:1 ratio giving good ground clearance, moved and handled well. 2.Gentles Dimogen Stargazer bl/t good topline, tailset held topline on the move correct ground clearance, a bit on the tubby side 3. Reeds Deercroft Dream Chaser.. OD (4.2) 1 Coxons Ch. Distincly So D’Arisca well known champion of lovely type sh/red, mature dog. Lovely head and expression, excellent forehand firm topline leading to strong quarters, moved the best in this class BD. BOS. 2.Kents.Lokmadi Sand Dollar, upstanding, quality, young man of 20 mths fawn a colour I have never come across before, beautiful head and eye, well balanced excellent forechest, topline, strong quarters did not like the ground but did enough to take RBD. MPB (2.1) 1 Chants Dayjaris Xmas Wishes ch/t just 6 months old and at her first show and coped very well, correct mouth, sweet expression a little bit tubby but moving well on the difficult ground. PB (5) 1 Cross’s Loggeta Pickled Lilly eye catching bl/t super head and expression, lovely neck running into correct shoulders ideal forequarters, loin short and strong leading to correct hindquarters moved really well for one so young with a long free flowing stride BP. 2 Coxons D’Arisca Desires A Porche shaded red of nice type, appealing head, liked her make and shape not as mature as one and didn’t go as well. 3 Chapman-Reiths Hayvenhund Dare To Dream. JB (5)1 Kents Lokmadi With Dragon Tattoo, lovely shaded red that appealed for quality and type, well balanced with correct height to length ratio, typical head and expression, super forehand and depth of brisket, strong topline, moved out well with a free flowing stride covering the ground, well handle. Stood out in the challenge and moved the best to take BOB. 2. Masons Teckeltown You’re The One JW. A well made shaded red, attractive head and eye, elegant neck, shoulders well laid and balanced outline, her good ground clearance enabled her to make the best of the difficult ground, very well handled. 3. Dunhills Cwmdarhian Annie Aokley At Gellijam. YB (3) 1: Gidlows Tia Jane Of Hulverstone, moved the best in this class, prominent breastbone of correct length and shape topline good correct ground clearance, a little long in back pastern. 2. Hicks’ Phoenie’s Capriccio a pretty shaded red of smaller type showed well not the movement of 1.3. Kilroys Janacop Red Sky. PGB (7) 1:Beers Stargang Candy Stripes At Lowrider stylish brindle, correct head with good dentition, long neck and good shoulders correct height to length ratio strong quarters covered and coped well with the ground when on the move. 2. Masons Teckletown You’re The One JW. bl/t of lovely type not much to fault about her, good head and eye clean shoulder, well muscled quarters moved and handled well. 3. O’Connells Hollybirch Glowing Gold. LB (13.2) Best class of the day and some very good bitches had to go down the line or were unplaced. 1 Reeds Deercroft Daybreak JW. Bl/t quality b of lovely type appealing head and expression, correct eye, well placed ears, graceful neck and correct forehand, strong topline and quarters, she stands correctly all the time moved very well RBB. 2. Kents Lokmadi Jingle Belle shaded red of lovely type liked her overall balance pleasing head strong topline well muscled quarters and free movement. 3. Coxons Sunsdial’s Black Cadillac To D’Arisca. OB (2)1. Beers Stargang Frankly Magic At Lowrider. Shaded red of good type ,good head large ears topline good and coped with the ground.2. Burton’s Swingletrees Star Arni Dahl bl/t of more compact type kind expression, a bit tubby, found the ground difficult, handled well. 
Liz Stephen