Darlington Championship Show 2021


Judge: Mr Colin Gillanders

BEST OF BREED : 5215 COXON, Mrs L Sundsdal's Black Cadillac To D'arisca
Dog CC : 5235 KENT, Mrs Y Lokmadi Sand Dollar
Res Dog CC : 5225 GENTLE, Mr & Mrs D Dimogen Stargazer
Bitch CC : 5215 COXON, Mrs L Sundsdal's Black Cadillac To D'arisca
Res Bitch CC : 5221 ERGIS, Mrs S Ch Siouxline Rapunzel with Melriding
Best Puppy : 5231 JENNINGS, Miss J Marvale Northern Cardinal at Jenivon
Best Veteran : 5221 ERGIS, Mrs S Ch Siouxline Rapunzel with Melriding

Class 1901 VD NO ENTRIES

Class 1902 MPD (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 5231 JENNINGS, Miss J Marvale Northern Cardinal at Jenivon
2nd: 5252 PROTHEROE, Mr P Ginco Mikey Boots By Royalmaple
3rd: 5212 BULLIS, Mrs A Amaffrey Jimmy Mack

Class 1903 PD (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 5241 MASON, Miss A Teckeltown Master Piece
2nd: 5237 MAGRI, Mr J A Bronia Cellini Rozamie

Class 1904 JD (1 Entries) Abs: 1

Class 1905 PGD (3 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 5224 FRANCIS, Mrs R Stargang Hay Bob At Feebrick

Class 1906 LD (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 5243 MASON, Miss A Teckeltown something magic JW
2nd: 5257 STRANGE, Mrs C Stargang Magic Alfie Moon
3rd: 5230 JENNINGS, Miss J Duddondaxs Judge Jude
Res: 5256 SHUTT, Mrs M Meltiding Captain Cook of Donnadoon

Class 1907 OD (5 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 5235 KENT, Mrs Y Lokmadi Sand Dollar
2nd: 5225 GENTLE, Mr & Mrs D Dimogen Stargazer
3rd: 5246 MOES WILLIAMS, Mr C Gellijams Russian Sun For Cwmdarhian
Res: 5214 COXON, Mrs L Distinctly So D'arisca
VHC: 5206 BLACKBURN-BENNETT, Miss H Stargang Barracuda

Class 1908 VB (2 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 5221 ERGIS, Mrs S Ch Siouxline Rapunzel with Melriding

Class 1909 MPB (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 5251 PROTHEROE, Mr P Ginco CheeChee By Royalmaple
2nd: 5218 DALTON, Mr P I Llansansiors Miss Cupcake

Class 1910 PB (2 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 5233 JENNINGS, Miss J Warburtons Princess Poppet

Class 1911 JB (7 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 5217 CROSS, Mr L Loggeta Pickled Lilly
2nd: 5242 MASON, Miss A Teckeltown Lady in Red
3rd: 5211 BULLIS, Mrs A Amaffrey Bridget Jones
Res: 5239 MAGRI, Mr J A Rayol Rejoice With Rozamie
VHC: 5219 DRIVER, Mr C Shes a kind of magic

Class 1912 PGB (7 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 5228 HUDSON, Ms R M Teckeltown RainDrops
2nd: 5238 MAGRI, Mr J A Boadacea Be Creative with Rozamie
3rd: 5210 BULLIS, Mrs A Amaffrey Truly Scrumptious
Res: 5226 GITTINS, Mrs T Markidachs Creme De La Creme at Boomerloo
VHC: 5222 FOSSETT, Miss B Brysdax Along Came Polly

Class 1913 LB (10 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 5205 BELL, Mrs L Tolberg Jelly Tot JW
2nd: 5234 KENT, Mrs Y Lokmadi Catherine Wheel JW
3rd: 5253 RUSSELL, Mrs C Russteck Tea Cake
Res: 5240 MASON, Miss A Teckeltown You're The One JW
VHC: 5255 SHUTT, Mrs M Donnadoon Carolina Moon

Class 1914 OB (9 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 5215 COXON, Mrs L Sundsdal's Black Cadillac To D'arisca
2nd: 5208 BLACKBURN-BENNETT, Miss H Stargang Song of Ice N'Fire
3rd: 5220 ERGIS, Mrs S Siouxline Rachel JW
Res: 5229 HUNT, Mr J E Carpaccio Clarice Cliff
VHC: 5249 PROTHEROE, Mr P Royalmaple Daphne Blake
Thank you to Hilary and Marcia, my two stewards. I much enjoyed my day with the Dachshunds. It was good to get back to some form of normality and I appreciated the sporting way my decisions were accepted. The overall quality of the bitches was superior to the dogs: mouths and temperaments were generally good but please have in mind adequate ground clearance. BCC & BOB was Coxonís Sunsdalís Black Cadillac To DíArisca. This was the first I judged in the class and kept coming back to her, a gorgeous black and tan bitch, a real Dachshund in miniature and the star of the day, in good muscular condition but feminine all through, balanced outline who moved particularly well front and rear, keel ribbing and angulation all as they should be, lovely feet, topline and underline. Delightful. RBCC & BV was Ergisí Ch Siouxline Rapunzel With Melriding. Shaded red, a Dachshund for the connoisseur, a sweetie pie who has it all and at almost 8 years is in lovely condition, ideal size, sweet head and eye, long well developed ribbing and correct angles all through, top-line and under-line blend in and she moved with style covering much ground. Most charming. DCC was Kentís Lokmadi Sand Dollar. Shaded fawn yearling who I thought stood out in the dog classes for his ideal size and lovely breed type, masculine all through and without any coarseness, correct head properties and endearing expression, keel and feet excellent and has the required matching topline and underline. Sound purposeful movement completed the picture. RDCC was Gentleís Dimogen Stargazer. Two and a half year old masculine black and tan of quality and admirable breed type, completely sound, correct head and eye, good keel, best of legs and feet, in hard muscular condition, ribbing excellent as are topline and underline, just preferred the movement of the CC winner. Should make the grade. BP was Jenningís Marvale Northern Cardinal At Jenivon. 7 months shaded red, relatively well matured for his young age, presents a balanced picture with pleasing topline and underline, masculine head, sound legs and feet, good angulation, needs to settle a bit on movement but hopefully time will take care of this. 
MPD (3) 1 M N C At Jenivon. 2 Protheroeís Mikey Boots By Royalmaple. 8 months black and tan, close up to the first and these two will no doubt change places from time to time, attractive overall outline and more settled on the move than the first but preferred the firstís underline. 3 Bullisí Amaffrey Jimmy Mack. 
PD (2) 1 Masonís Teckeltown Master Piece. 11 months shaded red and 2, Magriís Bronia Cellini Rozamie. 9 months shaded red, these youngsters are similar in style and have correct breed type, both are masculine and present balanced outlines. Just preferred the front assembly and underline of the first. 
PGD (3, 2) 1 Francisí Stargang Hay Bob At Feebrick. Masculine shaded red who could show a bit better to advantage. 
LD (4) 1 Masonís Teckeltown Something Magic JW. Black and tan who I thought stood out in the class, most attractive balanced overall outline, correct head, good angulation fore and aft, well muscled condition and scored in topline and underline. Could well make the grade on this showing. 2 Strangeís Stargang Magic Alfie Moon. Shaded red, correct head properties, prominent keel, has overall proportion, good legs and feet, preferred the underline of the one above. 3 Jenningsí Duddondax Judge Jude. 
OD (5) 1 L S Dollar. 2 D Stargazer. 3 Moes Williamsí Gellijams Russian Sun For Cwmdarhian. 
VB (1) Ch S R With Melriding. 
MPB (2) 1 Protheroeís Ginco Cheechee By Royalmaple. 8 month clear red, eyecatching bitch who is well put together, sweet head and eye, sound front and keel, good legs and feet, moved with the correct action. 2 Daltonís Llansansiors Miss Cupcake. 8 month lightly shaded red, sweetly feminine and maturing at about the correct rate, attractive head and expression, preferred the action of the one above. 
PB (2) 1 Jenningsí Warburtons Princess Poppet. Black and tan, attractive bitch with good front assembly and keel, sound legs and tight feet, ribbing extends well back and topline correct. Hind action could be more positive. 
JB (7, 1) 1 Crossí Loggeta Pickled Lilly. Appealing black and tan bitch of style and commendable quality, sweet head, elegant neck, sound front and feet, well muscled body, topline and underline just right and moved so well. 2 Masonís Teckeltown Lady In Red. Shaded red, another sweet bitch who was unlucky to meet the one above, attractive head and expression, correct topline, angulation correct fore and aft, showed to advantage, just preferred the underline of the one above. 3 Bullisí Amaffrey Bridget Jones. 
PGB (7, 1) 1 Hudsonís Teckeltown Rain Drops. Black and tan and 2, Magriís Boadacea Be Creative With Rozamie. Also black and tan. These bitches are very similar and are both lovely and of good breed type, are sweetly feminine and could well change places. Both score well on angulation, topline and underline. The first was just that bit sharper on movement. 3 Bullisí Amaffrey Truly Scrumptious. 
LB (10, 1) A lovely class. 1 Bellís Tollberg Jelly Tot JW. Black and tan, delightful bitch of style and quality who is of beautiful breed type, sweet head and attractive expression, ideal keel and sound legs and feet, topline underline and ribbing all as required and moved with correct front and rear action. One to watch. 2 Kentís Lokmadi Catherine Wheel JW. Also black and tan and quite similar to the one above and another charmer, she has femininity and quality a-plenty and like all typy Dachshunds she is correct in topline and underline. She moved well and was close-up to the one above. 3 Russellís Russteck Tea Cake. 
OB (9, 1) A super class. 1 S B C To DíArisca. 2Blackburn-Bennettís Stargang Song Of Ice NíFire. Black and tan, a quality bitch of style and a real Dachshund in miniature, lovely overall outline, feminine head and elegant neck, prominent keel and sound legs and feet, well muscled body, commendable topline and underline and moved truly. 3 Ergisí Siouxline Rachel.