Lancashire & Cheshire Dachshund Ass Championship Show October 2021


Judge: Lovaine Coxon (D'Arisca)

BEST OF BREED : METCALFE-BILGIN Ch Metadale Legacy to the Lark

Dog CC : MASON Teckeltown Master Piece
Res Dog CC : PAGET & CARROLL Riowood Black Jack

Best Puppy Dog: PAGET & CARROLL Marvale Red Cardinal
Bitch CC : METCALFE-BILGIN Ch Metadale Legacy to the Lark

Res Bitch CC :  CROSS Loggeta Pickled Lily

Best Puppy Bitch: ANDISON & PEEL Clentry Girl Like You
Best Puppy : PAGET & CARROLL Marvale Red Cardinal
& Best Puppy in Show

Best Veteran :  CROSS Stargang Sansa

Veteran Dog or Bitch (5 Entries)
1st:  CROSS Stargang Sansa
2nd: BULLINGHAM Bowetts Aventurine
3rd: CUMBERLAND Whirygig Wottatodoo at Mumysami JW
Res: CUMBERLAND Mumysami Miss Solitaire

Minor Puppy Dog (3 Entries)
1st: PAGET & CARROLL Marvale Red Cardinal
2nd: JENNINGS Marvale Northern Cardinal at Jenivon
3rd: CHARLESWORTH Keydax Satchi

Puppy Dog (2 Entries)
1st:  PROTHROE Ginco Mikey Boots at Royalmaple
2nd: MAGRI Bronia Cellini Rozamie

Junior Dog (2 Entries)
1st: MASON Teckeltown Master Piece
2nd: MELBOURNE, PAGET & CARROLL Melriding Cloak and Dagger

Yearling Dog (1 Entries)
1st:  Absent

Novice Dog - No Entries

Post Graduate Dog (1 Entry)
1st: PROTHEROE Swankydax Mr Blue Sky by Royalmaple

Limit Dog (6 Entries)
1st:  PAGET & CARROLL Riowood Black Jack
2nd: MASON Teckeltown Something Magic JW
3rd: JENNINGS Duddondaxs Judge Jude for Jenivon
Res: CHARLESWORTH Keydax Peter Pan
VHC: STARKEY Carpaccio Black Obsidian for Hamoura

Open Dog (8 Entries)
1st: MOES & WILLIAMS Gellijams Russian Sun For Cwmdarhian
2nd: ANDISON & PEEL Clentry Donne Dargo
3rd: TITE Ayseebee Twinkling Star
Res: BLACKBURN BENNETT Stargang Barracuda
VHC: SCOTT Wolferlow Will Scarlet JW

Champion Dog

Minor Puppy Bitch (5 Entries)
1st: HUTCHINGS & PRICE Collidach Splish Splash
2nd: MASON Collidach Hot Springs
3rd:  MITCHELL Bronia Crosscop Satisfaction
Res:  BELL Tolberg Eostre
VHC: METCALFE-BILGIN Metadale Legacy Lives On

Puppy Bitch (4 Entries)
1st:  ANDISON & PEEL Clentry Girl Like You
2nd: JENNINGS Warburtons Princess Poppet
3rd:PROTHEROE Ginco Cheechee by Royalmaple

Junior Bitch (10 Entries)
1st: CROSS Loggeta Pickled Lily
2nd: ROBERTS & SMITH Sonorra Ginger Snap for Rayol
3rd: MELBOURNE, PAGET & CARROLL Melriding Chanson Roland
Res: MITCHELL Bronia's Antonella
VHC: KENT Lokmadi with a Dragon Tattoo

Yearling Bitch (8 Entries)
1st: PAGET & CARROLL Clentry Camilla at Marvale
2nd: PROTHEROE Royalmaple Itsy Bitsy
3rd: CUMBERLAND Mumysami So Distinct
Res: GITTINS Markidachs Creme De La Creme at Boomerloo
VHC: GITTINS Markidachs Saffron Gift at Boomerloo


Novice Bitch (6 Entries)
1st:  JENNINGS Melriding Natasha at Jenivon
2nd: HUTCHINGS & PRICE Collidach Splish Splash
3rd:  MASON Collidach Hot Springs
Res:  CUMBERLAND Mumysami So What
VHC: GITTINS Markidachs Creme De La Creme at Boomerloo

Post Graduate Bitch (6 Entries)
1st: SCOTT Wolferlow Peggie Sue Myojo
2nd: MITCHELL Bronia's Abriana
3rd: GITTINS Markidachs Saffron Gift at Boomerloo

Res: O'CONNELL Hollybirch Glowing Gold

Limit Bitch (11 Entries)
1st: BELL Tolberg Jelly Tot
2nd: PROTHEROE Royalmaple Higledy Pigledy
3rd:  DUNHILL Cwmdarhian Annie Aokley at Gellijam
Res:MASON Teckeltown You're the One JW
VHC: MILLS-JONES Carlita Welsh Princess
Open Bitch (6 Entries)
1st: BLACKBURN BENNETT Stargang Song of Ice N'Fire
2nd: KENT Lokmadi Jingle Belle
3rd: PROTHEROE Royalmaple Daphne Blake
Res: MOES & WILLIAMS Ch Cwmdarhian The X Factor
VHC: CUMBERLAND Mumysami Clickety Clic For Yormai

Champion Bitch (2 Entries)

1st: METCALFE-BILGIN Ch Metadale Legacy to the Lark
2nd: BLACKBURN BENNETT Ch Stargang Cherry Berry



Miniature Smooth Haired Dachshunds

 I would like to thank the officers and committee for their invitation to judge at their club show. It gave me much pleasure. I would also like to thank the exhibitors for their entries and the sporting way they accepted the results.


Vet Dog or Bitch – 5 all bitches 1st Cross’s clear red Stargang Sansa. Lovely type, with good construction. Her front, topline and movement very pleasing. She has the sweetest nature and really enjoyed her day out. Best Veteran. 2nd Bullingham’s Bowetts Aventurine. Another red in good condition. Her front pleased, sweet head and stood four square. 3rd Cumberland’s Whirlygig Wottatodoo at Mumysami JW


Minor Puppy Dog – 3 1st Paget & Carroll’s Marvale Red Cardinal. Shaded red, well-balanced baby of very good type with correct layback of shoulder, leading into strong level topline and finishing with well-constructed hindquarters, consequently moved well and freely. Lovely head and eye. Best Puppy in breed and Best Puppy in Show. 2nd Jennings Marvale Northern Cardinal. Another shaded red and by the same sire of first, of good type bigger than above and not as long in ribbing as first. Good hindquarters used well on the move. 3rd Charlesworths’s Keydax Satchi


 Puppy Dog – 2 1st Protheroe's Ginco Mikey Boots at Royalmaple. Red with clean hard outline. Good forechest. Moved out well and soundly. All legs and wings at the moment. Will watch his progress with interest. 2nd Magri’s Bronia Cellini Rozame Shaded red. Difficult to assess as he was a little uncertain about everything today. Lovely head.


 Junior Dog – 2 1 st Mason’s Teckeltown Master Piece. Shaded red. I have watched his progress through the puppy classes, always giving everything he has for his young handler. Sound all the way through and outstanding on the move. Same sire as best puppy. And best of breed winner. I was delighted to award him his first CC. 2nd Melbourne, Paget & Carroll’s Melriding Cloak and Dagger. Black and Tan. A more open angle in should that above. Strong topline finishing with correctly constructed hindquarters. Impressive on the move.


Post Graduate Dog –1  1st Protheroe’s Red, Swankydax Mr Blue Sky by Royal Maple. Clean cut with level topline. Needs more time to fill out


Limit Dog – 6 1st Paget & Caroll’s Riowood Black Jack - RCC 2nd Mason’s Teckletown Something Magic Difficult decision between these two exhibits. Both of excellent type, both are sound and well-constructed exhibits and both by the same sire. I placed Black Jack 1st for his ample bone 3rd Jennings Duddondaxs Judge Jude for Jenivon


 Open Dog – 8 1st Williams and Moes Gellijams Russian Sun for Cwmdarhian. Dark red with outstanding hard clean outline. Steady as a rock o the move with good shoulders, level topline and good follow through to underline. 2nd Andison & Peel’s Clentry Donne Dargo. Impressive male with good shoulder construction and a hard clean outline. Well constructed quarters. Moved without fault. There were no scales available but I estimate that he would be over 11lbs. 3rd Tite’s Ayseebee Twinkling Start


Minor Puppy Bitch – 5 1st Hutching & Price’s Collidach Splish Splash  2nd Mason’s Collidach Hot Springs Two red brindle delightful baby sisters. What a wonderful litter this must have been. I did admire their mother so much when she was shown for her excellent type. Both babies as so alike in type, construction, temperament and movement. I look forward to watching them through their career with envy and nostalgia. Remembering my lovely Tickle 3rd Hannay-Mitchell’s Bronia Crosscop Satisfaction


Puppy Bitch – 3 1st Andison and Peel’s Clentry Girl Like You. BPB Black & Tan of very good type. Moved out well, good forechest and correct front construction. Lovely hindquarters. A cheeky little girl who moved out well. 2nd Jennings Warburtons Princess Poppet Different type to above, will tighten in front as she matures 3rd Protheroe’s Ginco Cheechee by Royal Maple


Junior Bitch – 10 (1) 1st Cross’s Loggeta Picked Lilly Black & Tan. Another that I have enjoyed watching throughout her puppy classes. Good width to front, excellent shoulder construction and placement, good length to neck providing elegance. Correct top and underline and well constructed hindquarters. This all came together in her lovely flowing correct movement. RCC 2nd Roberts & Smith’s Sonnora Gingersnap for Rayol. Very sweet young bitch, good underline finishing well back. Another who moved out well. 3rd Melbourne, Padget & Caroll’s Melriding Chanson Roland


Yearling Bitch – 8 (1) 1 st Paget & Caroll’s Clentry Camilla at Marvale. Very dark brindle of lovely type. Beautiful head and expression. Lovely true front, correct top and underline. Strong well constructed quarters providing true movement. Definitely one to watch 2nd Protheroe’s Royal Maple Itsy Bitsy. Clear red bitch with good front, pretty head and well shaped eye. True movement coming and going. Would have liked a more full underline. 3rd Cumberland’s Mumysamy So Distinct


Novice Bitch – 6 1st Jennings Melriding Natasha at Jenivon. Sound honest type, Beautiful feet and bone. Well handled to her first place. Sweeping topline and well finished topline. 2nd Collidach Splish Splash 3rd Collidach Hot Springs


Post Graduate Bitch – 5 (1) 1st Scott’s Wolferlow Peggy Sue Myojo. Black and Tan. Lovely bitch with clean outline which she maintained on the move. Correct front provided by good construction. Well made hindquarters. Stood four square, was totally balanced. 2nd Hannay-Mtchell’s Bronia’s Abriana. Dark shaded red of lovely type with good top and underline moved well with plenty of drive. 3rd Gittens Markidachs Saffrons Dream at Boomerloo


 Limit Bitch – 11 (3) 1st Bell’s Tolberg Jelly Tot. Back and Tan. Beautifully balanced bitch of excellent type. Loved her true front, well placed and correctly constructed shoulders. Lovely clean outline. She moved out well. 2nd Protheroe’s Royal Maple Higledy Pigledy. Very clean outline different type to above. Good bone and lovely feet, pretty feminine head. Good hind quarters 3rd Dunhill’s Cwmdarhian Annie Aokley at Gellijam


Open Bitch – 6 (1) 1st Blackburn- Bennett’s Stargang Song of Ice N’Fire. Black and Tan. She is the type I love with beautiful sweep and finish to topline. Loved her front, layback of shoulder and length of upper arm. 2nd Kent’s Lokmadi Jingle Belle. Have admired this lovely bitch numerous times from the ringside. Textbook front, good bone and lovely feet, good length to second thigh moved out well 3rd Protheroe’s Royal Maple Daphne Blake


 Champion Bitch – 2 1st Metcalfe-Bilgin’s Ch. Metadale Legacy to the Lark. A shaded red I have admired and yes, coverted this bitch since she first made her debut as a puppy. On examination she did not disappoint. Moved with great style and plenty of attitude a tribute to her totally correct construction. A pleasure to award her the CC and BOB. 2nd Blackburn-Bennett’s Ch Stargang Cherry Berry. Black and Tan. Another lovely bitch with great qualities. Different type to above. Good construction throughout. Good bone and feet. Lovely top and underline. Lovaine Coxon (Judge)