Northern Dachshund Ass Championship Show 2022


Judge: Pamela Marston Pollock

BEST OF BREED : KENT Lokmadi With a Dragon Tattoo
Dog CC : PEEL & ANDISON Clentry Donnie Darco
Res Dog CC : ERGIS Ch Siouxline Jacob
Bitch CC : KENT Lokmadi With a Dragon Tattoo
Res Bitch CC : CROSS Loggeta Pickled Lilly JW
Best Puppy : CALLOW Garthorne Glenda
Best Veteran : ERGIS Ch Siouxline Rapunzel with Melriding
Best Special Beginner : Harridachs Cherry Blossom

Veteran Dog or Bitch (2 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: ERGIS Ch Siouxline Rapunzel with Melriding

Minor Puppy Dog (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: KENT Lokmadi on Golden Sand

2nd: METCALFE-BILGIN Metadale Due Diligence

3rd: JENNINGS Melriding Boris Pasternak

Puppy Dog (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: CROSS & BLACK Riowood Red Boots

Junior Dog (4 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: BULLIS Amaffrey Jessie James

2nd: MACKENZIE Stargang Bob Cat

3rd: SHUTT Debbiejay Chasing Dreams for Donnadoon


Yearling Dog (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: DALTON Llansansiors Mr Cinnaman

2nd: JENNINGS Marvale A Royal Affair

3rd: Linburndax Rachs Tru Haggis

Post Graduate Dog (5 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: FRANCIS Stargang Hay Bob at Feebrick

2nd: DALTON Llansansiors Mr Cinnaman

3rd: JENNINGS Narvale Northern Cardinal at Jenivon

Res: GLEAVE Stargang Lord Dashington

Limit Dog (4 Entries) Abs: 1
1st:  COXON D'Arisca Drives a Daimler
2nd: MASON Teckeltown Master Piece JW
3rd: SHUTT Melriding Captain Cook of Donnadoon

Open Dog (6 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: PEEL & ANDISON Clentry Donnie Darco
2nd: ERGIS Ch Siouxline Jacob
3rd: PAGET & CARROLL Riowood Black Jack
Res: KENT Ch Lokmadi Sand Dollar
VHC: MASON Teckeltown Something Magic

Special Beginner Dog or Bitch (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: HARRISON Harridachs Cherry Blossom

2nd: COOTE Andeysson Cape Verde

Minor Puppy Bitch (8 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: PAGET & CARROLL & MELBOURNE Marvale's Austerlitz
2nd: EDMONDSON Shantallah Secret Affair
3rd: KENT Lokmadi Oh What a Circus

Res: ROBERTS & SMITH Rayol Barcelona
VHC: METCALFE-BILGIN Metadale Dora the Explorer

Puppy Bitch (5 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: CALLOW Garthorne Glenda
2nd: MORRIS & WADDELL Crosscop Gabriella
3rd: KENT Lokmadi Glorious Twelfth

Res: JENNINGS Jenivon's Queen Bee

VHC: HARRISON Harridachs Cherry Blossom

Junior Bitch (13 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: MELBOURNE, PAGET & CARROLL Shantallah Adelaide of Melriding
2nd: METCALFE-BILGIN Metadale Legacy Lives On
3rd: ANDISON & PEEL Minidogland Bunny (Imp Rus)
Res: MASON Collidach Hot Springs at Teckeltown
VHC: JENNINGS Jenivon Miss Marple

Yearling Bitch (5 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: BELL Tolberg Eostre
2nd: PEEL & ANDISON Clentry Wish Upon A Star
3rd: DALTON Llansansior's Miss Cupcake
Res: JENNINGS Jenivon Red Robin
VHC: COOTES Andeysson Cape Verde

Post Graduate Bitch (12 Entries) Abs: 3
1st: ROBERTS & SMITH Rayol Ivy's Piccalilli
2nd: Monra Just Scarletts Angels
3rd: BEER Stargang Frankly Magic at Lowrider
Res: BULLIS Amaffrey Truly Scrumptious
VHC: HERALD Winterfield's June of Arabia

Limit Bitch (12 Entries) Abs: 6
1st: CROSS Loggeta Pickled Lilly JW
2nd: ROBERTS & SMITH Sonorra Ginger Snap for Rayol
3rd: PEEL & ANDISON Clentry Girl Like You
Res: MASON Teckeltown You're the One JW
VHC: MORTON Monra Just Scarletts Angels

Open Bitch (9 Entries) Abs: 1
1st:  KENT Lokmadi With a Dragon Tattoo
2nd: COXON Ch Sundsdal's Black Cadillac to D'Arisca
3rd:  ERGIS Siouxline Rachel
Res: JENNINGS Melriding Natasha at Jenivon


1.ErgisíCh.Siouxline Rapunzel with Melriding,attractive bitch of strong type.Well proportioned head with good length and depth of muzzle.Good eyeshape and expression.Well filled in thorax and depth of keel.Well conditioned muscle on balanced hindquarters.


1.Kentís Lokmadi On Golden Sand,6 months baby.Masculine quality head with strong foreface.Well balanced all through for his age,well developed body,well ribbed back.Broad hindquarters and really used his hocks on the move.BPD

2.Metcalfe Ė Bilginís Metadale Due Diligence,lighter build but appealed in type with well shaped head and good expression.Long reach of neck.Not quite the length of ribbing.Moved with good free extension.

3.JenningsíMelriding Boris Pasternak.


1.Cross & Blackís Riowood Red Boots.Quality head with good length of foreface,good depth of chin.Long reach of neck,full thorax.Strong body,moved with good width front and back.


1.BullisíAmaffrey Jessie James,11 months baby,who won here on overall shape.TYpy head,neck well set into front.Well filled in front and depth of keel.Would like a shade more strength of bone.Well bodied,needs to gain muscletone.

2.Mackenzieís Stargang Bob Cat,Has a lot to like about him.Stylish, but for me was a bit strong all through which detracted from his qualities.

3.Shuttís Debbiejay Chasing Dreams fro Donnadoon.


1.Daltonís Llansansiorís Mr.Cinnaman,won this class on overall type and shape.Well developed front with full thorax.Good bone substance.Well sprung ribcage,well carried back.Moved well enough,could be a shade stronger in hocks.

2.Jenningís Marvale A Royal Affair,well defined outline and nicely balanced.A little heavier over the shoulder to 1 and not as well angulated.However, moved with good width.

3.Gilbertís Linburndax Rachs Tru Haggis.


1.FrancisíStargang Hay Bob At Freebrick,Well proportioned,Long head with good reach of neck,well let into shoulders.Balanced angulation front and back.Mature body with short loin.Well muscled,soundest mover in class.

2.Llansansiorís Mr.Cinnaman.

3.Jenningsí Marvale Northern Carnival At Jenivon.


1.Coxonís DíArisca Drives A Daimler,Typy head,well proportioned with lovely expression.Long reach of neck let into well angulated front.Deep keel,strong topline,good length of loin.Just needed to settle on the move.

2.Masonís Teckeltown Master Piece JW,Different head type to 1 with more defined stop.Not layback of shoulder,full developed thorax and length to upper arm.Used his hindquarters well with drive.

3.Shuttís Melriding Captain Cook of Donnadoon.


1.Andison & Peelís Clentry Donnie Darco,Impressed by this chap,kept being drawn to him.Lovely type and quality.Masculine head,long reach of neck flowing into clean shoulders.Well collected in front with good depth of keel.Mature body with strong,smooth topline.Moved soundly although could be better a shade slower.CC.

2.ErgisíCh.Siouxline Jacob,pushed 1 very hard.Different type but lovely shape and quality.Liked his head,well proportioned with good length of foreface.Long,clean neck into strong front.Well bodied,ribbing carried back,not quite as strong in hind movement as 1. Res.CC

3.Paget & Carrollís Riowood Black Jack.

Spec Beg(3,0)

1.Harrisonís Harridachs Cherry Blossom, 9 months baby,lovely type,well constructed very immature body and needs to develop in muscletone.A bit more training would help to settle movement and show off her virtues.

2.Cooteís Andaysson Cape Verde,finer in head and not the forehand construction of 1.Well bodied and well shaped over the loinStrong,well balanced hindquarters.


1.Melbouren,Carroll & Pagetís Marvale Austerlitz,very feminine with quality head type.Long reach of neck and full thorax for her age.Well developed ribbing with good depth of keelStrong hindquarters,sound mover.

2.Edmondsonís Shantallah Secret Affair,another promising baby,not strength of foreface of 1.Good reach of neck and good layback of shoulder.Well shaped ribcage,strong loin.Well set hindquarters with good width,Moved soundly.

3. Kentís Lokmadi Oh What A Circus.


1.Callowís Garthorne Glenda,feminine typy bitch with balanced head.Lovely expression with shapely eye.Depth of chin.Neck flowing into front,balanced angulation front and back.Strong,well muscled body of good proportions,BPIB.

2.Morris & Waddellís Crosscrop Gabriella,Different type,good reach of neck,well angulated front with good bone substance.Well filled in thorax,good spring of rib,carried back.Not quite as strong in hindquarters as 1.

3.Kentís Lokmadi Glorious Twelfth.


1.Melbourne,Paget & Carrollís Shantallah Adelaide of Melriding,Clear winner right from the start.Balanced overall with strong outline.Well laid shoulder and return of upper arm.Well filled in front,well muscled,firm body.Strong sound mover.

2.Metcalf-Bilginís Metadale Legacy Lives On,very similar in lots of points.Had a better reach of neck to 1,but wasnít as strong over the loin today.Sound mover.

3.Andison & Peelís Minidogland Bunny (IMP)


1.Bellís Tolberg Eostre,won this class on her well balanced outline and sound movement.Appealed in type,strong front and body development,compact build.Flowing,strong topline,well set hindquarters.

2.Andison & Peelís Clentry Wish Upon A Star,Totally different type of stylish shape.Well proportioned with good depth of keel.Strong clean outline,not as positive on the move as 1.

3.Daltonís Llansansiorís Miss Cupcake.


1.Wyethís Rayol Ivyís Picalilli,finer in foreface than I would like but overall shapely with well muscled long neck,good front angulation and plenty of width all through,which showed in her sound movement to and fro.

2.Mortonís Monra Just Scarletts Angels.Preferred this head type and general make up.Well developed thorax and depth of keel.Good shoulder layback and upper arm length.Not quite body shape of 1.

3.Beerís Stargang Frankly Magic At Lowinder.


1.Cross íLoggeta Pickled Lilly JW,Quality blk/tan.typy head with lovely expression.Clean neck into shoulders with good layback.Smooth topline from head to tail.Mature body with strong well muscled loin.Well balanced hindquarters,moved with good width.Res.CC

2.Roberts & Smithís Sonorra Ginger Snap For Rayol,Different type,feminine with typical expression.Well balanced front,not as strong through loin.Moved soundly.

3.Andison,Peel,Carroll & Pagetís Clentry Girl Like You.


1.Kentís Lokmadi With A Dragon Tattoo, Quality,feminine of type and overall shape.Balanced head both in length and depth.Well shaped eye giving kind expression.Long reach of neck flowing into mature body.Strong legs and feet.Well muscled topline.Broad hindquarters.Moved soundly, felt she combined quality without any exaggerations. CC & BOB.

2.Coxonís Ch.Sundsdalís Black Cadillac To DíArisca,another quality bitch but of totally different type.Good reach of neck flowing into well angled,clean shoulders.Stood over the ground well with mature,shapely body.Free mover with positive foot fall.Lovely bitch.

3.Siouxline Rachel.

Pam Marston-Pollock.