Midland Counties Championship Show 2022


Judge: Cindy Dare (Darsoms)

BEST OF BREED : RUDKIN Dynastydax Alfreda JW
Dog CC : PAGET & CARROLL Marvale Firecrest
Res Dog CC : ERGIS Ch Siouxline Jacob

Bitch CC : RUDKIN Dynastydax Alfreda JW
Res Bitch CC : RUDKIN Crosscop Of I Could Dream for Dynastydax

Best Puppy : PAGET & CARROLL Marvale Firecrest
Best Veteran : ERGIS Ch Siouxline Rapunzel with Melriding

Best Special Beginner: WOOD Llansansior Chervil

Minor Puppy Dog (15,3)
1st: HANNEY-MITCHELL Bronia Chayce
2nd: BEACH Master Fleetwood McVie by Beachdax
3rd: MORRIS & WADDELL Crosscop Roberto
Res: DALTON Llansansior Cinnamon
VHC: BULLINGHAM Stoweytop Treacle


Puppy Dog (7)
1st: PAGET & CARROLL Marvale Firecrest
2nd: MOES & WILLIAMS Cwmdarhian Ragnbone Man
3rd: KENT Lokmadi On Golden Sand

Res: HAMBLING Chaseover Moonshine

VHC: WOOD Llansansior Chervil


Post Graduate Dog (4)
1st: DALTON Llansansior Mr Cinnaman

2nd: JENNINGS Marvale A Royal Affair

3rd: STEVENSON & MITCHELL Rioday Dishy Master Digby at Penwooddax

Limit Dog (7.2)
1st: MASON Teckeltown Master Piece JW
2nd:STREVENS Kazamour's Gingerbread MAn

3rd: BAND & MCCARTHY Carpaccio Red Alert for Essandsee

Res: JENNINGS Marvale Northern Cardinal

VHC: STRANGE Stargang Alfie Moon

Open Dog (7,2)
1st: ERGIS Ch Siouxline Jacob JW
2nd: MOES & WILLIAMS Ch Cwmdarhian Jesse James
3rd:  BEACH Riowood Arizona JW
Res: SCOTT Wolferlow Will Scarlet JW
VHC: MASON Teckeltown Something Magic JW

Veteran Dog (2,1)
1st: SCOTT Wolferlow Will Scarlet JW

Special Beginner Dog (2,1)
1st: WOOD Llansansior Chervil

Minor Puppy Bitch (14,4)
1st: RUDKIN Crosscop If I Could Dream for Dynastydax
2nd: HANNEY-MITCHELL Bronia Clarisse
3rd: HUGHES Lindella's Suzie Cute
Res: BEECHEY Beachdax Beecheys Girl
VHC: O'CONNELL Llennocor Miss Alana

Puppy Bitch (10,4)
1st: KENT Lokmadi Oh What a Circus
2nd: MITCHELL Bronia Camille
3rd: WILKINSON & WAKEHAM Darque Angel for Wakywilks
Res: CLEAVER & PENNANCE Pencleave Peaky Blinders
VHC: HERALD Winterfield's Arizona Joy

Junior Bitch (8,2)
1st: MORRIS & WADDELL Crosscop Gabriella
2nd: HUGHES Amarffrey Larunda for Lindellas
3rd: JENNINGS Jenivon Queen Bee
Res: HARRIS Lilly Dapple of Millpoint
VHC: HERALD Stargang Zebra Finch at Winterfield

Post Graduate Bitch (12,2)
1st: JENNINGS Jenivon Miss Marple
2nd: FORGE Normpug Red Flame
3rd: MASON Collidach Hot Springs at Teckletown
Res: CUMBERLAND Mumysami So Distinct
VHC: HERALD Winterfield's June of Arabia

Limit Bitch (16,10)
1st: RUDKIN Dynastydax Alfreda JW
2nd: BEACH Beachdax Queen of Hearts JW
3rd: O'CONNELL Hollybirch Glowing Gold for Llennocor
Res: BEER Stargang Candy Stripes at Lowrider
VHC: CUMBERLAND Mumysami Clickety Clic for Yorami

Open Bitch (9,4)
1st: MILLS-JONES Carlita Welsh Princess
2nd:KENT Lokmadi With a Dragon
3rd: SCOTT Wolferlow Blackberry Pie
Res: BEER Stargang Frankly Magic at Lowrider

VHC: CUMBERLAND Mumysami Clickety Clic for Yorami


Veteran Bitch (1)
1st: ERGIS Ch Siouxline Rapunzel with Melriding


Special Beginner Bitch (9,3)
1st: FORGE Normpug Tigers Eye
2nd:STRANGE Cazdachs Time to Shine
3rd: BEER Lowrider All Maid of Magic
Res: CUMBERLAND Mumysami So What

VHC: Dalton Llansansior's Miss Muffin


I would like to thank the exhibitors for the wonderful entry of quality dogs. I would also like to thank my two stewards for keeping the ring running smoothly. 
MPD 15(0) 1. Hanney-Mitchell’s Bronia Chayce. Very elegant, super head, well placed shoulders and tight front. Moved out well using his strong hindquarters. 2. Beachs’ Master Fleetwood McVie by Beachdax (NAF). Another lovely baby, similar remarks apply just preferred the overall balance of the winner. 3. Morris & Waddells’ Crosscop Roberto. 
PD 7(0) 1. Paget/Carrolls’ Marvale Firecrest. This boy caught my eye the minute he entered the ring. Masculine head, well placed shoulders, plenty of pro-sternum but not overly done so was well balanced. Tight front, well angulated rear and moved out with confidence and true. DCC & BP. 2. Williams & Moes’ Cwmdarhian Ragnbone Man. Well balanced elegant dog, kept a balanced outline at all times. 3. Kents’ Lokmadi on Golden Sand. 
PGD 3(0) 1. Daltons’ Llansansior’s Mr Cinnaman. Super head, tight front, moved out well on nice tight feet. Very nice overall. 2. Jennings’ Marvale a Royal Affair. Heavier type than 1. Very sound in hind movement, well balanced overall. 3. Stevenson & Mitchells’ Rioday Dishy Master Digby at Penwoodax.
LD 7(2) 1. Masons’ Teckeltown Master Piece JW. Very smart little dog, superb outline on the move and when stacked. Very well handled. 2. Strevens Kazamours Gingerbread Man. Well balanced, super head and eye. Moved out well holding his top-line. 3. Band & McCarthys’ Carpaccio Red Alert. 
OD 7(2) 1. Ergis’ Ch. Siouxline Jacob JW. Neat little dog with super head, tight oval front, good strong hindquarters used to advantage. RDCC 2. Williams/Moes’ Ch. Cwmdarhian Jesse James. Larger dog of excellent quality. Superb construction and movement. 3. Beachs’ Riowood Arizona JW. 
VD 2(1) 1. Scotts’ Wolferlow Will Scarlet. Well constructed. Moved out well. 
SpD 2(1) 1. Woods’ Llansansior Chervil. Balanced boy, good head and eye, well angulated. 
MPB 14(4) 1. Rudkins’ Crosscop If I Could Dream For Dynastydax. What a gorgeous puppy, sweetest of heads, tight oval front, correct length of ribbing and the best of hindquarters. Will watch her career with interest. RBCC. 2. Hanney-Mitchells’ Bronia Charisse. Very nice puppy, another with the best of heads, very well balanced puppy who moved true. 3. Hughes’ Lindella’s Susie Cute. 
PB 10(4) 1. Kents’ Lokmadi Oh What A Circus. Very elegant with a superb head. Lovely type, showing off a good outline at all times. 2. Mitchells’ Bronia Camille. This girl will trouble the best when mature. Unlucky to meet the winner today who was more confident. 3. Wilkinson & Wakemans’ Darque Angel for Wakywilks. 
JB 8(2) 1. Morris/Waddells’ Crosscop Gabriella. Very smart young lady, moved with confidence. Nice type. 2. Hughes’ Amaffrey Larunda for Lindellas. Compact girl with lovely head, good outline on the move. 3. Jennings’ Jenivons Queen Bee. 
PGB 12(2) 1. Jennings’ Jenivons Miss Marple. Very good length to height, ribbing carried well back. 2. Forges’ Normpug Red Flame. Not quite as balanced as winner. Moved well. 3. Masons’ Collidach Hot Springs at Teckeltown. 
LB 16(10) 1. Rudkins’ Dynastydax Alfreda JW. My notes say WOW. Superb bitch, so balanced, your hands flow over her. Sweetest of heads, correct shoulders, tightest of fronts. Correct length of ribbing, strong hindquarters and well angulated. Loved her. BCC & BOB. Lovely to see her short listed in the group. Hope her 3rd CC is not too far away. 2. Beachs’ Beachdax Queen of Hearts JW. Unfortunate to come up against winner today. Another lovely bitch with all the attributes. Moved true front and aft. 3. O’Connells’ Hollybirch Glowing Gold for LLennocor. 
OB 9(4) 1. Mills-Jones’ Carlita Welsh Princess. Compact neat bitch with sweet head, correct shoulders and well angulated front and rear. 2. Kents’ Lokmadi with a Dragon Tattoo. Similar elegant type to 1, very smart on the move with typical head carriage. 3. Scotts’ Wolferlow Blackberry Pie. 
VB 1(0) 1. Ergis’ Ch Siouxline Rapunzel with Melriding. Absolutely beautiful bitch with all of the attributes for a champion. RBCC.
SpBB 9(3) 1. Forges’ Normpugs Tiger eyes. Nice compact bitch, moved out well, very well angulated. 2. Stranges’ Cazdachs Time to Shine. Not the angulation of 1. Moved ok. 3. Beers’ Lowrider All Maid Of Magic.