Judge: Sandra Williams

Dog CC : PAGET & CARROLL Marvale Firecrest
Res Dog CC : REYNOLDS Glenariff Valuable Asset
Bitch CC : JENNINGS Marvale's Jena at Jenivon
Res Bitch CC : FLEMING Brogansian Gingerella
Best Puppy :MELBOURNE, PAGET & CARROLL Melriding Black Tom

Best Special Beginner : DALTON Beachdax About Dawn Time

Puppy Dog (2)
1st: MELBOURNE, PAGET & CARROLL Melriding Black Tom
2nd: MORTON Monra Royal Spirit

Junior Dog (2)

1st: ANDERSON & WATT Nisyros Sergio
2nd: MORRISON Benzden Kouros

Novice Dog - NO ENTRIES

Graduate Dog (1)
1st: HAMBLING Chaseover Moonshine

Post Graduate Dog - NO ENTRIES

Limit Dog - NO ENTRIES

Open Dog (3)
1st: PAGET & CARROLL Marvale Firecrest
2nd: REYNOLDS Glenariff Valuable Assset
3rd: O'Meara Ballinacorbeg Think Tank


Veteran Dog - NO ENTRIES

Special Beginner Dog - NO ENTRIES

Puppy Bitch (6)
1st: FLEMING Brogansian Gingerella

2nd: ANDERSON & WATT Shantallah Song of the Lark by Misyros

3rd: MORTON Monra Palace Sweet Angel

Res: CUMBERLAND Mumysami Beth Level of Crazy

VHC: PATERSON & GLASGOW Gallus Struck Gold

Junior Bitch (5,1)
1st: DALTON Beachdax About Dawn Time

2nd:REYNOLDS Glenariff Xtraordinare

3rd: STERRITT Benzden Allure over Riversett

Res: PATERSON & GLASGOW Gallus Struck Gold


Novice Bitch (3)
1st: CUMBERLAND Mumysami Beth Level of Crazy

2nd: PATERSON & GLASGOW Gallus Struck Gold

3rd: CUMBERLAND Mumysami Star Spangled


Graduate Bitch  - NO ENTRIES

Post Graduate Bitch  (1)
1st: DE LACEY Mabeldax Festive Wish


Limit Bitch (4)
1st: CUMBERLAND Mumysami So Distinct

2nd:CUMBERLAND Mumysami So What

3rd: FLEMING Brogansian Rumours Run Riot

Res: DE LACEY Gellijam's Midnight Lady at Mabeldax


Open Bitch (8)
1st: JENNINGS Marvale's Jena at Jenivon
2nd: AMES Sharnor Spicy Cinnamon
3rd: MIDGLEY Ir Ch Jemdach Mystic Quartz

Res: MORTON Monra Just Scarletts Angels

VHC: CUMBERLAND Mumysami So Distinct

Veteran Bitch - NO ENTRIES

Special Beginner Bitch (2)
1st: DALTON Beachdax About Dawn Time

2nd: DE LACEY Mabeldax Festive Wish

Thank you to the committee of Belfast Dog Show society for their invitation to judge Miniature Smooth Hired Dachshunds and award CCs for the first time in this breed. As always Belfast is a well organised and well run show and has an amazing atmosphere. A big thank you to all exhibitors that entered, it is an honour to judge this breed I love so much. I had a lovely entry of quality dogs and I was delighted with my winners. 
PD (2) 1 Melriding Black Tom (Melbourne, Pagett & Carroll) Stunning Black and Tan Puppy of 11 months, loved this boy as soon as he came into the ring, lovely hound head with good eye, excellent neck and well placed shoulders, lovely front assembly, with good legs and feet, nice ground clearance not too much and not too little, good length of rib and well sprung for one so young, totally balanced overall construction and nicely angulated excellent topline on the move, held his head proud as he powered around the ring, one I could have taken home and I shall be watching his progress for the future, well deserved BPIB. 2 Monra Royal Sprit (Morton) another nice puppy, red boy of 11 months, whom I am sure will have his day, maturing nicely with a good keel, nice ribcage, lovely proportions and body length, good legs and feet, nicely angulated, looked very good standing and on the move stepping out very well holding a good topline, just preferred the head of 1. 
JD (2) 1 Nisyros Sergio (Anderson & Watt) Shaded red boy with a lovely masculine head good almond eye, lovely neck into well laid back shoulders, good body length with nothing overdone, good muscle tone and well angulated, nice deep chest, happy confident boy on the move holding a good topline. 2 Benzden Kouros (Morrison) Black and tan boy, lovely type with a super head, good legs and feet, balance in construction, well laid back shoulders and nice angulation front and rear, held a good topline however not quiet the confidence on the move as 1. 
GD (1) 1 Chaseover Moonshine (Hambling) Black & Tan, heavier type albeit balanced in overall construction, nice masculine head with a good eye, stood well on all four, good ribs and excellent rear angulation which allowed him to move well around the ring fore and aft, holding good topline and tailset. 
OD (3) 1 Marvale Firecrest (Paget & Carroll) Shaded red, a super example of the breed, full of attributes typical of the breed, superb hound head, excellent front assembly, lovely legs and feet, well laid back shoulders, super neck of correct length which he held proud on the move, balanced throughout in construction, good ribcage, nicely angulated front and rear, moved with attitude powering around the ring, looked amazing in profile and on the move a worthy champion. Loved him and could not deny him CC & BOB well done a credit to the breed and his owner. 2 Glenariff Valuable Asset (Reynolds) Another lovely red boy and fine example of the breed, super in front, standing well on good legs and feet, nothing course about this boy, lovely head and eye, good neck and shoulders, balanced in construction, nicely angulated, moved well around the ring, liked him very much RDCC. 3 Ballinacorbeg Think Tank (O’Meara) Black and Tan boy, different type to 1 & 2 being a little heavier in construction, however, still well balanced. Nice masculine head with a good eye, good ribs, good angulation, moved well around the ring with confidence holding a good topline. 
PB (6) 1 Brogansian Gingerella (Fleming) Super class of puppy bitches, and this young red lady stood out for me, a classy lady, almost 12 months and full of breed type, sweet feminine head, lovely eye and expression, oozing with quality and type, lovely in front with deep chest, good legs and feet, nice angulation to the front and rear, good ribs and body length, super neck and shoulders, adequate ground clearance allowing her to power around the ring which she excelled in, PB & RCC well done a lovely future ahead. 2 Shantallah Song of the Lark by Nisyros (Anderson & Watt) another nice puppy bitch, close upto 1 with many similar attributes. 11 months shaded red, just loved her sweet feminine head, good neck and shoulders, lovely front deep chest, moved out well holding a good topline. A bright future ahead. 3 Monra Palace Sweet Angel (Morton) Sweet brindle young lady, lovely head and eye, good neck and well laid back shoulders, she is balanced in construction and good front assembly lovely angulation and bone, moved well around the ring. 
JB (5,1) 1 Beachdax About Dawn Time (Dalton) Nice brindle , sound construction, good front assembly, feminine head, good reach of neck, nice legs and feet, good rear angulation, well sprung ribs, moved well around the ring. 2 Glenariff Xtraordinare (Reynolds) Black and tan, nice breed type good overall construction, lovely sweet head with lovely expression, super neck and shoulders, good body length, stood well showing off her beautiful profile, moved well once settled. 3 Benzden Allure Over Riversett (Sterritt) Black and tan, a little heavier type to 1 & 2 nevertheless all in correct proportions, in lovely coat and condition, lovely head and eye, good legs and feet, nice angulation, handled well. 
NB (3) 1 Mumysami Beth Level of Crazy (Cumberland) Shaded red with a lovely head nice in front, laid back shoulders, happy on the move handled well. 2 Gallus Struck Gold (Paterson & Glasgow) Sweet headed Black & Tan, balanced in construction, deep in chest, good on the move once settled. 3 Mumysami Star Spangled (Cumberland) Black and Tan, nice body length, good feet, deep in chest, moved OK. 
PGB (1) 1 Mabeldax Festive Wish (De Lacey) Shaded red, nice shaped head with almond eye, nicely angulated, good bone, good reach of neck, nice deep chest, moved well around the ring holding good topline. 
LB (4) 1 Mumysami So Distinct (Cumberland) Shaded red sweetest of heads and lovely expression, good front assembly, nice body length in proportion and balanced, good legs and feet, nice neck into good shoulder placement well angulated, moved well around the ring holding good tailset and topline. 2 Mumysami So What (Cumberland) Similar comments to number 1 with very little to choose between them – I can see these two changing places on another day, balanced overall construction, lovely legs and feet, nice neck and shoulders stepping out as she moved well around the ring. 3 Brogansian Rumours Run Riot ( Mr S Fleming) Nice type Black and Tan, sweetest of heads, stood well on all four, a little heavier over the shoulders than 1 & 2, lovely angulation to the rear, good deep chest and nice length of rib, good legs and feet, moved well. 
OB (8) 1 Marvale Jena At Jenivon (Jennings) Very nice quality attractive red that looked great from all angles, so easy on the eye and full of lovely breed type, so charming yet fit for function, and the sweetest feminine head, beautiful eye and expression, super front assembly with good legs and feet, excelled in neck and shoulders, lovely angulation with no exaggeration whatsoever, a real feminine girl, excellent coat and condition, good keel and ribcage and length of rib, had the look at me quality as she powered around the ring with confidence holding a good topline and tailset, stood firm and proud in the challenge and I could not deny her a worthy CC on the day which I’m delighted to now know has given this lovely bitch her crown and well deserved title. Congratulations. 2 Sharnor Spicy Cinnaman (Ames) Different type to 1 but with many lovely qualities I can appreciate, sweet head, good depth of chest and spring of rib, nice legs and feet, fit for function, lovely angulation, good reach of neck and shoulder placement excellent topline on the move as she moved away and back, lovely in profile and standing. 3 Ir Ch Jemdach Mystic Quartz (Midgley) A very nice example of the breed, excellent front assembly with good legs and feet, lovely neck and shoulders, well muscled and good angulation, nice head and eye, very good on the move giving her all. 
SBB (2) 1 Beachdax About Dawn Time (Dalton) BSB Mabledax Festive Wish (De Lacey).
Sandra Williams