Judge: Miss Sally Ann Elkington

BEST OF BREED : HUNT Mylforbe Red Velvet At Sunara
Dog CC : HUNT Brogansian Crimson Tide
Res Dog CC : PAGET & CARROLL Marvale Firecrest
Bitch CC : HUNT Mylforbe Red Velvet At Sunara
Res Bitch CC : PAGET & CARROLL Marvale Sandpiper
Best Puppy : HUNT Brogansian crimson tide
Best Veteran :
Best Special Beginner : HOLMES Gabmaddi Carolina Rose

Veteran Dog NO ENTRIES

Puppy Dog (7 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: HUNT Brogansian Crimson Tide
2nd: MELBOURNE & CARROLL Melriding Black Tom
3rd: HANNEY-MITCHELL Bronia Gervais
Res: BULLIS Amaffrey Henry
VHC: JENNINGS Jenivons Bad Habits

Junior Dog (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: MAGRI Rozamie Red Corvette
2nd: COXON D'Arisca Dinner At Eight
3rd: WOODS Mylforbe Bolivar
Res: HOLMES Mumysami You're All I Need

Special Beginner Dog (3 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: HOLMES Mumysami You're All I Need
2nd: MILLS Nisyros Lorenzo at Greyvista

Post Graduate Dog (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: WOODS Bronia Gaspare
2nd: MAGRI Lokmadi Call Me Louis Rozamie
3rd: HERALD Sonorra Dark Treacle at Winterfield

Limit Dog (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: PAGET & CARROLL Marvale Firecrest
2nd: WOODS Mylforbe the Nishop
3rd: BULLIS Amaffrey Jessie James JW
Res: FRANCIS Stargang Hay Bob At Feebrick

Open Dog (6 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: GENTLE Dimogen Stargazer
2nd: MASON Ch Teckeltown Master Piece JW
3rd: STREVENS Kazamour's Gingerbread Man
Res: PEEL & ANDISON Ch Clentry Donnie Darco

Good Citizen Dog NO ENTRIES

Veteran Bitch NO ENTRIES

Puppy Bitch (7 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: FLEMING Brogansian Gingerella
2nd: MELBOURNE, PAGET & CARROLL Melriding Sisi
3rd: BULLIS Amaffrey Flo Rider
Res: CUMBERLAND Mumysami Beth Level of Crazy
VHC:COROMINAS Ruichango Eva Luna

Junior Bitch (5 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: HUNT Mylforbe Red Velvet At Sunara
2nd: COXON D'Arisca Little Black Dress
3rd: MAGRI Rozamie Abracadederah
Res: WALKER Donnadoon Little Dreamer at Dorenian

Special Beginner Bitch (5 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: HOLMES Gabmaddi Carolina Rose
2nd: WOODS Bronia Guistina
3rd: COROMINAS Ruichango Eva Luna
Res: MICHAEL Stargang Little Angel
VHC: HERALD Winterfield's Arizona Joy

Post Graduate Bitch (9 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: GRAHAM Bronia Camille

2nd: KENT  Lokmadi Oh What a Circus
3rd: HOLMES Gabmaddi Carolina Rose
Res: GITTINS Markidachs Saffrons Gift at Boomerloo
VHC: COROMINAS Luna Nueva de Los Olivos de Quinto

Limit Bitch (5 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: CALLOW Garthorne Glenda JW
2nd: JENNINGS Marvales Jena at jenivon
3rd: MASON Teckeltown Lady in Red
Res: WOODS Myleforbe passion fleur

Open Bitch (7 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: PAGET & CARROLL Marvale Sandpiper
2nd: HANNEY-MITCHELL Bronia's Abriana
3rd: MASON Collidachs Hot Springs At Teckeltown JW
Res: KENT Lokmadi Jingle Belle
VHC: O'CONNELL & MAGRI Lokmadi With a Dragon Tattoo

Good Citizen Bitch NO ENTRIES


Firstly Thankyou to the officers and committee of Driffield for inviting me to judge 

And to the exhibitors for the lovely entry .

As many who know me I judge as I see on the day - who is who or who has won what really doesnít bother me in the slightest 

In general I would say in my opinion the overall quality of the breed has slightly deteriorated since I last judged this variety 

Many look lovely stacked but movement leaves a lot to be desired especially the rear where pinning in flicking out back feet or very wide is apparent in many exhibits and in some classes you struggle to find a sound moving dog also yes they are miniature Dachshunds but they are hounds and should still move as one not as a tummy tapping toy .

This said front assembly and heads seem to have improved .

Another concern for me and one that I feel needs addressing at haste is the size and weight issues some exhibits are now pushing 12 pound and some well over there is a difference between a dog that is just carrying a little excess weight to one that is built to be these weights the latter for me is a major concern pretty soon there will be no difference between a small standard and a large Mini .

Please could we all try to help and encourage new people into the show world and help them with advice on how to show their exhibits and ring etiquette then hopefully there will be a future for showing .

My remarks above are genuinely said to make some Breeders and exhibitors just take a look and not to be kennel blind and help this lovely variety get better and better 

My main winners pleased me immensely.

Veteran Dog (0)

Puppy Dog 7 (1abs)

  1.  Hunts Brogansian Crimson Tide what a beautiful puppy and a great prospect for the future of the breed , lovely size beautiful head and eye correct front assembly with well laid back shoulders excellent length of ribbing both top and under correct top line held well on the move when he got his act together he moved very true front and back and yes I know he was a typical puppy giving his owner a hard time but I saw enough to be absolutely captivated by this boy so therefore I was extremely happy to award him his first CC today and Best Puppy  ,All the best with Iím for the future Iím sure many more judges will be equally as impressed as I was .
  2. Melbourne ,Carrollís & Paget Melriding Black Tom .Another promising Black and Tan baby of a lovely breed type and size he really pushed his kennel mate hard for the res cc but I just preferred the shoulder angles of his older relation but Iím sure another for the future betterment of the breed .
  3. Haney-Mitchell Bronia Gervais 

Junior Dog (4)

  1. Magri Rozamie Red Corvette. Red of lovely type who has a beautiful head and eye good reach of neck well laid shoulders keeps a good topline in profile and moved fairly well front and back although does tend to be a tad wide behind .
  2. Coxon DíArisca Dinner At Eight.Black and Tan who stood looks beautiful and has many attributes to admire but today he was moving very close in front and turning back feet in behind possibly the  grass didnít help him .
  3. Woods Myforbe Bolivar 

Special Beginners 3(1abs)

  1. Holmes Mumysami youíre All I Need Appealing boy who when you go over him is actually quite sound he has a nice head and eye fair front and shoulder angles he could do with more length of under rib in profile his movement is free however his front movement is slightly close .
  2. Mills Nisyros Lorenzo at Greyvista for me this boy is too big however he did move out in profile well.    

Post Graduate Dog 3

  1. Woods Bronia gaspare shaded red boy who has a good reach of neck clean shoulder lines good length of keel holds his topline well on the move but today his rear movement let him down but a lovely type .
  2. Magri Lokmadi Call Me Louis Rozamie.Attractive head and eye  with a fair length of ribbing and neat shoulders his profile movement is a little too tucked up,for me .
  3. Heralds Sonorra Dark Treacle At Winterfield .

Limit Dog 4

  1. Paget&Carroll Marvale Firecrest. Very nice boy with a beautiful head and eye lovely length of neck into well laid angulated  shoulders ribbing carried well back lovely hammy backend moves well with good ground clearance   Liked this boy very much .Res CC 
  2. Woods Mylforbe The Bishop Black and Tan of appealing type but today his rear movement let him down being very close otherwise a quality exhibit .
  3. Bullis Amaffrey Jessie James 

Open Dog 6

1.Gentles Dimogen Stargazer Black and Tan boy who really appealed to me for his obvious breed type very honest all through true movement but I just felt that he is showing his age .

2.Masons CH . Teckeltown Master Piece quality boy whoís virtues you can see and appreciate he just today was not as fluid in profile movement of the winner .

3.Strevens Kazamourís Gingerbread Man .

Veteran Bitch (0)

Puppy Bitch 7

1.Fleming Brogansian Gingerella .This Breeder really has a lovely type having bred my dog ticket winner -This young lady caught my eye on entering the ring and didnít disappoint on going over she is of a lovely size with the most femine head and eye compact neat well laid shoulders excellent length of keel true free mover . I wish you luck with her as given the chance she should reach the top tier .

2.Melbourne ,Carroll and Pagent Melriding Sisi .Another who presented a balanced picture standing with many of the breed attributes of above but today she was not in her best bib and tucker having apparently suffered an allergic reaction to something but a promising young lady 

3.Bullis Amaffrey Flo Rider .

Junior Bitch 5 Hunts Mylforbe Red Velvet At Sunara .Wow just totally fell for this young lady who is of top draw quality she is the absolute double of her Grandmother whom I have previously given a CC to so obviously my type of Dachshund ,The most gorgeous head and eye beautiful reach of neck running into well laid correctly angled shoulders excellent length of ribbing reaching well back lovely hammy quarters standing absolutely four square her movement in profile is a dream where she also keeps the correct topline also  very true front and back she really is the complete package for me I was delighted to award her her first CC&BOB  and I am sure this will be the fist of many as other judges appreciate this top draw bitch 

2.Coxans DíArisca Little Black Dress Attractive young lady who has appealing attributes but her rear movement really let her down today she was badly pinning in .

Special Beginners Bitch 5

1.Holmes Gabmaddi Carolina Rose .Very nice type of bitch whoís owner just needs to have more ring craft and possible help from experienced exhibitors as she has some very nice breed attributes best sp beg 

2.Woods Bronia Guistina nice enough type,of bitch again needs some ring craft 

3.Corominas Stargang Little Angel.

Post Graduate Bitch 9 (2)

1.Grahamís Bronia Camille very nice bitch that I liked a lot she is of the correct type and size with excellent shoulder placement good length of ribbing holds a good topline she would benefit from a slightly longer keel but she moved true both front and back .

2.Kentís Lokmadi Oh What A Circus she also presented a nice picture however her front movement today was erratic .

3.Holmes Gabmaddi Carolina Rose 

Limit Bitch 5(1)

1.Callows Garthorne Glenda Brindle girl just my type lovely shape with excellent shoulders long reach of neck well rounded hammy quarters standing all square moved  true and in profile she is very free .

2.Jennings Marvale Jena at Jenivon Red girl who is well angulated with a  good length of upper arm she moved well in front but was slightly wide in rear.

3.Masons Teckeltown Lady In Red 

Open Bitch 7 (2)

1.Paget&Carroll Marvale Sandpiper Another lovely girl from this kennel whoís type you can see a mile off she has a lovely head and eye beautiful front and length of ribbing excellent hammy quarters well rounded rear moved well both in profile and front and back nice size , a quality exhibit ,was pleased to award her Res CC 

2.Hanney-Mitchell Broniaís Abriana up to size however she has many tributes to admire but today she was really kicking her left back left out to the side  on the move .

3.Masons Collidachs Hot Springs At Teckeltown .