Judge: David Craig

Best Dog  : ANDERSON & WATT Nisyros Sergio
Res Best Dog  : STEWART Stargang Tyrion Russteck
Best Bitch  : METCALFE-BILGIN Metadale Legacy Lives On
Res Bitch  : ANDERSON & WATT Nisyros Luciana
Best Puppy : ANDERSON & WATT Nisyros Sergio & Hound Puppy Group
Best Veteran : STEWART Stargang Tyrion Russteck
Best Junior : ANDERSON & WATT Nisyros Sergio

Best Special Beginner : CUMBERLAND Mumysami So What

Puppy (4)
1st: ANDERSON & WATT Nisyros Luciana
2nd: KAY Dachienne Charlie Brown At Lochlip
3rd: WILSON Clentry Back to Black in Linburndax

Res: Morris Lochlip Magical Spell

Junior (5,2)
1st: ANDERSON & WATT Nisyros Sergio
2nd: WILSON Linburndax Haggis Bon Babe

3rd: WILSON Shantallah Secret Shadow at Linburndax


Novice (4,2)
1st: KAY Lochlip Quantum of Solace
2nd: BAIN Clentry Rewrite the Stars


Graduate (3)
1st: MITCHELL Bronia Camille
2nd: BURNETT Clentry Cranberry

3rd: GILBERT Linburndax Rachs Tru Haggis


Post Graduate (4,1)
1st: WHYTE Dachienne Strawberry Swing
2nd: BURNETT Clentry Cranberry

3rd: KAY Lochlip Let the Magic Begin

Open Dog (4,1)
1st: CUMBERLAND Mumysami Clicalicious for Yorami JW
2nd: WHYTE Chequevar Paddington Bear at Dachienne
3rd: BURNETT Zobears Watchman

Open Bitch(3,1)
1st: METCALFE-BILGIN Metadale Legacy Lives On

2nd: CUMBERLAND Mumysami Clickety Clic for Yorami

Veteran (3)
1st: STEWART Stargang Tyrion Russteck
2nd: CUMBERLAND Whirlygig Wottatodoo at Mumysami VW ShCM

3rd: KAY Lochlip I Cast a Spell on You

Special Beginners (5,2)
1st: CUMBERLAND Mumysami So What
2nd: BURNETT Zobears Watchman
3rd: MORRIS Lochlip Magical Spell

Puppy (4):

1. Anderson and Watt’s Nisyros Luciana, feminine shaded red of 10 months, stood out for overall outline and construction, well made fore and aft, good ribbing, good topline held on the move, sound mover, if a little reluctant at times, RBB;

2. Kay’s Dachienne Charlie Brown at Lochlip, nearly 11 months dog, very nice overall and shown in super condition, not the front of 1;

3. Wilson’s Clentry Back In Black at Linburndax

Junior (5):

1. Anderson and Watt’s Nisyros Sergio, shaded red dog of 10 months, stood away here, had the best of outlines, is well angulated through forequarters, good topline and well ribbed, correct ground clearance, moved well out and back and carried himself so well in profile maintaining his static outline, should have a good future, BD, Best Junior, BPIB, then later BPIS4;

2. Wilson’s Linburndax Haggis Bon Babe, 17 months bitch who was free moving in profile and kept a decent outline, rather barrel hocked behind;

3. Wilson’s Shantallah Secret Shadow at Linburndax

Novice (2):

1. Kay’s Lochlip Quantum of Solace, nearly 2 years male, with pleasing head and level topline, scored in hind action but tail carriage could be better;

2. Bain’s Clentry Rewrite the Stars, bitch of nearly 2 years, pleasing overall and shown in super gleaming condition, rather barrel hocked;

Graduate (3):

1. Mitchell’s Bronia Camille, pretty red bitch of 15 months, shown in lovely condition, feminine, has a look of quality, has the best outline here which she maintained on the move;

2. Burnett’s Clentry Cranberry, two years male shown in good condition, needs to gain in confidence;

3. Gilbert’s Linburndax Rachs Tru Haggis

Post Graduate (3):

1. Whyte’s Dachienne Strawberry Swing, bitch of 2.5 years who stood out in this company, overall soundly made and a pleasing mover;

2. C Cranberry

3. Kay’s Lochlip Let The Magic Begin

Open Dog (3):

1. Cumberland’s Mumysami Clicalicious for Yorami, 6 years and shown in fit, well muscled condition, good in profile both standing and on the move, pleasing topline, could be a little more positive behind;

2. Whyte’s Chequevar Paddington Bear at Dachienne, 4.5 years and of pleasing type and overall shape, another in good condition, just not the topline of 1;

3. Burnett’s Zobears Watchman

Open Bitch (2):

1. Metcalfe’s Metadale Legacy Lives On, yearling shaded red of lovely type and outline, well made all through with correct head shape and eye, well-constructed through forequarters, well ribbed with correct topline and underline, well-made hindquarters, maintained her outline on the move in profile and was very sound out and back, has a look of quality and filled my eye, will follow her future, BB and BOB;

2. Cumberland’s Mumysami Clickety Clic for Yorami, 6 years of pleasing type overall, moved soundly;

Veteran (3):

1. Stewart’s Stargang Tyrion Russteck, 7 years red brindle of pleasing type, pleasing head shape, good eye, sound mover, keeping his topline on the move, RBD

2. Cumberland’s Whirlygig Wottatodoo at Mumsami, 11 years old bitch shown in fabulous condition and a great credit to her owner;

3. Kay’s’ Lochlip I Cast A Spell On You

Special Beginners (3):

1. Cumberland’s Mumysami So What, pleasing type, feminine bitch of three years, good condition, moved soundly;

2. Burnett’s Zobears Watchman, 3rd in OD;

3. Morris’ Lochlip Magical Spell