Judge: Lynda Lawrence-Starbuck (Abitibi)

BEST OF BREED : ERGIS Ch Siouxline Rapunzel with Melriding
Dog CC : MASON Ch Teckeltown Master Piece JW
Res Dog CC : PEEL & ANDISON Ch Clentry Donnie Darco
Bitch CC : ERGIS Ch Siouxline Rapunzel with Melriding
Res Bitch CC : CALLOW Garthorne Glenda JW
Best Puppy : HANNEY-MITCHELL Bronia Gervais
Best Veteran : ERGIS Ch Siouxline Rapunzel with Melriding
Best Special Beginner : HOLMES Gabmaddi Carolina Rose


Veteran Bitch (4)
1st: ERGIS Ch Siouxline Rapunzel with Melriding
2nd: STEWART Stargang Tyrion Russteck

3rd: CUMBERLAND Whirlygig Wottatodoo at Mumysami VW ShCM

Res: CUMBERLAND Mumysami Miss Solitaire ShCM


Minor Puppy Dog (6)
1st: HANNEY-MITCHELL Bronia Gervais
2nd: ERGIS Siouxline Master Mariner
3rd: CAREY Shantallah What a Lark Around Debbiejay
Res: SMITH Ruichango Dexter Morgan
VHC: METCALFE-BILGIN Metadale Incognito

Puppy Dog (6,1)
1st: JENNINGS Jenivons Bad Habits
2nd: BULLIS Amaffrey Henry
3rd: STRANGE Bronia's Armand at Cazdachs
Res: HOLMES Mumysami You're All I Need
VHC: HODGSDEN Mumysami Rocket's Red Glare

Junior Dog (7)
1st: MAGRI Rozamie Red Corvette
2nd: COXON D'Arisca Dinner at Eight
3rd: HAMBLING Chaseover Moonshine
Res: BRYANT Crosscop Roberto


Yearling Dog (1)
1st: WILSON Shantallah Secret Shadow at Linburndax
2nd: WOODS Mylforbe Bolivar
3rd: MAGRI Lokmadi Call Me Louis Rozamie


Post Graduate Dog (1)
1st: WOODS Bronia Gaspare

Limit Dog (3,1)
1st: JENNINGS Marvale Northern Cardinal at Jenivon
2nd: BULLIS Amaffrey Jessie James JW
3rd: WOODS Mylforbe the Bishop

Open Dog (7,1)
1st: MASON Ch Teckeltown Master Piece JW
2nd: PEEL & ANDISON Ch Clentry Donnie Darco
3rd: BULLIS Amaffrey Jessie James JW
Res: MUTTON Ivan Poddubny Iz Omskoi Kreposti for Montone (Imp Rus)
VHC: CROSS & BLACK Riowood Red Boots

Special Beginner Dog/Bitch (12,3)
1st: HOLMES Gabmaddi Carolina Rose
2nd: HARRISON Harridachs Cherry Blossom
3rd: BURKE Linburndax Rachs Tru Haggis at Gilberdax
Res: DAVIES Stargang Penny Lane
VHC:DOWNIE Marvale Kingfisher

Minor Puppy Bitch (8,1)
1st: CROSS Loggeta Establoomingsmall
2nd: ANDISON & PEEL Clentry Mary Poppins
3rd: WILSON Shantallah Call of the Lark
Res: CUMBERLAND Mumysami Beth Level of Crazy
VHC: SHUTT Shantallah Sing to the Lark for Donnadoon


Puppy Bitch (6,2)
1st: BULLIS Amaffrey Flo Rider
2nd: FLEMING Brogansian Gingerella
3rd: CUMBERLAND Mumysami Beth Level of Crazy
Res: MACARA & BLACKBURN-BENNETT Stargang Cromasaig Charisma

Junior Bitch (8,2)
1st: COXON D'Arisca Little Black Dress
2nd: HANNEY-MITCHELL Bronia Clarisse

3rd: BLACKBURN Stargang Black Olive
Res: WILSON  Clentry Back in Black at Linburndax
VHC: MAGRI Rozamie Abracadederah


Yearling Bitch (5,1)
1st: WOODS Mylforbe Passion Fleur
2nd: WILSON Linburndax Haggis Bon Babe

3rd: HERALD Winterfield's Arizona Joy
Res: HARRISON Harridachs Cherry Blossom

Post Graduate Bitch (9,1)
1st: BLACKBURN-BENNETT Stargang Peony Bloom
2nd: KENT Lokmadi Oh What a Circus
3rd: HERALD Stargang Zebra Finch at Winterfield
Res: HOLMES Gabmaddi Carolina Rose
VHC: MICHAEL Stargang Little Angel

Limit Bitch (12,1)
1st: CALLOW Garthorne Glenda JW

2nd: O'CONNELL Hollybirch Glowing Gold for Llennocor
3rd: MASON Teckeltown Lady in Red
Res: JENNINGS Marvales Jena at jenivon
VHC: CUMBERLAND Mumysami So What

Open Bitch (12,2)
1st: KENT Lokmadi Jingle Belle
2nd: CROSS Loggeta Pickled Lilly JW
3rd: JENNINGS Melriding Natasha at Jenivon
Res: COXON Ch Sundsdal's Black Cadillac to D'Arisca
VHC: THOMSON Crosscop Gabriella

I'd like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the committee for extending a judging invitation, and to the exhibitors for presenting such exceptional and delightful entries. I truly enjoyed every moment and was genuinely impressed with the quality of the winners, as they truly embodied the desired type. Very happy to see my Best Of Breed winner (from the Veteran class) go Best in Specialty. While there was an undeniable depth of quality, particularly among the bitches, it's worth noting that we should be mindful of weight considerations, especially in the males. Overall, I'm deeply appreciative of the fantastic experience and the remarkable dogs I had the privilege of judging. Veteran Dog or Bitch 4, 0AB 1st Ergis’ Ch Siouxline Rapunzel With Melriding - What a lovely bitch. Had everything i was looking for - lovely type,good head, reach of neck flowing into a lovely topline. Good length, well angulated,excellent movement, kept a beautiful outline. Pleased to award CC and Best of Breed. 2nd Stewart’s Stargang Tyrion Russteck - Brindle boy, again, a never nice type. Had a lovely head and carried himself well. 3rd Cumberland’s Whirlygig Whattatodoo At Mumysami VW ShCM Minor Puppy Dog 6, 0AB 1st Hanney-Mitchell’s Bronia Gervais - Lovely typey boy. Good reach of neck, nice front, good length and well angulated. Moved well. 2nd Ergis’ Siouxline Master Mariner - A very nice puppy. Lovely head and neck,good length and moved well. 3rd Carey’s Shantallah What A Lark Around Debbiejay Puppy Dog 6, 1AB 1st Jenning’s Jenivons Bad Habits - Very nice boy. Lovely head and eye, good reach of neck, nice front and length. Kept good outline 2nd Bullis’ Amaffrey Henry - Nice puppy, with a lovely head and neck. Good length and topline. Moved well. 3rd Stange’s Bronia’s Armand At Cazdachs Junior Dog 7, 0AB 1st Magri’s Rozamie Red Corvette - Good reach of neck and front. Kept a lovely topline and moved out well. 2nd Coxon’s D’Arisca Dinner At 8 - Another nice boy. Lovely head and neck. Well angulated. 3rd Hambling’s Chase Over Moonshine Yearling Dog 3, 0AB 1st Wilson’s Shantallah Secret Shadow At Linburndax - B/T. Nice boy. Lovely head, good reach of neck and kept a very nice outline. Just needs more confidence. 2nd Wood’s Mylforbe Bolivar - Lovely head neck. Good topline and well angulated. 3rd Magry’s Lokmadi Call me Louis Rozame Post Graduate Dog 1, AB 1st Wood’s Bronia Gaspare - Alone, but a worthy winner. Lovely head and neck with good length. Moved well keeping good topline on the move. Limit Dog 3, 1AB 1st Jenning’s Marvale Northern Cardinal At Jenivon - Red boy. Very nice head, good length and moved well. 2nd Wood’s Mylforbe The Bishop - B/T. Very nice type with lovely head, neck and front. Good topline, well angulated. Today was not cooperating with handler. Open Dog 7, 1AB 1st Mason’s Ch Teckeltown Master Piece Jw - Red of lovely type who carried himself very well. Lovely front and rear, kept a good topline and lovely outline. Pleased to award the CC. 2nd Andison & Peel’s Ch Clentry Donnie Darco - B/T. Very nice boy.Kept a lovely outline, moved well with a lovely head and neck. Res CC. 3rd Bullis’ Amaffrey Jesse James Jw Special Beginners Dog or Bitch 12, 3AB 1st Holmes’ Gabmaddi Carolina Rose - B/T. Lovely girl. Moved and showed very well, keeping a lovely outline. 2nd Harrison’s Harridachs Cherry Blossom - Red girl, Very nice with lovely head, good length and moved well. 3rd Burke’s Linburndax Rachs True Haggis At Gilberdax Minor Puppy Bitch 8, 1AB 1st Cross’ Loggeta Establoomingsmall - Class of lovely puppies. Lovely red. Oozes type with lovely head, neck and length. Very promising. 2nd O’hare’s Clentry Mary Poppins - Another lovely puppy. Kept a lovely outline, just needs a bit more confidence. 3rd Wilson’s Shantallah Call of the Lark Puppy Bitch 6, 1AB 1st Bullis’ Amaffrey Flo Rida - Lovely B/T. Good head, reach of neck and front. Kept a good topline and moved well. Best Puppy Bitch. 2nd Flemming’s Brogansian Gingerlla - Red girl of lovely type. Good reach of neck, nice front, length and topline. 3rd Cumberland’s Mumysami Beth Level Of Crazy Junior Bitch 8, 1AB 1st Coxon’s D’Arisca Little Black Dress - Very nice B/T. Lovely head and neck. Super outline on the move. Well angulated. 2nd Hanney-Mitchell’s Bronia Clarisse - Very Nice red. Could easily swap places on another day with first. Lovely front outline, well angulated and moved well. 3rd Blackburn’s Stargang Black Olive Yearling Bitch 5, 1AB 1st Wood’s Mylforbe’s Passion Fleur - B/T girl. Moved out really well, lovely reach of neck.Good length and kept a good outline. 2nd Wilson’s Linburndax Haggis Bon Babe - Another B/T. Very similar to first, good length of neck and topline. Nice mover, needs a little more confidence.. 3rd Herald’s Winterfields Arizona Joy Post Graduate Bitch 9, 1AB 1st Blackburn Bennet’s Stargang Peony Bloom - Very nice red girl. Lovely head, neck and front. Had good length, well angulated, moved well, keeping a lovely outline. 2nd Kent’s Lockmadi Oh What A Circus - B/T. Very nice girl with a good reach of neck and front. Had good length and moved well. 3rd Herald’s Stargang Zebra Finch At Winterfield Limit Bitch 12, 3AB 1st Callow’s Garthorne Glenda Jw - Gorgeous red girl, loved her type. Good movement, lovely outline, neck and front. Res CC. 2nd O’Connell Hollybirch Glowing Gold For Llennocor - Very nice girl with a good reach of neck and front. Kept a lovely topline and outline. 3rd Mason’s Teckeltown Lady in Red Open Bitch 12, 3AB 1st Kent’s Lokmadi Jingle Belle - Very nice girl of lovely type. Had a good front, neck and topline. Keeping a lovely outline on the move. 2nd Corss’ Loggeta Pickled Lilly Jw - B/T. Lovely girl, had a super outline. Good reach of neck and length of body. Well angulated and moved well. 3rd Jenning’s Melriding Natasha At Jenivon