Birmingham National Championship Show 2021


Judge: Mrs Helen Caple

BEST OF BREED : 4739 WOOD, Mr R Ch Wildstar Wrobinson - CC
Dog CC : 4739 WOOD, Mr R Ch Wildstar Wrobinson - CC
Res Dog CC : 4692 HALL, Mr & Mrs D Cliffmere Woodman - RCC
Bitch CC : 4689 GEESON, Miss E Abydachs Alchemy
Res Bitch CC : 4690 GODDARD, Mr J S & GODDARD, Mr T & GODDARD, Mrs S Minard Quiet Reflection
Best Puppy : 4733 WALLACE, Mrs A Ralines Just Jiles
Best Veteran : 4745 WORSWICK, Mrs C Ch Dolyharp Coppelia JW
Best Special Beginner :


Class 1964 MPD (4 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 4733 WALLACE, Mrs A Ralines Just Jiles
2nd: 4682 BULLIS, Mrs A Along Came Louis To Amaffrey naf
3rd: 4714 MCGAVIGAN, Mr C & PETTIGREW, Mr C Pettigans Duke of Earl

Class 1965 PD NO ENTRIES

Class 1966 JD (7 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 4727 RUSSELL, Mrs C Russteck Moonbeam
2nd: 4720 NORTON, Mrs D Halunke Dreams of Magic
3rd: 4726 POOLE, Mrs M Findowrie Mister McKye
Res: 4730 RYAN, Miss G & CHERAS, Mr D  Cheniesvilla Lord O the Ring
VHC: 4696 JOHNSON, Miss A Charpurdy's Royal Oak

Class 1967 YD (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 4703 LOCKETT-WALTERS, Mrs R Hutzpah Heathcliffe at Ralines
2nd: 4730 RYAN, Miss G & CHERAS, Mr D Cheniesvilla Lord O the Ring

Class 1968 ND (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 4717 MEE, Mr W Barlaines Commander

Class 1969 GD NO ENTRIES

Class 1970 PGD (5 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 4742 WOODVINE-SHONE, Miss H Hanishan Fire Cracker
2nd: 4704 MACMICHAEL, Miss M Cheniesvilla Prince Casper
3rd: 4715 MEE, Mr W Barlaines Just William
Res: 4723 PIKE & CARTER, Mrs & Mrs J Zarcrest Flash Harry At Breezelyn

Class 1971 LD (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 4736 WESTON, Mrs K Ecotyne Devil's Advocate
2nd: 4687 DUNHILL, Mrs R & DUNHILL, Mr R Zarcrest flash gordon at gellijam
3rd: 4729 RYAN, Miss G & CHERAS, Mr D Cheniesvilla Henry

Class 1972 OD (7 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 4739 WOOD, Mr R Ch Wildstar Wrobinson - CC
2nd: 4692 HALL, Mr & Mrs D Cliffmere Woodman - RCC
3rd: 4741 WOODVINE-SHONE, Miss H Ralines Sazerac
Res: 4724 POOLE, Mrs M Findowrie Mr McKenzie
VHC: 4735 WAY, Mrs S Sudasam Livin The Dream

Class 1973 VD (2 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 4728 RYAN, Miss G & CHERAS, Mr D Garbosa Bisto Boy At Cheniesvilla

Class 1974 SBB (2 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 4731 STEVENS, Mrs & Mr K Urishay Ambrosia by Sidburyhill

Class 1975 MPB (6 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 4686 COX, Mrs P Cheritondax Chardonnay
2nd: 4693 HALL, Mr & Mrs D Cliffmere Edith
3rd: 4731 STEVENS, Mrs & Mr K Urishay Ambrosia by Sidburyhill
Res: 4695 HOLTOM, Miss A Ralines Lemosas
VHC: 4683 BURROWS, Reverend V Urishay Amaryllis at Revdvicki

Class 1976 PB (4 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 4738 WILLIAMSON, Mrs S Wildstar Wrobina at Barkroyal
2nd: 4706 MASON, Miss D Crownlake's Queen Bee
3rd: 4695 HOLTOM, Miss A Ralines Lemosas

Class 1977 JB (2 Entries) Abs: 1

Class 1978 YB (3 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 4722 PAIN, Mrs J Cwmdarhian Radio Gaga Ravensbeech

Class 1979 NB NO ENTRIES

Class 1980 GB (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 4725 POOLE, Mrs M Findowrie Miss Mcfee
2nd: 4697 JOHNSON, Miss A Findowrie's Rose Queen
3rd: 4716 MEE, Mr W Barlaine Razzle Dazzle

Class 1981 PGB (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 4699 LARDEN, Miss D Bronia Red Ruby
2nd: 4700 LATHAM-JACKSON, Mr P URISHAY Pennyroyal
3rd: 4705 MACMICHAEL, Miss M Cheniesvilla Dita Von Teese
Res: 4698 JOHNSON, Miss A Charpurdy's Dandy Dutchess

Class 1982 LB (9 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 4734 WALTERS, Miss H Ralines Party Politics
2nd: 4688 GEESON, Miss E Abydachs All About Me
3rd: 4744 WORSWICK, Mrs C Dolyharp Sonatina

Res: 4707 MASON, Miss D Tolberg Beez Kneez at Teckeltown
VHC: 4719 NORTON, Mrs D Halunke Super Magic

Class 1983 OB (7 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 4689 GEESON, Miss E Abydachs Alchemy
2nd: 4690 GODDARD, Mr J S & GODDARD, Mr T & GODDARD, Mrs S Minard Quiet Reflection
3rd: 4740 WOOD, Mr R Wildstar Wrivera
Res: 4743 WORSWICK, Mrs C Dolyharp Fur Elise
VHC: 4701 LATHAM-JACKSON, Mr P Urishay Heart 'n' Soul

Class 1984 VB (1 Entries) Abs: 0


1 Wallace. Ralines Just Jiles. BPD & BP
This smart 8mths l/red had immediate appeal, lots to like,very well constructed.Loved his head/dark eye & well filled forechest, good bone & well bunched feet, reachy neck, well ribbed back, nicely angulated quarters.Holds himself well on the go around & was sound away & back, so full of himself with a super outgoing temperament, most promising.
2 Bullis. Along Came Louis to Amaffrey NAF
Appealing 8mth sh/red of a pleasing make & shape, balanced angulation fore & aft, most handsome head & expression, good neck & topline, at present not as forward in development as 1, moved out smartly & showed well.
3 McGavigan. Pettigrew Duke Of Earl.
Close decision between 2 promising boys.
1 Russell. Rusteck Moonbeam
Super b/t youngster of 17mths, masculine in outlook & so well put together. pleased in head/eye/expression, reachy neck, well filed front, good ribbing & strong well angulated rear. Moved out freely with drive, keeping a good topline. In lovely coat & condition.
2 Norton. Halunke Dreams Of Magic.
Well made l/red just out of puppy, pleased for size & type, with good bone & well bunched feet, handsome head, enough neck, well filled front, good ribbing & quarters. Moved out smartly, still needing to firm in his rear.Well presented in a gleaming coat. A nice prospect.
3 Poole. Findowrie Mister McKye.
1 Lockett-Walters. Hutzpah Heathcliffe At Ralines
Elegant cream of 19mths who presents a lovely overall shape, well put together & pleasing to go over.Has a lovely masculine head & dark eye, front is well filled & has snug fitting elbows, well ribbed back.Moved out freely from his strong well angulated rear.Well presented & handled.
2 Ryan & Cheras. Cheniesvilla Lord Of The Ring
Choc/tan of 17 mths, has a well shaped masculine head, enough forechest, good spring of rib & well angulated rear.Moved out smartly, still needing to firm up in his topline & quarters.Has a lovely flat coat.
1 Mee. Barlaines Commander.
2yr b/t of a pleasing make & shape, very well presented in a lovely flat gleaming coat.Has a pleasing head/expression, enough neck & forechest, deep ribbing, well angulated quarters, good bone & neat feet. A little unsettled on the move, needing more training, however he has a good stride.
1 Woodvine-Shone. Hanishan Fire Cracker
This handsome 2yr sh/red stood away here having the best overall construction, moved soundly & freely & was an easy winner.liked his masculine head/expression, reachy neck, good ribbing & well made quarters. Has lovely bone & well bunched feet, well presented in beautiful ciat & condition.
2 MacMicheal. Cheniesvilla Prince Casper
Attractive 3 yr cream of a pleasing size & neat all through, has a lovely head with dark eye, is balanced in his angulation & with well filled front, good depth of rib, good bone & neat feet, moved out smartly.
3 Mee. Barlaines Just William.
Close decision
1 Weston. Ecotyne Devils Advocate.
Smart 3yr b/t, liked his make & shape, good bone & substance, well angulated throughout. Attractive head, enough neck, firm in his topline, well filled front, good ribbing & quarters, moved well with good drive.
2 Dunhill. Zarcrest Flash Gordon At Gellijam
Well presented 2yr Silver/dapple in lovely coat & condition, lovely for size & type with good bone & neat feet. Has well made forechest, good ribbing & quarters. Attractive masculine head, moved out smartly, just preferred the topline of 1 today.
3 Ryan & Chevas. Cheniesvilla Henry.
1 Wood. Ch.Wildstar Wrobinson. CC & BOB
Topped a class of quality males.Impressive red of 5yrs, loved him for breed type, well put together & presents an excellent outline. Has a handsome head, good neck & proud head carriage, his front is well filled & has close fitting elbows, well ribbed back, strong well angulated rear, super bone & well bunched feet, moved out so soundly away & back, with great freedom in side gait, in lovely coat & condition. An excellent showman who has style & presence.
2 Hall. Cliffmere Woodman. Res CC
Very smart red almost 3yrs, who I see is sired by my BOB & has many of his excellent qualities & has lots to like. Very much all together in his build & well balanced all through.Loved his head & dark eye, good neck & topline, his front is well filled, lengthy ribbing & good rear angulation, moves out freely & soundly with good drive. Well presented in a lovely gleaming flat coat, showed well & was close up to 1.
1 Ryan & Cheras. Garbosa Bisto Boy At Cheniesvilla
Lovely Choc/tan looking really well for his 10 yrs, in lovely coat, pleasing head/expression, enough neck, neat front, well sprung ribbing & good rear angulation, moved out smartly keeping a good topline.
1 Stevens. Urishay Ambrosia By Sidburyhill.
Sweet 7mth b/cr, still very much a baby, pleased for size/type & overall shape, has a pretty feminine head, neat front, good ribbing & quarters. At present she is a tad narrow all through, moved out freely, just needs time to blossom.
1 Cox. Cheritondax Chardonnay
Glamorous 8 mth l/red who is well put together with good bone & neat feet, has a most attractive head & dark eye, well balanced angulation fore & aft, well filled front, good neck & topline, lengthy ribbing & well made rear. Best mover in the class being sound away & back & has a good stride in profile.
2 Hall. Cliffmere Edith
Delightful 6 mth red baby, at her first show & has lots to like. Lovely head & eye, well made front, reachy neck, good ribbing & quarters, lovely bone & neat feet.A little unsettled on the move at first, but soon got into her stride to show her free & easy movement, lovely coat & condition.
3 Urishay Ambrosia By Sidburyhill.
1 Williamson. Wildstar Wrobina At Barkroyal. BPB
Elegant sh/r of 11mths, pleased for make & shape, is lovely to go over & well constructed throughout.Liked her feminine head & expression , reachy neck & good topline, neat well filled front, good ribbing & quarters, presents a lovely clean outline, has good bone & neat feet.Moved soundly & freely.Well presented in lovely coat.Liked her a lot, a nice prospect.
2 Mason. Crownlake’s Queen Bee
A lot to like about this smart 11mth b/t who is very feminine in outlook.Pleased for overall shape with attractive head, good length of neck, well filled forechest, well ribbed back & with nicely angulated rear.In lovely coat, moved out smartly & well handled.Close up to 1.
3 Holton. Ralines Lemosas
1 Pain. Cwmdarhian Radio Gaga Ravensbeech.
Very pleasing b/t rising 2yrs, beautiful head/expression, lovely body proportions, feminine in outlook with balanced angulation fore & aft, well filled oval front, well ribbed back & well muscled rear.Moved out freely & soundly away & back keeping a good topline.Well presented in lovely shining coat & condition.
1 Poole. Findowrie Miss McFee
Smart 2yr sh/r who presented an excellent outline & was pleasing to go over.Has a feminine head, good neck & firm topline, nice bone & neat feet, her front is well filled, has good ribbing & strong well made quarters.Moved out soundly with good rear drive.In lovely coat & condition.
2 Johnson. Findowrie Rose Queen.
Neat 2yr b/t more compactly built than 1, however all in proportion with balanced angulation front & rear.Pleases in head/eye, has a well filled front, good spring of rib, well made rear, moved out smartly just preferred the firmer topline of 1 today.
3 Mee. Barlaines Razzle Dazzle.
1 Larden. Bronia Ruby Red
Lots to like about this quality 2yr red girl.liked her smooth flowing outline, elegant head & dark eye, has a good neck & front assembly with well filled forechest, good ribbing & quarters, good bone & neat feet. Moved out soundly with good rear drive. Well presented with a lovely gleaming coat.
2 Latham-Jackson. Urishay Pennyroyal.
Elegant 21mth b/cr in lovely coat & condition, presenting a pleasing overall shape & smart outline.Liked her well shaped head/dark eye, has a neat well filled front, good depth to ribbing & nicely angulated quarters, moved out smartly & freely. Just preferred the rear drive of 1 today. Showed well, a happy showgirl.
3 MacMichel. Cheniesvilla Dita Von Teese
A good class full of quality.
1 Walters. Ralines Party Politics
Stylish 2yr b/cr who had immediate appeal on the runaround, where her lovely clean lines give a smart well balanced outline. Has a feminine head & reachy neck, forechest well filled, good spring of rib & well made quarters, chunky bone & neat feet. Moved out soundly, with good reach & drive in profile action. In lovely coat & condition.
2 Geeson. Abbydachs All About Me
Smart 2yr b/t, close up to 1.Immaculately presented, super for type & a pleasure to go over. Loved her head/expression, good neck, well constructed front,long ribbing & nicely angulated quarters. She moves soundly away & back, felt that whilst she keeps a firm topline, could not quite match the freedom in profile gait of1.
3 Worswick. Dolyharp Sonatina.
1 Geeson. Abbydachs Alchemy. CC
Classy 22mth b/t of excellent type & quality, beautifully put together & lovely to go over.Has a super head/expression, reachy neck & firm in topline. has a well filled oval front & snug fitting elbows, long ribbing & strong well made quarters, good bone & the neatest of well bunched feet.She is so sound on the move with excellent forward reach & drive.Well presented & in super condition.A lovely showgirl with a super temperament.
2 Goddard. Minard Quiet Reflection. Res CC
Stylish 5yr cream who had immediate appeal, is well made throughout with a lovely outline. Has an attractive head/dark eye, good reach of neck, is balanced in her angulation fore & aft, well filled front, ribs are deep & go well back, short strong loin & good rear angulation, lovely bone & neat feet.She moved soundly away & back, freely in profile action.In super cost & condition. In close contention, just felt that on performance, 1 had the edge today.
3 Wood. Wildstar Wrivera.
VB (1)
1 Worswick. Ch Dolyharp Coppelia JW. Best Veteran
Beautiful cream of highest quality, very elegant, of a lovely size & type, looking really good for rising 8yrs.Has a most attractive feminine head & dark eye, good neck, very pleasing in her forehand with well filled oval front, good depth & length to ribbing, well made rear, moved out smartly & freely, in excellent coat & condition.Liked her a lot.
Helen Caple (Judge)