Longhaired Dachshund Club Championship Show 2021



Judge: Dogs - Bill Armstrong (Cornstalk) 

           Bitches - Rachel Barney (Verrami)


BEST OF BREED : WOOD Ch Wildstar Wrobinson & Reserve Best in Show
Dog CC : WOOD Ch Wildstar Wrobinson
Res Dog CC : HALL Cliffmere Woodman

Best Puppy Dog:  PHILLIPS Fallinwater First Light

Bitch CC : WALTERS Ralines Party Politics
Res Bitch CC : ODDIE Ralines Lemon Drizzle at Riowood

Best Puppy Bitch: WOOD Wildstar Wrolanda & Reserve Best Puppy in Show

Best Puppy : WOOD Wildstar Wrolanda
Best Veteran :BROAD Neertanuaf Sea Magic JW Sh.CM & Reserve Best Veteran in Show


Veteran Dog (5 Entries)
1st:  BROAD Neertanuaf Sea Magic JW Sh.CM
2nd: WESTON & JOHNSON Galrhia Twice as Nice at Ecotyne
3rd: PITFIELD Follyfield Farley's Fella
Res: PHILLIPS Rossdach Rave On
VHC: KRISJANE LTV Ch Daks-Veg-As Ulle Bulle


Minor Puppy Dog (4 Entries)
1st:  MITCHELL Bronia King Crimson
2nd: WALLACE Ralines Just Jiles
MAGAVIGAN & PETTIGREW Pettigans Duke of Earl
Res: WOODVINE-SHONE Urishay Amadeus


Puppy Dog (1 Entry)
1st: PHILLIPS Fallingwater First Light




Junior Dog (3 Entries)
1st: POOLE Findowrie Mister McKye
2nd: PITFIELD Follyfield Fortissimo
3rd:  FAIRCHILD Restinim Torandot


Yearling Dog (2 Entries)
1st:LOCKETT-WALTERS Hutzpah Heathcliffe at Ralines
2nd: KRISJANE Daks-Veg-As Larry Crown


Novice Dog (2 Entries)
1st: PHILLIPS Rossdach Rockspirit
2nd: GRABOWSKA Frodo Boy


Graduate Dog (3 Entries)
1st:  WOODVINE-SHONE Hanishan Fire Cracker
2nd  BROAD Dinkidax Dionysus

3rd: PHILLIPS Rossdach Rockspirit

Post Graduate Dog (3 Entries) Abs : 1
1st:  DRADY Tolberg Black Adder at Indiko
2nd: MACMICHAEL Cheniesvilla Prince Casper

Limit Dog (4 Entries)
1st:  HALL Cliffmere Woodman
2nd: WESTON & JOHNSON Ecotyne Devil's Advocate

3rd:  DUNHILL Zarcrest Flash Gordon at Gellijam
Res:  GRABOWSKA Girolamo Dlugie Cudo (Imp Pol)

Open Dog (7 Entries)
1st: WOOD Ch Wildstar Wreward

2nd: WOODVINE-SHONE Ralines Sazerac

3rd: POOLE Findowrie Mr McKenzie
Res: PITFIELD Luna Caprese D'Oroed'Argento of Follyfield (Imp Ita)
VHC: PHILLIPS Summerview Yogi Bear JW


Champion Dog (1 Entry)
1st: WOOD Ch Wildstar Wrobinson


Veteran Bitch
1st: No Entries

Minor Puppy Bitch (7 Entries)
1st: COX Cheritondax Chardonnay
2nd: STEVENS Urishay Ambrosia by Sidburyhill
3rd:  BURROWS Urishay Amaryllis at Revdvicki
Res:  HOLTROM Ralines Lemosas
VHC: ROTHCHILD Rothmia Dark Side of the Moon

Puppy Bitch (7 Entries)
1st: WOOD Wildstar Wrolanda
2nd: MASON Crownlake's Queen Bee
3rd: PHILLIPS Fallingwater First Love
Res: WILLIAMSON Wildstar Wrobina at Barkroyal
VHC: PAIN Ravensbeech Bean Sprout

Junior Bitch (4 Entries)
1st: WHITFIELD-ROBERTS Dandydayo Kiss the Girl
2nd: PHILLIPS Summerview Holly Would
3rd: BIRDSWORTH Ambyth I Spotted It


Yearling Bitch (6 Entries)
1st: PAIN Cwmdarhian Radio Gaga Ravensbeech
2nd: WALTERS Ralines Lemontini
3rd: MITCHELL & BREWIS Bronia Evanora
Res: FINDLAY Handburydax Phantom Lady


Novice Bitch (4 Entries)
1st:  PHILLIPS Fallingwater Flower Power
2nd: MACMICHAEL Cheniesvilla Dita Von Teese
3rd:  FINDLAY Handburydax Phantom Lady

Graduate Bitch (3 Entries)
1st:  MACMICHAEL Cheniesvilla Dita Von Teese
2nd: POOLE Findowrie Miss McFee
3rd:  BIRDSWORTH Ambyth Back To Black

Post Graduate Bitch (3 Entries)
1st:  DRADY Tolberg Cream Surprise at Indiko
2nd: COX Dolyharp Sweet Harmony

Limit Bitch (4 Entries)
1st: WALTERS Ralines Party Politics
2nd: ODDIE Ralines Lemon Drizzle at Riowood
3rd: GEESON Abydachs All About Me
Res: MASON Tolberg Beez Kneez at Teckletown
VHC: PHILLIPS Summerview Minnie Mouse

Open Bitch (2 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: WOOD Wildstar Wrivera


Champion Bitch (1 Entry)
1st: GEESON Ch Abydachs Alchemy


Thanks to The Long Haired Dachshund Club for inviting me to judge Dachshund Miniature Long  Haired males at this prestigious well run show. Thanks also to my very efficient steward for his excellent assistance given to me on the day it was greatly appreciated. Thanks also to the exhibitors for allowing me to go over their lovely dogs and giving me a lovely day and taking the decisions so sportingly. On seeking my winners, I knew the type I was looking for in accordance with the requirements of the breed standard and my mind’s eye. I gave consideration to the desired height to length ratio and ground clearance and a dog that looked very much fit for purpose and was pleased with the entry.

Veteran Dog 5,0abs

1st – Broad’s  – Neertanauf Sea Magic J.W & ShCM – Good masc. head & pleasing expression. Nice type & quality, shown in lovely condition. Looked balanced standing & moving. Nice for size & substance strong forequarters & forelegs. Nicely made, firm in topline & moved out easily & well.


2nd – Weston & Johnson’s – Galrhia Twice As Nice At Ecotyne – Again looking well & nice for quality & type. Similar remarks to 1, apply he stood looking well looking balanced in outline & moved easily & well.

3rd – Pitfield’s – Follyfield Farley’s Fella.


Minor Puppy Dog 4,0abs

1st – Mitchell’s  – Bronia King Crimson – Masc. puppy pleasing for type & quality. Very nice head & exp. Balanced look for age, nice to go over well put together everything in the right place. Nice for size & substance. He moved out very well for age free & covering the ground easily. Lots to like promising puppy.


2nd – Wallace’s – Ralines Just Jiles – Another nice puppy of good quality & type with lots to like in make & shape. He cast a nice outline & moved easily & well. Just needing a little more confidence which will come just a baby. Again a promising puppy.

3rd – McGavigan & Pettigrew’s – Pettigans Duke of Earl.

Puppy Dog 1,0abs

1st – Phillips  – Fallingwater First Light NAF – Masc. puppy really good for type & quality. Best of heads & lovely exp. So nicely made throughout lovely in outline with excellent strong forequarters, good hind angles & croup finish, firm topline. He moved out well long free easy stride. Very promising puppy. Pleased to award him Best Puppy Dog. I noted later that he is a son of my CC winner which pleased me.


Junior Dog 3,0abs

1st – Poole’s  – Findowrie Mister McKye – Pleasing head & nice exp. Nice for type & quality. Nicely made casting a nice shapely outline of good proportions without exaggeration. Forequarters & forelegs strong & balanced hindquarters. Moved out easily showing good forward reach & drive from the rear.


2nd – Pitfield’s – Follyfield Fortissimo – Masc. slightly larger & stronger than 1, but again of nice quality make up & shape of outline. Looked well standing & moved out well in all directions showed well.

3rd – Fairchild’s - Restinim Torandot.

Yearling Dog 2,0abs

1st – Lockhart-Walters  – Hutzpah Heathcliffe At Ralines  – Masculine head & pleasing exp. Very nice for type & quality. Good in make & shape with balanced look. Firm topline, correct length of body. Moved out well in all directions showing good reach & drive.


2nd – Krisjane’s – Daks-Veg-As Larry Crown (Imp Russia) – Larger & longer legged than 1, and not the same substance about him just not the as balanced throughout in make & shape. Presented in gleaming condition & showed well.

Novice Dog 2,0abs

1st – Phillips  – Rossdach Rockspirit  – Head could be more masculine but pleasing exp. Nice for type & quality. Balanced look in body nice proportions, firm topline. Would have liked him to have put more into his movement as his construction would suggest he can.


2nd – Grabowska’s – Frodo Boy  – Masc head &  nice expression, good for type & quality. Not keen on being handled today needs more confidence which will come with time. He moved out well in all directions.

Graduate Dog 3,0abs

1st – Woodvine-Shone’s  – Hanishan Fire Cracker – Masc. head & pleasing exp. Really lovely quality and of good type. Nice to go over well put together nice strong forequarters & hind balanced hind angles. Moved out easily & well showing reach in front & good drive from the rear.


2nd – Broad’s – Dinkidax Dionysus – Masc. head 7 good exp, stronger all through than 1, but again nice for type & quality. Good fore & hind angles. Firm topline. Nice make & shape of body. Moved out well with drive.

3rd – Phillip’s - Rossdach Rockspirit.

Post Graduate Dog 3,1abs

1st – Drady’s  – Tolberg Black Adder At Indiko – Masc. head & slightly worried exp. today. Very nice for type & quality. Nice in make & shape put together well throughout, firm topline, nice fore & hind angles. Lots to like just needed more confidence. Moved out very easily & well with reach and drive.


2nd – MacMichael’s – Cheniesvilla Prince Casper – Masc. head, Nice for type & quality but wave in his coat distracts a little from his shape, which on going over him is good in make & shape, strong forequarters & adequate hindquarters. Firm topline. Showed & moved out well.

Limit Dog 4,0abs

1st – Hall’s – Cliffmere Woodman – Really lovely dog of super quality & type. Masc. head & good exp.  So well put together strong in front & very balanced hind angles. Firm topline held standing & moving. Firm body of correct length. Balanced look throughout. He moved out easily & well covered the ground easily with drive. Pleased to award him the Reserve Dog CC. I was pleased to note he was sired by my DCC winner today.


2nd –  Weston & Johnsons – Ecotyne Devil’s Advocate – Again a nice type of good quality & type with lots to like. Pleasing head & nice exp. Cast a nice outline & nicely made in front & rear angles, firm topline of correct length. Moved out & showed well.


3RD – Dunhill’s – Zarcrest Flash Gordon At Gellijam.



Open Dog 7,0abs


1st – Wood’s – Ch. Wildstar Wreward – Masc. head & good exp. Lovely for type & quality. Nice fore & hind angles, slightly longer cast but firm topline & good croup finish. Good for size & substance. Good strong forequarters & balanced hindquarters. Very sound in all directions & covered the ground so easily in profile with reach & excellent drive which won him this class. Close up to principal winners loads to like lovely dog.


2ND – Woodvine-Shone’s – Ralines Sazerac – Nice masc. head & lovely exp. More of him than 1, but of very nice type & a really lovely quality dog.  Good strong front & excellent rear angles, very balanced outline of correct length. Firm topline. Very nicely made throughout nice to go over.Very sound fore & aft moved out really well with drive. 


3rd –Poole’s – Findowrie Mr McKenzie.


Champion Dog 1,0abs


1st – Wood’s – Ch. Wildstar Wrobinson J.W – Top quality male of excellent breed type oozing class. Super head & exp. & carried well. Super eye. Best of fronts & hind angles, firm topline of correct length & good croup finish. His movement was a joy to watch showing great freedom with good reach & great drive covering the ground so very easily. He pleased me greatly and I awarded him the Dog CC & was delighted to see him declared Best of Breed under the referees decision that of hound specialist Mike Caple who also went on to award him Reserve Best In Show on the day.


Judge Bill Armstrong