Border Union Championship Show 2022


Judge: Janet Geeson (Abydachs)

BEST OF BREED : BOYLE Zarcrest See in Red
Dog CC : POOLE BOYLE Zarcrest See in Red

Res Dog CC  :  WOODVINE-SHONE Hanishan Fire Cracker
Bitch CC  :  BUTLER Minard Out of the Darque from Drymoor
Res Bitch CC : PAIN Cwmdarhian Radio Gaga Ravensbeech

Best Puppy : FINDLAY Hanburydax Fleur Jac

Junior Dog (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: BOYLE Zarcrest See in Red

2nd: LATHAM-JACKSON Hanishan Neapolitan Urishay

3rd: WOODVINE SHONE Urishay Amadeus

Limit Dog (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: WOODVINE-SHONE Hanishan Fire Cracker
2nd: HALL & OSBOURNE Dinkidax All Fired Up at Confundax

Open Dog (3 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: GRAHAM Jadag Herr Bjorn
2nd: DRADY Tolberg Black Adder at Indiko


Puppy Bitch (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: FINDLAY Hanburydax Fleur Jac

Junior Bitch (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: BUTLER Minard Out of the Darque from Drymoor
2nd: WHITFIELD-ROBERTS Dandydayo She Lives in You

3rd: BOYLE Zarcrest Black Diamond


Yearling Bitch (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: SHUTT Starlught Angel of Donnadoon
2nd: HEATHER Ravensbeech Beansprout of Whiteorchard


Novice Bitch (2 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: FINDLAY Hanburydax Phantom Lady


Graduate Bitch (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: SHUTT Littl Fut Pandora's Secret for Donnadoon


Post Graduate Bitch (3 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: LATHAM-JACKSON Urishay Pennyroyal
2nd: BULLINGHAM & KENT Lokmadi Me and Mrs Jones

Limit Bitch  (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: PAIN Cwmdarhian Radio Gaga Ravensbeech

2nd: BELL Tolberg Cream Delight

3rd DRADY Tolberg Cream Surprise at Indiko


Open Bitch (3 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: WHITFIELD-ROBERTS Ch Dandydayo Kiss the Girl

2nd: FINDLAY Hanburydax Phantom Lady


 My thanks to Border Union Agricultural society for the invitation to judge at this very well organised and pleasant show. I thoroughly enjoyed my day. Judge Mrs Janet Geeson Abydachs Miniature Longhaired Dachshunds.

 Puppy Dog No Entries.

Junior Dog 3 ( 0 Abs) 1st,Miss Z C Boyle Zarcrest See in Red. Eye catching young dog with good construction, correctly shaped head with pleasing expression carried on well-shaped length of neck, leading to wellplaced shoulders and correct length of upper arm, enabling correct front movement. Good length of ribbing carried well back to short loin and strong hindquarters which he used to advantage on the move. Light red coat of good length which didnít obscure his outline on the move, a pleasure to see correct extension both front and rear. Pleased to award him his third CC and BoB. Congratulations on being shortlisted in the group. 2 nd Mrs A Lathom-Jacksons . Hanishan Neopolitan Urishay. Promising young man with good head carried on well-shaped neck. Good front and rear construction. Moved out well with strong drive from the rear maintain his topline at all times with correct ground clearance. 3 rd Miss Woodvine-Shone Urishay Amadeus.

Yearling, Novice, Graduate Dog, Postgraduate, No Entries.

 Limit Dog 2 (0 Abs) 1 st Miss Woodvine-Shone Hanishan Fire Cracker Balanced dog with good head and overall construction. Moved out well maintaining his outline at all time, just preferred front movement of my CC winner. RCC 2 nd. Miss J L & MR A O Hall& Osborne. Dinkidax All Fired Up at Confoundax. Attractive boy with pleasing head, balanced construction throughout, moved soundly.

Open Dog 3 (1 ABS) 1 st Mrs D Graham Jadag Herr Bjorn Mature dog of pleasing type. Good head carried on well-shaped neck leading to correct front and length of ribbing. Maintained his topline at all times. 2 nd Mrs K M Drady Tolberg black Adder at Indiko Black and Tan with pleasing head. Correct length to height ratios with free movement and outline maintained on the move.

Veteran Dog 1 (1Abs)

Puppy Bitch 1 1 st. Mrs V Findlay Hanburydax Fleur Jac. Young lady at possibly her first show. Good head carried on well-shaped neck. Front and rear assemblies need to settle. Reasonable length of ribbing, movement and top-line need to settle.

Junior Bitch 3 1 st .Miss C Butler Minard Out of The Darque from Drymoor. Beautiful young bitch of lovely type and construction. Well-shaped head carried on good length of neck which flows into well placed shoulders and correct upper arm construction. Ribbing carried well back with short loin and firm well angulated hind quarters. Moved with drive maintaining her outline at all times showing correct extension behind. Pleased to award her first CC. 2 nd Mr A Whitfield- Roberts Dandydayo She Lives in You Acceptable head carried on well-formed neck leading to correct front assembly, good length of ribbing short loin and good hindquarters. Moved out well holding her outline at all times. 3rdMiss Z Boyle zarcrest Black Diamond.

Yearling Bitch 2 Mrs Marie Shutt Starlight Angel of Donnadoon. 1 st Well made compact bitch with pleasing head and neckline. Correct front with good length of ribbing, short loin and well-formed hindquarters used well on the move. Parallel movement front and back maintaining her outline on the move. 2 nd Miss W Heather Ravensbeech Beansprout of Whiteorchard. Pleasing head with good eye shape carried well adequate front and rear angulation, moved well but tended to lose her outline on the move.

Novice Bitch 2(1Abs) 1 st Mrs V Findlay Hanbury Phantom Lady. Older full sister to 1st in puppy bitch and very similar in type and construction. Moved ok but needs to settle and hold her topline on the move. Graduate Bitch 1 1 st Mrs Marie Shutt Littl Fut Pandoraís Secret for Donnadoon (Imp Russia) Chocolate dapple with correct head and eye, well-shaped neck leading to correct lay of shoulder and length of ribbing carried well back to short loin and strong hindquarters. Movement would be better with more ring training

Post Graduate Bitch 3 (1Abs) 1 st MR P&Mrs A Lathom-Jackson Urishay Pennyroyal. Pleasing bitch of good proportions feminine head carried on well-shaped neck good angulation of fore and hindquarters. Good movement on profile and parallel coming and going away. 2 nd. Mrs M& Mrs Y Bullingham & Kent Cream with pleasing head good ribbing and short loin preferred angulation and movement of first.

Limit Bitch 3 1 st . Mrs J E Pain Cwmdarhian Radio Gaga Ravensbeech. Black and Tan of good type and proportions. Correct angulation of fore and rear quarters with good length of ribbing. Moved well in profile with parallel front and rear movement. RBCC. 2 nd. Mrs L Bell Tolberg Cream Delight Well-presented cream with good proportions and angulation. Moved out well just preferred the head and rear movement of first. 3 rd .Mrs K M Drady Tolberg Cream Surprise at Indiko.

Open Bitch 3 (1ABS) 1 st . Mr A Whitfield- Roberts. Ch Dandyayo Kiss The Girl. Well-made champion girl of good proportions and type felt she was just lacking in movement today. 2 nd Mrs V Findlay Hanburydax Phantom Lady. 2nd in Novice Bitch and outclassed in open. Veteran Bitch No Entries