Dachshund Club Championship Show




Judge : Christine Russell (Russteck)



BEST OF BREED : WOOD Ch Wildstar Wrobinson
Dog CC : WOOD Ch Wildstar Wrobinson
Res Dog CC : NORTON Halunke Dreams of Magic

Best Puppy Dog: WOOD Wildstar Washington

Bitch CC : WHITFIELD-ROBERTS Ch Dandydayo Kiss the Girl
Res Bitch CC : DARE Darsoms Zynala

Best Puppy Bitch: DARE Darsoms Zynala

Best Puppy :  WOOD Wildstar Washington  

Best Veteran: WESTON & JOHNSON Ecotyne Firewitch


Minor Puppy Dog (3)
1st: BROWN Garbosa I'm a Dandy
2nd: MCCARTHY Nagshall Dyce the Ice

Puppy Dog (5)
1st: WOOD Wildstar Washington
2nd:MCCARTHY Nagshall Dyce the Ice

3rd: MCSORLEY Barlaine Midnight Charmer

Res: JONES Ralines Sundance

Junior Dog (2)
1st: MCCARTHY Nagshall The Odd Reason

2nd: POOLE Findowrie the Fusileer

3rd: RICHARDS Dwitdachs Dancing Solo



Post Graduate Dog (3)
1st: WALLACE Ralines Just Jiles

Limit Dog (8)
1st:  NORTON Halunke Dreams of Magic

2nd: GEESON Abydachs Alpha Centauri
3rd: WESTON & JOHNSON Ecotyne Devil's Advocate

Res: MCCARTHY Nagshall Dutch Odyssey

VHC: POOLE Findowrie Mister McKye


Open Dog (4)
1st: WOOD Ch Wildstar Wrobinson JW

2nd: HALL Cliffmere Woodman

3rd: DUNHILL Zarcrest Flash Gordon at Gellijam

Res: DRADY Tolberg Black Adder at Indiko


Veteran Dog (1)

1st: HALL & OSBOURNE Dinkidax Midnite Charmer

Special Beginner Bitch (2)
1st: RICHARDS Daring Dancer of Dwtidachs

Minor Puppy Bitch (9)
1st: MCCARTHY Nagshall I'm So Dizzy
2nd: MCGAVIGAN & PETTIGREW Pettigans Black Pearl

3rd: GODDARD Minard Strawberry Pearl

Res: FLOWER Aysdaine Selene

VHC: GROSE Minard Be Cuz the Lady Luvs

Puppy Bitch (10)
1st: DARE Darsoms Zynala

2nd: DUNHILL Calgreg Glory at Gellijam

3rd: MCCARTHY Nagshall I'm So Dizzy

Res: REYNOLDS Cwmdarhian Celtic Exchange with Glenariff

VHC: TAVERNER Brackenfire My Honey Bee

Junior Bitch (7)
1st: CAREY Honeysuckle Scent to Me via Debbiejay
2nd: BULLIS Summerview Blushing Beauty

3rd: MCCARTHY Nagshall Mystic Oddysey

Res: POOLE Findowrie Jessica Rose

VHC: RICHARDS Marina Abromavic of Dwitdachs


Novice Bitch (4)
1st: RICHARDS Daring Dancer of Dwtidachs


Post Graduate Bitch (11)
1st: HALL Cliffmere Edith
2nd: COX Cheritondax Chardonnay
3rd: SMALL Dixi Aris at Devondax
Res: MCCARTHY Nagshall Odds On
VHC: PHILLIPS Summerview Holly Would

Limit Bitch (14)
1st: NORTON Halunke Super Magic
2nd: WOOD Wildstar Wrolanda
3rd: DUNHILL Glynlythe Secret Out at Gellijam
Res: BELL Tolberg Cream Delight

VHC: MASON Crownlake's Queen Bee JW

Open Bitch (10)
1st: WHITFIELD-ROBERTS Ch Dandydayo Kiss the Girl
2nd: MASON Tolberg Beez Kneez at Teckeltown
3rd: DRADY Tolberg Cream Surprise at Indiko
Res: HALL Cliffmere Folk Singer

Veteran Bitch (2)
1st: WESTON & JOHNSON Ecotyne Firewitch



I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge at this prestigious show. The hospitality was second to none starting with dinner, the evening prior to judging and a stimulating chat with fellow judges. On the day of the show I was well looked after by my two efficient stewards and when the task was complete I enjoyed a very tasty lunch. I would also like to thank the exhibitors for the numerically high entry, which gave me a good insight into the state of the breed at this moment in time. I have to say that I found judging this coat a real challenge. Overall, apart from my main winners, there were significant faults. Heads were plain, with broad back skull, masculine heads on some bitches and a few with toyish domed skulls, and weak jaws. Necks were short, shoulders were upright and upper arms were short. This combination causes a paddling or swimming action in the front movement. Fronts were either too narrow or too wide. Keels on the whole were prominent, some overly prominent and then the sternum would stop just behind the elbows, culminating in short ribbing and over long loins. This combination causes crabbing on the move. Feet on the whole were large, flat and splayed with no padding. Temperaments on the other hand were very good and the majority were presented in immaculate order. Teeth overall were strong and clean. 


Special beginners dog 1 Richards Dwtidachs Dancing Solo A red dog of just over 1 year and well up to size. He has a strong masculine head and good strong teeth. He is narrow in front and is a bit high on the rear but moved well in profile. He has a good coat.

MPD 1 Brown Garbosa Iím A Dandy just a baby with a rich chocolate coloured coat of good texture. He is nicely balanced with a pleasing head. His keel is prominent but he is a bit wide in front. He moved well. 2 McCarthy Nagshall Dyce The Ice Another baby of seven months, and cream in colour. His keel is not as prominent as one, he is a longer in the loin and is high on his rear at the moment. Perhaps he will level out with age. I hope neither of these two will grow much more.

PD 1 Wood Wildstar Washington What a stunning puppy. Rich red in colour and at the moment the correct weight. He has a pleasing head good length of neck, correct lay of shoulder and level topline, with a nicely rounded croup and tail set. He has a good length of ribbing and a short loin presenting a classic outline and one who has correct tight, well padded feet. All of these attributes came together when he took off around the ring. What a pleasure to watch. I can honestly say he made me smile. He just took off, gliding around the ring extending well in front and driving from behind. Exhibitors should watch this dog on the move. I was very pleased to award him best puppy. 2nd my second in MP

 JD 1 McCarthy Nagshall Odds On J.W. Shaded red dog with a presentable coat, a pleasing head and correct shaped dark eye. He was a bit short in ribbing and therefore long in the loin. His feet are tighter than most and he kept his topline on the move. 2 Poole Findowrie The Fusileer Black/tan dog just over a year. He is up to size and a bit long in profile. His head was ok. He was close in front with large flat feet and was not behaving well today.

PGD 1 Wallace Ralines Just Jiles a shaded red dog rising two years. He presents a pleasing outline with a nice head and is one with decent ear leathers. His feet were well kept but could do with a bit more padding. He moved ok.

 LD 1 RCC Norton Halunke Dreams Of Magic A two year old dog with a rich red coloured jacket of correct texture. Stacked on the table he had an elegance about him that took my eye. A textbook outline. I loved his head which he carried proudly on a decent length of neck. He has a correct lay of shoulder running into a level topline and correct tailset. He has a prominent keel and his ribbing is a reasonable length. He was one of a few with good tight, well padded, feet a must for a digging breed. To my eye a standard in miniature. 2 Geeson Abydachs Alpha Centauri A Black/tan dog of 18 months and like a few, was well over the weight limit. He has a very prominent keel, and large feet which could do with more padding. His head is in keeping with the overall look of the dog. I would prefer a bit more length of neck to create a more elegant outline. His coat was immaculate and he showed enthusiasm on the move though his overly long tail was a distraction. One who would benefit from a bit more length of leg.

OD 1 CC and BOB Wood Ch Wildstar Wrobinson. I first saw this dog as a, six month old baby and loved him then. He has never stopped impressing and to finally go over him was a privilege and a pleasure. He has the most perfect outline contained in a rich red jacket which as always was in perfect condition. He has all the attributes that you would want in a miniature dachshund and he did not let himself down on the day, striding out around the ring like the star performer he is. I was honoured to give him his 63rd CC. 2 Hall Cliffmere Woodman Another red dog with a lovely head and everything in the right place. He is slightly rangier in type than one and unfortunately his coat was not in the best of conditions. He moved out well around the ring.

VD 1 Hall & Osborne A black Cream boy of 7 + years and what a spritely chap he is. He has a pleasing head with a correct dark eye and good teeth for his age. His nails could do with some attention as their length gave his feet the wrong shape. He kept a good outline on the move. Special Beginners Bitch. 1 Richards Daring Dancer Of Dwtidachs A cream bitch who is moderate in all departments. Her feet could be tighter and she could be a bit more enthusiastic on the move. She stood perfectly all eyes on her owner.

MPB 1 McCarthy Nagshall Dyce The Ice A cream puppy with a balanced head and a good dark eye. She has a good length of ribbing and a reasonable coat. She moved out well on reasonable tight feet. 2 McGavigan & Pettigrew Pettigans Black Pearl 7 months old black cream bitch with a feminine houndy head. She is longer caste that 1 with a level topline and coat in good order. Would prefer tighter feet facing forward. She moved out well.

PB 1 RCC Dare Darsoms Zynala Rich Black Tan baby of 11 months. She has a feminine head with correct bite and a dark eye. I would prefer more length of neck. Her overall outline was pleasing with a decent length of ribbing and good tight feet. Presented in immaculate condition. 2 Dunhill & Knight Calgreg Glory At Gellijam Black Cream with striking facial markings and a dark eye. A bit heavier looking than one with a more prominent keel. Perhaps a bit wide in front and her feet could be tighter.

JB 1 Carey Honeysuckle Scent To Me Via Debbiejay Shaded Cream bitch with a pleasing feminine head and dark eye. She is the correct weight with nothing exaggerated. I preferred her head to the bitch in second place. 2 Bullis Summerview Blushing Beauty This bitch has a fairly plain head and I would prefer more length of neck. She has a prominent keel but could do with more length of ribbing and a shorter loin. Her coat was beautifully presented and rich red in colour.

NB 1 Richards Daring Dancer Of Dwtidachs. The winner of Special Beginner

PGB 1 Hall Cliffmere Edith I really liked this bitch. She is the correct size with a pleasing outline. She has a correctly balanced head with a dark eye and enough neck. Her keel was prominent but again lacks the length of ribbing and is long in the loin. Her feet were tight and she was the best mover in the class. 2 Cox Cheritondax Chardonnay Similar type to one and with a better coat. I preferred the more refined head of my winner. She moved around the ring well and looked good in profile but she doesnít have the same extension in front as my winner.

LB 1 Norton Halunke Super Magic Really liked this bitch. Beautiful rich colour. She has a feminine head with a beautiful eye, decent neck length and correct shoulder placement. A prominent keel but I would prefer more ribbing. Her topline is level with a slight rise over the loin and correct tail set. She has good tight feet and moved well around the ring. 2 Wood Wildstar Wrolanda A dark shaded red, slightly longer cast than my winner. She too has a feminine head but I preferred the head type of my class winner. I would prefer more length to her neck. Her shoulders are laid back flowing into a level topline. She has a prominent keel and correct tight feet with plenty padding. She was not as steady on the move as my winner.

OB 1 Whitfield-Roberts Ch. Dandydayo Kiss The Girl Red bitch with a classic outline. To be picky I found her head a bit plain and I would prefer a smaller eye. Her neck is the correct length and there is a pleasing flow from her head, through her neck and shoulders, along her topline, to the tip of her tail. She has correct tight feet and enough coat of a good texture. She has plenty of substance but can still move with grace, no rolling body or wiggling bum. She strode out around the ring to take the Bitch CC. 2 Mason Tolberg Beez Kneez At Teckletown Another red bitch with a good outline. Her head was balanced with a dark eye. She has a decent keel and is slightly longer cast than one. I would prefer tighter feet. She was presented in immaculate order as always from this kennel.

VB 1 Weston & Johnston Ecotyne Firewitch A very smart 8 year old black tan bitch. She has a lovely head and dark eye. Her topline is level and she has good ribbing. She is in super condition with strong clean teeth and all topped off with a gleaming coat. Pleased to award her Best Veteran.

Christine Russell