Scottish Kennel Club  May 2023


Judge: Janet Kay

BEST OF BREED : CAREY Honeysuckle Scent to Me via Debbiejay JW
Dog CC : WOODVINE-SHONE Hanisham Fire Cracker
Res Dog CC : MITCHELL Bronia Maverick
Bitch CC : CAREY Honeysuckle Scent to Me via Debbiejay JW
Res Bitch CC : MITCHELL Bronia Day Dreamer
Best Puppy : MITCHELL Bronia Maverick & Hound Puppy Group 3

Best Veteran : METCALFE Metadale Ariadne

Best Special Beginner: KASPROWICZ Daniello Tiny Troublemaker


Puppy Dog (1)
1st: MITCHELL Bronia Maverick

Junior Dog (2)
1st: BROWN Garbosa I'm a Dandy
2nd: MCSORLEY Barlaine Midnight Charmer


Post Graduate Dog (4,1)
1st: LATHAM-JACKSON Hanishan Neapolitan Urishay
2nd: BROWN Garbosa I'm a Dandy

3rd: KASPROWICZ Daniello Tiny Troublemaker

Limit Dog - NO ENTRIES

Open Dog (3,1)
1st: WOODVINE-SHONE Hanisham Fire Cracker
2nd: WESTON & JOHNSON Ecotyne Devil's Advocate

Veteran Dog - NO ENTRIES


Special Beginner Dog (1)

1st KASPROWICZ Daniello Tiny Troublemaker


Good Citizen Dog - NO ENTRIES

Puppy Bitch (4)
1st: DALTON Zilcan Creme Caramel

2nd: MITCHELL Bronia Chaka Khan

3rd: MCGAVIGAN & PETTIGREW Pettigans Deep Secret

Res: LATHAM-JACKSON Urishay Araminta

Junior Bitch (6)
1st: SHUTT Donnadoon Oh My Diana
2nd:GRAHAM Jadag Razamataz
3rd: FELMING & WILLIAMS Cwmdargian Celtic Exchange with Glenariff
Res: BELL Xemxija Ice Diamond Allforus

VHC: MCSORLEY Barlaine Golden Honey


Post Graduate Bitch (3,1)
1st: MITCHELL Bronia Day Dreamer
2nd: METCALFE Metadale Harmonia

Limit Bitch (6,2)
1st: CAREY Honeysuckle Scent to Me via Debbiejay JW
2nd: MASON Crownlake's Queen Bee JW

3rd: DRADY Tolberg Cream Surprise at Indiko

Res: DZIEKAN-WISNIEWSKA Adorable Tris Hokus Pokus (Imp Pol)

Open Bitch (5)
1st: METCALFE Metadale Ariadne
2nd: BELL Tolberg Cream Delight
3rd: MASON Tolberg Beez Kneez at Teckletown
Res: DZIEKAN-WISNIEWSKA Adorable Tris Hokus Pokus (Imp Pol)


Veteran Bitch (1)

1st: WESTON & JOHNSON Ecotyne Firewitch

Special Beginner Bitch (2)

1st: MCSORLEY Barlaine Golden Honey
2nd: DZIEKAN-WISNIEWSKA Adorable Tris Hokus Pokus (Imp Pol)


Good Citizen Bitch - NO ENTRIES

An indoor venue as the weather here can be variable. The rings were large and in general clear of any debris, also having the advantage of being able to see dog’s feet rather than being in long grass. 
Dogs PD. 1 Mitchell’s Bronia Maverick – Although he stood alone, he was a worthy winner. Typical conical shaped head and dark almond shaped eyes which were clear and bright. Nice length of neck and well laid shoulders firm topline and well carried tail pleasing feathering throughout and good texture of top coat. On the move he was positive with a good stride BP RCC. J 1. Brown Garbosa I’m A Dandy – Choc/Tan Ample forechest for age and development, nicely developing muscles throughout but needs time to come together more having generous ground clearance he moved with attitude and pleasure. 2. McSorley – Barlaine Midnight Charmer – B/T Not the most confident on the table. Appealing hound shaped head and better eye than 1. On the move he was more confident and positive. 
PG. 1. Latham-Jackson Hanishan Neapolitan Urishay – Masucline head of good conical shape high set ears broad and of moderate length and well feathered. Ample chest and enough rib, nicely rounded rump. He moves on full broad feet with purpose and drive. 2. Brown – Garbosa I’m A Dandy 3. Kasprowicz & Kasprowicz – Daniello Tiny Troublemaker 
O. 1. Woodvine-Shone – Hanishan Fire Cracker – Shaded Red in super firm condition Masucline hound shaped head full of arrogant confidence and intelligence. Ample bone well laid shoulders and correct return on upper arm tight strong broad feet well filled forechest and length of ribbing. Good ground clearance for working and balanced hindquarters. On the move he was positive with reach and drive BD CC. 2. Weston & Johnson – Ecotyne Devil’s Advocate – Appealing masculine head with dark almond shaped eye. I would prefer a little more neck, firm topline nicely sprung ribs reaching to ample loin. He moved out easily not quiet the reach of winner. 
SBD 1. Kasprowicz & Kasprowicz Daniello Tiny Troublemaker – Red – masculine head and dark eye, good depth off chest, I would like more forechest. On the move he was difficult to assess. BSB. 
PB. 1. Dalton – Zilcan Crθme Caramel – Very pretty bitch ultra feminine correctly set ears with ample feathering nice length of neck into shoulders enough forechest at this age and well ribbed back, short loin and nice tight feet, she moved out well with good drive. 2. Michell – Bronia Chaka Khan – these 2 girls are going to change places many times. She is equally charming slightly deeper in chest, topline not as firm on the move. In super coat condition and plentiful feathering. 3. McGavigan & Pettigrew – Pettigans Deep Secret 
JB. 1. Shutt – Donnadoon Oh My Diana – Choc/Tan Appealing hound head with skull to muzzle ratio’s equal, not too broad and slight stop. Plenty of length to neck and ample chest on the move she strode out with purpose. 2. Graham – Jadag Razzamtaz – Choc/Tan Feminine pretty head and enough neck and ample ribbing. On the stack she was giving her handler a difficult time losing her topline. 3. Flemming & Williams - Cwmdarhian Celtic Exchange with Glenariff 
PGB - Not the easiest of classes and questioned were they litter sisters, but not. I was really splitting hairs with them. 1. Mitchell – Bronia Day Dreamer – Feminine and elegant. Pleasing head and expression, appropriate forechest and spring of rib which reached well back firm topline and round full rump she moved with good reach and drive on tight broad round feet RCC. 2. Metcalfe – Metadale Harmonia – Gracefully feminine firm topline. In beautiful coat condition, on the move it was effortless. Splitting hairs, I felt 1 had slightly tighter feet. 
LB. Carey – Honeysuckle Scent to Me Via Debbiejay JW – Shaded Cream - This girl is so confidant and calm she knows it all. Ultra feminine full of grace from her hound shaped head with almond eyes dark and intelligent in expression. Flowing neck into shoulders which were correctly laid. Well filled forechest and ample spring of ribs for good heart and lung room. Her ribs extended well back to short muscular loin. She excelled on the move. She reached out due to excellent lay of shoulders and equal length of upper arm, and drove from strong muscular broad thighs. BCC BoB. 2. Mason – Crownlakes Queen Bee JW – B/T Well developed bitch of good proportions. Appealing head with intelligent expression, graceful length of neck firm topline and short muscular loin. She moved well with confidence. 3. Drady – Tolberg Cream Surprise at Indiko 
OB. 1. Metcalfe – Metadale Ariadne – Of deceiving age, red girl, coat and furnishings first-rate head and expression firm topline nicely filled chest with ribs extending well back muscular loin and nicely shaped tight feet. BVet 2. Bell Tolberg Cream Delight – Mature cream girl feminine and attractive head of correct proportions with sufficient length of neck suitably filled chest and well sprung ribs. 3. Mason Tolburg Beez Kneez at Teckeltown. 
Vet B – 1. West & Johnson – Ecotyne Firewitch – B/T of 9yrs in good coat condition for age and maturity she moved out on tight round feet at a good pace. 
SBB 1. McSorley Barlaine Golden Honey – Needing time to develop more and fill out. 2. Dziekan-Wisnewska – Adorable Tris Hokus Pokus (Imp Pol) – Very new to the show ring both handler and exhibit, some ring craft and socialisation would help both greatly.