Judge: Mr Bert Easden

BEST OF BREED : BROWN Garbosa I'm a Dandy
Best Dog  : MEE Barlaine Just William
Res Best Dog  : MAYSON & NICHOLS Charpurdy's The Baron

Best Puppy Dog : MAYSON & NICHOLS Charpurdy's The Baron

Best Bitch  : MITCHELL Bronia Day Dreamer
Res Best Bitch  : HOLTOM Ralines Lemosas for Rivandell

Best Puppy Bitch : DALTON Zilcan Creme Caramel

Best Puppy : MAYSON & NICHOLS Charpurdy's The Baron
Best Veteran: MEE Barlaine's Red Splendour


Veteran Dog (1)

1st: MEE Barlaine's Red Splendour

Puppy Dog (2,1)
1st: MAYSON & NICHOLS Charpurdy's The Baron

Junior Dog (3,1)
1st: MAYSON & NICHOLS Charpurdy's The Viscount

2nd: MCSORLEY Barlaine Midnight Charmer


Post Graduate Dog (1)
1st: BREARLEY Calvin's Dream of Eternity at Xanadax

Limit Dog (1)
1st: BROWN Garbosa I'm a Dandy

Open Dog (2)
1st: MEE Barlaine Just William
2nd: IRVINE Bronia The Dutchman


Puppy Bitch (2,1)
1st: DALTON Zilcan Creme Caramel

Junior Bitch (5,2)
1st: HAM Ciselsig Cherry Valentine

2nd: BMCSORLEY Barlaine Golden Honey

3rd: HOLTOM Rivandell Osha


Post Graduate Bitch (1)
1st: HOLTOM Ralines Lemosas for Rivandell

Limit Bitch (1,1)
1st: Absent

Open Bitch (3)
1st: MITCHELL Bronia Day Dreamer
2nd: DARE Darsoms Zynala

DACHSHUND MINI LONG HAIR V (1) 1. Mee’s Barlaine’s Red Splendour. 9 years old, in super coat and condition, a credit to her owner, red, ideal size, quality coat, long rib, short loin, masculine head and expression, arched neck, moderately long, sound mover, BV. PD (1) 1. Mayson/Nichols’ Charpurdy’s The Baron. Top quality, 11½ month dog, red, correct size, compact body, levelish top-line, long rib, short loin, elbows close to ribs, medium sized almond eye, high set ears, slightly arched neck, broad rump, sound steady mover, BP and RBD. JD (2) 1. Mayson/Nichols’ Charpurdy’s The Viscount. Litter brother to puppy winner with very similar qualities to brother, lovely type, ideal size, flowing outline, quality coat, elbows could be better. 2. McSorley’s Barlaine Midnight Charmer. B/Tan, 16 months, masculine head and expression, high set ears, arched neck, well balanced body, sound mover, could carry a little more weight. PGD (1) 
1. Brearley’s Calvin’s Dream of Eternity at Xanadax. 4 years old, shaded cream, short rib and long loin, very good head and expression, levelish top-line, pleasing front, broad strong rump, sound mover. LD 1(0)
1. Brown’s Garbosa I’m A Dandy. 14 months, choc and tan, masculine head and expression, compact body, elbows close to chest, short rib and long loin, free easy mover. OD 2(0) 1. Mee’s Barlaine Just Willliam. 4 years old, compact red, soft straight coat with abundant feathering, compact body, elbows close to chest, strong breast bone, well ribbed broad rump, well arched feet, free easy mover, BD. 2. Irvine’s Bronia The Dutchman. Larger than 1, could be more compact, lacks rib, coat not at its best, sound mover.
PB 1(0) 1. Dalton’s Zilcan Zynala. 8½ months, ideal size, quality head and expression, good ribs, compact body, quality coat, elbows could be tighter, pleasing outline. JB 2(0) 1. Ham’s Ciselsig Cherry Valentine. 14 months, shaded cream, compact body, long rib, short loin, a little too much rise over loin, pleasing hindquarters, sound steady mover. 2. McSorley’s Barlaine Golden Honey. Quality bitch, short rib and longer loin but still compact, needs more rib, super top-line, head lacks quality. PGB 1(0) 1. Carey’s Honeysuckle Scent To Me via Debbiejay JW. Shaded cream, well proportioned free easy mover, super outline, good rib, quality coat, RBB. OB 1(0) 1. Mitchell’s Bronia Day Dreamer. Nearly 2, cream bitch, long rib, short loin, feminine head and expression, medium sized almond eye, high set ears, muscular neck, flowing outline, broad full rump, quality feet, well carried tail, stylish mover, BB & BOB. 2. B/Tan, 19 months bitch, top quality bitch, not quite as compact as 1, super head and expression, well bodied, pleasing top-line, well carried tail, sound steady mover. AV PUPPY STAKES 1. Jennings’ Jenivons Bad Habits. MS Dachshund, 6½ months, masculine red dog, well bodied, deep chest, good ground clearance, muscular neck, quality head and expression. AV YEARLING STAKES 1. Hutchings’ Collidach Raynee Day. WH Dachshund. 14 months, quality coat, ideal size, feminine head and expression, super outline, well carried tail, strong breast bone, muscular neck, slightly down on hocks, sound steady mover. AV NAN JONES MEMORIAL OPEN STAKES 1. Kirkwood-Emery’s Helydon Nifty Nair JW. 5 year old wild boar MWH Dachshund, super handling from young owner, ideal size, super coat, quality head and expression, flowing outline, super body, quality coat, good rump, moved well.
Albert Easdon