Scottish Dachshund Club  2023


Judge: Jane Maxwell

BEST OF BREED : LARKIN Larkhund Rocketman
Dog CC : LARKIN Larkhund Rocketman
Res Dog CC : LOCKETT-WALTERS Ch Hutzpah Heathcliffe at Ralines
Bitch CC : BELL Tolberg Cream Delight
Res Bitch CC : LARKIN Darsons Zparkle
Best Puppy : MITCHELL Bronia Maverick & Best Puppy in Show

Best Veteran : MEE Barlaine's Red Splendour


Veteran Dog or Bitch (2)
1st: MEE Barlaine's Red Splendour
2nd: WESTON & JOHNSON Ecotyne Firewitch

Minor Puppy Dog - NO ENTRIES

Puppy Dog (1)
1st: MITCHELL Bronia Maverick

Junior Dog (2)
1st: LARKIN Larkhund Rocketman
2nd: MCSORLEY Barlaine Midnight Charmer


Post Graduate Dog (2)
1st: DRADY Tolberg Black Adder at Indiko
2nd: Daniello Tiny Troublemaker

Limit Dog - NO ENTRIES

Open Dog (7)
1st: LOCKETT-WALTERS Ch Hutzpah Heathcliffe at Ralines
2nd: WESTON & JOHNSON Ecotyne Devil's Advocate
3rd: DUNHILL Zarcrest Flash Gordon at Gellijam

Res: WOODVINE-SHONE Hanisham Fire Cracker

VHC: Russteck Moonbeam

Minor Puppy Bitch - NO ENTRIES

Puppy Bitch (2,1)
1st: MCGAVIGAN & PETTIGREW Pettigans Black Pearl

Junior Bitch (5,1)
1st: MITCHELL Bronia Day Dreamer
2nd: LARKIN Larkhund All That Jazz
3rd: DUNHILL & KNIGHT Calgreg Glory at Gellijams
Res: MEE Barlaine Golden Honey


Post Graduate Bitch (3,1)
1st: LARKIN Darsons Zparkle
2nd: MEE Barlaines Razzle Dazzle

Limit Bitch (2)
1st: BELL Tolberg Cream Delight
2nd: DRADY Tolberg Cream Surprise at Indiko

Open Bitch (6)
1st: WHITFIELD-ROBERTS Dandydayo She Lives in You
2nd: LOCKETT-WALTERS Ch Ralines Party Politics
3rd: MASON Tolberg Beez Kneez at Teckletown
Res: BULLINGHAM Lokmadi Me and Mrs Jones
VHC:DUNHILL Glynlythe The Secrets Out at Gellijam


I was very pleased with the entry in these difficult times and I really enjoyed myself. It was lovely to have a good sized ring with ample opportunity to observe movement. Weight was not a particular issue. I was truly delighted with the principal winners and look forward to seeing how their show careers develop

Veteran D or B   2

1st Mee’s Barlaine’s Red Splendour – red bitch I remember liking in  her younger days, nine years old now. Carrying a little extra weight these days. Head of balanced muzzle and skull, just a little broader in back skull. Good body proportions and strong in loin. Rather thick in mane but lovely body coat still. Active on the move and true.

2nd Weston and Johnson’s Ecotyne Firewitch- another nine year old belying her years and a wee bit over too. Black and tan , narrower through head . Good topline and good length to sternum too. A little less active on the move than one but still free. Nicely feathered

Puppy  D    1

1st Mitchell’s Bronia Maverick – masculine cream with nicely developing coat and a good handful of feet. Almond shaped eyes set in a well balanced head. Some length to neck and pronounced sternum ,which extends well back. Good proportions, length to body and with level topline. Angulation fore and aft looks equal and he moved freely and parallel. Seriously considered for RCC, and is so promising, just needing time. BPD, BP and BPIS, congratulations!

Junior  D   2

1st Larkin’s Larkhund Rocketman – really liked this dog for his 2 to 1 proportions and ground clearance. His defiant head carriage and look at me demeanour was pleasing to see. A houndy head with strong jaw and well placed eye in conical head.Length to neck, strong bone and level topline. Shoulder and hind angulation matched and strong loin and quarters. Free and flowing on the move and true coming and going. Super flat, soft and gleaming coat and just enough of it. I thought him a true Long Haired Dachshund in miniature. DCC, his first, and BOB

2nd McSorley’s Barlaine Midnight Charmer – black and tan in gleaming flat coat. Long enough in muzzle and skull and some length to neck. Sternum extending well back, good ground clearance. A bit unsettled on the move so not always holding topline. Could just stand a little more body condition.

PG  D  2

1ST Drady’s Tolberg Black Adder At Indiko – black and tan with correct almond shape to eye and good width to head.Liked the ratio of height to length though shoulder a bit upright so neck a little shorter. Strong and short in loin and topline held. Coat of good length and texture. Moved willingly ,well held tail.

2nd Kasprowicz’s Daniello Tiny Troublemaker – red in pleasing coat of good length. Masculine head, good distance to muzzle and skull. Prominent sternum reaching well back. Just a little steep in croup, affecting tail carriage. Moving actively, slightly wide behind.

O  D   7(1)

1st Locket-Walters’ CH Hutzpah Heathcliffe At Ralines- cream mature male with houndy head with skull and muzzle equidistant, strong jaw and almond eye. Strong in bone with strong compact forefeet. Appears a little stuffier in neck than when last I judged him but pleasing  2 to 1 body proportions. Good keel and well ribbed with short strong loin.Flat and soft coat with good feathering. Moved freely with purpose. RCC

2nd Weston and Jonson’s Ecotyne Devil’s Advocate – black and tan with head of good proportions and appeared balnced in angulation. Decent proportions and with short loin. Maybe could do with slightly tighter forefeet. Soft flat coat and active and free on the move.

3rd Mason’s Tolberg Beez Kneez At Teckeltown

Res Scott’s Zarcrest Flash Gordon At Gellijam

P  B   2(1)

1ST McGavigan and Pettigrew’s Pettigans Black Pearl - gleaming black and cream coat on this attractive bitch but she was thoroughly out of her comfort zone today. Dark almond eye and conical head, fair length to neck , decent front and sternum well back , well ribbed. Very reluctant on the move though true when she did. BPB

J  B   5(1)

1ST Mitchell’s Bronia Daydreamer – nicely made cream with feminine houndy head , almond eye and length to neck. Good overall shape and proportions, with well held topline and nicely merging underline. Liked her prosternum, reaching well underneath, and balanced angles front and rear. Moved quite freely. Seriously considered for RCC

2nd Larkhund All That Jazz –lovely head shape and proportions, with dark almond eye. Quite a compact red in super coat and condition. Could do with a little more bone but time on her side. Free ,active mover.

3rd Dunhill and Knight’s Calgreg Glory At Gellijam

Res McSorley’s Barlaine Golden Honey

PG  B   3(1)

1ST Larkin’s Darsoms Zparkle – black and tan in shiny flat coat with a super head, equidistant muzzle and skull, strong in jaw.Always lovely to see length to neck. With compact feet and good bone, angulation fore and aft was balanced. Level topline, held stacked and moving, and short loin, liked her 2 to 1  proportions too. Pleasing length to sternum underneath and a prominent forechest. Flowed on the move. Has a great future RCC

2nd Mee’s Barlaine Razzle Dazzle – red with such a feminine but houndy head of conical shape and balanced. Would prefer a bit more length to neck but has good ground clearance and moved freely and happily. Soft flat coat.

L  B   2

1ST Bell’s Tolberg Cream Delight – and a feminine and compact cream delight she is. Her head really pleased with skull and muzzle equidistant and attractive almond shaped eye. Strength to jaw and enough length to neck. Pronounced prosternum and has depth to chest. Holds topline level stacked and moving and has short loin with good length to body. Moved out and back true and free with enough stride in profile. CC , her third, many congratulations

2nd Drady’s Tolberg Cream Surprise At Indiko – cream litter sister to the winner , many of the same remarks really do apply, also has a lovely head. Of good proportions too but not quite the length of sternum I would like. Good depth to chest and holds topline, just would have preferred a bit more bone. Moved freely and actively

O  B   6(1)

1st Whitfield-Roberts’ Dandydayo She Lives In You – red who really impressed on the move, active and free. Conical head of good proportions, dark eye, enough neck, though a bit of a mane does detract. Compact body, broad deep feet showing good bone. Level topline and rounded rear, well feathered flat coat.

2nd Walters’ Ch Ralines Party Politics – black and cream in super order. Beautiful head and another one who could really move. Length to sternum and held her topline. However for me ,just a little longer in loin which threw the ratio of height to length off a bit. Otherwise lovely

3rd Mason’s Tolberg  Beez Kneez At Teckeltown

Res Bullingham’s Lokmadi Me And Mrs Jones

I was a substitute Judge for the AV Dachshund Stakes Classes

Don McNaughton Memorial Puppy Stakes  D/B   11(7)

1st Andison and Peel’s Clentry Tiger Feet- handsome brindle Smooth Haired  dog in gleaming dense coat. Supple skin.Lovely hound head with slight arch to muzzle, strong jaw. Liked his prominent breastbone and good proportions.Active and happy on the move.

2nd Eldred and Dickinson’s Dakotadax Check Mate – black and tan Wire  bitch with well proportioned head, well off for bone. A bit lacking in prosternum as yet but level topline and rounded rear. Harsh jacket

3rd Mills Nisyros Lorenzo- Miniature Smooth Haired, just losing topline on the move.

Special Beginners D/B   9(6)

1st  Tinker-Haldane’s Dollydash Never Enough – wild boar Wire Haired male of substance in super harsh coat. Pleasing head of good shape , plenty of bone. Has length to sternum , just a little high in hock. Moved freely.

2nd Balfour’s Clentry Mango Passion – red Smooth Haired bitch in sleek and shiny coat. Liked balanced head and length of neck . Just needing to body up.

3rd Morris’s Lochlip Magical Spell- Miniature Smooth Haired black and tan, gleaming just getting overexcited on  the move.

Veronica Collins Memorial Open Stakes  D/B   5(2)

1ST Chapman’s Melminds Make Them Gold – red Long Haired bitch of 2 to 1 proportions and with conical head, almond eye. Decent front construction and good length to sternum. Well held topline and moved freely and true. Flat silky coat with right amount of feathering

2nd Balfour’s Clentry Mickey Mania – red Smooth Haired bitch in shiny flat jacket. Goood forechest but sternum a little shorter than ideal, so loin a shade long. Super ,happy mover.

3rd Gillespie-Wren and Boyles’ Zarcrest Ava Gardner – lovely head on this red Long Haired bitch, prominent prosternum and good feet. Just a little short in upper arm