National Dog Show 2017

Dachshund (Miniature Wire-haired)

Judge: Mr Mike Caple


BEST OF BREED : 825 HOWELLS Mrs J Fallowmill Sydney JW
Dog CC : 825 HOWELLS Mrs J Fallowmill Sydney JW
Res Dog CC : 852 THORN ANDREWS Mrs Z Alncroft Over The Moon Drakesleat
Bitch CC : 849 SMITH, Mr M A & Mrs K A & MOON Mrs M L Drakesleat Prim N' Proper for Alncroft
Res Bitch CC : 813 DANCE Mrs M M Bimini Time To Travel To Emem
Best Puppy : 852 THORN ANDREWS Mrs Z Alncroft Over The Moon Drakesleat
Best Veteran : 855 WALKER Mrs J E & Mr I J Deepdax In The Red at Roselle

Class 227 MPD (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 816 FULTON, Mrs E & FULTON Miss G Bothlyn Alexander

Class 228 PD (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 852 THORN ANDREWS Mrs Z Alncroft Over The Moon Drakesleat
2nd: 810 CLARE Mr J & Mrs E J Lordscairnie Love God

Class 229 JD (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 834 KUGOW, Mr B & HOLT Ms S Waldmeister Aldo
2nd: 850 SMITH, Mr M A & Mrs K A & MOON Mrs M L Alncroft Oh Contraire
3rd: 827 HUNT Mr & Mrs S J & S Earthseas Wolf's Bane

Class 230 PGD (5 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 845 RUSSELL Mrs C Russteck Wyre In The Blood
2nd: 851 STEPHENSON Miss J Ohotnichyi Azart Fahrenheit Von Wistex (Imp)
3rd: 822 HAYWARD, Mr R S & HOWELLS Mrs J Fallowmill Cambera
Res: 820 GRANT Mrs P Granhoward Edward
VHC: 808 AL-KUDSI Mrs J Whitewebbs Fireball

Class 231 LD (5 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 825 HOWELLS Mrs J Fallowmill Sydney JW
2nd: 833 KIRKWOOD-EMERY, Mrs D & SPENCE Mrs M Helydon Goharley At Cicada
3rd: 842 PRESNAIL Mr D & Mrs J Taree Useless Loop
Res: 844 ROSE Mr S Ridanflight Rock On Tommy
VHC: 821 HAYWARD Mr R S Taree Scoville at Wirefusion

Class 232 OD (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 853 THORN ANDREWS Mrs Z Drakesleat On The Nod
2nd: 829 JONES Mrs S J Ch Bimini Starstruck


Class 234 MPB (4 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 830 JONES Mrs S J Bimini Blue Moon
2nd: 811 DANCE Mrs M M Emem Astral Traveller

Class 235 PB (5 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 841 PAIN Mrs J E Russteck Nicely Nicely For Ravensbeech
2nd: 812 DANCE Mrs M M Emem Gloria Sunshine
3rd: 809 BLACK, Mrs L & Mr K & BLACK Miss E Bassodon Dodecahedron
Res: 836 MARSTON-TEAL Mrs S F Lordscairnie Moon Over Love
VHC: 828 HUNT Mr & Mrs S J & S Earthseas Miss Esme

Class 236 JB (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 832 KIRKWOOD-EMERY, Mrs D & KIRKWOOD-EMERY Misses A & Helydon Jinglebells

Class 237 PGB (8 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 813 DANCE Mrs M M Bimini Time To Travel To Emem
2nd: 838 MAXWELL Mr R & Mrs J Bardrestan African Queen
3rd: 840 MEREDITH Mrs M Deepdax Perrie
Res: 818 GILKES Mrs S Ridanflight Rockin Rita
VHC: 847 SELLEY Mrs A Ubu Belarus Nahla To Heleanne

Class 238 LB (5 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 814 DAYKIN Mrs C H Barratini Chatters
2nd: 846 RUSSELL Mrs C Russteck So Fair A Dream
3rd: 839 MEREDITH Mrs M Deepdax Let's Dance
Res: 817 FULTON, Mrs E & FULTON Miss G Bothlyn Dancing Queen
VHC: 837 MARSTON-TEAL Mrs S F Lordscairnie Life of Love

Class 239 OB (5 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 849 SMITH, Mr M A & Mrs K A & MOON Mrs M L Drakesleat Prim N' Proper for Alncroft
2nd: 854 THORN ANDREWS Mrs Z Drakesleat Honour Roll
3rd: 831 JONES Mrs S J Bimini From Russia With Love
Res: 848 SHONE Mrs S E & Mr N R Phantasia Lady
VHC: 824 HOPPER Mrs J Arbennik Sootalina At Brynfaw

Class 240 VB (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 855 WALKER Mrs J E & Mr I J Deepdax In The Red at Roselle


(1) 1 Fulton’s Bothlyn Alexander, 6 months d/br, liked his houndy headpiece, pleased in construction, enough forechest, correct in height to length, excellent bone, has a crisp harsh jacket, moves out soundly, would ideally like to see more follow through in underline, & is rather proud in tail carriage. PD (2) 1 Thorn Andrews’ Alncroft Over The Moon Drakesleat, 10 months brindle with immediate appeal, really pleased for type & quality, handsome headpiece with strong jaw, presents a lovely outline, has correct angulation, good forechest, ribbing has length & width, firm in topline & short strong loin, pleased in movement, jacket of harsh texture, responded well to a change of handler in the challenge. Pleased to see that he was shortlisted in the hound puppy group. RCC & BP; 2 Clare’s Lordscairnie Love God, typy 10 months brindle presented in harsh jacket, basic framework is there, needing to firm up all through & needs to relax in the ring. JD (3) 1 Kugow & Holt’s Waldermeister Aldo, 13 months d/br with strong masculine headpiece, very rugged in appearance, has the correct proportions height/length, good bone & well bunched feet, harshest of jackets, pleased in both top & underline, lots to like; 2 Smith’s Alncroft Oh Contraire, typy 10 month litter brother to PD winner, pleased in proportions & angulation, liked his outline, ribbing has length & width, however he was not relaxed & this affected his movement; 3 Hunt’s Earthseas Wolf’s Bane. PGD (5) 1 Russell’s Russteck Wyre In The Blood, 22 months d/br, nicely proportioned, firm in outline, good length & width to ribbing, has an excellent harsh jacket & leg hair, moved out smartly; 2 Stephenson. Ohotnichyi Azart Fahrenheit von Wistex, 19 months d/br, another with super harsh jacket, showed with lots of enthusiasm, proportions are fine, would like more width all through; 3 Hayward & Howell’s Fallowmill Cambera. LD (5) 1 Howell’s Fallowmill Sydney, 2 years r/br who was BP last time I judged, liked his houndy head, neat well filled front, chunky bone, well made all through, excelled in width & length of ribbing, short coupled, smart harsh jacket, strode out confidently & soundly to gain top honours, put on an excellent performance in the group ring where he was shortlisted. CC & BOB; 2 Kirkwood-Emery & Spence’s Helydon Goharley at Cicada, I see from my records that this harsh coated d/br was my Junior winner last timed I judged, still has appeal, masculine headpiece with strong jaw, liked his forechest , holds a firm topline & strides out soundly; 3 Presnail’s Taree Useless Loop. OD (2) 1 Thorn Andrews’ Drakesleat On The Nod, liked this 21 months brindle for his type & balance, pleased in head & eye, excellent forehand construction, well ribbed back, correct height/length ratio, good in top & underline, well angulated rear, harsh textured jacket, younger kennelmate had the edge on the go around when challenging; 2 Jones’ Ch Bimini Starstruck, handsome 2 years r/br out of a larger mould, houndy head with strong jaw, harsh jacket, well ribbed back, firm body, good bone, would ideally like a little more ground clearance, preferred the forehand of 1. 

MPB (4) 1 Jones’ Bimini Blue Moon, this harsh coated 8 months brindle appealed for her elegance in outline, holds a super houndy head on reachy neck, well angulated in both fore & hind quarters, pleased in top & underline, chunky bone, neat & sound in movement. BPB; 2 Dance’s Emem Astral Traveller, this 6 month old brindle was here to play, such a happy outgoing temperament, the basics are there, neat little package of lovely size, now has to learn the job in hand. PB (5) 1 Pain’s Russteck Nicely Nicely for Ravensbeech, such an attractive r/br of 9 months, fabulous jacket, lovely bone & well bunched feet, pleased in top & underline, real hammy quarters with lovely short hocks, will look better with more facial furnishings, looks very promising; 2 Dance’s Emem Gloria Sunshine, happy go lucky 6 months brindle, full of bounce, chunky neat package of pleasing size, great bone, pleased all round, good width, well ribbed back, like her kennelmate has to concentrate on the job in hand; 3 Bassodon Dodecahedron. JB (1) 1 Kirkwood-Emery’s Helydon Jinglebells, 16 months d/br of pleasing size & proportions, houndy head, still needing to develop in forechest & depth of body, has an excellent harsh jacket, smart mover however tail carriage detracts. PGB (8) 1 Dance’s Bimini Time To Travel to Emem, 3 years brindle who appealed for her size & type, such a neat package, appealing head & expression, well made front, good ribbing & chunky quarters, harsh jacket, moved out soundly, lovely outgoing temperament, I see from my records that she gained 2 last time we met when she was not in her best jacket. RCC; 2 Maxwell’s Bardrestan African Queen, liked the size & proportions of this 16 months brindle, lovely houndy head, excellent texture to her jacket, sufficient angulation all round, has good bone, preferred front & underline of 1; 3 Meredith’s Deepdax Perrie. LB (5) 1 Daykin’s Barratini Chatters, well presented 22 months brindle of lovely type, so neat, feminine head, good in her forehand, great bone & well bunched feet, shown in excellent jacket, pleased in both top & underline, held her outline on the move, would ideally like more length in her second thigh; 2 Russell’s Russteck So Fair A Dream, hard coated 2 years d/br, holds a super outline at the stack, lots to like, has all the requirements, angulation, length & width of ribbing, chunky bone, however she was not so settled on the move & did not carry herself so well as 1; 3 Meredith’s Deepdax Let’s Dance. OB (5) 1 Smith & Moon’s Drakesleat Prim N’ Proper for Alncroft, super quality 2 year old of lovely make & shape, loved her size & balance, has a feminine head & expression, excellent in her forehand with well filled oval front, neat fitting elbows, good return of upper arm & well laid back shoulders, well ribbed back & short in loin, well let down in hindquarters, jacket of good texture, movement I saw was sound & true, holding a good outline, pleased me enough to award her top honours. CC; 2 Thorn Andrews’ Drakesleat Honour Roll, this high quality 3 year old was close up, another appealing for her type & size, ticks all the boxes, construction, ribbing, preferred the head of 1, was not so relaxed as 1 & this affected her deportment; 3 Jones’ Bimini From Russia With Love. VB (1) 1 Walker’s Deepdax In The Red at Roselle, lots to like about this harsh coated 7 year old, looking good for her age, real houndy head, pleased in her forehand & hind angulation, moves out soundly but can lose her topline slightly in the move.