Southern Counties Championship Show 2021

Dachshund (Miniature Wire-haired) - No CCs

Judge: Pauline Sidgwick (Paulian)


BEST OF BREED : DANCE Ch Emem Summer Sunshine JW
Best Dog  : ERGIS Captain Tom of Siouxline
Res Best Dog : TITE Onitsuka Tiger Vitoraz at Rijobeau

Best Bitch  : DANCE Ch Emem Summer Sunshine JW
Res Best Bitch  :  DANCE Ch Emem Constance Sunshine JW

Best Puppy : SEXTON Molloney Noodle Not a Doodle

Best Veteran : CROW Compania Pandora

Best Special Beginner : DAVIES Oniasid Treacle Tart at Stardax


Puppy Dog (1)
1st: MILLS Oniasid Dreams

Limit Dog (3)
1st: ERGIS Captain Tom of Siouxline
2nd: KILROY Blackvein Cupid at Janacop
3rd: HAWKINS Martinks Storm in a Teacup for Lonaza

Post Graduate Dog (3)
1st: GRANT Pennywave Percy at Granhoward
2nd: STORTON Dereheath Major Tom

Open Dog (1)
1st: TITE Onitsuka Tiger Vitoraz at Rijobeau


Veteran Dog or Bitch (1)
1st: CROW Compania Pandora


Special Beginners Bitch (2)
1st: DAVIES Oniasid Treacle Tart at Stardax

2nd: MILLS Oniasid Tart Tatin

Puppy Bitch (5,1)
1st: SEXTON Molloney Noodle Not a Doodle
2nd: DAVIES Nostalgia Gilovam

3rd:  WEST Archidax Hocus Pocus
Res: PEEK & PEEK-MATAR Whiteorchard Tiggy Winkle of Milkwood

Post Graduate Bitch (10,3)
1st: MILLS Middleton Hunt at Oniasid
2nd: WEST Archidax Dark Phoenix
3rd: POWELL Blackvein Vixien at Fallowmill
Res: KILROY Blackvein Princess at Janacop
VHC: CROW Martinks Drives You Dotty


Limit Bitch (5,2)
1st: WEST Byabye Brillare with Archidax
2nd: CROW Martinks Drives You Dotty
3rd: GILKES Ridanlflight Rockin Rita at Birichino

Open Bitch (3)
1st: DANCE Ch Emem Summer Sunshine JW
2nd: DANCE Ch Emem Constance Sunshine JW
3rd:  CROW Compania Pandora


Puppy Dog (1)

ONIASID DREAMS (MRS AK MILLS), at 10 month still very immature, pleasing in head with strong Tapering Muzzle, needs to firm in body and gain substance, well angulated Rear Quarters.

Limit Dog (3)

CAPTAIN TOM OF SIOUXLINE (MRS S M ERGIS) confident youngster with great attitude, of ideal size, balance and substance, well boned sturdy body, well sprung rib and strong rear quarters, giving driving rear action.  Firm topline with correct underline, masculine head, well furnished, firm neck, set into well laid shoulders, please to award him Best Dog

BLACKVEIN CUPID AT JANACOP (MRS J KILROY) two year old male, well furnished with harsh jacket, balanced head with strong tapering muzzle, long neck leading into laid back shoulders, prominent forechest, longer in loin than winner.


Open Dog (1)

ONITSUKA TIGER VITORAZ AT RIJOBEAU (IMP CZE) NAF (MR J TITE) Compact three year old Red dog, with prominent forechest, moderate neck set into laid back shoulders with firm level topline and Strong well angulated rear, covered the ground well on the move to take Res BD

      Veteran Dog or Bitch (1)

1.    COMPANIA PANDORA (MR M & MRS S CROW) Eight year old, with sturdy well ribbed body, full forechest with prominent sternum.  Strong well rounded rear quarters, moved out fairly well.

      Special Beginner Bitch (2)

1.    ONIASID TREACLE TART AT STARDAX ( DAVIES) Two litter sisters here although not alike in type or Colour, I chose this bitch preferring her better topline and underline to her sister.  Pleasing in head which is balanced with dark eyes and strong tapering muzzle, sturdy well ribbed body, would just like a little more attitude when showing.

1.    ONIASID TART TATIN (MRS AK MILLS), litter sister to winner, lacking her substance and body, pleasing in head which is well balanced with dark eyes, strong tapering muzzle with large well pigmented nose pad.  Moved out well.

Puppy Bitch (4)

1.    MOLLONEY NOODLE NOT A DOODLE (MRS L SEXTON) Really like this 7 month youngster, she is well balanced with firm body, typical head with expressive dark eye, good reach if neck set into well angulated shoulders, firm compact body well ribbed with good underline an well angulated rear quarters.  She has the promise of a good harsh coat and furnishings, please to award her Best Puppy, one I shall watch in the future.

NOSTALGIA GILOVAM ( DAVIES) Well ribbed body with good forechest, correct tapering underline, well angulated rear quarters and ground clearance. Just preferred the shorter loin of winner.


Post Graduate Bitch (10,3)

MIDDLETON HUNT AT ONIASID (MRS A K MILLS) A close decision between these two, pleasing in head with dark almond shaped eyes, good pigmentation, strong tapering muzzle with large open nostrils, moderate neck well ribbed body, strong rear quarters tended to loose her underline on the move which spoilt the picture.

ARCHIDAX DARK PHOENIX (MRS WEST) Compact harshly coated, 2 year old red bitch, balanced head with tapering muzzle, wll pigmented, good neck and shoulders leading to level topline


Limit Bitch (3)

BYABYE BRILLARE WITH ARCHIDAX (MRS WEST) Compactly made red bitch, sturdy well ribbed body, with level topline, pleasing head, well balanced with strong tapering muzzle, good neck set into well laid shoulders. Would like a little more ground clearance at keel.  Moved out well.

MARTINKS DRIVES YOU DOTTY (MR M & MRS S CROW) Sturdy well ribbed bitch with strong well angulated rear quarters, deep oval chest and prominent sternum.  Typical head with strong tapering muzzle, correct harsh coat with good furnishings


Open Bitch (3)

CH EMEM SUMMER SUNSHINE JW (MRS M M DANCE Such a pleasure to judge this class, a close decision between these two quality bitches, I chose this bitch who I felt had the edge on front movement over her sisters.  Both have the sturdy compact well ribbed bodies, Full oval chest with prominent sternums, strong muscular necks, set in well laid shoulders, with firm level topline and correctly placed keel, with correct underline.  Well angulated, strong full rear quarters, giving the desired rear propulsion and drive.  Pleased to award this bitch Best Bitch and BOB, and her sister the Res.Best Bitch, I was delighted to be told after that I had previously judged both bitches as puppies, awarding Summer Best Puppy on the day, and placing her sister also, good to know they have both fulfilled their early promise, congratulations.

CH EMEM CONSTANCE SUNSHINE JW (MRS M M DANCE) As Above, a close decision between these two sisters, just preferred better front action of winners.