Judge: Sandra Johnson

BEST OF BREED :  THORN ANDREWS Ch Drakesleat Too Gud to be True
Dog CC : THORN ANDREWS Drakesleat Gud to Go
Res Dog CC : ERGIS Ch Captain Tom of Siouxline

Best Puppy Dog : GILKES & STORTON Dereheath Shaken Not Stired At Birichino
Bitch CC : THORN ANDREWS Ch Drakesleat Too Gud to be True
Res Bitch CC : KIRKWOOD Helydon Quickstep Queeni

Best Puppy Bitch: GILKES Dereheath Just The Tonic At Birichino
Best Puppy : GILKES & STORTON Dereheath Shaken Not Stired At Birichino
Best Veteran : PAIN Trixhund Tattiannie Ravensbeech

Veteran Dog NO ENTRIES

Minor Puppy Dog (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: GILKES & STORTON Dereheath Shaken Not Stired At Birichino
2nd: BLACK Bothlyn Back in Black Bassodon

Puppy Dog (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: DANCE Emem Solar Power

Junior Dog (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: KIRKWOOD Beetlejuice Vitoraz At Helydon (Czech imp) NAF (Cz
2nd: MILLS Tythe Fred Flintstone

Post Graduate Dog NO ENTRIES

Limit Dog (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: SMITH Alncroft Ivan Inkling
2nd: CROSSMAN & KENNEDY Foxearth Fly by Night
3rd: THORN ANDREWS Drakesleat Gud Day Sunshine

Open Dog (6 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: THORN ANDREWS  Drakesleat Gud to Go
2nd: ERGIS Ch Captain Tom of Siouxline
3rd: PAIN Ravensbeech Buccleugh
Res: KIRKWOOD-EMERY Ch Helydon Laird Loki JW
VHC: MILLS-JONES Carlita Sunrise JW

Veteran Dog or Bitch (1 Entry)

1st: PAIN Trixhund Tattiannie Ravensbeech

Minor Puppy Bitch (5 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: GILKES Dereheath Just The Tonic At Birichino
2nd: MARSTON TEAL Lordscairnie Endless Love
3rd: STEPHENSON Bothlyn Sweet Missy at Wistex
Res: HEATHER & PAIN Ravensbeech Torbers Jamaica Inn

Puppy Bitch (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: DANCE Emem Autumnal Sunshine
2nd: JONES Bimini to the Moon and Back
3rd: KILROY Blackvein Rambler at Janacop

Junior Bitch (7 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: KIRKWOOD Helydon Quickstep Queeni
2nd: ROSE Ridanflight Renata
3rd: SMITH Alncroft Ida Zire
Res: CROSSMAN & KENNEDY Janter Cloves
VHC: KIRKWOOD-EMERY Helydon Radiant Rivva

Post Graduate Bitch (5 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: DANCE Emem Letty Bee Sunshine JW
2nd: MULLEN Rozelle with Love
3rd:HOWELLS Fallowmill Miss Range Rover
Res: KIRKWOOD-EMERY Helydon Penelope Pitstop
VHC: MARSTON TEAL Lordscairnie Love To Breeze

Limit Bitch (7 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: CROSSMAN & KENNEDY Moonshe Queen Bee
2nd: KIRKWOOD-EMERY Helydon Nifty Nairn JW
3rd: THORN ANDREWS Drakesleat Gud as Gold
Res: MILLS Middleton Hunt At Oniasid
VHC: KILROY Blackvein Princess at Janacop

Open Bitch (5 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: THORN ANDREWS Ch Drakesleat Too Gud to be True
2nd: JONES Bimini Chasing Moonbeams
3rd: MULLEN Starhill Flirty Girty
Res: KAY Foxearth Run for Fun to Kaytian


Many thanks to the Committee of this Club for giving me the opportunity to award CC for the first time. I really enjoyed my day and delighted to find later that my BOB had gone on to take RBIS and winning one of those very impressive Welsh Dragons a super memento of the occasion. Thank you to the exhibitors for my quality entry with no absentees. Places will change under other judges because many decisions were very close and I am quite sure there are a number of future champions in the entry. I was honoured to be given the chance to judge so many super exhibits. Also my stewards were delightful it really does help working with efficient and pleasant co workers who put me at my ease.


MPD  (2)Two delightful boys. 1.Gilkes and Storton Dereheath Shaken Not Stirred  at Birichino.Nicely headed youngster. Confident expression.Plenty reach of neck. Very neat front and good length of keel. Nicely boned throughout and so very balanced. Lovely ribs. Topline held on the move and . Hindquarters are nicely angulated enabling positive movement coming and going. Good feet. Looking forward to see how he develops. BPD BPIB.and considered for the RCC. 2 Black's Bothlyn Back in Black Bassodon. Another confident youngster. Correct head, super eye, good earset. Strong neck of good length. Good feet. Front still to tighten. Ribs go well back and topline was firm. Preferred hind movement of First place today. Very enthusiastic on the move with tail flying. A charmer. It will be interesting to see how he matures.


PD.(1) Dance's Emem Solar Power. A very smart boy with much to like. Super head with correct eye, good reach of neck flowed back through neat shoulders onto a level topline. Nicely boned and with good feet. Firm body with good ribbing. Good feet. Well angulated hindquaters provide powerful rear drive. I would have liked just a bit more keel. This is another with an exciting future ahead.


JD. (2) 1 Kirkwood-Emery's Beetlejuice Vitoraz at Helydon (Imp Cze). Slight difference in type here for me but lots of quality. Lovely head, correctly shaped dark eye. Neck strong and flowed into a well laid shoulder. Neat front. Good keel. Well boned and with tight feet. Sturdy body and firm quarters. Slight slope to topline but showed well. 2 Mills' Tythe Fred Flintstone at Oniasid Good head set on reachy neck. Tidy front and feet. Balanced outline with good length. Excellent muscled rear.Super coat and condition. A bit unsettled on the move today. 


LD (3) Very close decisison between first and second and sure these two will change places regularly 1 Smith's Alncroft Ivan Inkling caught my eye standing with a balanced outline. Correct head and eye,strong neck. Well laid shoulder neat elbow good keel. Nicely boned. Well bodied with good ribbing. Rear angulation was excellent. Had the edge slightly on movement hence taking first place.  2 Crossman and Kennedy's Foxearth Fly by Night. With many of the attributes of the first placed. Head, eye, neck, bone, feet and body all good. Another with super outline. Firm quarters with good angulation. 3. Thorn-Andrews Drakesleat Gud Day Sunshine.

OD.(6) 1 Thorn-Andrews Drakesleat Gud To Go. He made me smile his cheek was obvious! Not quite as mature as 2nd but with all the attributes to take him to a title and more. Very correct head, Super eye, good earset. Front assembly excellent. Good layback of shoulder with plenty layback, keel of good length, well boned front legs and good feet. Neck and shoulders flowed into a level topline. Body was well ribbed back and good angulation front and rear. Covered ground with an economy of movement. My CC winner. This one is here for the long term. 2 Ergis' Ch Captain Tom of Siouxline. What an absolutely super exhibit. Correct masculine head, good dark eye, head held well on strong neck. Super front with good keel, neat elbows, well boned front legs and tight feet. Super balanced profile, deep body with lovely ribcage, well bent stifles, firm quarters providing good parallel movement. Excellent presentation. A close decision which no doubt will be reversed on other occasions. RCC.  3 Pain's Ravensbeech Buccleugh


VD/B (1)Trixhund Tattiannie Ravensbeech. Very sweet 11 year old. Balanced and feminine. Correct head, dark eye and super dentition for her age. Nice front assembly, neat elbow, well conditioned body and good hind angulation. Moved out soundly and positively for her age. Credit to the breed, the breeder and owner.


MPB (4)1 Gilkes Dereheath Just the Tonic at Birichino Litter sister to BPD. Not so mature as her brother. Feminine aspect. Correct head with dark eye, Good reach of neck, well laid shoulders and tidy front. Nice length of keel, well boned legs and feet. Moved well keeping a good topline BPB. 2 Marston-teal's Lordscairnie Endless Love. Another very pretty girl. Good head and expression. Neat front with well laid shoulder. Nicely boned legs and good feet. Good reach of neck leading to sturdy body and firm hindquarters. Topline held on moving but rose slightly when standing. 3. Stephenson's Bothlyn Sweet Missy at Wistex.


PB (3) 1.Found this class challenging. Places changed in my head several times before choosing first place. Dance's Emem Autumnal Sunshine. Feminine with pretty head, good reach of neck,tidy front, good bone overall, topline ran up slightly when stacked but this evened out on the move.  Covered the ground steadily with purpose.  2.Jones Bimini To the Moon and Back. Again feminine balanced and with correct head and eye, nice length of neck, good feet. Sturdy body of good length. Kept level topline but preferred the hind movement of the first on the day. 3 Kilroy's Blackvein Rambler at Janacop.


JB (7) 1 Kirkwood's Helydon Quickstep Queeni. Once settled this naughty girl really was an eye catcher. Well balanced and all of a piece from her correct head, down through a good front assembly, with neat elbows and enough keel. Body long and deep with good ribbing.  Nicely angulated hindquarters. Moved with purpose and topline well held. Will be keeping an eye on her progress RCC. 2  Rose's  Ridanflight Renata. Attractive girl of a slightly different type. A shade longer but still had lots to like. Pretty head, good eye and expression, Long neck and tidy front. Nicely ribbed Moved well keeping a good topline. Preferred the hocks of first. 3 Smith's Alncroft Ida Zire.


PGB (5)1 Dance's Emem Letty Be Sunshine JW Overall balanced and without exaggeration Everything fitted well. Attractive head with good eye shape, Neat front and good keel. Elbows neatly tucked in. Nicely boned throughout. Lovely feet. Well developed body, firm and with good ribs. Good angulation behind and moved well. Was very much in consideration for the RCC. Another I would expect to take her title. 2 Mullen's Rozelle With Love. Another very pretty girl. Correct head and eye, tidy front,  neat elbows, enough lay of shoulder, good ribs, firm body and good topline, well angulated behind with good bend of stifle, very slightly shorter and not so positive as 1 on the move today. 3 Howell's Fallowmill Miss Range Rover.


LB.(7) 1 Crossman & Kennedy's Moonshe Queen Bee. Eye catching, feminine and balanced. Well made with good head, super calm expression, excellent length of neck. Correct front, good layback of shoulder and neat elbows, nicely boned all through,firm body. Profile view shows balance from front right through to well angulated hammy back end. Effortless movement with reach and drive. Very nice bitch and also in my consideration for the RCC. Deserves her crown. 2 Kirkwood-Emery's Nifty Nairn JW Another quality girl with lovely head and eye, reachy neck, well placed shoulder, tidy front. Neat elbows, nice tight feet, sturdy body with excellent ribbing, good quarters. Very close to 1 but just a touch less enthusiasm on the move today. 3 Thorn Andrews Drakesleat Gud As Gold


OB.(5) 1 Thorn-Andrews Ch Drakesleat Too Gud to Be True. Well what an impressive package. Balanced in profile. Height to length ratio excellent. Super head, correct eye and ear set. Reachy neck which flowed into well laid shoulder. Upper arm of correct length which created excellent front with keel nicely supported. Elbows neatly tucked in. Nicely bodied with good length of ribs, Front and rear angulation in harmony. Hindquarters with plenty muscle and powerful drive. A pleasure to watch on the move ad holding a super topline at all times.  CC & BOB. Sandra 2 Jones' Bimini Chasing Moonbeams. Attractive bitch with appealing head, super expression, Well made front and shoulder. Firm bodied with good ribs, strong topline, good bone. Well angulated strong quarters, low hocks used to advantage on the move. 3 Mullen's Starhill Flirty Girty.


Sandra Johnston (Judge)