Leeds Campionship Show 2022


Judge: Ken Sinclair (Araki)

BEST OF BREED : THORN ANDREWS Ch Drakesleat Too Gud to be True
Dog CC : THORN ANDREWS & BILLINGHURST Ch Drakesleat Kumquat May
Res Dog CC : ERGIS Ch Captain Tom of Siouxline
Bitch CC : THORN ANDREWS Ch Drakesleat Too Gud to be True
Res Bitch CC : SEXTON Molloney Noodle not a Doodle
Best Puppy :  STEPHENSON Bothlyn Sweet Missy at Wistex
Best Veteran :
Best Special Beginner : HARGRAVE Meenah Black Princess


Puppy Dog (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: BLACK Bothlyn Back In Black Bassodon
2nd: FULTON Bothlyn Trail Blaze

Junior Dog (3 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: KIRKWOOD Beetlejuice Vitoraz At Helydon (Czech imp) NAF (Cz
2nd: CORNER Carcorn Fabulous Frank

3rd: WESTWOOD & LIVINGSTON Lordscairnie Love Destiny at Hopewood

Post Graduate Dog (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st GRANT Pennywave Percy at Granhoward

Limit Dog (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: THORN ANDREWS Drakesleat Gud Day Sunshine

Open Dog (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: THORN ANDREWS & BILLINGHURST Ch Drakesleat Kumquat May
2nd: ERGIS Ch Captain Tom of Siouxline
3rd: FEETHAM Hanishan Checkers at Kimbleholme

Res: CORNER Carcorn Fabulous Frank

Veteran Dog NO ENTRIES

Special Beginners Dog or Bitch (1)

1st: HARGRAVE Meenah Black Princess

Puppy Bitch (5 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: STEPHENSON Bothlyn Sweet Missy at Wistex
2nd: CLEMENTS Springdac Miss Rhumba
3rd: KIRKWOOD-EMERY Helydon Radiant Rivva

Res: CLEMENTS Springdac Hip Hop


Junior Bitch (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st:  KIRKWOOD Helydon Quickstep Queeni

2nd: CORNER Carcorn Violet Valentine

Post Graduate Bitch (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st:  CLARKE Jolanda Venus

Limit Bitch (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: SEXTON Molloney Noodle not a Doodle
2nd: CLARKE & FULTON Jolanda Uptown Girl at Bothlyn
3rd: KIRKWOOD-EMERY Helydon Nifty Nairn JW

Open Bitch (4 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: THORN ANDREWS Ch Drakesleat Too Gud to be True
2nd: STEPHENSON Molloney Winnie Tergames at Wistex

Veteran Bitch (1 Entries) Abs: 1




PD (2) 1. Black’s Bothlyn Back In Black Bassodon. A most promising puppy, good head, ears and eye shape, sound front, clean over shoulder, firm top-line, free mover. 2. Fulton’s Bothlyn Trail Blaze. A very nice puppy who has a pleasing outline, good neck into clean laid back shoulders, not quite so free on the move as above today, well handled. 
JD (3) 1. Kirkwood’s Beetlejuice Vitoraz at Helydon (imp CZE) NAF. The soundest in this class keeping a good outline, good head shape, neck and correct coat texture, broad and strong rump, correct tail. 2. Corner’s Carcorn Fabulous Frank. This young dog still need to fill out and body up, this should come with more maturity, pleasing outline and sound on the rear. 3. Westwood/Livingston’s Lorscairnie Love Destiny at Hopewood. 
PGD (1) 1. Grant’s Pennywave Percy at Granhoward. Most pleasing head, high set ears, arched neck into well laid back shoulders, keeps a tidy top-line, not so strong in his rear movement today. 
LD (1) 1. Thorn-Andrews’ Drakesleat Gud Day Sunshine. A most pleasing male, good head, ears and expression, correct slightly arched muscular neck, well set shoulders, keeps a good top-line on the move, not so relaxed at present when stood, strong muscled rear, good jacket. 
OD (4) 1. Thorn-Andrews/Billinghurst’s Ch. Drakesleat Kumquat May. I gave this dog Best Puppy in Show at the Hound Ch Show, liked his correct conformation and he has only matured since into this great mature male, very arrogant and proud on the move, looks a picture stood, DCC. 2. Ergis’ Ch. Captain Tom of Siouxline. Another eye catching male of a slightly different profile being slightly loner cast, good head dark eyes, arched neck, firm top-line strong rear, quality all through, RDCC. 3. Feetham’s Hanishan Checkers at Kimbleholme. 
SBD/B (1) 1. Hargrave’s Meenah Black Princess. This bitch just out of puppy, pleasing head, front and correct feet, a little heavier over the shoulders, needs more ring training at present, BSpB. 
PB (5,1) 1. Stephenson’s Bothlyn Sweet Missy at Wistex. This stylish extrovert puppy was very confident from the moment she entered the show ring, good expression, neck and laid back shoulders, good keel, strong rear, pleasing outline on the move, well handled by her young owner, BP. 2. Clements’ Springdac Miss Rhumba. A heavier build to this nice puppy with pleasing head, eye, strength of foreface, good outline when stood, not quite the shape of winner on the move today. 3. Kirkwood-Emery’s Helydon Radiant Rivva. 
JB (2) 1. Kirkwood’s Helydon Quickstep Queeni. The typy bitch has a very good outline with strong well muscled rear, correct coat texture, correct feet, shown and presented in tip top condition. 2. Corner’s Carcorn Violet Valentine. Most pleasing head piece, ears and eye shape, at times her top-line is even better than above but today she was not good on rear movement, needs more muscle for firmness. 
PGB (2,1) 1. Clarke’s Jolanda Venus. Pleasing bitch with good head piece, when stood she tends to sink into her shoulders, good top-line and loin, strong rear and she is happy on the move with correct front. 
LB (3) 1. Sexton’s Molloney Noodle Not A Doodle. I liked this bitch when she entered the show ring, her shape and charisma are very obvious, correct coat and texture, strong rear, a bitch that should gain her title, well presented and handled for the RBCC. 2. Clarke/Fulton’s Jolanda Uptown Girl at Bothlyn. This bitch was close up on her body shape which has many pleasing attributes, she does carry her tail too high of which she seems very proud of, this spoiled her outline on the move. 3. Kirkwood-Emery’s Helydon Nifty Nairn JW. 
OB (4) 1. Thorn-Andrews’ Ch. Drakesleat Too Gud To Be True. I have judged this quality bitch before where I placed her well, she to me is the standard, so correct to go over from nose to tail, she has an amazing outline when stacked and on the move, she loves to be shown and looks impressive at all times, BCC & BOB. 2. Stephenson’s Molloney Winnie Tergames at Wistex. A good clean shape on this bitch, pleasing head, strong jawbone, muscular neck, prominent breast bone, good underline and keel, well muscled quarters.
Ken Sinclair