Judge: Ian Smith

Best Dog  : DANCE Emem Solar Power JW
Res Best Dog  : HOWELLS Fallowmill Time Traveler

Best Bitch  : KIRKWOOD EMERY Helydon Nifty Nairn JW
Res Best Bitch  : THORN ANDREWS Ch Drakesleat Too Gud to be True

Best Puppy : HOWELLS Fallowmill Time Traveler

Best Veteran : MALLINSON Drakesleat Have a Yen for You

Puppy Dog (2,1)
1st: HOWELLS Fallowmill Time Traveler

Junior Dog - NO ENTRIES


Yearling Dog (1)
1st: FULTON Bothlyn Trail Blaze

Limit Dog (2,1)
1st: KIRKWOOD Beetlejuice Vitoraz at Helydon (Imp CZE)

Open Dog (1)
1st: DANCE Emem Solar Power JW


Veteran Dog -  NO ENTRIES


Puppy Bitch (1)
1st: RUSSELL Eyes One Too Russteck

Junior Bitch (1)
1st: RUSSELL Russteck Cordelia


Yearling  Bitch (2)
1st: STEPHENSON Bothlyn Sweet Missy at Wistex

2nd: MALLINSON Whipplei Deli Shush

Limit Bitch (4,1)
1st:  RUSSELL Eyez the One Russteck

2nd: STEPHENSON Wistex Taking it Easy

3rd: KIRKWOOD Helydon Quickstep Queeni

Open Bitch (4)
1st: KIRKWOOD EMERY Helydon Nifty Nairn JW
2nd: THORN ANDREWS Ch Drakesleat Too Gud to be True

3rd: DANCE Emem Letty Bee Sunshine JW

Res: RUSSELL Sheez Got it Russteck


Veteran Bitch (1)
1st: MALLINSON Drakesleat Have a Yen for You

I am grateful to the committee for giving me this opportunity to judge at a general championship show, albeit non-CC classes. It was no sinecure, six hours in the ring in hot, sunny and windy conditions, with one short comfort break! I was pleased with the entry, especially the two miniature breeds with as many exhibits as in some CC classes and I was very happy to have a very helpful and experienced steward in Karen Rimmer: thank you, Karen! The grass was a little long for some of the miniature exhibits. I am constantly amazed at the number of dogs with tartar and those with totally clean teeth were very much in the minority. No scales for the non-CC miniature breeds, sadly.

Miniature Wire-haired Dachshunds

Some very good exhibits. I was pleased with coats which are much better and harsher than they were a few years ago. Sizes were good, most were compact and in proportion. Eyes were generally oval.


PD: (2,1) 1. Howell’s Fallowmill Time Traveler, 7 month old Wild Boar (WB) with lovely harsh coat, compact size, good head for a boy of his age, correct oval shaped eye, could perhaps have slightly more prosternum, good shoulders, level topline, good ribbing, enough clearance, good rump with pleasing rear angulation (not exaggerated), moved well and fairly parallel front and back, challenged for best dog BPD, BP & RBD


JD: (0,0)


YD: (1,0) 1. Fulton’s Bothlyn Trail Blaze, 21 month old WB, another nice harsh coat, compact size, good head and eye, a fraction short in upper arm, level topline, decent front and prosternum, enough clearance, good length of neck, good ribbing, moved with purpose though not totally parallel in front


LD: (2,1) Kirkwood’s Beetlejuice Vitoraz at Helydon (Imp Cze), 2 year old red, coat rather patchy, good compact size, masculine head, good eye shape, decent neck, a tad short in upper arm and I would prefer more prosternum, level topline, slightly short in ribbing, moved with confidence


OD: (1,0) Dance’s Emem Solar Power JW, 21 month old WB, decent coat though less so on legs, strong masculine head, correct eye shape, good front, a bit down on pasterns, good clearance, level topline, moved really well if not wholly parallel BD


V: (0,0)


PB: (1,0) 1. Russell’s Eyes One Too Russteck, 6 month old WB, very pretty baby, very feminine head, good eye shape, decent coat, compact size, good bone, pleasing lines and nice solid rump moved well but needs time to mature on BPB


JB: (1,0) 1. Russell’s Russteck Cordelia, 12 month old WB, compact, very feminine, correct head with good almond shaped eye, a little short in neck but good clearance and length of ribbing and level topline, tight feet, moved well and up there in the challenge BJ


YB: (2,0) 1. Stephenson’s Bothlyn Sweet Missy at Wistex, 18 month old WB, decent coat, a tad short in muzzle, good eye, generally well balanced if short in upper arm, good level topline, moved well though not parallel action 2. Mallinson’s Whipplei Deli Shush, 23 month old WB, correct coat, a little short in muzzle, decent front but short in upper arm, tight feet, moved well, not a lot to choose between these two girls


LB: (4,1) 1. Russell’s Eyez The One Russteck, 2 year old WB, compact, good coat, correct front, good clearance and feet, feminine head and oval eye, level topline and good ribbing, best movement of the 3 in class 2. Stephenson’s Wistex Taking It Easy, 2 year old WB, good coat, good head and eye, a little longer cast than class winner, slightly upright in stance lacking front and length of upper arm, a bit long in loin, moved well 3. Kirkwood-Emery’s Helydon Quickstep Queeni


OB: (4,0) A very good class throughout 1. Kirkwood-Emery’s Helydon Nifty Nairn, most impressed by this 4 year old WB, excellent harsh coat and condition, feminine head and expression, good oval eye, better front than most, very well balanced, good length of neck leading into level topline, good clearance, correct shoulder placement, moved very well with drive and straight action to and fro, well controlled by her young handler BB BoB 2. Thorn Andrews’ Ch Drakesleat Too Gud to be True, 6 year old WB, easy to see why she has obtained her status though a little soft in coat compared to class winner and indeed several others, very feminine with correct head and eye, lovely balanced outline, good length of neck leading into level topline, more prosternum would be preferred, moved well but not the drive of class winner RBB 3. Dance’s Letty Bee Sunshine


VB: (1,0) 1. Mallinson’s Drakesleat Have a Yen for You, 8 year old WB, excellent coat, good head and eye, good neck and sufficient front, good tight feet, level topline, but sadly hated the grass and did not manage to walk out save for a few steps VB BV