Scottish Dachshund Club 2023


Judge: David Craig

BEST OF BREED : RUSSELL & GRAHAM Sheez Got it Russteck
Best Dog  : KIRKWOOD Beetlejuice Vitoraz At Helydon (Czech imp)

Res Best Dog  : CORNER Carcorn Fabulous Frank
Best Bitch   :  RUSSELL & GRAHAM Sheez Got it Russteck
Res Best Bitch : Gralinn Sunshine Dancer
Best Puppy : Gralinn Sunshine Dancer

Best Veteran : No Entries 

Veteran Dog or Bitch - NO ENTRIES

Puppy Dog (1,1)
1st: Absent

Junior Dog - NO ENTRIES

Post Graduate Dog (1)
1st: CORNER Carcorn Fabulous Frank

Limit Dog (1)
1st: KIRKWOOD Beetlejuice Vitoraz At Helydon (Czech imp)


Puppy Bitch (1)
1st:  WHITEHOUSE Gralinn Sunshine Dancer

Junior Bitch (2)
1st: STEPHENSON Bothlyn Sweet Missy at Wistex
2nd: MCINTOSH Ceffylmor Ardanberg

Post Graduate Bitch (5,1)
1st: STEPHENSON Wistex Taking it Easy
2nd: WHITEHOUSE Rioban Trinket
3rd: CORNER Gragareth Girl at Carcorn
Res: MCINTOSH Ceffylmor Ardanberg

Limit Bitch (1)
1st: CORNER Carcorn Violet Valentine

Open Bitch (7 Entries) Abs: 5
1st: RUSSELL & GRAHAM Sheez Got it Russteck
2nd: WHITEHOUSE Ir Ch Baltiyskiy Talisman T'Cesaria Evora


Dachshund (Miniature Wire Haired)

Post Graduate Dog (1):

1. Corner’s Carcorn Fabulous Frank, shown in fit, hard condition, pleasing head and eye, would prefer better front assembly and rather cut up in underline, moved happily, RBD;

Limit Dog (1):

1. Kirkwood’s Beetlejuice Vitoraz at Helydon, pleasing head, good body and topline, happy mover, better front assembly would result in a less choppy action, BD;

Open Dog (No entries)

Puppy Bitch (1):

1. Whitehouse’s Gralinn Sunshine Dancer, feminine bitch of pleasing overall shape, good topline held on the move, moved freely, RB and BP;

Junior Bitch (2):

1. Stephenson’s Bothlyln Sweet Missy at Wistex, overall has a pleasing outline that is maintained on the move, good topline and hindquarters and correctly carried tail, would just prefer better front assembly;

2. McIntosh’s Ceffylmor Ardanberg, shown in lovely condition, sweet disposition, would prefer better tail carriage and a better coat;

Post Graduate Bitch (4):

1. Stephenson’s Wistex Taking It Easy, overall presented the most typical picture in this class, pleasing coat and overall outline, good hindquarters used on the move, a shorter loin would be an advantage;

2. Whitehouse’s Rioban Trinket, pleasing overall outline, shown in good condition, not quite as good behind as 1;

3. Corner’s Gragareth Girl at Carcorn

Limit Bitch (1):

1. Corner’s Carcorn Violet Valentine, pleasing head, eye and coat, shown in lovely condition, good rapport with handler, would prefer a better tail carriage on the move;

Open Bitch (2):

1. Russell and Graham’s Sheez Got It Russteck, two years bitch of overall pleasing type, outline and balance, good to go over, pleasing head, coat and well ribbed, good hindquarters, kept outline on the move where she went soundly, BB and BOB;

2. Whitehouse’s Ir Ch Baltiyskiy Talisman T’Cesaria Evora, shown in good condition, just not the coat and movement of 1;