27th January 2019

Judge : Sue Roberts

Best in Show & Best Puppy in Show- Blackburn's Stargang Minnesota

Reserve Best in Show - Hutching's Stargang Hot Cross Bun for Collidach

Reserve Best Puppy in Show - Lucas's Hampdach Dr Watson

Best Veteran in Show - Hutton's Ch River Rumpus through Dachalune ShCM


I was pleased to judge this show and arrived to find a busy event, well organised with a friendly committee and helpers. It had a lovely atmosphere and refreshments, and many people stayed to the end.
BIS and BPIS was Blackburn’s Stargang Minnesota, a delightful mini wire who pulled out all the stops to beat the other Best of Breeds. She had a super head, reach of neck and front construction with the tightest of elbows and well formed sternum, her ribbing was excellent and lead to her well angled hocks and tail set, and when she moved she was correct both coming and going and maintained an excellent profile on the move. Her coat was correct, and on the table and on the move, she just behaved well for one so young and I hope she continues her winning ways in the future.
For RBIS I chose the brindle, mini smooth haired Hutching’s Stargang Hot Cross Bun For Collidach, and most of the above comments applied to her also . Movement was correct and her outline was good at all times and the two Dachshunds looked well as they went around the ring on their lap of honour.
RBPIS was Lucas’ Hampdach Dr Watson, a quality red standard smooth dog, who was well presented and sound . I loved his head and front assembly ,and his ribbing was correct , he was true in his movement in both directions, and his outline good. His coat was the richest red and and his temperament was perfect as were all the dogs I chose .
BVIS was Hutton’s Ch River Rumpus Through Dachalune an 8 yr old bl/ standard longhaired, who is a dog who always impresses, with his excellent presentation and condition. He is correctly constructed and balanced all through, with beautiful head, correct front assembly , super ribbing, and well angulated hocks and I thought he looked a picture in the ring today.


Miniature Smooth Haired - Anne McLennon

Best of Breed - Hutching's Stargang Hot Cross Bun for Collidach

Best Puppy -  Blackburn's Stargang Desert Orchid


Puppy (2, 1 Abs)
1st -
Blackburn's Stargang Desert Orchid

Junior (3)

1st -  Kent's Lokmadi Magic Dragon
2nd - Starkey's Carpaccio Black Obsidian at Hamoura

3rd - Jenning's Ayseebee Diamond Sky for Jenion


1st - No Entries

Post Graduate (4)
1st -
Melbourne's Melriding Sea Infanta
2nd - Kerry's Kireton Hebe

3rd -  Halsall's Sandanca Melisandre for Shelsall

Res - Jenning's Duddondaxs Judge Jude for Jenion

Limit (3, 1 Abs)
1st -  Hutching's Stargang Hot Cross Bun for Collidach

2nd - Melbourne's Siouxline Goldilocks of Melriding

Open (4, 1 Abs)
1st -  Kent's Lokmadi Goodnight Irene JW

2nd - Melbourne's Stargang Sea Fever at Melriding

3rd - Kerry's Kireton Cici


Special thanks to the Committee for the invitation to judge, to my steward Alice Ann for keeping my ring well organised and the exhibitors for their entry. 

Mini Smooth Dachshunds

Puppy (2,1)  1 & BP Blackburn’s Stargang Desert Orchid, 9 mth red bitch with a lovely head and expression.  Good length of neck, good pro sternum and excellent front and rear angulation which she used well on the move.  Would prefer a little more ground clearance, but overall a quality youngster who just needs a little more confidence to show off her attributes;

Junior (3,0) 1 Kent’s Lokmadi Magic Dragon, red bitch with a very pleasing head.  Good front angulation, rib cage and underline.  Holding her topline she moved soundly to win the class. 2 Starkey’s Carpaccio Black Obsidian at Hamoura, B/T Dog just out of puppy.  Good head, neck, shoulders and return of upper arm.  Not as sound going away as winner. 3 Jenning’ Ayseebee Diamond Sky for Jenion

PG (4,0) 1 Melbourne, Carrol & Paget’s Melriding Sea Infanta, B/t bitch just out of junior. Super keel and underline.  Best of rib cages with short loin, well angulated front and rear, moved soundly; 2. Kerry’s Kireton Hebe, Preferred her head to 1 and she has good ground clearance, but couldn’t match the shoulder set and length of upper arm of the winner.

Limit (3,1) 1 & BOB Hutchings’ Stargang Hot Cross Bun for Collidach, I have quietly admired this one from the ring side and was delighted to see her here today.  This is the one I would take home.  For me she is the whole package, superb breed type, of sound construction, showing off her many attributes as she moves effortlessly round the ring.  Fully matured now she is up there with the very best and certainly worthy of the highest honours.  Enjoyed watching her win RBIS.  2 Melbourne, Carrol & Paget’s Siouxline Goldilocks of Melriding, another quality bitch with much to admire.  Very pleasing head, balanced throughout with a very good ribcage.  Unlucky to meet 1 today.

Open (4,1) 1 Kent’s Lokmadi Goodnight Irene, nicely balanced b/t bitch with good front and rear quarters which she used to full advantage on the move striding out soundly and effortlessly.    2 Melbourne’s Stargang Sea Fever at Melriding, lovely head and expression, good front, excellent rib cage, preferred the movement of the winner.



Miniature Wire Haired - Anne McLennon


Best of Breed - Blackburn's Stargang Minnesota

Best Puppy -  Blackburn's Stargang Minnesota


Puppy (2, 1 Abs)
1st - Blackburn's Stargang Minnesota


Junior (1)
1st - Kent's Barratini Ready to Rumble at Lokmadi


No Entries


Post Graduate

No Entries


Limit (1)

1st - Derry's Waldmeister Annie JW


Mini Wire Dachshunds

Puppy (2,1)  1 & BOB Blackburn’s Stargang Minnesota, 6 mth baby at her first show.  Lovely head and neck with a smooth run into her shoulders and good return of upper arm.  Good ribcage and rear angulation.  Harsh coat.  Beautifully balanced throughout and moved very soundly for one so young.  Finished the day winning BIS & BPIS.

Junior (1,0) 1 Kent’s Barratini Ready to Rumble at Lokmadi, 14 mths red.  Lovely head with dark eye and super expression.  Balanced front and rear angulation moving out soundly enough. 

Limit (1,0) 1 Derry’s Waldmeister Annie JW, 6 yr old bitch with a super head and expression.  Lovely harsh coat.  Good neck and shoulder.  Long rib cage.  Very outgoing and clearly enjoying herself.

Smooth Haired - Anne McLennon



Best of Breed - Paterson's Phaeland Second Delivery to Ambiesque

Best Puppy -  Lucas's Hampdach Dr Watson


Puppy (3)

1st - Lucas's Tramardachs Dunkirk Dustup

2nd - Bethel's Hampdach End to End

3rd - Chauhan's Raajput's All About Humanity


Junior (1)
1st - Lucas's Tramardachs Milkcart Driva

Novice  (1)

1st - Lucas's Hampdach Dr Watson


Post Graduate (1)
1st -
Stringfellow's Oxondachs Amethyst at Silvatica

Limit (2,1)
1st - Chaunhan's Wanderhund Viva Les Vegas


Open (3)
1st -
Paterson's Phaeland Second Delivery to Ambiesque
2nd - Kerry's Kireton Beau Diddley

3rd - Stringfellow's Sontag Silvan Sorcerer

Std Smooth Dachshunds

Puppy (3,0)  1 Lucas’ Tramardachs Dunkirk Dustup, 9 mths red boy who gave his handler a hard time.  Excellent head and eye, strong neck and super front assembly. Moved well; 2 Bethel’s Hampdach End to End, 6 mths red bitch who is more refined than the winner. Super head and eye, long neck, good pro sternum, good ground clearance and balanced front and rear angles.  Having far too much fun and being very naughty making it very difficult to assess her soundness. 3 Chauhan’ Raajput’s all about humanity

Junior (1,0) 1 Lucas’ Tramardachs Milkcart Driva, 9 mths red boy, lovely head and neck, good upper arm and rear quarters, good underline. Slightly longer on loin than I like although he held his topline well on the move.

Novice (1,0) 1 & BP Lucas’ Hampdach Dr Watson, Extrovert litter brother to 2nd in puppy and much of the same comments apply.  However, he managed to string enough steps together to allow me to see that he can move well when he wants.  Behaved much better later on to win RBPIS.

PG (1,0) 1 Stringfellow’s Oxondachs Amethyst at Silvatica, B/t bitch with lovely head and good dark eye.  Good rib cage which was well ribbed back, short loin.  The most compact here today.

Limit (2,1) 1 Chauhan’s Wanderhund Viva Las Vegas, 19 mths b/t dog with lots to like.  Good head, neck, super front with decent rib cage.  Overall very nice dog but just too long on loin for me.

Open (3,0) 1 & BOB Patersons’ Phaeland Second Delivery to Ambiesque, Mature red boy who has a beautiful head, liked his overall make and shape, very balanced and he moved out very soundly.  2 Kerry’s Kireton Beau Diddley, another overall pleasing dog who could move out well.  Super front, good ribbing, slightly longer on loin but pushed the winner hard. 3 Stringfellow’s Sontag Silvan Sorcerer


Miniature Longhaired - Ian Negus

Best of Breed - Brown's Garbosa Glance My Way

Best Puppy -  Brown's Garbosa Glance My Way


Puppy (2)
1st - Brown's Garbosa Glance My Way
2nd - Breese's Silkdown Dark Star


Junior (2, 1 Abs)
1st -
Pretty's Jaxrubydax Creamy Dream

No Entries


Post Graduate (4, 1 Abs)

1st - Breese's Silkdown Samson
1st - Johnson's Charpurdy's Dandy Duchess

3rd - Pretty's Lyndarlea Bracken Boy at Jaxrubydax


Limit (3)

1st - Hutton's Natali Victory Asmik to Dachalune

2nd - Whitfield-Robert's Dandydayo I Am Moana


Open (1)
1st - Breese's Silkdown Phoenix Rising


My thanks to the committee for the invite to judge at this friendly show. Enjoyed my day and was pleased to see much cleaner teeth and mostly tighter elbows than the last couple of shows I have done. Thanks to all the exhibitors for making it a good day.

P. (2,1a) 1.Brown’s Garbosa Glance My Way, 7mnth B/tan bitch, lovely head and expression, good mouth, reachy neck into well laid shoulders, tight elbows, good rear angulation, moved well holding level topline. BP & BOB

J. (2,1a) Pretty’s Jaxrubydax Creamy Dream, 12mnth bitch, heavily coated cream, level topline stood but lost it a little on the move. Good mouth

N. No entries

PG (4,1a) 1. Breese’s Silkdown Samson, red dog, nice head, good mouth, level topline, good shoulders and front, moved ok RBOB. 2. Charpurdy’s Dandy Duchess, taller red, not the front of 1 but good topline, good angles, showed well. 3. Pretty’s Lyndarlea Bracken Boy at Jaxrubydax.

L. (2) 1. Hutton’s Natali Victory Asmik to Dachalune(imp rus) 17mnth dog with elegant neck, level topline, tight elbows and good angulation, moved ok. 2. Whitfield-Roberts, Dandydayo I Am Moana, red with nice head but shorter in neck and a little forward in shoulder. Would like tighter elbows

O (1) 1. Breese’s Silkdown Pheonix Rising, s/red, dark eye, good mouth, level topline, good front, shoulders ok, moved a little wide behind.



Wirehaired - Ian Negus


Best of Breed - Adam's Wyldetarn Shoot From the Hip JW

Best Puppy - Adam's Tecklegarth Gatling


Puppy (2)

1st - Adam's Tecklegarth Gatling
1st - Vine's Cishelvine Kiss Me Quick


Junior (1)
1st -
Baker's Allfreys Henrietta


Novice (2)

1st - Adam's Tecklegarth Gatling
2nd -
Baker's Allfreys Henrietta

Post Graduate - (3,1)
1st - Vine's Cishelvine Can't Catch Me

2nd - Baker's Tilstock Leo

3rd - Horne's Salixian Cafe Noir


Limit (1)
1st - Vine's Cishelvine Caught Out

Open (4)
1st -
Adam's Wyldetarn Shoot From the Hip JW

2nd - Hutching's Tendrow I Am the One from Collidach JW

3rd - Vine's Cishelvine Just an Enigma

Res - Vine's Derochaise Justified for Cishelvine


P. (2) 1. Adam’s Teckelgarth Gatling, big strong boy, 7 months. Nice head and expression, dark pigment, long neck, tight elbows, level topline, good front and shoulders. Quite a headstrong puppy but moved well with power, promising. BP 2. Vine’s Chiselvine Kiss Me Quick, nice head, good mouth, good rear angulation, reachy neck, a little soft in topline, needs to settle on the move.

J. (1,) 1. Baker’s Allfreys Henrietta, strong head, good width throughout, level topline, long in upper arm, moved a little unsettled behind

N. (2) 1. Adam’s Teckelgarth Gatling. 2. Baker’s Allfreys Henrietta

PG. (3) 1.Vine’s Chiselvine Can’t Catch Me, good neck into well set shoulders, good width, level topline kept on the move but found it sags when stood. Some work needed to strengthen. Moved well. 2. Baker’s Tilstock Leo, good width, level topline, good mouth. Coat needs some work. Moved well. 3.Horne’s Salaxian Café Noir.

L. (1) 1. Vine’s Chiselvine Caught Out, nice boy, good head and mouth, reachy neck into good shoulders, level topline, good tail set, moved well. RBOB

O. (4) 1. Adam’s Wyldetarn Shoot From The Hip JW, good head on strong reachy neck flowing into well placed shoulders and good front, level topline held on the move. Moved well just carries tail a little proud. BOB.

2. Hutchings Tendrow I Am The One From Collidach JW, close to 1, darker coat, good topline, nice front, moved well but preferred hind movement of my winner. 3. Vine’s Chiselvine Just An Enigma.


Long Haired - Ian Negus


Best of Breed - Rodrigue's Darsoms Zydexta

Best Puppy -  Nicholson's Africandawns Alona Gain with Betsymira


Puppy (5, 4 Abs)

1st - Nicholson's Africandawns Alona Gain with Betsymira

Junior (1)
1st - Nicholson's Africandawns Night Tipsey at Betsymira

Novice (1, 1 Abs)



Post Graduate (3)
1st -
 Boyle & Wren's Zarcrest Ava Gardner
2nd -
Hutton's Abbilis Theoden by Dachalune

3rd  - Nicholson's Labbadax Michigan by Betsymira


Limit (3)

1st -  Rodrigue's Darsoms Zydexta
2nd -
Hutton's Dachalune Araxia

3rd  - Brearley's Labbadax Eyecatchin Shadow at Xanadax

Res - Bushel's Ranglewood Harvest Hops


Open (1)
1st -
Hutton’s Ch River Rumpus Through Dachalune SHCM


P. (4,3a) 1. Nicholson’s Africandawns Alona Gain with Betsymira, 10 mnth red bitch, nice head, good mouth, front and shoulders ok, a little weak on rear movement, BP.

J. (1) 1. Nicholson’s Africandawns Night Tipsey at Betsymira, 12mnth b/tan bitch, tight elbows, good neck into decent shoulders, level topline, moved ok. A little work needed on presentation.

N. (1,1a)

PG (3) 1. Boyle & Wren’s Zarcrest Ava Gardner, pretty elegant red bitch with lovely head and expression, good front, nice neck into good shoulders, nice topline and underline, moved well. 2. Hutton’s Abbilis Theoden by Dachalune, big strong b/tan dog, good neck and front, well laid shoulders, good rear, level topline. Just preferred elegance of winner. 3. Nicholson’s Labbadax Michigan by Betsymira.

L (4). 1. Rodrigues Darsoms Zydexta, s/red boy presented in excellent coat and condition, nice head and neck set on good shoulders, good handful of front, good topline and underline, nice rear used well on the move. A real showman on the day. BOB. 2.Hutton’s Dachalune Araxia, b/tan bitch, good neck and shoulders, level topline, moved well. 3.Brearley’s Labbadax Eyecatchin Shadow of Xanadax

O. (1) 1. Hutton’s CH River Rumpus Through Dachalune SHCM, 8yr b/tan I’ve seen many times, nice shape, good head and shoulders, good front, level topline, moved well BVIS.

AV Min Veteran (2), 1. CH Charpurdy Just Iss, good front and neck, level topline held on the move, good hind angulation, moved well. 2. Lyndarlea Silver Wave at Xanadax. s/dapple, nice coat, wellpresented, tight elbows, moved ok.

AV Std Veteran (2). 1. Hutton’s CH River Rumpus Through Dachalune SHCM BVIS. 2. Starkey’s Carpaccio Jasper for Hamoura SHCM, nice b/tan std smooth, good front and shoulders, good width throughout, nice topline and underline, moved well.

Stan Harvey Memorial Stakes (2). 1. Boyle and Wren’s Zarcrest Ava Gardner. 2. Hutton’s Natali Victory Asmik to Dachalune (imp Rus).

AV Puppy Stakes (1,1a)

AV Open Stakes (2). 1. Hutton’s Dachalune Araxia. 2. Brearley’s Labbadax Eyecatchin Shadow of Xanadax.