Bournemouth 2011

Dachshund (Long Haired)

Judge: Mrs S Emrys-Jones

BEST OF BREED : 1412 DARE Mrs C Darsoms Zyjack   Also Hound Group 1
Dog CC : 1412 DARE Mrs C Darsoms Zyjack
Res Dog CC : 1410 CLARKE Mr P P & Mrs D J Aust Ch Laurieton His Masters Voice By Tekalhaus (
Bitch CC : 1434 MITCHELL Mrs F Bronia Estee
Res Bitch CC : 1414 DARE Mrs C Darsoms Zorana
Best Puppy : 1433 MITCHELL Mrs F Bronia Absolute
Best Veteran : 1406 CHAPMAN Mrs M Melminds Mastercopy
Best Breeder :

Class 345 VD (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 1406 CHAPMAN Mrs M Melminds Mastercopy
2nd: 1443 REES Mrs S Phaeland North Light at Aquarelle

Class 346 PD (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 1433 MITCHELL Mrs F Bronia Absolute
2nd: 1424 JOHNSON Mr T L Africandawns Rumor Rumble
3rd: 1419 FURNEAUX Miss C L Bokra Mikado

Class 347 JD (2 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 1412 DARE Mrs C Darsoms Zyjack

Class 348 ND (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 1438 MITCHELL Miss K A Darsoms Zebedee at Imirika

Class 349 PGD (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 1420 GEESON Mrs J F Abydachs Kicks Up A Storm
2nd: 1430 MARKS Ms G Labbadax Anastazio
3rd: 1442 REES Mrs S Loxbar Master Mercantor at Aquarelle
Res: 1405 ALFORD, Mrs S N & WORTH Mrs C L Dachslur Diddleydo At Deeseedax

Class 350 LD (8 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 1431 MARKS Ms G Brynalyn Royal Warrier Via Labbadax
2nd: 1440 PANKHURST, Mr B R & EDWARDS Mrs D A Marshwick Cloudy Morning at Danward
3rd: 1413 DARE Mrs C Africandawns Night Kisses at Darsoms
Res: 1404 ALFORD, Mrs S N & WORTH Mrs C L Swansford Pukkador at Deeseedax
VHC: 1416 ELDRIDGE, Ms K & SWANN Miss C Metadale Morgenhof

Class 351 OD (5 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 1410 CLARKE Mr P P & Mrs D J Aust Ch Laurieton His Masters Voice By Tekalhaus (
2nd: 1435 MITCHELL Miss E Ch Bronia Lotario JW
3rd: 1426 JOHNSON Mr T L Africandawns Night Dancer
Res: 1422 GEESON, Miss H & CEISER Mrs C Am Ch Insight's Captain Clutch (Imp)
VHC: 1425 JOHNSON Mr T L Africandawns Night Flash

Class 352 VB (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 1423 HALSALL Mrs J Distinctive Dream for Kiddles

Class 353 PB (7 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 1437 MITCHELL Miss E Bronia Aphrodite
2nd: 1445 SURRELL Ms S. A. Bokra Masquerade
3rd: 1427 JOHNSON Mr T L Africandawns Night Cornice
Res: 1417 EVE Mrs S C Dachslur Mairi My Dream
VHC: 1429 LE PAGE Mrs A Resurgam Elise Thelepees

Class 354 JB (4 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 1436 MITCHELL Miss E Bronia American Beauty
2nd: 1429 LE PAGE Mrs A Resurgam Elise Thelepees
3rd: 1439 MITCHELL Miss K A Bronia American Liberty at Imirika


Class 356 PGB (5 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 1408 CHAPMAN Mrs M Melminds El Matate
2nd: 1411 CLARKE Mr P P & Mrs D J Tekalhaus Octopussy
3rd: 1418 EVE Mrs S C Dachslur Diamond Fancy Free at Sundayshill
Res: 1432 MARKS Ms G Bronia Lunette With Labbadax
VHC: 1415 DIMON Miss J Dimerlin Isolde

Class 357 LB (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 1409 CHAPMAN Mrs M Darsoms Ziana At Melminds
2nd: 1441 PANKHURST, Mr B R & EDWARDS Mrs D A Resurgam Imperial Princess At Danward

Class 358 OB (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 1434 MITCHELL Mrs F Bronia Estee
2nd: 1414 DARE Mrs C Darsoms Zorana


I really enjoyed judging your super breed and found some lovely exhibits, thank you for giving me the chance to judge them. 

(2) 1 Chapmans Melminds Mastercopy 8yr old with a lovely head and expression, good length of neck going into well placed shoulders, excellent forechest and tight elbows, held his topline well when moving, well coated.BV Rees' Phaeland North Light at Aquarelle. 7 year old with a very joyful temperament, strong masculine head, hound of good length and well ribbed, good feet, was just a bit erratic when moving.

(3) 1 Mitchell's Bronia Absolute  Best Puppy. Very happy young lad, kind but masculine expression. Good strong head, correct bite, good reach of neck, muscular, running smoothly into well placed shoulders, strong body for his young age , short and strong loins, excellent forechest, well ribbed with plenty of heart and lung room, moved well for an 8 month old puppy. Johnson's Africandawns Rumor Rumble. Another nice puppy but not quite as balanced as above, he moved pretty well but with time should develop a bit more drive. Liked his head, correct bite, prominent forechest, correct topline and with a good soft coat and plenty of feathering.

(1) 1 Dare's Darsoms' Zyjack. DCC, his second, BOB and Hound Group 1. Wow! This young boy is so balanced, he powered around the ring beautifully in tune with his handler. The Group judge and I have discussed him since and can find little to fault him on. What a super prospect for the future. Thank you for giving me the chance to judge him.

(1) Mitchell's Darsom's Zebedee at Imirika. This red boy was a bit worried by events which was a pity as he is nicely put together. He has a gentle head with kind expression, Good muscular neck, excellent forechest, well sloped shoulders, kept his topline while moving  and good strong feet while standing true.

(4) 1 Geeson's Abydachs Kicks up a Storm. Balanced red  masculine boy. Liked his expression. Good muscular neck carried proudly, Excellent shoulders and top line, moved soundly. Coat straight with abundant feathering. Perhaps just a little more in neck and body would compliment him. Marks' Labbadax Anastazio. This boy certainly moved around the ring with plenty of drive but a couple more inches on his neck would complete the picture, Well presented with a lovely coat.
(8,1) 1 Marks' Brynalyn Royal Warrior via Labbadax. Good class to win and his sound movement won it for him. He is well put together all through, liked his head, correct bite, lovely coat, plenty of forechest, long muscular neck, good shoulder placement, and super feet. Pankhurst and Edwards' Marshwick Cloudy Morning at Danward, another pleasing boy, great head, correct bite, good forechest, plenty of neck, well placed shoulders, well ribbed, moved soundly, but standing his topline just fell away slightly. Dare's Africandawns Night Kisses at Darsoms.

(5) 1 Clarke's Aust Ch Laurieton his Masters Voice by Tekalhaus (Imp) RCC. Nicely balanced red boy. Very sound moving with drive. He is well put together with a good ring presence. Liked his front assembly,  Shown in lovely condition. Mitchell's Ch. Bronia Lotario. I was immediately drawn to this boy's lovely proud head carriage, well made dog, with a gentle expression, He has a good muscular neck, excellent forechest, lovely length and strong loins, just found the uneven ground a little difficult to cope with hence a little erratic when moving. Johnson's Africandawns Night Dancer.

Halsall's Distinctive Dream for Kiddles. She belies her years and moves with great verve and drive. Just getting a little grey around the edges, aren't we all!! But still holds her topline well, Teeth and coat in lovely condition.

(7) I'm afraid that I was disappointed in this class. 1 Mitchell's Bronia Aphrodite Sweet feminine puppy, Excellent forechest, neck and shoulders, plenty of length, Correct bite, coat good for a puppy, liked her feet, strong nails, stood true on all four feet. Just moving a little wide behind. 2 Surrell's Bokra Masquerade Another pretty little girl, a little plump at present! This gave the impression of being a little short in back but she has a lovely shoulder placement, forechest and plenty of neck. Found the uneven ground a challenge. 3 Johnson's Africandawns Night Cornice.

(4,1) 1 Mitchell's Bronia American Beauty Very showy young bitch but was not in full coat today, Looked a picture standing and has everything in the right place, just needs to mature a bit. 2 Le Page's Resurgam Elise Thelepees, feminine pretty bitch, correct bite, good forechest  but does need to have a bit more neck as gives the impression of being a little upright in shoulder when moving. 3 Mitchell's Bronia American Liberty at Imirika.

(5) 1 Chapmans Melminds El Matate. Balanced pretty bitch, lovely tight elbows, good forechest, great reach of neck, going into well placed shoulders. Plenty of ribbing, well rounded pelvis, moved with drive. Lovely coat. Clarke's Tekalhaus Octopussy. Another pleasing bitch, Very happy sweet expression, Good tight elbows, great forechest, length of neck, good shoulders, plenty of body, lovely coat, just was slightly higher on the leg than 1. Eve's Dachslur Daimond Fancy Free at Sundayshill.

(2) 1 Chapman's Darsoms Ziana at Melminds Very pleasing pretty bitch, liked her a lot, nicely put together with tight elbows, good front assembly, plenty of length, good hindquarters, lovely coat, just wish that she had moved with a little more verve. Pankhurst and Edwards' Resurgam Imperial Princess at Danward. Looked a picture when standing, lovely head carriage, correct bite, great coat, plenty to like about her, but a greater length of neck would just balance her a bit more.

(2) Two super bitches and only decided by which one coped better with the uneven surface. 1 Mitchell's Bronia Estee BCC her second, Beautifully made bitch, lovely proud headcarriage, very well put together, nicely balanced when on the move. Well presented in lovely coat.  2 Dare's Darsoms Zorana  Similar remarks apply, this bitch was just a bit unbalanced, but on an even surface would easily change places. Also well shown in lovely coat.

Suzanne Emrys-Jones