Dachshund Club of Wales February 2011


Judge: Mr Graham Hill

Dog CC : BOYLE & BARROW Zarcrest Special Liaison with Frankanwen
Reserve Dog CC :  MITCHELL Ch Bronia Lotario JW
Bitch CC : MITCHELL Bronia Estee
Reserve Bitch CC :  MCNAUGHTON Cedavoch Mystique
Best of Breed :  MITCHELL Bronia Estee
Best Puppy : GEESON Abydachs Summer Lovin

Minor Puppy Dog (1)
1st METCALFE-BILGIN Metadale Major Happy
Puppy Dog
1st No Entries

Junior Dog (5)
1st MITCHELL Ch Bronia Lotario JW
2nd GEESON Abydachs Kicks Up a Storm
3rd DARE Africandawns Night Kisses at Darsoms
Res CHAPMAN Melminds His Masters Voice

Post Graduate Dog (1)
1st JOHNSON Africandawns Night Flash
Limit Dog (7)
1st MARKS Lyrenstan Zaragoza at Labbadax
2nd MCNAUGHTON Cedavoch Kaballah
3rd MARKS Brynalyn Royal Warrior at Labbadax
Res JOHNSON Africandawns Night Dancer

Open Dog (3)
1st BOYLE & BARROW Zarcrest Special Liaison with Frankanwen
2nd GEISER & GEESON Am Ch Insights Captain Clutch Imp
3rd DUNBAR Bronia Fernando ShCM
Res REES Phaeland North Light at Aquarelle

Veteran Dog or Bitch (1)
1st METCALFE-BILGIN Ch Metadale Macquarie

Minor Puppy Bitch (3)
1st GEESON Abydachs Summer Lovin
2nd GARLICK Ranglewood Idesia
Puppy Bitch (3)
1st GEESON Abydachs Summer Breeze
 Junior Bitch (8)
1st DARE Bronia Satinette from Darsoms
2nd DUNBAR & MCNAUGHTON Bronia Velveteen
3rdJOHNSON Africandawns Night Fire
Res OXLEY Owlery Happy Feet
 Post Grad Bitch (5)
1st DIMON Dimerlin Isolde
2nd GARLICK Ranglewood Heliotrope
3rd LEWIS Bronia Sweet Amber at Trixhund
Res FRICKER Seahaven Aspiring Annie at Dachslur
 Limit Bitch (7)
1st MITCHELL Bronia Estee
2nd GARLICK Ranglewood Genista
3rd DARE Darsoms Zorana
Res MCNAUGHTON Cedavoch Sorceress
Open Bitch (3)
1st MCNAUGHTON Cedavoch Mystique
2nd DARE Darsoms Zeva
3rd MITCHELL Ch Bronia Enchantress


MPD (1) 1 Metcalfe-Bilgin's Metadale Major Happy, pleasing quality 9 month old who is well grown and having good bone development. Good overall length and balance. I liked his head shape, eye and expression. True well made front with good prominent fore chest ; pleasing angles front and rear with tight elbows in front and firm parallel nicely angled hindquarters. Moved soundly enough having a typical puppy outlook. JD 1 Mitchell's Ch Bronia Lotario JW, outstanding quality 18 month old mature male of the make and shape I like. He has an attractive profile and is balanced in angulations front and rear. Typy, well shaped head of pleasing length and proportions with an alert expression. Soundly constructed in front and forequarters with desirable prominent fore chest. Good overall body length with just enough covering; firm level top line; super spring of rib and ribbed well enough back. Moved freely and precisely front and rear. Reserve Dog CC. 2 Geeson's Abydachs Kicks Up A Storm, similar look and quality to 1st. Masculine typy head but just preferred head lines of 1st. Pleasing length in neck set on nicely angled shoulders with firm top line; body of ideal length to overall profile picture. Tight and true in front with enough fore chest which I preferred to 3rd. Moved freely but not as accurately as 1st. 3 Dare's Aficandawns Night Kisses At Darsoms. PGD 1 Johnson's Aficandawns Night Flash, very nicely constructed, shapely 13 months old that is of the length and overall shape I like. Very nice head and expression set on a neck of good length. Sound in front with pleasing fore chest; tight elbows. Well bodied and good overall length with a firm level top line. He has an attractive profile with the proportion and balance I like. Moved true in front with parallel width behind but would like him to have more enthusiasm. LD 1 Mark's Lyrenstan Zaragoza At Labbadax, a mature rising 3 year old male who has a pleasing profile with pleasing length and balance which I preferred to the others in this class. Attractive head and expression. When standing he was true in front and he looked well made with an outline having all his different parts in the correct proportions. Sound, true front with prominent fore chest; good ribbing and spring and adequate body substance with a firm, level top line. Moved free and easy with true front action and an active rear action. 2 McNaughton's Cedavoch Kaballah, b/t in super coat and condition and having a mature finished look. Very nice outline with pleasing overall length and balance in angulations. Masculine head which could be longer to improve. Really well made all through and having enough body substance. Sound true front and well enough angled hindquarters. Active purposeful movement; I particularly liked him in side gait. 3 Mark's Brynalyn Royal Warrier Via Labbadax. OD 1 Boyle & Barrow's Zarcrest Special Liaison With Frankanwen, eye catching male in prime coat and condition and having graceful, classic lines. He possesses a head and expression that impressed me by being correct in length and not too broad. Strong neck, elegant and of correct length. Sound in front, solid in body with firm level top line and strong well angled hindquarters. Moved with confidence and with a noble head carriage. My Dog CC winner.2 Geiser & Geeson's Am Ch Insights Captain Clutch (Imp), super constructed mature male who was free moving with pleasing extension in front. Attractive head and expression, neck of good length set on to sound body of length. Well made parallel front, tight in elbows and having a strong prominent breast bone. Body having adequate substance and pleasing length with a firm level top line. Would prefer more furnishings to complete the picture. 3 Dunbar's Bronia Fernando Sh CM. VD 1 Metcalfe-Bilgin's Ch Metadale Macquarie, another nicely constructed obviously mature male who belies his 8 years. He is well coated and has pleasing condition both physically and coat. Good in profile and overall balance in angulations front and rear. Nicely shaped head, good dark eye and expression. I liked his front and forequarters, overall body and top line. He has good width all through. Moved out with a true action albeit a little laboured. MPB 1 Geeson's Abydachs Summer Lovin, a quality constructed 8 month old very promising youngster who has the potential soundness of construction to mature into something special. Super head piece and expression, good length in neck and set on a great body with lovely top line. Immature in coat but lovely soft texture and OK for one so young. Really good balanced profile with pleasing angulations front and rear, with especially good width and strength in hindquarters. Moved well and free with confidence and purpose and super head carriage. Best Puppy in Breed. 2 Garlick's Ranglewood Idesia, a really buttery puppy but nicely constructed underneath. Pleasing, typy attractive head and expression. True and tight enough in front with good overall length. Nicely let down behind but needs to strengthen. Moved free and well in front but a little close behind. PB 1 Geeson's Abydachs Summer Breeze, litter sister to the 1st in the previous class and same quality and comments apply. I particularly liked her head and expression. Another who was a little out of coat but nonetheless her overall good conformation achieved the recognition deserved. The positives were her good head, neck, body, ribbing, top line and balanced angulations. The negatives was that she was a typical softy, unsettled puppy, although she was the best mover of this class. 2 Oxley's Owlery Little Boots, 11 month old rangy, longer on the leg youngster who has an impressive dark red colouring. I particularly liked her head. She is sound enough in front and has nicely constructed forequarters. She is long enough in body and has a firm level top line. Needs to mature to fulfil her potential. Moved with enthusiasm but was a little unsettled. 3 Geeson's Abydachs Summer Wine. JB 1 Dare's Bronia Satinette From Darsoms. 15 m.o. well developed young bitch that had a particularly lovely profile. She is so well constructed, well coated and having a typy head and expression which I just preferred to 2nd. Firm in body with correct angulations front and rear. She has a true sound front of ideal width and a strong, full nicely let down hindquarters which are broad enough with legs set parallel. Moved out free and true with plenty of purpose. 2 Dunbar & McNaughton's Bronia Velveteen, litter sister to 1st and again similar comments apply. Slightly longer in body than 1st but carried her self so well; especially eye catching in side gait. True, parallel front which was strong, tight and extended well on the move. Pleasing width all through with strong nicely angled hindquarters which were set firmly apart. Another free moving hound. 3 Johnson's Africandawns Night Fire. PGB 1 Dimon's Dimerlin Isolde 2 year old nicely constructed tri with an eye catching outline and overall length and balance. A good “Honest” bitch having all the essentials but with nothing in exaggeration. Super coat and condition. Obvious prominent in fore chest. Lovely overall shape, pleasing head. Good firm top line, well bodied with strong, broad, nicely let down hindquarters. She moved out with a sound purposeful gait and true extended action. 2 Garlick's Ranglewood Heliotrope, quality 3 y.o. Mature in outlook with a super profile. Balanced in outline and has good angulation front and rear. Obvious prominent sternum and well made forequarters. She has good length with ribbing well back, good spring and depth. Plenty of coat, good in condition with typical coat texture. I liked her typy well shaped head and eye. She moved out with purpose and true action; heavy stepping in front but with drive and width behind. 3 Lewis' Bronia Sweet Amber At Trixhund. LB 1 Mitchell's Bronia Estee, quality 20 month old tri bitch that excels in breed type and having classic lines which she combines with sound conformation. She is in impressive condition with excellent coat, fitness and furnishings. Super head and expression, muscular neck of good length, set on broads well laid shoulders and flowing to a firm body, with strong level top line. She has soundness in front and rear angulations with ideal width in front and full broad hindquarters. She portrays an elegant sound and balanced picture both standing and moving. My Bitch CC winner and BOB and later Best in Show. 2 Garlick's Ranglewood Genista, similar styled 2 year old bitch and another well constructed bitch. She has the look of sound, firm maturity. She has many of the same attributes of 1st but just preferred the head shape and expression of 1st. Pleasing in fore chest with true sound enough front which she used to her advantage on the move. She had purpose and extension in front movement but was close and did not have great drive behind. 3 Dare's Darsoms Zorana. OB 1 McNaughton's Cedovitch Mystique, an eye catching super coated, mature looking 2 year old. Impressive quality and looks to be in her prime. Very attractive head shape and expression, full of breed qualities. She is soundly constructed all through and is particularly well made in front and forequarters. Ideal balance in angulations front and rear. Eye catching profile with, for me, a good height to length ratio. An easy mover with a free, accurate action in front but in the challenge did not have the strength of drive behind as the CC winner. My Bitch Reserve CC winner. 2 Dare's Darsoms Zeva, another mature exhibit who is of the make and shape and qualities I like. Lost out to an exibit in tip-top condition. Very typy in head qualities, lovely expression. Strong neck of good shape and length, set on to well placed shoulders and firm body, which is of pleasing length and firm condition. She makes an attractive picture both standing and on the move. 3 Mitchell's Ch Bronia Enchantress. Breeder's Group: 1 Geeson's Abydachs Breeder Team all exhibits were consistent in make and shape with all having consistent breed qualities. All were sound, easy and confident on the move and were a credit to their breeder.

Graham Hill