Long Haired Dachshund Club April 2011

Judge(s): Dogs : Mrs Janet Geeson (Abydachs) Bitches : Mrs Edna Cooper (Sontag)

Dog CC : DARE Africandawns Night Kisses at Darsoms
Reserve Dog CC :  MITCHELL Ch Bronia Lotario
Bitch CC : GARLICK Ranglewood Genista
Reserve Bitch CC :  MCFAUL Ir Ch Dachville Special Blend (Jun Ch)
Best of Breed :  DARE Africandawns Night Kisses at Darsoms
Best Puppy : DARE Darsoms Zyjack

Minor Puppy Dog (2)
1st PASKINS Kindeace Jumping Jak Flash
2nd LEWIS Trixhund All Night Long

Puppy Dog (3)
1st DARE Darsoms Zyjack
2nd LEWIS Trixhund Ask Elvis
3rd VINE Darsoms Zwagger

Junior Dog (5) Abs 1
1st JOHNSON Africandawns Night Flash
2nd MARKS Labbadax Anastazio
3rd HORN Afraicandawns Night Willow
Res FOSSETT Brysdax First of Many

Novice Dog (2)
1st HORN Afraicandawns Night Willow
2nd DARE Darsoms Zalamo

Post Graduate Dog (6) Abs 2
1st DARE Africandawns Night Kisses at Darsoms
2nd NEGUS Tekelhaus Licence to Kill with Tarramist ShCM
3rd MCLENNAN Bronia Judas Kiss at Chequevar
Res FOSSETT Owlery Carlos at Brysdax
Limit Dog (14) Abs 3
1st MCNAUGHTON Cedavoch Kaballah
2nd MARKS Brynalyn Royal Warrier Via Labbadax
3rd BOOTH & ISLEY Abbalongdat the Visitor
Res PASKINS Owlery Destroyer at Kindeace JW ShCM
VHC NEGUS Tarramist Adonis Dream

Open Dog (3) Abs 1
1st MITCHELL Ch Bronia Lotario
2nd DUNBAR Bronia Fernando ShCM

Open Black & Tan Dog (3) Abs 1
1st HARRIS & BLACKBURN BENNETT Zarcrest Special Liaison with Frankanwen
2nd SUTTON Damai Master Benedict ShCM

Open Any Other Colour Dog (6)
1st MITCHELL Ch Bronia Classic Legacy
2nd WOOD Rogermardax Senor Mirlo

Minor Puppy Bitch (3) Abs 1
1st PASKINS Kindeace Annie Get Ya Gun
2nd LEWIS Trixhund Something Tells Me

Puppy Bitch (5) Abs 2
1st GARLICK Ranglewood Idesia
2nd DARE Darsoms Zeticia
3rd PASKINS Abydachs Summer Dream at Kindeace

Junior Bitch (8) Abs 2
1st DUNBAR & MCNAUGHTON Bronia Velveteen
2nd MITCHELL Bronia American Beauty
3rd NEGUS Tarramist a New Hope
Res NIGHTINGALE Franzirose Mystical Shadow at Rodima
VHC JOHNSON Africandawn Night Dreamer

Novice Bitch (3) Abs 1
1st MITCHELL Bronia American Liberty at Imirika
2nd MARKS Bronia Lunette with Labbadax

Post Grad Bitch (9) Abs 1
1st GARLICK Ranglewood Heliotrope
2nd PLEVIN Dachville Black Diamond at Rodima
3rd WILSON Rogermardax Lady Tara
Res LEWIS Bronia Sweet Amber at Trixhund
VHC WILSON Rogermardax Anna Livia
Limit Bitch (4) Abs 1
1st GARLICK Ranglewood Genista
2nd COOK & RHODE Bournder Frankincense
3rd  DIMON Laraine Truly Faye for Dimerlin

Open Bitch (4) Abs 1
1st MCFAUL Ir Ch Dachville Special Blend (Jun Ch)
2nd MITCHELL Ch Bronia Enchantress
3rd MCNAUGHTON Cedavoch Mystique

Special Open Black & Tan Bitch (3) Abs 1
1st PLEVIN Dachville Black Diamond at Rodima
2nd DIMON Laraine Truly Faye for Dimerlin

Special Open Any Other Colour Bitch (4) Abs 1
1st MCNAUGHTON Cedavoch Sorceress
2nd MITCHELL Bronia Classy Chassis at Imirka
3rd  WILSON Rogermardax Lady Tara


May I thank the committee of The Longhaired Dachshund Club for inviting me to judge the dogs at their championship show. I was looking for well constructed dogs that moved correctly with drive coming from their rear quarters and forward reach of stride. I found this in my main winners but it is lacking in many of the exhibits, please get someone else to move your dogs so that you can look at how they really move. The Best of Breed and Best Puppy in Breed showed this off so well, I was delighted to see them go Best in Show and Best Puppy in Show respectively. MPD (2) 1 Paskins Kindeace Jumping Jack Flash. Well grown puppy with a strong masculine head, adequate angulation but still needs to tighten in elbow good length of rib and firm topline, moved well. 2 Lewis Trixihund All Night Long. Very immature baby, everything promising to be right, but needs to stay home and grow up. PD (3) 1 Dare's Darsoms Zyjack. A striking puppy who is correctly built from his masculine head and proud neck carriage through well placed shoulders and length of ribbing , firm topline and lovely quarters that propel him along. I will watch his progress with interest. Best Puppy in Breed and Best Puppy in Show. 2 Lewis's Trixihund Ask Elvis. Litter brother to 2nd in minor puppy and likewise very raw, not the hind angulation of his littermate but a better head and front construction. 3 Vine's Darsoms Zwagger More mature than 2nd Temperament needs watching by his handler. JD (5,1) 1 Johnson's Africandawns Night Flash Heavier build of dog with a well shaped head carried on arched neck leading to good shoulders, Reasonable length of ribbing and firm topline on the move, good hindquarters which showed on the move. 2 Marks Labbadax Anastazio. More compact dog than 1st looks good stacked, everything in the correct place when you go over him just wish he would show more drive in when moving. 3 Horn's Africandawns Night Willow Honest dog, with reasonable angulation throughout, true movement but lacks drive. ND (2) 1 Horn's Africandawns Night Willow. 2 Dare's Darsoms Zalamo. A dog with all the basics. Reasonable head carried on well arched neck leading to good ribbing and firm topline. Handler needs more confidence in her ability this will then pass on to the dog. PGD (6,1) 1 Dare's Africandawns Night Kisses at Darsoms. Correctly constructed dog of ideal size well laid shoulders good length of ribbing with a short loin leading to strong hindquarters which power him forward on the move. In beautiful coat and condition. So pleased to see him get Best of Breed and Best in Show. 2 Negus's Tekelhaus Licence To Kill with Tarramist. Taller type with good head and neck leading to a good length of ribbing. Moved well with strong impulsion from well shaped hindquarters. 3 McLennan's Bronia Judas Kiss at Cheguervar.  Strong headed dog with reasonable angulation front and back lacks drive and enthusiasm on the move. LD (14,3) 1 McNaughton's Cedavoch Kaballah Black and Tan of heavier type with strong head good shaped eye. Well laid shoulders but upper arm slightly short well sprung ribs and well held topline. Moved out with enthusiasm. 2 Marks's Brynalyn Royal Warrier via Labbadax Smaller type than first with good bone and angulation. Lacks animation on the move. 3 Booth& Elsley's Abbalongdat The Visitor Larger dog with good angulation, would like a firmer topline on the move, would like to see him carry a little more weight. OD (3,1) 1 Mitchell's Ch Bronia Lotario JW Dog of ideal size and good confirmation just lacked that bit extra sparkle during the challenge and had to settle for the RCC today. 2 Dunbar's Bronia Fernando ShCM Bigger dog than first with moderate angulation. I would like more drive on the move from the hindquarters and reach at the front. Sp O Black and Tan (3,1) 1 Harris and Blackburn Bennett's Zarcrest Special Liaison with Frankanwen beautifully presented taller dog classical head carried on well arched neck. Good front and shoulder placement, correct topline held on the move. 2 Sutton's Damai Master Benedict ShCM Heavier type than first with good angulation wish he would put more in when moving. Sp O Any Other Colour (2) 1 Mitchell's Ch Bronia Classic Legacy (AI) Worthy champion well handled to show him to advantage. 2  Wood's Rogermardax Senor Milo VHC in Post Graduate not the construction or movement of first.
Mrs Janet Geeson (Abydachs)



MP (3) Two lovely puppies at different stages of maturity. 1 Paskin's Kindeace Annie Get Ya Gun. Larger type, feminine head, plenty of forechest well placed shoulders. Had more muscled hindquarters which enabled her to move with more purpose. Presented a good picture in profile. 2 Lewis Trixhund Something Tells Me. Pretty Black and Tan, well constructed forehand, good length of ribbing. Not so positive on the move but at just over 6 months this should improve with maturity. P (5) 1 Garlick's Ranglewood Idesia. Black & Tan, medium size with correct amount of bone, feminine head, well constructed quarters, neat short hocks, well ribbed back. Presented a good shape stacked and on the move. 2 Dare's Darsom Zettica. As usual from this kennel, presented beautifully. Larger Red, good bone and feet. Sound on the move, true coming and going. 3 Paskin's Abydachs Summer Dream at Kindeace. J (8) 1 Dunbar & McNaughton's Bronia Velveteen. Black and Tan, feminine head on good length of neck. level topline, well constructed hindquarters, very free mover. Looked the most mature in this class. 2 Mitchell's Bronia American Beauty. Larger Red with best shoulders, sound on the move, keeping a good profile at all times. 3 Negus Tarramist A New Hope. N (2) 1 Mitchell's Bronia American Liberty at Imirika. Red with better head, correct conical skull and eye shape. Enough bone for size, plenty of forechest. Well constructed quarters, liked her neat hocks. kept a good profile at all times. Enough coat for a baby. Best puppy bitch. Exciting prospect for the future. 2 Marks Bronia Lunette with Labbadax. More mature Red, correct body proportions. Another with neat short hocks. Well handled. PG (9) A bit of a headache this class with so many differing types. 1 Garlick's Ranglewood heliotrope. Smaller type, clear Red with a very well constructed body, Head not her fortune but so very sound on the move. 2 Plevin's Dachville Black Diamond at Rodima. Larger type black and tan with lots to like but not putting much effort in on the move. 3 Wilson's Rogermardax Lady Tara. L (4) 1 Garlick's Ranglewood Genista. Medium size bitch that was a pleasure to go over. Feminine head, nicely arched neck, prominent forechest, well constructed fore and aft, correct topline. Liked her easy free movement. Was happy to award her the CC. 2 Cook & Rhodes Bournder Frankincense. A favourite of mine who has so much to offer, Has matured nicely, just not the confidence of the class winner. 3 Dimon's Laraine Truly Fair for Dimerlin. O (4) An excellent class of mature bitches. 1 McFaul's Ir. Ch Dachville Special Blend (Jun Ch). Black and Tan in beautiful bloom. Best of heads correct body proportions, keeps a good profile stacked and on the move. Res CC. 2 Mitchell's Ch Bronia Enchantress JW. Red, Scores with her well angulated quarters, correct topline, liked her free moving style. 3 McNaughton's Ch Cedavoch Mystique. Sp O Black & Tan (3) 1 Plevin's Dachville Black Diamond at Rodima. 2 Dimon's Laraine Truly Fair for Dimerlin. Black and Tan in lovely condition, not quite the hindquarters of class winner. Well handled. Sp O Any other Colour (4) 1 McNaughton's Cedavoch Sorceress. Red, well proportioned body with good angulation, covered the ground well on the move. 2 Mitchell's Bronia Classy Chassis at Imirika. Preferred the head of this bitch. Forequarters well constructed but not so good a 1 in hindquarters. Jan Rowe memorial Open Stakes (12) 1 Geeson's CH Abydachs Attitude JW. Veteran Black and Tan Min Long who could still trouble the best. Pretty head, body construction and proportions are so correct, moved with such style and drive. 2 Phllips Rossdach Madame Butterfly. Brindle Min Long. Nicely put together baby. Neat size, good bone and length of ribbing, another very sound mover. I liked her a lot.
 Mrs Edna Cooper