Southern Dachshund Club 2011

Long Haired

Judge Ann Booth


Many thanks to the Southern Dachshund Association for inviting me to judge the Standard Longhaired Dachshunds. V (3, 1) 1 Chapman's Melminds Master Copy. B/t dog, good forechest and shoulders, well ribbed and good feet, moved well. 2 Sutton's Dolan Cupid Golden Dawn At Damai. Red bitch, good body, layout of shoulders, nice head and neck. MPD (1) 1 Vine's Darsoms Zwagger. Very raw puppy, should be left at home for sometime. PD (2) 1 Geeson's Abydachs Kicks Up A Storm. A well balanced puppy with good outline standing and on the move, strong bone and plenty of substance and good topline, moved well. BP and RCC. 2 Cook & Rhodes' Abydachs Rides The Storm To Bournder. Typical masculine outlook, strong bone, in good condition and correct topline. JD (3) 1 Johnson's Africandawns Night Flash. Good head, well set lengthy neck, good condition, well ribbed, good front and well angulated both ends, in good coat and moved well. DCC. 2 Hagan & Borsuk's What A Corker. Good head with correct, low ear set, correct front assembly, good bone. 3 Chapman's Melminds His Masters Voice. PGD (4, 1) 1 Chapman's Merminds Mr Magoo. A well muscled red dog, nicely angulated, good substance and outline, handsome dog. 2 Negus' Tekalhaus Licence To Kill With Tarrmist. A very elegant dog, good head and neck, nice type, lovely shaped eye and head, moved well. 3 Burke & Manston's Bonavoir Trade Secret. LD (6, 1) 1 Negus' Tarramist Adonis Dream. A very smart b/t dog, pleasing head and eye and expression, lengthy neck, well set forequarters. 2 Edwards & Pankhurst's Marshwick Cloudy Morning At Danward. Good head, soundly made with good spring of rib, moved well in good coat. 3 Vine's Bokra Espionage. OD (8, 2) 1 Edwards & Pankhurst's Marshwick Shades Of Black At Danward. B/t, excellent head, well set up shoulders, long upper arm, well ribbed, moving with a good stride. 2 Geiser & Geeson's Am Ch Insights Captain Clutch. Excellent head and neck, in good condition, very elegant, well ribbed, nice feet, moved well. 3 Clarke's Aust Ch Laurieton His Masters Voice By Tekalhaus. MPB (2, 1) 1 Geeson's Abydachs Summer Lovin. Impressive head, eye and expression, strong jaws, close knit feet, confident for one so young. PB (2) 1 Smith's Xanadu Out Of The Dark. Lovely puppy, good substance, good outline, well balanced, nicely angulated. 2 Geeson's Abydachs Summer Breeze. Smart, nicely balanced, pleasing head and eye, nice mover. JB (4) 1 Negus' Tarramist A New Moe. Love this little girl, typical, well balanced forequarters, short loin, excellent forechest, body and quarters, beautiful outline standing and moves well. RCC. 2 Dunbar & McNaughton's Bronia Velveteen. Smart b/t, pleasing head and eye, good neck, forequarters and ribbing that goes far back. 3 Johnson's Africandawns Night Fire. PGB (6, 1) 1 Lewis' Bronia Sweet Amber At Trixieland. Full of quality, good head and bone, soundly put together, good keel, moved well. 2 Clarke's Tekalhaus Octopussy. Well ribbed, good topline and feet and upper arm, moved well. 3 Lawrence's Pevenleigh Rose Of Polly. LB (6, 3) 1 Negus' Tarramist Ophelia. Excellent reach of neck and long upper arm, good forechest and correct layout of shoulders. 2 Cross' Loggeta Ice Maiden. Pretty head, nice body and good coat, moved well. 3 Chapman's Darsoms Ziana At Melminds. OB (1) 1 Cedavoch Mystique. Stood alone but a lovely b/t, good type, good length of neck, soundly made, well ribbed, strong loin, lovely coat and condition, flowed around the ring. Delighted to give her her third CC, also BOB, and congratulations, BIS.

Ann Booth