Boston Championship Show 2014

Dachshund (Long Haired) - No CC's

Judge Eileen Cooper



Best of Breed : MITCHELL Ch Bronia Mr Pepys & Hound Group 1

Best Dog : MITCHELL Ch Bronia Mr Pepys

Res Best Dog : FOSSETT Brysdax Second to None

Best Bitch : MITCHELL Africandawns Lilly's Legacy at Bronia

Res Best Bitch : CHAPMAN Melminds Maleficent

Best Puppy : MITCHELL Africandawns Lilly's Legacy at Bronia


Junior Dog (2)

1st CHAPMAN Melminds Zsylvester

2nd FOSSETT Africandawns Night Gardian at Brysdax


Post Graduate (1)

1st  FOSSETT Brysdax Second to None


Open Dog (3)

1st MITCHELL Ch Bronia Mr Pepys

2nd HAGAN & BORSUK What a Corker at Follypaws

3rd HAGAN & BORSUK Badamtam's via Baltica at Follypaws


Junior Bitch (1)

1st CHAPMAN Melminds Maleficent


Open Bitch (1)

1st MITCHELL Africandawns Lilly's Legacy at Bronia


Firstly I would like to thank the committee for giving me the opportunity to judge four varieties of Dachshunds at their prestigious show. I would also like to thank my stewards who were very professional and knowledgeable and whose expertise added to my enjoyment of the day.

(2) 1 Chapman's Melminds Zsylvester. 15 months old s/r with masculine head, good reach of neck and front assembly. Well bodied. Topline held on the move and stacked. Strode out purposefully and with drive. 2 Fossett's Africandawns Night Guardian At Bryndax. 16 mth old clear red dog, finer type than first. Nice head and front assembly. Held topline on the move, just preferred movement of first.

(1) 1 Bryndax Second To None. Clear red dog, took a little time to settle. Good houndy head, front assembly and length of ribbing, held topline when stacked. Moved far better in the challenge for different handler. RBD.

(4, 1) 1 Mitchell's Ch Bronia Mr Pepys. Stunning red dog, nice size, super front assembly, well padded tight feet, excellent shoulder placement, his soundness clearly demonstrated by his superb movement and stance. BD, BOB, HG1. 2 Hagan & Borsuk's What A Corker At Follypaws. Well bodied b/t. Nice head, good shoulder placement, held topline on move and stacked. Moved ok. 3 Hagan & Borsuk's Badamtam's Via Baltica At Follypaws (Imp Fin).

(1) 1 Chapman's Melminds Maleficent. Litter sister to JD winner, s/r, lovely front assembly, nice head, well laid shoulder. Firm topline held both stacked and on the move, sound movement. RBB.

(1) 1 Mitchell's Africandawns Lilly's Legacy At Bronia. Superb s/r girl of a nice size. Beautifully made throughout. Super front assembly and shoulder placement. Nice feet. Strode out purposefully with good rear drive, holding topline at all times. BB.

Eileen Cooper