Northern Counties Dachsund Ass Championship Show 2014


Dachshund (Long Haired) - No CC's


Judge Paul Singleton




Best of Breed : MCNAUGHTON Cedavoch Kismet

Best Dog : MCNAUGHTON Cedavoch Under a Spell

Res Best Dog : HUTTON Rolo Rascal over Dachalune

Best Bitch : MCNAUGHTON Cedavoch Kismet

Res Best Bitch : GEESON Abydachs Summer Lovin

Best Puppy : CALLOW Garthorne Game Over

Best Veteran : HUTTON Owlery Majestic of Dachalune ShCM


Veteran Dog or Bitch (1 Entry)

1st HUTTON Owlery Majestic of Dachalune ShCM

2nd HUTTON Frankanwen Sure Magic for Dachalune


Puppy Dog (1 Entry)

1st CALLOW Garthorne Game Over


Junior Dog (1 Entry)

1st MCNAUGHTON Cedavoch Under a Spell


Post Graduate (3 Entries)

1st  CHAPMAN Melminds Zsylvester

2nd HORN Darsoms Zotis


Limit Dog (2 Entries)

1st HUTTON River Rumpus through Dachalune

2nd HORN Africandawns Night Willow


Open Dog (2 Entries)

1st HUTTON Rolo Rascal over Dachalune


Puppy Bitch (1 Entry)

1st Absent


Junior Bitch (1 Entry)

1st GEESON Abydachs Vision of the Night


Post Graduate Bitch (2 Entries)

1st CHAPMAN Melminds Maleficent

2nd CHEESE Suecaseus Desdemona


Limit Bitch (4 Entries)

1st MCNAUGHTON Cedavoch Kismet

2nd MITCHELL Africandawns Lilly's Legacy at Bronia


Open Bitch (2 Entries)

1st GEESON Abydachs Summer Lovin

LH. I was pleasantly surprised at the excellence of quality and type in some of the exhibits. There were ,however, too many narrow fronts.

Vet. D/B. 1st. Huttons Owlery Majestic of Dachalune. Decent shape and profile. Masc. head of good shape, good eye colour. Balanced fore and aft.  Decent bone. Good prow and decent ribbing. Moved out well

2nd. Huttons Frankanwen Sure Magic for Dachalune. Slightly heavier and not so clean over shoulder. Good topline, decent bone. Moved out reasonably well.

PD. 1st. BP.Callows Garthorne Game Over. Gangly 7months puppy. Very attractive masc. head and eye. Good forechest. Has enough bone. Needs to drop and mature as one would expect. Very unsettled on the move, I understand he had been rushed into the class, he got better as the day progressed. Has potential.

JD. 1st. BD. McNaughtons Cedavoch Under A Spell. Stunning outline when he chooses to hold it. Good enough for bone. Attractive and well balanced head and eye. Stands a little forward at the moment. He has plenty of forechest but he needs to body up which is to be expected at this age. Wouldn’t want his loin any longer. Good balanced angles. Beautiful quality and type.

PGD. 1st. Chapmans Melminds Zsylvester. Reasonable outline. Still a youngster and although has enough forechest needs to rib up a little more. A shade long in loin. Moved out well.

2nd. Horns Darsoms Zotis. Heavier all through and better in ribbing than the winner. A shade stuffy through the neck and shoulder. Moved out well .

LD. 1st. Huttons River Rumpus Through Dachalune. Decent balanced outline. Attractive head and expression. Clean over the shoulders. A shade more ribbing would be a benefit. Moves towards a little narrow.

2nd. Horns Africandawns Night Willow. Not quite the outline of the winner. Better for body and ribbing. A shade upright in front and shoulder. Masc. head.

OD. 1st. RBD. Huttons Rolo Rascal over Dachalune ShCM. Very good outline. Decent head. Ok for neck. Shoulder and upper arm are well positioned. Good forechest and well ribbed. Balanced angles. A shade narrow coming towards.


PB. Abs.

JB. 1st. Geesons Abydachs Vision of the Night. 14 months and at the in between stages. Balanced outline and a fair shape. Head needs to clear. Shoulders need to settle. Well bodied, moved out really well with some drive.

PGB. 1st. Chapmans Melminds Maleficent. Decent shape and outline. Would prefer more bone and ribbing. Showed and moved out well.

2nd. Cheese’s Suecaseus Desdemona . Balanced outline, better for bone and ribbing than the winner. Front could be improved. Not handled to the best advantage.

LB. 1st. BB & BOB. McNaughtons Cedavoch Kismet. Absolutely stunning, I loved her type and quality. Good balance all through.  Feminine head and expression. Very good movement where she holds her topline. Still needs a shade more ribbing but she is young yet. Like her brother the BD she tends to sink but when she pulls it together she is lovely.

2nd. Burke & Manstons Bonavoir Serenity. Decent bitch and close up to the winner for construction. Movement is sound with enough drive. Not the flair and elegance of the winner.

OB. 1st.   RBB. Geesons Abydachs Summer Lovin. Another really good bitch. Excellent shape and outline. Very good body and ribbing. Head lacks a shade in stop.  Moved out well.  Beautiful.