Southern Dachshund Ass Championship Show 2014

Dachshund (Long Haired)

Judge: Christine Gibson (Allfreys)

BEST OF BREED : GEESON Abydachs Vision of the Night
Dog CC : BOYLES Ch Zarcrest Hugo Boss  
Res Dog CC : GEESON Abydachs Kicks Up a Storm
Bitch CC : GEESON Abydachs Vision of the Night
Res Bitch CC : GEESON Abydachs Summer Lovin 
Best Puppy : GEESON Abydachs Vision of the Night
Best Veteran : SUTTON Damai Master Benedict ShCM

Veteran Dog (2 Entries)
1st: SUTTON Damai Master Benedict ShCM
2nd: BOOTH & ELSEY Ch Abbalongdat Ms Voulez Vous
3rd: FOSSETT Melminds Method in Madness via Brysdax
Res: CHAPPELL Roijuls Liquroice Lover at Glenedee

Minor Puppy Dog (2 Entries)
1st: DUCNESNE Darsoms Zifi of Scandell
2nd: COOPER, HENDREN & STEADMAN Bronia Mr McGregor

Puppy Dog (2 Entries)  
1st: DARE Zarcrest Marco Jacobs at Darsoms

Junior Dog (3 Entries)  
1st: NEGUS Tarramist Dom Perignon
2nd: CHAPMAN Melminds Zylvester 
3rd: FOSSETT Africandawns Night Ardian at Brysdax

Post Graduate Dog (7 Entries)  
1st: FURNEAUX Bokra Mikado
2nd: DUCHESNE Bronia Priam of Scandell 
3rd: WILSON Rogermardax Senor Dougal
Res: WOOD Rogermardax Jack Spratt
VHC: COOK & RHODES Bournder Regency Malachite

Limit Dog (8 Entries)
1st: GUY & DARE Melminds Zitanic at Darsoms 
2nd: COOPER & HENDREN & STEADMAN Darsoms Zethro
3rd: DUCHESNE Darsoms Zane of Scandell 
Res: WILSON Rogermardax Senor Dougal
VHC: WOOD Rogermardax Jack Spratt

Open Dog (9 Entries)  
1st: BOYLES Ch Zarcrest Hugo Boss
2nd: GEESON Abydachs Kicks Up a Storm
3rd: MITCHELL Ch Bronia Mr Pepys
Res: CLARKE Aust Ch Laurieton His Masters Voice By Tekalhaus ShCM
VHC: DARE Zarcrest Paco Rabanne at Darsoms

Minor Puppy Bitch (2 Entries)
1st: MARSH Marshwick Morning Cloud

Puppy Bitch (2 Entries) 
1st: GEESON Abydachs Vision of the Night

Junior Bitch (2 Entries)  
1st: NEGUS Tarramist Krug Rose
2nd: CHAPMAN Melminds Maleficient

Post Graduate Bitch (11 Entries)
1st: COOK & RHODES Bournder Ruby Empress
2nd: BURKE & MANSTON Bonavoir Serenity
3rd: SUTTON Lillymai Flower by Damai
Res: BOOTH & ELSEY Abbalongdat Ms Marionette
VHC:WILSON Rogermardax Lady Willow

Limit Bitch (12 Entries)
1st: MITCHELL Africandawns Lilly's Legacy at Bronia
2nd: DARE Darsoms Zhona
3rd: CLARK Tekalhaus Octopussy
Res: BOOTH & ELSEY Abbalongdat Ice Queen
VHC: EVE Dachslur Diamond Fancy Free at Sundayshill

Open Bitch (7 Entries)
1st: GEESON Abydachs Summer Lovin
2nd: MARKS Ch Labbadax Belladonna
3rd: MITCHELL Bronia Callista
Res: DARE Darsoms Zolene 
VHC: CLARKE Solo's Billon Dollar Baby among Tekalhaus

This is the first time I have judged this variety at this level. I was very impressed with the overall quality of the exhibits. I do think that size is a problem in some of the exhibits, they are big and heavy. Coats were good and clean. Temperaments was very good. I really enjoyed my day. V. (4). 1. Sutton's, Damai Master Benedict Sh CM. B/t. Amazing to think that I judged this boy as a youngster. Carying his 9 years really well. Good head and neck. Good front. Sound movement. 2. Booth and Elsley's, Ch. Abbalongdat Ms Voulez Vous. Red of lovely type. Another who carries her 9 years well. Good head and front. Good topline. Nice outline. 3. Fossett's, Melminds Method in Madness via Brysdax. MPD. (2). 1. Duchesne's, Darsoms Zifi of Scandell. 7 months old red. Well grown. Good bone. Liked his head and front. Nice tight feet. Kept his topline on the move. Moved well. 2. Cooper, Hendren and Steadman's, Bronia Mr McGregor. 7 months old red. Similar comments apply. Well made, good topline and underlines. Moved freely just preferred the hind movement of winner. Two nice puppies. PD. (2,1). 1. Dare's, Zarcrest Marc Jacobs at Darsoms. On his own but a worthy winner. Liked his head and expression. Good front and sternum. Tight feet. Good underline and topline. Moved with drive. BPD. JD. (3). 1. Negus's, Tarramist Dom Perignon. Very nice dog. Neat front. Good shoulder placement. Well ribbed. Good coat and condition. Moved soundly keeping his firm topline. 2. Chapman's, Melminds Zsylvester. Another nice dog. Elegant red of nice type. Elegant head and tidy front. Decent ribbing. Well angulated rear. Just lost his topline on the move. 3. Fossett's, Africandawns Night Ardian at Brysdax. PGD. (7). 1. Furneaux's Bokra Mikado. Well balanced dog of good length and proportions. Good head and eye. Well laid shoulders and prominent forechest. Quite heavily coated, but moved with free easy strides. 2. Duchesne Bronia Priam of Scandell. Nice red. Liked his head and expression. Good front and tight feet. Underline ok kept his topline on the move. Just preferred the hind movement of winner. 3. Wilson's, Rogermardax Senor Dougal. LD. (8,1). 1. Dare and Guy's, Melminds Zitanic at Darsoms. Lovely red. Lovely head and dark eye. Well covered, very good angulation. Nice tight feet. Well ribbed. Good underline and topline. Moved with purpose and drive. 2. Cooper, Hendren and Steadman's, Darsom's Zethro. Little to seperate these two. Elegant head. Good reach of neck and good ribbing. Well made quarters. A bit excited at first but steadied on the move, just preferred the front construction of winner. 3. Duchesene's, Darsoms Zane of Scandell. OD. (9). I was spoilt for choice in this class. 1. Boyles', Ch. Zarcrest Hugo. Most beautiful red. Everything flows into place. Most masculine head, neck which flows into well placed shoulders. Superb front and tight feet. Well angulated front and rear. Moved with drive. CC. 2. Geeson's, Abydachs Kicks Up a Storm. Another lovely red. Excellent pigmentation. Lovely head and eye. Good front and feet. Liked his underline and topline. Moved with drive. Splitting hairs but preferred the overall balance of winner. RCC. 3. Mitchell's, Ch. Bronia Mr Pepys. MPB. (2,10. 1. Marsh's, Marshwick Morning Cloud. B/t. Very raw 6 month old baby. Nice head and front. Good feet. Well off for ribbing. Movement a bit erratic at the moment but time is on her side. PB. (2,1). 1. Geeson's, Abydach Vision of the Night. My what a stunner. Very elegant head, lovely dark mischievous eye. Super front. Lovely tight feet. Neck that flows into well placed shoulders. Good length of ribbing. Moved with drive. My find of the day. CC and BP. Delighted that she was awarded. BIS and BPIS. JB. (2). 1. Negus's, Tarramist Krung Rose. Close decision between these two youngsters. Very smart red who presented an excellent outline. Feminine head, reachy neck. Good upper arm and layback of shoulder. Good length of ribbing. Moved with drive. 2. Chapman's, Melminds Maleficient. Feminine red girl with lots to like. Really well put together and neat all through. Liked her front and underline. Kept her topline on move. She just lost out on hind movement. PGB. (11,1). 1. Cook's, Rhodes's Bounder Ruby Empress. Lovely red. Moved soundly with style. Elegance, correct front construction and well ribbed. Liked her overall balance. 2. Burke and Manston's, Bonavior Serenity. Similar comments apply. Pleasing girl. Nice head and expression. Pleasing overall shape. Liked her underline and length. Just thought that winner moved with more vigour. 3. Sutton's, Lillymai Flower by Damai. LB. (12,3). Strong class of lovely bitches. 1. Michell's, Africandawns Lily's Legacy at Bronia. Loved her head and reach of neck which flowed into well placed shoulders. Tight feet. Good length of upper arm. Liked her length of ribbing. Well angulated. Moved with style. 2. Dare's, Darsom's Zhona. Attractive head. Good oval front. Good feet. Well placed shoulders. Liked her length of ribbing. Well angulated. Just preferred movement of winner. 3. Clarke's, Tekalhaus Octopussy. OB. (7,2). 1. Geeson's, Abydach Summer Lovin. Another lovely bitch from this kennel. Mother of my BP. Caught my eye as she entered the ring. Lovely feminine head, neck that flows into well placed shoulders. Good front and tight feet that are well padded. Good underline. Well angulated hindquarters. She moves with drive. RCC. 2. Mark's, Labbadax Belladonna. Another nice bitch who when standing creates a lovely outline. Lovely head and correct body. Good length of ribbing. Well made quarters. She moved well but I preferred the overall balance of winner. 3. Mitchell's, Bronia Calista.
Christine Gibson