Long Haired Dachshund Club Championship Show 2015

Dachshund (Long Haired)

Judge: Dogs - Clare Bethel (Hampdach) 

 Bitches- Mike Turner (Rafthouse)

BEST OF BREED : ROBERTS Ch Swansford Whoopydora
Dog CC : BOYLES Ch Zarcrest Hugo Boss
Res Dog CC : HUTTON River Rumpus through Dachalune
Bitch CC : ROBERTS Ch Swansford Whoopydora
Res Bitch CC : DARE Swansford Nigelladora Darsoms
Best Puppy : GEESON Abydachs Seize the Night
Best Veteran : ROBERTS Ch Swansford Burburydora

Veteran Dog (2 Entries)
1st: SUTTON Damai Master Benedict ShCM
2nd: HUTTON Owlery Majestic of Dachalune ShCM

Minor Puppy Dog
1st: No Entries

Puppy Dog (1 Entry)
1st: GEESON Abydachs Seize the Night

Junior Dog (5 Entries)  
1st: GARLICK Ranglewood Arashi
2nd: NEGUS Tarramist Iron Man
3rd: MCFAUL Shardaroba Taylor Made for Dachville
Res: LEWIS Trixhund Euphoria
VHC: MARKS Labbadax Fearless Warrior

Yearling Dog (3 Entries)  
1st: DUCHESNE Bronia Zifi of Scandell

Post Graduate Dog (7 Entries)  
1st: PASKIN Bronia Mr Tod at Kindeace
2nd: WILSON Rogermardax Senor Dougal
3rd: NEGUS Tarramist Dom Perignon
Res: COOK & RHODES Bournder Regency Malachite
VHC: DUCHESNE Bronia Priam of Scandell

Limit Dog (6 Entries)
2nd: ROBERTS Swansford Kestador
3rd: CHAPMAN Melminds Zsylvester
Res: WILSON Rogermardax Senor Dougal
VHC: BOOTH & ELSEY Abbalongdat The Visitor

Open Dog (7 Entries)  
1st: BOYLES Ch Zarcrest Hugo Boss
2nd: HUTTON Rolo Rascal over Dachalune ShCM
3rd: DARE & GUY Ch Zarcrest Marc Jacobs at Darsoms 
Res: BURKE & MANSTON Loggeta Duke of Marmalade from Bonavoir
VHC: JOHNSON Africandawns Night Hawk

Special Open Black & Tan Dog (4 Entries)  
1st: HUTTON River Rumpus through Dachalune
2nd: LEWIS Trixhund Classic Euphoria
3rd:  WILSON Rogermardax Senor Dougal
Res: HUGHES Dachsarah Roustabout

Special Open Any other Colour Dog (3 Entries)  
1st: WOOD Rogermardax Jack Spratt
2nd: DUCHESNE Darsoms Zane of Scandell

Veteran Dog or Bitch (2 Entries)
1st: ROBERTS Ch Swansford Burburydora

Minor Puppy Bitch (2 Entries)
1st: BOOTH & ELSEY Peverleigh Super Trooper by Abbalongdat

Puppy Bitch
1st: No Entries

Junior Bitch (4 Entries)  
1st: DARE Swansford Nigelladora Darsoms
2nd: MARKS Labbadax Feisty Empress
3rd: LEWIS Trixhund Endless Euphoria
Res: GARLICK Ranglewood Tempest

Yearling Bitch (4 Entries)  
1st: JOHNSON Darsoms Zeony with Africandawns
2nd: BOOTH & ELSEY Labbadax Gimme Gimme Gimme at Abbalongdat
3rd: EVE Sundayshill Anastasia
Res: HUTTON Daamistico Destiny at Dachalune

Post Graduate Bitch (8 Entries)
1st: NEGUS Tarramist Krug Rose
2nd: BOOTH & ELSEY Labbadax Gimme Gimme Gimme at Abbalongdat
3rd: PASKIN Kindeace Rita Ora
Res: GARLICK Ranglewood Diamond Heist
VHC: EVE Dachslur Mairi My Dream

Limit Bitch (7 Entries)
1st:  DARE & GUY Darsoms Zindzi
2nd: GARLICK Ranglewood Idesia
3rd:  COOK & RHODES Bournder Ruby Empress
Res: BURKE & MANSTON Bonavoir Independence
VHC: EVE Dachslur Diamond Fancy Free at Sundayshill

Open Bitch (4 Entries)
1st: ROBERTS Ch Swansford Whoopydora
2nd: MCFAUL Ch/Ir Ch Dachville Special Blend
3rd: PASKINS Abydachs Summer Dream at Kindeace ShCM
Res: LEWIS Bronia Sweet Amber at Trixhund

Special Open Black & Tan Bitch (4 Entries)
1st: MCFAUL Ir Ch Dachville Classical Blend
2nd:SUTTON Lilymai Flower by Damai
3rd: HUGHES Dachslur Velvet Ribbon

Special Open Any Other Colour Bitch (2 Entries)
1st: BOOTH & ELSEY Abbalongdat Ms Marionette
2nd: WILSON Rogermardax Lady Willow


Vet (2)

1st Suttons Damai Master Benedict ShCM, 10years B&T, nicely balanced, strong head & jaw, enough length of neck, good front assembly, well sprung ribbing, strong loin and good quarters. Moved well.

2nd Hutton’s Owlery Majestic of Dachalune ShCM, lovely red of 11yrs judged before, nice boy to go over, similar remarks to winner just preferred rear movement on winner.

P (1)

1st Geeson’s Abydachs Seize The Night, a very immature boy, good head dark eyes, enough reach of neck into good front, sprung ribbing into strong loin, I’d like more turn of stifle as moved a bit close at rear. BP

J (5)

1st Garlick’s Ranglewood Arashi splitting hairs between the first three, this one was better size and had better hindquarters in class, nice head with almond shaped dark eyes, strong jaw with correct bite, good reach of neck, into good full front, well sprung ribbing carried back into strong loin kept level topline on move.

2nd Negus’s Tarramist Iron Man similar remarks to winner I just preferred rear on winner.

3rd McFaul’s Shardaroba Taylor Made For Dachville slightly shallow and little longer than the first two, not as steady on the move, preferred front on winner, nice to go over just needs to stop sinking down onto his rear when stacked.

YD (3-1)

1st Duchensne Darsoms Zifi of Scandell had better coat and front than 2nd, nice head, jaws with correct bite, enough reach of neck, good front assembly, enough length of ribbing, I’d like more to the rear as lacked angles, moved well.

2nd Mesdames Cooper, Hindson, L George, Messrs Laird, Hendren, Bronia Mr McGregor had better hind quarters than winner but preferred front assembly on winner. Similar remarks apply, was unsettled on the move.

PG (7)

1st Paskins Bronia Mr Todd at Kindeace, red higher on leg, all three were well presented, I preferred the front on winner to the others, nice head, eyes, jaws, good reach of neck into well placed shoulders, oval front with enough depth, a little short but sprung ribbing carried back, lacked turn of stifle, all three moved close at rear.

2nd Wilsons Rogermardax Senor Dougal B&T, lower on leg with similar remarks, was deeper in front but had better ribbing and rear angles, moved well

3rd Negus Tarramist Dom Perignon another red, lower on leg than winner, again similar remarks to winner I just preferred the front on winner but nice to go over, I would of preferred more to the hind quarters, was quite straight. All three kept their toplines on the move.

L (6)

1st Mesdames Cooper, Hindson, L George, Messrs Laird, Hendren Darsoms Zethro hard decision between 1&2, preferred movement on winner kept topline on move, Nice to go over, good size, good head and dark eyes, I’d like a little more reach of neck, well placed shoulders and full oval front, enough depth, well sprung ribbing, sound hind quarters.

2nd Roberts Swansford Kestador well presented, lovely masculine dog to go over, just dipped behind shoulders and lost his topline on the move, lovely size, I’d like a little more turn to stifle, showed well.

3rd Chapman Melminds Zsylvester another nice dog, similar remarks to winner, I would have liked better shoulders, but still nice to go over.

O (7)

1st Boyle’s Ch Zarcrest Hugo Boss a well presented quality boy, was a nice class to judge, lovely outline, enough depth throughout, masculine head, dark eyes, just enough reach of neck, good full front assembly, well sprung ribbing carried back, strong loin, just enough rear angles, sound movement keeping topline. DCC, RBOB

2nd Hutton’s Rolo Rascal Over Dachalune. Another nice dog, splitting hairs between winner and this boy, winner had better hind quarters and just had the edge today, I would of just liked more depth to this boy but he could certainly cover ground.

3rd Dare’s Ch Zarcrest Marc Jacobs at Darsoms again another quality boy to go over, beautifully presented as always from his handler, similar remarks apply as that of winner, being really picky would have liked better shoulder placements, but he’s still a worthy champion.

Special Open B&T (4)

1st Hutton’s River Rumpus Through Dachalune, masculine dog, black & tan, lovely strong head, dark eyes, ears set correctly, lovely reach of neck, Well laid shoulders, nice bone and substance, full oval front, enough depth with well sprung ribbing, strong loin, sound hind quarters. Moved with drive covering the ground. Pushed hard for the CC, RDCC.

2nd Lewis Trixhund Classic Euphoria another nice boy, again similar remarks t winner, both nicely balanced, I just preferred rear actions on winner.

3rd Wilsons Rogermadax Senor Dougal

Special Open any other colour (3-1)

1st Wilsons Rogermadax Jack Spratt, red nice to go over, moved better than 2nd and had more to shoulders and front than 2nd, both were nice to go over and showed well.

2nd Duchesne Darsoms Zane of Scandell nice to go over, lost out to winner on front, moved and showed well.

Thank you to the Committee and the stewards for their hospitality.

I had a lovely day, was a bit disappointed in the quality of the dogs and found that when deciding for BOB the bitches were far superior. However there were some quality which I found and I was pleased with my placings and my winners.


Clare Bethel.


I very much enjoyed judging Long Haired Dachshund bitches and thank the Committee for their kind invitation. I found the entry to be, overall, a good one. Size now seems more stable and I am pleased to see most have retained their glamourous appearance. A few short upper-arms and a couple of questionable mouths, but on the whole very little to criticize. A few exhibits were carrying far too much weight, which is totally unnecessary, but overall presentation was excellent.


Veteran Bitch – 2 (1 abs)

1st ROBERTS’ CH. SWANSFORD BURBURYDORA. 8½ year old black & tan bitch, put down in lovely coat and condition. So well-constructed all through and a sound as a bell. Really covered the ground on the move, keeping a firm topline. Best veteran in agreement with my co-judge.

Minor Puppy – 2 (1 abs)

1st BOOTH & ELSLEY’S PEVERLEIGH SUPER TROOPER BY ABBALONGDAT. 7 month, very raw baby. Compact and roly poly and needing to tighten fore and aft.

Junior Bitch – 4

1st & RCC DARE’S SWANSFORD NIGELLADORA DARSOMS. Super shaded-red bitch of super make and shape. Beautifully presented and handled to advantage, she really took my eye. A fab mover with a super topline, strongly considered her for the CC – bound to gain her title with ease.

2nd MARKS’S LABBADAX FEISTY EMPRESS. Shaded-red bitch of similar type, although not as finished yet. Well-constructed and pleasing on the move, just not as tidy in front as 1.


Yearling – 5 (1 abs)

1st JOHNSON’S DARSOMS ZEONY WITH AFRICANDAWNS. Glamorous red bitch in full coat and very hard to fault on the move. Liked her overall construction very much, would just like a bit less of her.

2nd BOOTH & ELSLEY’S LABBADAX GIMME GIMME GIMME AT ABBALONGDAT. Fifteen month old shaded-red bitch in her underwear here, but has little to hide. Lost out a little on maturity here, but moved with drive.


Post Graduate – 8 (1 abs)

1st NEGUS’S TARRAMIST KRUG ROSE. Super, dark, shaded-red bitch heading up a really good P G Class. Loved her type, has the “three L’s” with no exaggeration at all. Both sound and flashy, she must be one to watch – moved really well here just lost a bit of drive in the Challenge for the CC, nonetheless a serious contender.



Limit – 6

1st DARE & GUY’S DARSOMS ZINDI. Shaded-red bitch, again beautifully presented in clean, muscled condition. Well made all through and a purposeful mover with lovely, tight, feet.

2nd GARLICK’S RANGLEWOOD IDESIA. Black & tan bitch of decent type who can really move, but would benefit from slowing down a bit – she’s in such a hurry! Soundly-constructed all through, but could use a bit more reach of neck for me. Shown in lovely bloom.


Open Bitch – 4

1st ROBERT’S CH SWANSFORD WHOOPYDORA. Undisputed star of the day, this very neat and tidy shaded-red bitch out moved everything else here today. Absolutely no exaggeration in any department, she is of text book size and very close to my interpretation of the standard, her hind drive was a joy to behold. Cruised to the CC, and with the agreement of my co-Judge, B.O.B – and then went on to win Best in Show – Congratulations!

2nd MCFAUL’S CH. IR. CH. DACHVILLE SPECIAL BLEND. A very smart and classy black & tan bitch in immaculate condition and with little to fault her. Magnificent head and front and a super mover, just not the hind drive of 1 today.


Special Open Black & Tan – 4 (1 abs)

1st MCFAUL’S IR. CH. DACHVILLE CLASSICAL BLEND. Another super bitch from this kennel and very similar to her half-sister, being of the same make and shape. Sound and positive mover, beautifully presented.

2nd SUTTON’S LILLYMAI FLOWER BY DAMAI. Tidy bitch of reasonable construction but didn’t really have her mind on the job here, being rather lethargic on the move so lacking drive. An off day perhaps? We all have them!


Special Open Any Other Colour – 2

1st BOOTH & ELSLEY’S ABBALONGDAT MS MARIONETTE. Lengthy and glamorous shaded-red bitch of decent construction who completely out-moved her competition here, keeping a firm topline. In lovely condition.

2nd WILSON’S ROGERMARDAX LADY WILLOW. Shorter-coupled shaded-red bitch, sadly carrying far too much weight – which completely obscures her outline and affected her movement.

Mike Turner