Long Haired Dachshund Club Championship Show 2016

Dachshund (Long Haired)

Judge: Dogs - David Rodger (Thundergay)

             Bitches- Gillian Goad (Rosanport)

BEST OF BREED :MCNAUGHTON Cedavoch The Alchemist & Best in Show
Dog CC : MCNAUGHTON Cedavoch The Alchemist
Res Dog CC : MCFAUL Ir Ch Shardaroba's Fashion Flow at Dachville
Bitch CC : COOK & RHODES Bournder Ruby Empress
Res Bitch CC : NEGUS Tarramist Krug Rose
Best Puppy : NEGUS Tarramist Gucci
Best Veteran : SUTTON Damai Master Benedict ShCM

Veteran Dog (1)
1st: SUTTON Damai Master Benedict ShCM
2nd: DARE Ch Bronia Salvador of Darsoms
3rd: BURKE & MANSTON Loggeta John Collins
Res: WILSON Rogermardax Senor Mirlo

Minor Puppy Dog (2)
1st:  BURKE & MANSTON Bonavoir Double O Seven
2nd: HUGHES Rossann Bonnie Blue

Puppy Dog (2, 1 Abs)
1st: BURKE & MANSTON Bonavoir James Hobb

Junior Dog (6)  
1st: MCNAUGHTON Cedavoch The Alchemist
2nd: HORN Darsoms Zabbi
3rd: DARE Darsoms Zamson
Res: RODRIGUES Darsoms Zantor
VHC: DUCHESNE Darsoms Zamba of Scandell

Yearling Dog (2)  
1st: GEESON Abydachs Seize the Night
2nd: DIMON Labbadax Inspiration for Dimerlin

Post Graduate Dog (5)  
1st:  MARKS Labbadax Higher than Hopes
2nd: NEGUS Tarramist Iron Man
3rd: WILSON Rogermardax Senor Dougal
Res: DUNBAR Daamistico Kamali
VHC: CHAPPELL Gleneddee Liquorice Dream

Limit Dog (10)
1st: MCNAUGHTON Teckel Rumour Has It
2nd: METCALFE-BILGIN Metadale Maluda
3rd: GARLICK Ranglewood Arashi
Res: MARKS Labbadax Early Eclipse
VHC: DARE & GUY Darsoms Zimbro

Open Dog (6, 1 Abs)  
1st: MCFAUL Ir Ch Shardaroba's Fashion Flow at Dachville
2nd: JOHNSON Africandawns Night Hawk
3rd: LEWIS Trixhund Euphoria JW ShCM
Res: ROBERTS Swansford Warrador
VHC: DUCHESNE Darsoms Zane of Scandell

Special Open Black & Tan Dog (4, 1 Abs)  
1st: WARKE Ir Ch Glasvey Hurrican Run
2nd: HUTTON Ch River Rumpus through Dachalune ShCM
3rd: WILSON Rogermardax Senor Dougal

Special Open Any Other Colour Dog (2)  
1st: DUNBAR Daamistico Kamali
2nd:WOOD Rogermardax Jack Spratt

Veteran Bitch (5, 1 Abs)
1st: GARLICK Ch Ranglewood Genista
2nd: ROBERTS Ch Swansford Burburydora
3rd: DIMON Dimerlin Isolde
Res: WILSON Rogermardax Margarita

Minor Puppy Bitch (5)
1st: NEGUS Tarramist Gucci
2nd: LEWIS Trixhund You are My World
3rd: CHAPMAN Melminds Miss Cilla Black
Res: WARKE Bronia Athena
VHC: HUGHES Rossann Gone with the Wind

Puppy Bitch (4, 1 Abs)
1st: LEWIS Trixhund You are My World
2nd: ROBERTS Swansford Gemmadora
3rd: FOSSETT Africandawns Night Lover for Brysdax

Junior Bitch (4)  
1st: GARLICK Ranglewood Laurel
2nd: DARE & GUY Darsoms Zangel
3rd: NEGUS Dachslur Diamond Desire at Tarramist
Res: METCALFE-BILGIN Garthorne Going Home to Metadale

Yearling Bitch (2)  
1st: CLARKE Tekalhaus Million to One
2nd: DUNBAR & MCNAUGHTON Dawn Treader of Daamistico

Post Graduate Bitch (7, 1 Abs)
1st: EVE Sundayshill Anastasia
2nd: NIGHTINGALE Whartona Megan Mayhem at Rodima
3rd:  HUGHES Dachslur Velvet Ribbon
Res: GARLICK Ranglewood Diamond Heist
VHC: WILSON Rogermardax Lady Willow

Limit Bitch (8, 3 Abs)
1st: NEGUS Tarramist Krug Rose
2nd: BOOTH & ELSEY Labbadax Gimme Gimme Gimme at Abbalongdat
3rd:  GARLICK Ranglewood Tempest
Res: SUTTON Lilymai Flower by Damai
VHC: CHAPMAN Melminds Maleficent

Open Bitch (5)
1st: COOK & RHODES Bournder Ruby Empress
2nd: METCALFE-BILGIN Metadale Manane
3rd: DARE Ch Swansford Nigelladora Darsoms
Res: EVE Dachslur Mairi My Dream
VHC: COOK & RHODES Bournder Ruby Empress

Special Open Black & Tan Bitch (3)
1st: MCFAUL Ch/Ir Ch Dachville Special Blend
2nd: CHEESE Suecaseus Juliet
3rd: DIMON Dimerlin Isolde

Special Open Any Other Colour Bitch (2, 2 Abs)
1st: Absent


DOGS Many thanks to the committee for asking me to judge the dogs at this well run show, also to my steward, Mrs Anne Moore, for keeping everything moving along smoothly. I felt that some exhibits had a little too much coat, i also found a couple of mouth faults. Overall, I was very pleased with my winners, and the general quality all through the entry. Vet D (4) 1 Sutton's Damai Master Benedict. Sh CM. A b/t of just over 11 years, and w credit to his owner. Lovely head with nicely shaped almond eyes, reachy neck which falls into well laid shoulders. Well angulated front and rear, good topline which he kept standing and on the move. 2 Dare's Ch bronia Salvador of Darsoms. An almost 8 year old red with a pleasing head and eye, right amount of foreface and a good earset. Nicely arched neck flowing into a topline which was kept at all times. Just a little too much coat for me. 3 Burke and Manston's Loggeta John Collins. MP (2) 1 Burke and Manston's Bonavoir Double o Seven. A beautiful red of 7 months with loads of ring presence about him. Lovely head, eye and expression. Nice front and front assembly, neck going into well laid shoulders, tight elbows. Ribbing well back, good topline and plenty of drive from the rear. Still a wee bit chubby, but that will go in time. Should do well in future. 2 Hughes' Rossann Bonnie Blue. 6 month old red, still a little raw. Good head and eye, good reach of neck, good topline. A little tucked up on the day, just needs to settle down. P (2,1) 1 Burke and Manston's Bonavoir James Hobbs. 6 months old b/t with a super head and lovely almond eye. Neck going into well laid shoulders, lovely prominent pro-sternum. Well ribbed back, good tight elbows. Good topline and underline, angulated rear which he used to his advantage and to propel him round the ring. I should think he will do well in the future. BP. J (6) 1 McNaughton's Cedavoch the Alchemist. 17 month old s/red of super quality. Beautiful head and eye, reachy neck falls into well laid back shoulders, ribbed well back and nice tight feet. Good topline and underline. It was a delight to see him flowing freely round the ring. For me the correct amount of feathering. CC, BOB and BIS. 2 Horn's Darsoms Zabbi. S/red of 7 months with a good head and eye. Good reach of neck, good front, topline and underline. nicely laid shoulders and adequate angulation. Had good drive in the ring. 3 Dare's Darsoms Zamson. Y (2) 1 Geeson's Abydachs Seize the Night. A very stylish dog with a super head and eye. good oval front, ribbed well back, Has a good reach of neck going into well placed shoulders, nice topline which he kept standing and on the move. Had plenty of drive going round the ring. 2 Dimon's Labbadax Inspiration for Dimerlin. A shaded red just over a year old, with a good head and eye. Good reach of neck, nice front and rear angulation, drove well from the rear. Not quite as confident as the winner. PG (5) 1 Mark's Labbadax Higherr Than Hope. A lovely s/red of nice proportions, who moved out very well. Super drive, has a lovely head and eye and expression. Good front and reach of neck going into well placed shoulders, is ribbed well back. Good topline which was kept at all times, tail carriage was excellent. 2 Negus' Tarramist Iron man. A very nice s/red of super quality as well, with a great head and eye. good front, neck goes into well laid shoulders. Good angulation front and rear, for me it was hard to split these two. Topline kept at all times. 3 Wilson's Rogermax Senor Dougal. L (10) 1 McNaughton's Teckel Rumour Has It (Imp Can). I loved the way this one moved. Beautiful head and eye and expression. Lovely length of neck going into well laid shoulders. Good front assembly, well ribbed back and a good topline kept at all times. Positive drive from the rear helped propel him round the ring. In lovely condirion and just the right weight. 2 Metcalfe-Biglin's Metadale Maluda. A slightly ligter s/red of super quality, having a lovely head and eye, good reach of neck and well laid shoulders. Good oval front, well sprung ribbing and nicely angulated front and rear. Topline kept at all times. 3 garlick's Ranglewood Arashi. O (6,1) 1 McFaul's Ir Ch Shardarobas Fashion Flow at Dachville. Beautiful  quality s/r, very eyecatching qualities, with a super head and almond eye, correct earset. Long arched neck going into well placed shoulders, tight feet. Super ribbing, topline kept at all times and he moved with style. Frilling on tail was the best on the day. Res cc. 2 Johnson's Africandawns Wighthawk. A slightly darker sh/red who showed his socks off. Has a good head, eye and expression. Good reach of neck, correct shoulder placement and ribbed well back. Topline kept at all times, good angulation to the rear and moved well. 3 lewis' Trixhund Euphoria JW Sh cm. Spo b/t (3,1) 1 Warkes' Ir Ch Glasvey Hurricane Run. A lovely b/t dog of quality with a pleasing head, neck just flowed into well laid back shoulders. Good front assembly, tight feet, topline kept at all times. Great drive from the which which showed in his movement. 2 Hutton's Ch River Rumpus through Dachalune. Sh CM. A very nice dog with a good head and eye. Good front, shoulder placement and topline kept at all times. Angulation is there and he moved well, but i would have liked more enthusiasm. 2 Wood's Rogermardax Jack Spratt. Another who was not happy being here. However, he has a nice head, neck and shoulders, good pro-sternum and adequate ribbing. Just up against it on the day.



Thank you for asking me to judge this most elegant variety, I love them and at times had to make some difficult decisions. V (5) 1 Ch Ranglewood Genista, b/t with a lovely head, correctly shaped dark eyes. Well proportioned, with good length of ribs & underline. She was the best mover in the class, extending well fore & aft. 2 Ch Swansford Burburydora,well made girl close up to1, whose head I preferred, She moved well with good reach, even though I felt she was carrying a bit too much weight. 3.Dimerlin Isolde. MP (5) Two classes of lovely babies, who, I am sure will often change places in their careers. 1 Tarramist Gucci, attractive red, 7month old, & still very much a baby, has good length to height ratio, is well boned, has reasonable ribbing & underline, beefy quarters, & super feet. She moved very well, if slightly close going away. I loved her! 2 Trixhund You Are My World, eye catching shaded red, again a lovely head, more mature than 1, but similar remarks apply,I preferred the movement of 1. viewed side on. 3 Melminds Miss Cilla Black.  P (4,1) 1 Trixhund You Are My World. 2 Swamnsford Gemmadora, still has alot of maturing to do, she has a beautiful head, good front assembly, reasonable ribbing, nice quarters, & moved well on lovely feet. 3 Africandawns Night Lover for Brysdax. J (4) 1 Ranglewood Laurel, red of good proportions. Lovely head & expression, correct dentition. Good length of ribbing & keel, nice hammy quarters, good feet. I preferred her movement away & back. 2 Darsoms Zangel, another lovely shaded red, super head on elegant neck into correct front, reasonable ribbing. She moved well on lovely feet, still seems very much a baby. 3.Dachslur Diamond Desire at Tarramist. Y (2) 1 Tekalhaus Million to One, balanced red, rather a fidget! Well off for bone, nice quarters, lovely feet. The better movement of the two. 2 Dawn Treader of Daamistrico, again a lovely head, close up to 1., not quite the ribbing, & tended to lose topline on the move. PG (7) 1 Sundayshill Anastasia, a shaded red with beautiful head, dark almond shaped eye &gentle expression. Elegant neck into well laid shoulders, reasonable ribbing, nice hammy quarters. Not carrying as much weight as the rest of the class & the better for it. Moved out well with good extension & reasonable width coming & going. 2 Whartona Megan Mayhem at Rodima, another red, nice head & dark eyes. Keel not carried as far back as 1, nice quarters. Could do with less weight over her shoulders, but moved out well. 3 Dachslur Velvet Ribbon. L (8,3) 1 Tarramist Krug Rose, who I fell for, shaded red with super head on elegant neck flowing into well placed  shoulders, correct height to length ratio, prominent forechest, nicely rounded quarters. Her feet were good, & she strode out with parallel movement, extending well viewed from the side. RCC, pushed hard for the ticket. 2 Labbadax Gimme Gimme Gimme at Abbalongdat, red with an attractive head, nicely proportioned, good shoulders, lovely feet, hammy quarters. Moved well. 3.Ranglewood Tempest. O (4) 1 Bournder Ruby Empress, very well presented, elegant shaded red, she has a super head , arched neck running to correctly placed shoulders, good forechest. Ribbing & keel carried well back, muscled quarters, and she moved very soundly, keeping a level topline. Lovely girl! CC. 2 Ch Cedavoch Kismet, well proportioned red with good shoulder placement, nice front & rear. She covered the ground easily, extending well. Preferred head & expression of my winner. 3 Ch Swansford Nigella Darsoms. Sp Open B/T 1 Ch/IrCh Dachville Special Blend, elegant girl with beautiful head & expression. Correct proportions, nice quarters. She was the better mover, going round with drive & extension. 2 Dimerlin Isolde, third in Vet,not quite the outline of 1., but she has a beautifully shaped head & nice dark eyes. Was a bit sluggish on the move
Gillian Goad