Houndshow 2017

Dachshund (Long-haired)

Judge: Mr Wendell Moore


BEST OF BREED : 647 MITCHELL Mrs F Bronia True Legacy
Dog CC : 647 MITCHELL Mrs F Bronia True Legacy
Res Dog CC : 603 BOYLE Miss Z C Ch Zarcrest Hugo Boss
Bitch CC : 654 ROBERTS Mr D Swansford Gemmadora
Res Bitch CC : 641 MCNAUGHTON Ms L Cedavoch Circe
Best Puppy : 646 MITCHELL Miss E Bronia Supernatural
Best Veteran : 653 PASKINS Mr & Mrs K S Abydachs Summer Dream At Kindeace Sh.CM

Class 147 PD (3 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 612 DARE Mrs C Swansford Lionellador Darsoms
2nd: 620 GARLICK Miss E A Ranglewood Harvest Song

Class 148 JD (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 613 DARE Mrs C Darsoms Zybrox
2nd: 642 METCALFE-BILGIN Mrs S Metadale Mateus

Class 149 SBD (2 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 615 DIMON Miss J Labbadax Inspiration For Dimerlin

Class 150 PGD (8 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 635 MARKS Ms G Labbadax Kiton
2nd: 656 RODRIGUES Mrs S Darsoms Zydexta
3rd: 650 PASKINS Mr & Mrs K S Kindeace Mickey Mars
Res: 633 JOHNSON Mr T L Africandawns Night Lement
VHC: 659 STREET, Miss M & TOFT Mrs M Ranglewood Lawsonia

Class 151 LD (5 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 606 BURKE, Ms S & MANSTON Ms R Wardax Indian Summer Bonavoir
2nd: 657 RODRIGUES Mrs S Darsoms Zantor
3rd: 625 GEESON Mrs J F Abydachs Seize The Night
Res: 621 GARLICK Miss E A Ranglewood Arashi
VHC: 638 MARKS, Ms G & JOHNSON Mr T Africandawns Night Hawk

Class 152 OD (6 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 647 MITCHELL Mrs F Bronia True Legacy
2nd: 603 BOYLE Miss Z C Ch Zarcrest Hugo Boss
3rd: 630 HUTTON, Mr D J & Mrs G & HUTTON Miss C E Ch River Rumpus Through Dachalune Sh.CM
Res: 639 MCNAUGHTON Ms L Ch Cedavoch The Alchemist
VHC: 629 HAGAN, Ms M & BORSUK Mr D Ir Ch Badamtam's Via Baltica At Follypaws (Fin Imp

Class 153 VD (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 660 SUTTON Mrs J Damai Master Benedict Sh.CM
2nd: 636 MARKS Ms G Ch Brynalyn Royal Warrier Via Labbadax Sh.CM

Class 154 PB (4 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 646 MITCHELL Miss E Bronia Supernatural
2nd: 604 BOYLE, Miss Z & WREN Mrs A Zarcrest Ava Gardner
3rd: 626 GEESON Mrs J F Abydachs Kumala

Class 155 JB (8 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 614 DARE Mrs C Darsoms Zeunice
2nd: 616 EVE Mrs S Sundayshill Hermione
3rd: 643 METCALFE-BILGIN Mrs S Metadale Marcella
Res: 634 JOHNSON Mr T L Africandawns Night Wizard
VHC: 661 SUTTON, Mrs J & PANKHURST Mr B Lilia Rose at Damai

Class 156 SBB (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 628 HAGAN, Ms M & BORSUK, Mr D & FOSSETT Miss B & Mr Baltic Legacy Via Amberteckel
2nd: 649 NIGHTINGALE, Miss F & THOMAS Miss G Dachalune Amelinda at Rodima

Class 157 PGB (5 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 640 MCNAUGHTON Ms L Cedavoch Seductress
2nd: 617 EVE Mrs S Sundayshill Anastasia
3rd: 632 HUTTON, Mr D J & Mrs G & HUTTON Miss C E Dachalune Annysia
Res: 637 MARKS Ms G Labbadax Kristiansand

Class 158 LB (6 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 641 MCNAUGHTON Ms L Cedavoch Circe
2nd: 618 EVE Mrs S Dachslur Mairi My Dream at Sundayshill
3rd: 623 GARLICK Miss E A Ranglewood Laurel
Res: 609 CLARKE Mr P P & Mrs D J Tekalhaus Million To One Sh.CM
VHC: 649 NIGHTINGALE, Miss F & THOMAS Miss G Dachalune Amelinda at Rodima

Class 159 OB (7 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 654 ROBERTS Mr D Swansford Gemmadora
2nd: 648 MITCHELL Mrs F Ch Bronia Precious Legacy
3rd: 627 GEESON Mrs J F Ch Abydachs Giving Off Sparks
Res: 644 METCALFE-BILGIN Mrs S Metadale Midsummer Dream
VHC: 611 COOK, Mrs I A & RHODES Mrs P M Ch Bournder Ruby Empress

Class 160 VB (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 653 PASKINS Mr & Mrs K S Abydachs Summer Dream At Kindeace Sh.CM
2nd: 619 EVE Mrs S Dachslur Diamond Fancy Free at Sundayshill

PD (3,1) 1 Dare's Swansford Lionellador Darsoms. Red dog, masculine in outlook, reachy neck, good front and ribbing level topline moved soundly in excellent condition. 2 Garlick's Ranglewood Harvest Song. B/t, good for size, nice head and expression, moved well, winner scored in shoulder and ribbing. 

JD (2) 1 Dare's Darsoms Zybrox. Another nicely made dog from this kennel, up to size well constructed all through, presented in excellent condition and moved accordingly. 2 Metcalfe-Bilgins Metadale Mateus. Better for size and of a nice type, lovely head and eye, level topline, excellent hindquarters, preferred the forechest and ribbing of first. 

SBD (2, 1) 1 Dimons Labbadax Inspiration For Dimerlin. Lovely headed red in good condition, good shoulder and ribbing, balanced in quarters, sound steady mover. 

PGD (8, 1) 1 Marks' Labbadax Kiton. Red of correct size, good head and eye, good front and forechest, level topline excellent ribbing, sound steady mover. 2 Rodrigues' Darsoms Zydexta. Heavier built dog than winner, however, nice look about him, good body, level topline, sound mover, preferred size and front of winner.

3 Paskin's Kindsace Micky Mars. 

LD (5) 1 Burke & Manston's Wardax Indian Summer Bonavoir. Red dog of good size and balance, good head, reachy neck, well balanced fore and aft, with good body and ribbing, very good mover, liked him a lot. 2 Rodrigues' Darsoms Zantor. A nicely made dog who was stronger all through than winner, good neck into shoulder, ok ribbing, well bodied, moved soundly. 3 Geeson's Abydachs Seize The Night. 

OD (6) Good class. 1 Mitchell's Bronia True Legacy. Lovely red dog of ideal size and proportions, beautiful head, reachy neck, excellent front, well ribbed back, balanced hind angulation, just floated around the ring. CC + BOB. 2 Boyle's Ch Zarcrest Hugo Boss. Quality dog of commanding appearance, masculine outlook, reachy neck, good ribs, balanced quarters, shown in excellent nick, just preferred size of winner. Res CC. 

VD (2) 1 Sutton's Damai Master Benedict ShCM. This b/t belied his 12 years, in lovely condition, coat gleaming, good head, eye and expression, good front, well bodied, good hind angulation, moved soundly with level topline. 2 Marks' Ch Brynalyn Royal Warrior Via Labbadax ShCM. 8 years old red, again, lovely condition, balanced in outline with good body and quarters, just moving a bit wide behind today. 

PB (4, 1) Three lovely puppy bitches at varying stages of development. 1 Mitchell's Bronia Supernatural. Liked this pretty girl very much, lovely head and eye, reachy neck, good shoulder forechest, excellent ribbing, sound steady mover. BP. 2 Boyle & Wren's Zarcrest Ava Gardner. Another pretty little girl, well made and balanced all through, balanced fore and aft, good ribbing, just a bit close coming toward today. 3 Geeson's Abydach Kumala.

JB (8, 1) 1 Dare's Darsoms Zeunice. Red bitch who is soundly constructed, good head, reach of neck, excellent ribbing, level topline, sound steady mover. 2 Eves' Sundayshill  Hermione.  Lovely headed bitch of ideal size, well made all through and covered the ground with sound steady movement, keeping her topline at all times. 3 Metcalfe-Bilgin's Metadale Marcella. 

SBB (2) 1 Hagan, Borsuk & Fossetts Baltic Legacy Via Amberteckel. Pretty bitch, nice head and eye, good reach of neck, good front and ribbing, sound steady mover. 2 Nightingale & Thomas Dachalune Amelinda At Rodima. B/t who is bigger all through, well constructed balanced quarters, just not so positive on the move as winner. 

PGB (5, 1) 1 McNaughton's Cedavoch Circe. Lovely bitch who again is so well made, I see litter sister to previous class winner and built on the same lovely lines pretty much same remarks apply except she does show off her lovely attributes. Res CC. 2 Eves' Dachslur Mairi My Dream At Sundayshill. Again another lovely typy red bitch who has a quality look about her, close up to the winner in many ways, just preferred the upper arm on first, giving a bit more reach on the move. 3 Garlick's Ranglewood Laurel. 

OB (7, 1) Lovely class of bitches. 1 Roberts' Swansford Gemmadora. The first two could have been litter sisters, so similar, both have lovely heads, first has excellent neck, topline and ribbing, good quarters and a real powerhouse on the move, a beautiful bitch, my pleasure to award her a first CC. 2 Mitchell's Ch Bronia Precious Legacy. So similar in every way to winner, was splitting hairs, just that first had better reach of neck, nevertheless a lovely bitch. 3 Geeson's Abydachs Giving Off Sparks. 

VB (2) 1 Paskin's Abydachs Summer Dream At Kindeace ShCM. Deep red bitch shown in lovely condition, excellent body level topline good head eye and expression, moved and showed with great enthusiasm. Best Veteran. 2 Eves' Dachslur Diamond Fancy Free At Sundayshill. Nice bitch, but just couldn't match the winner today, more upright front and rear, enjoying her day out.