Hound Association of Scotland Championship Show 2021


Judge: Darren Fellows (Rosanka)

BEST OF BREED : ROBERTS Ch Swansford Gregorydor & Hound Group 4
Dog CC : ROBERTS Ch Swansford Gregorydor
Res Dog CC : CROSS Loggeta Trouble in Texas

Bitch CC : METCALFE-BILGIN Metadale Margarita

Res Bitch CC : WHITFIELD-ROBERTS Swansford Gleighdora

Best Puppy :
Best Veteran :

Best Junior :  ROBERTS Ch Swansford Gregorydor

Junior Dog (1 Entry)
1st: ROBERTS Ch Swansford Gregorydor

Graduate Dog (1 Entries)
1st: CLARKE Tekalhaus Excelsior

Limit Dog (2 Entries)
1st: CROSS Loggeta Trouble in Texas
2nd: PIKE, CARTER & HARRIS Zarcrest Huw Grant

Open Dog (3 Entries)
1st:  PIKE & CARTER Zarcrest George Clooney
2nd: METCALFE-BILGIN Metadale Monterey Jack
3rd: HAYES Swansford Clusterdor Mit Dialhouse

Junior Bitch (2 Entries) Abs : 0
1st: ROBERTS Swansford Glendadora
2nd: FOLEY Loggeta Wynn By Myles

Graduate Bitch (1 Entry) Abs : 0
1st: DOLLAN Bronia Red Velvet

Post Graduate Bitch (1 Entry)
1st:  METCALFE-BILGIN Metadale Margarita

Limit Bitch (2 Entries)
1st: PIKE & CARTERR Zarcrest Angelia Jolie at Breezelyn
2nd: MCGAVIGAN & PETTIGREW Clentry Camellia For Pettigans



Open Bitch (5 Entries) Abs: 2
1st:  WHITFIELD-ROBERTS Swansford Gleighdora
2nd: MILLER & RYAN Ch Bronia Final Fantasy at Cavallibrook
3rd:  CROSS Glasvey Double Trouble for Loggeta
Res:  METCALFE-BILGIN Metadale Moana
VHC: CLARKE Tekalhaus Million to One ShCM

Special Beginners Bitch (1 Entry)
1st: FOLEY Loggeta Wynn By Myles

Many thanks to exhibitors for your entry for my fist CC appointment in this variety.  Due to time of year some were more out of coat than others but coats will grow back and as always I put more emphasis on type , construction and movement.   I felt that some were overweight and as such this affected movement.    I found temperaments were good with all exhibits being easy to handle.  


Junior Dog - 1 Entry

1st  Roberts,  Ch. Swansford Gregorydor

Great start to the day.   Great for type and quality 14 month shaded red  who has matured well ,   balanced head  which was carried well and good eye shape,   strong bone feet,     long neck clean flow into sound front assembly with well laid shoulders and good length and set of upper arm,     well filled front and correct keel follow through ,   ribbing of good length and depth adding to correct underline ,   strong loins and excellent quarters which were used to advantage,    well-muscled, moved so true fore and aft but it was his free efficient profile that sealed not only the CC but BOB ,  so pleased to see him go group 4.


Graduate Dog - 1 Entry

1st Clarkes,  Tekalhaus The Excelsior

Red with good head piece,   good bone and standing on closed strong feet,  good ribbing,  good conditioning,  moving fore and aft with good width and retaining a strong topline.      


Limit Dog   2 Entries

1st  Cross , Loggeta Trouble In Texas

Elegant  boy of lovely overall type and quality,   good size and well balanced throughoutmasculine head set on long neck into excellent well filled front assembly,   stands on full closed feet,  sufficient ground clearance ,  shoulders and upper arm of good length and placement,     well ribbed back and strong through the couplingsbroad rump and sound quarters used to drivemoving so true fore and aft with correct width ,    pleased to award him a very worthy RCC.


2nd Pike , Carter and Harris , Zarcrest Huw Grant

Glamourous boy who in my opinion was carrying a little extra weight today,  he is good to go over with a well filled oval frontgood ribbing ,   up and down he was very true and moved well in profile.


Open Dog -  3 Entries

1st Pike & Carters ,  Zarcrest George Clooney

Another glamorous boy with good conditioning ,   good head and eye,   well boned and standing on deep strong feet,   he has sound quarters which he used to advantage on the move,   moving true up and down and covered  ground well in profile whilst keeping a strong topline helped to win this class today.  


2nd Metcalfe-Bilgin ,   Metadale Monteray Jack

 Lot to like about him lovely head and eye providing the desired expression ,    very  good size and well balanced along with sufficient ground clearance,   well ribbed with correct top and underlines ,   in good coat and conditioning ,   although true fore and aft I felt he was capable of putting more in on the move.   


3rd Hayes,  Swansford Clusterdor Mit Dialhouse


Junior Bitch 2 Entries

1st -  Roberts,  Swansford Glendadora

Really liked this feminine youngsters  attitude and happy temperament she was enjoying herself and it was great to see,   lovely head and long neck ,   well balanced with very good front and quarters to match ,    she moved as one would expect with her construction although with added enthusiasm ,   she was considered for higher award but in my humble opinion I think she still needs to mature and finish like her litter brother has ,   I think the best is yet to come and I will watch her with interest in the future.

2nd Foleys,  Loggeta Wynn By Myles

Shaded red who is good for size and height to length ratio,   she has strong closed feet,   well ribbedkept her topline on the move.


Graduate Bitch 1 Entry

1st  -  Dollans,   Bronia Red Velvet

Liked her type ,   front well filled,  she is of a good size and balanced ,   presented in good conditioningkept a good topline on the move.


Post Graduate Bitch 1 Entry

1st Metcalfe- Bilgin,   Metadale Margarita

For me she is full of breed type and quality,   so feminine with pretty head and correct eyes to give true expression,  long neck to sound oval well filled front assembly and correct length of keel ,   laid back shoulders with good length and set of upper arm,   ribs are deep and extend back strong through the loins,   quarters are sound and well angulated,   so true fore and aft and once her experienced charge gets her going she can cover the ground with extension and drive,    pleased to award her  first CC I was informed ,   if she is shown to advantage on the move as in the challenge today she should surely make up.   


Limit Bitch 2 Entries

1st Pike & Carters,  Zarcrest Angelina Jolie At Breezelyn

Quality girl in good conditioning and coat,   well-muscled and presentedliked her head and eyeforechest and keel length goodwell ribbed with depth and length ,   correct underlinestrong through the quartersmoved with accuracy and  drive which was maintained  retaining outline to win the class.

2nd Mcgavigan & Pettigrew,  Clentry Camellia For Pettigans

Liked her type ,  she has a lovely head and almond eyes,   feminine outlook,   good bone and stands on closed full feet,  good front with well laid shoulders and upper arm,   good width throughout,    top and underlines goodmoved well fore and aft I thought she would be my winner but she lost her enthusiasm in profile


Open Bitch 5 Entries

1st  Whitfield- Roberts ,  Swansford Gleighdora

Young girl but well matured ,  feminine of lovely type and quality ,   good size and substance within her frame,   so well balanced with correct height to length ratio,   good  conical head and good eyeslong neck into sound front assembly ,   shoulders and upper arm well angulated and set ,  good forechest  and well ribbed backstrong topline held on the move,   strong body and great quarters used to advantagemoved so soundly from all angles and with more ground covering stride to win RCC.

2nd Miller & Ryan,  Ch. Bronia Final Fantasy At Cavallibrook  (AI)  JW       

Another lovely quality girl with super head and almond eyes,   good neck into sound front construction,   again liked her size and proportionsmoving well from all angles

3RD Cross,  Glasvey  Double Trouble For Loggeta  JW   


Special Beginners Bitch 1 Entry

1st Foleys ,   Loggeta  Wynn By Myles




Judge Mr. Darren Fellows