Houndshow Championship Show 2022


Judge: Mr E Engh (Norway)

BEST OF BREED :  ROBERTSCh Swansford Gregorydor & Reserve Best in Show
Dog CC : ROBERTS Ch Swansford Gregorydor
Res Dog CC : CROSS Ch Loggeta Trouble In Texas
Bitch CC : WHITFIELD-ROBERTS Swansford Gleighdora
Res Bitch CC : HANNEY-MITCHELL Cavallibrook Final Fling Bronia
Best Puppy : ROBERTS Swansford Alexador
Best Veteran : GARLICK Ranglewood Arashi
Best Special Beginner :  VINCENT Metadale Monica at Gainscroft

Puppy Dog (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: ROBERTS Swansford Alexador
2nd: VINCENT Gainscroft Dashing Dudley
3rd: WAY S & BURLEY Swansford Archerdor
Res: REID Cavillibrook Final Legacy at Maudaxi


Special Beginner Dog (1 Entries) Abs: 1

Post Graduate Dog (3 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: COOK & RHODES Abydachs Free Spirit For Bournder

Limit Dog (5 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: GEESON Abydachs Darkest Night
2nd:CHAPMAN Africandawns Just N Time For Melminds
3rd: WEDGE Dolan Johnny Be Good

Open Dog (3 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: ROBERTS Ch Swansford Gregorydor
2nd: CROSS Ch Loggeta Trouble In Texas

Veteran Dog (4 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: GARLICK Ranglewood Arashi
2nd: HIRST Ranglewood Lantana at Kejana
3rd: CHAPMAN Melminds Zsylvester

Puppy Bitch (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: HANNEY-MITCHELL Cavallibrook Final Fling Bronia
2nd: WAY & BURLEY Swansford Almadora

Junior Bitch NO ENTRIES

Special Beginner Bitch (3 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: VINCENT Metadale Monica at Gainscroft
2nd: LEWIS Mimosa Rude

Post Graduate Bitch (5 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: CHAPMAN Melminds Make Them Gold
2nd: GARLICK Ranglewood Islay
3rd: FOSSETT Brysdax Skyfall
Res: COLMAN Hannah Red
VHC: WEDGE Dolan Private Dancer

Limit Bitch (4 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: WHITFIELD-ROBERTS Swansford Gleighdora
2nd: METCALFE-BILGIN Metadale Margarita

Open Bitch(5 Entries) Abs: 3
1st: GEESON Ch Abydachs Fire In Her Soul
2nd: BORSUK & FOSSETT Baltic Legacy via Amberteckel

Veteran Bitch (2 Entries) Abs: 2



PD (4) 1 Swansford Alexador. At 12 months old, this dog is very finished and mature. He is strong and masculine and has excellent substance, I would not want any more of him than this. Strong, masculine head showing an appealing attitude and an arrogant expression. His ears could be higher set. Strong neck, well set. Plenty of keel. Strong firm topline with a slight a rch over loin. Above all he is a impressively athletic and a very well-coordinated and sound mover, at all time keeping his lovely balance and with his head held proudly. Lovely coat. In excellent condition. Best Puppy 2 Gainscroft Dashing Dudley. Another very attractive puppy, I preferred his size. Very attractive head with plenty of “work” and lovely expression, very good ears. Not quite the neck of the winner, but excellent body proportions and has a very good keel and an excellent topline. Another very good mover, but not quite the timing of the winner. Lovely coat. I dog showing plenty of promise. 3 Swansford Archerdor 
PGD (3,2) 1 Abydachs Free Spirit For Bournder very well proportioned, masculine dog of excellent overall quality. Head with length and chiseling, but a rather melancholic expression. Medium length of neck which could be smoother set, rather upright in shoulder. Deep and capacious body. Strong hindquarters, well angulated behind. In lovely coat. Looked his best in movement as he is coordinated and has a very good drive. Excellent coat and presentation. 
LD (5,2) 1 Abydachs Darkest Night. Eye-catching dog, proud and masculine. Beautiful head and expression, well set ears. Good rise of neck, moderate layback of shoulder. Enough keel, excellent topline, but tended to fall off a bit more over the croup than I prefer. Excellent body volume. Moved with an air about him, but could use his tail to better advantage. Lovely coat, very well presented. 2 Africandawns Just N Time For Melminds Masculine dog of quite pleasing proportions. Long head, pleasing expression. Moderate neck and front angulation. Would prefer straighter front legs. Pleasing topline and overall outline. Moderately angulated behind. Well presented, Very good coat. Moved moderately well from the side and from behind, could be more settled in front action. 3 Dolan Johnny Be Good 
OD (3,1) Two really good dogs 1 Ch. Swansford Gregorydor A dog of excellent size and proportions, he is very international in his outlook and not overdone. Masculine head with an excellent expression, if not among the longer heads. Long neck, very well set into shoulders creating a lovely outline. Excellent keel. At two years old, he is just right for depth and width of body. But above all, he is a most impressive mover, so light on his feet and very well balanced and co-ordinated, as well sound coming and going. Excellent carriage of head and tail. Indeed an impressive and lovely representative of his breed and sex. CC & BOB 2 Ch. Loggeta Trouble in Texas Mature, masculine dog who also filled my eye and was unlucky to meet his competitor. Attractive head and expression. Strong neck with a nape. Excellent keel. I would not want him any shorter on legs than this. Excellent topline, strong and with a slight arch, another who kept his silhouette on the move with excellent carriage of head and tail, if just a little heavier footed than the winner. ResCC. 
VD (4,1) 1 Ranglewood Arashi. A dog with plenty of quality, not overdone. Attractive, well chiseled head. Would prefer full dentition. Enough neck and keel. Excellent topline. Well proportioned in his body. He kept his silhouette on the move, but could make better use of his tail. Well angulated behind, he moved soundly from all directions. Very good quality coat, again not overdone. 2 Ranglewood Lantana At Kejana Strong black and tan dog, very masculine and in excellent condition for his 10 years old. However he in rather heavy in body and his rich coat does not add to his elegance. Strong masculine head with excellent length. Strong neck. Good keel. Firm topline with a slight arch to his loin. Balanced angulation behind. He moved with energy and held his outline well. 3 Melminds Zsylvester 
PB (2) 1 Cavallibrook Final Fling Bronia. At six months old, this bitch has come a long way already. She has a very attractive body silhouette with smooth transitions all the way. Attractive head with very good length, correctly set ears. Long and strong neck with a nape. Excellent keel. Straight front legs. Deep and capacious chest without exaggeration. Excellent tailset and very well angulated behind. Needs to stabilize a bit in hocks and to lose her puppy fat, but I predict and exciting future. ResCC 2 Swansford Almadora. Another lovely bitch standing, well balanced and well constructed. Another with an attractive head. Strong neck with an attractive nape, balanced angulation both ends. Deep and capacious body, firm topline. Excellent coat, she scored over the winner in this respect. Not quite as balanced on the move, tending to be a little high behind and rather proud of her tail. Another who needs to settle in hind movement. 
Special Beginner Bitch (3,1) 1 Metadale Monica At Gainscroft. A very attractive bitch, especially standing. She has a feminine head and a lovely expression. Could do with some more strength of underjaw. Medium neck, very well set into a firm topline. Quite a good keel. Balanced angulation both ends. Excellent coat and colour. She moved somewhat narrow both ends and could make better use of her tail. Well presented. 2 Mimosa Rude. A bitch that is up on legs and somewhat short in her body. Lovely, feminine head and excellent expression. Medium neck. Needs more keel and depth. Quite pleasing topline, but falls away too much over the croup. Tended to crab coming and going and moved medium well from the side. Lovely character and excellent coat quality. 
PGB (5) 1 Melminds Make Them Gold Eye-catching bitch as she has a long neck and moves well from the side. Long head with very pleasing expression. Good keel. At times appears a little high behind when standing, but evens out in movement. Moderately angulated behind. Excellent coat quality. Used her long neck very well on the move around. Well handled. 2 Ranglewood Islay. Very feminine bitch, elegant, somewhat on the refined side. Very well chiseled head with lovely expression and very well set ears. Medium neck with a nape. Not yet fully developed in her forechest. Deep body. Attractive topline. Moved well from the side, rather narrow coming and going. 3 Brysdax Skyfall 
LB (4,2) 1 Swansford Gleighdora. Very attractive bitch of the type that I am looking for. Well made, well proportioned and not overdone. Very attractive bitch head, lovely expression, excellent earset. Long neck with a nape. Pleasing front, at two years old she is not yet fully developed in body, but had more than enough to warrant her win with something in hand. Attractive topline with a slight arch over loin. Balanced angulation behind. She is a lovely, open, sound, athletic and precise mover from all angles. Well handled. CC 2 Metadale Margarita. An attractive bitch standing, she has quality and type. Beautiful head and expression. Long neck. Well filled in keel. Excellent return of upper arm. Strong topline, deep chest. Could do with slightly less weight. She moved rather wobbly behind, OK from the side, but not up to the winner. 
OB (5,3) 1 Ch. Abydachs Fire In Her Soul Feminine bitch with quality, quite moderate in her outline. Quality head, well set ears. Medium neck, quite well set. Good keel, elbows could be closer to body. Pleasing topline, in the most fabulous coat of lovely structure and the brightest of colours. Moved quite well from the side, but rather narrow in front and tending to toe in. Very well presented. 2 Baltic Legacy Via Amberteckel. Strong bitch on the heavy side, losing some weight might help. Strong head, lovely expression. Strong neck. Plenty of keel and depth of body. Pleasing length of body. Strong, well angulated hindquarters. In a rich coat. Used her legs very well form the side, but tended to lose some of her topline.
Espen Engh