Lancashire & Cheshire Dachshund Ass Championship Show 2022

Dachshund (Long-haired)

Judge(s) : Lynda Billinghurst


BEST OF BREED : GEESON Abydachs Darkest Night
Dog CC : GEESON Abydachs Darkest Night
Res Dog CC : GEESON Abydachs Return of the Night

Best Puppy Dog : ROBERTS Swansford Alexador

Bitch CC : WHITFIELD-ROBERTS Swansford Gleighdora
Res Bitch CC :  GEESON Ch Abydachs Fire in Her Soul

Best Puppy Bitch : BURLEY & WAY Swansford Almadora

Best Puppy : ROBERTS Swansford Alexador & Best Puppy in Show
Best Veteran : PASKINS Ch Abydachs Summer Dream at Kindeace ShCM VW & Best Veteran in Show



Veteran Dog or Bitch (3 Entries) Abs 1
1st: PASKINS Ch Abydachs Summer Dream at Kindeace ShCM VW
2nd: BREARLEY Labbadax Eyecatchin Shadown at Xanadax

Puppy Dog (3 Entries) Abs 0
1st: ROBERTS Swansford Alexador
2nd: BURLEY & WAY Swansford Archerdor
3rd: VINCENT Gainscroft Dashing Dudley

Junior Dog (1 Entry) Abs 0
1st: GEESON Abydachs Darkest Night


Yearling Dog (1 Entry) Abs 0
1st: GEESON Abydachs Return of the Night

Post Graduate Dog
1st: No Entries

Limit Dog (1 Entry) Abs 0
1st:  PASKINS Cedavoch It's Taboo at Kindeace

Open Dog (4 Entries) Abs 1
1st:  PIKE & CARTER Zarcrest George Clooney

2nd: PASKINS Kindeace Texas Ranger
3rd:  GARLICK Ranglewood Harvest Song

Puppy Bitch (3 Entries) Abs 0

1st: BURLEY & WAY Swansford Almadora
2nd: VINCENT Gainscroft Dolly's Dina
3rd: FOLEY Beauty Long

Junior Bitch (1 Entries) Abs 1
1st: Absent


Yearling Bitch (6 Entries) Abs 1
1st: MCNAUGHTON Ch Cedavoch Blithe Spirit
2nd: FOLEY Logetta Wynn By Myles

Post Graduate Bitch
1st: No Entries

Limit Bitch (6 Entries) Abs 1
1st:  WHITFIELD-ROBERTS Swansford Gleighdora
2nd: PIKE & CARTER Zarcrest Angelina Jolie at Breezelyn
3rd: CHEESE Africandawns Heidi Clare at Suecaseus
Res:  PASKINS Territoria Lubvi Besna at Kindeace
VHC: LUMLEY Dagastren Martha My Dear

Open Bitch (4 Entries)
1st:  GEESON Ch Abydachs Fire in Her Soul
2nd: MCNAUGHTON Ch Cedavoch Spellbound
3rd: CHEESE Ranglewood Titania at Suecaseus
Res: GARLICK Ranglewood Trick or Treat

I would like to thank the Committee for my invitation and the kind hospitality they showed me on the day. A special thank you goes to my Steward Janet Kirkwood for her help in keeping everything running smoothly some lovely puppies entered showing great promise VD / B (3,1) 1 Paskins CH Abydachs Summer Dream at Kindeace ShCM VW, a twelve year old red with, good front assembly, and using her rear angulation she still has style and can move out well with drive. BV 2 Brearly’s Llabadax Eyecatchin Shadow At Xanadax well constructed dog and displayed a good outline. a nice dog to go over. Both these dogs moved well but I preferred the movement on the 1st. PD (3) 1 Roberts Swansford Alexador BP what a lovely puppy to go over well constructed front well laid shoulders and rear which he used to move out freely keeping his topline at all times. 2 Burley & Ways Swansford Archerdor another lovely puppy litter brother to winner and not a lot to separate them same comments apply as to the 1st but maybe a tad more confidence with the winner. 3 Vincents Gainscroft Dashing Dudley BPD. JD (1)Geesons Abydachs Darkest Night shaded red beautifully presented good topline and length of rib moved out true and with confidence head held high on the move giving an excellent outline., DCC & BOB. YD (1) 1 Geesons Abydachs Return of the Night Correct shaped head and eye, reachy neck, well laid shoulders, level topline another displaying a great coat strong short hocks moved well. Presented in good condition.RCC. LD (1) 1 Paskins Cedavoch it’s Taboo at Kindeace 4 yr old good shape to head, level topline, looked good on the move but I would have preferred more drive. OD (4,1) 1 Pikes Zarcrest George Clooney good forechest, reachy neck, well ribbed moved soundly. 2 Paskins kindeace Texas Ranger Overall bigger than class winner ribs extended well back strong hindquarters. 3 Garlicks Ranglewood Harvest Song. PB (3) 1 Burley & Ways Swansford Almadora what an elegant young lady, feminine head correct eye shape good forchest, rear angulation is correct she moved out well and came to a perfect free stand. BPB. 2 Vincents Dolly’s Dina Another nice puppy didn’t have the forechest of the winner but overall well constructed and move out well. 3 Foleys Beauty Long. YB (2) 1 McNaughtons Ch Blithe Spirit Red feminine head and expression an elegant bitch of good proportions and balanced throughout Moved with drive. 2 oleys Loggetta Wynn by Myles Correct shaped head and eye reachy neck moved well LB
(6,1) 1 Whitfield Roberts Swansford Gleighdora quality bitch Feminine head with dark eye level, good forechest level topline lovely hammy hocks moved with confidence and drive correct front and rear angulation BCC & BOS. 2 Pike & Carters Zarcrest Angelina Jolie at Breezelyn good head and eye not the reach of neck to my class winner, well ribbed back moved out well 3rd cheese’s Ranglewood Titania at Suecaseus. OB (4) 1 Geesons Abydachs Fire in her soul. Rich shade of red elegant expression a very dashing hound, level topline, tight feet. RCC. 3 Cheese’s Ranglewood Titiana at Suecaseus