Judge: Jenny Rowe (Boloria)


BEST OF BREED : MITCHELL Cavallibrook Final Fling Bronia
Dog CC : GEESON Ch Abydachs Return Of The Night
Res Dog CC : ROBERTS Ch Swansford Gregorydor

Bitch CC : MITCHELL Cavallibrook Final Fling Bronia
Res Bitch CC : DARE Ch Darsoms Zymystique
Best Puppy : GARLICK Kyrenia Queens Request with Ranglewood
Best Veteran : MARSH & JONES A Touch of Class at Marshwick

Veteran Dog (2,1)

1st: MARSH & JONES A Touch of Class at Marshwick


Minor Puppy Dog - NO ENTRIES


Puppy Dog (1)

1st: FRICKER Sundayshill Theordore at Borzdac

Junior Dog (2)
1st: ROBERTS Swansford Prestonador
2nd: REID Cavillibrook Final Legacy at Maudaxi


Yearling Dog (1,1)
1st: Absent


Novice Dog - NO ENTRIES


Post Graduate Dog (1)
1st: REES Sundayshill Blackberry

Limit Dog (4,2)
1st: WEDGE Dolan Johnny Be Good

2nd: VINCENT Gainscroft Dashing Dudley


Open Dog (4)
1st: GEESON Ch Abydachs Return Of The Night
2nd: ROBERTS Ch Swansford Gregorydor
3rd: PIKE & CARTER Zarcrest George Clooney

Res: GARLICK Ranglewood Harvest Song



Special Beginner - NO ENTRIES

Veteran Bitch - NO ENTRIES


Minor Puppy Bitch (1)
1st: GEESON Marquis Mansion's Atlantic-C at Abydachs

Puppy Bitch (4,2)
1st: GARLICK Kyrenia Queens Request with Ranglewood

2nd: GEESON Abydachs Hot Patootie

Junior Bitch (4,1)
1st: MITCHELL Cavallibrook Final Fling Bronia
2nd: ROBERTS Swansford Aquadora

3rd: SAINSBURY Drymoor Marron Glace at Boscolla


Yearling Bitch (1)
1st: WAY & BURLEY Swansford Almadora

Post Graduate Bitch (4,2)
1st: WHITFIELD-ROBERTS Swansford Patriciadora

2nd: VINCENT Gainscroft Dolly's Dina

Limit Bitch (5,1)
1st: BUTLER Tekalhaus Our Girl from Drymoor

2nd: DARE Darsoms Zendra

3rd: GARLICK Ranglewood Islay

Res: WEDGE Faulksfollie Miss Minaver at Dolans

Open Bitch (3)
1st: DARE Ch Darsoms Zymstique
2nd: MCNAUGHTON Ch Cedavoch Spellbound

3rd: GARLICK Ranglewood Trick or Treat

I really enjoyed judging the longs today , the size is improving and the rear angulation better. Following on with better movement. , all coats were beautifully presented and temperament’s are wonderful I would like to thank my two steward’s for a job well done.

Veteran Dog .1). 1st Marsh & Jones A Touch of Class at Marshwick.  7yr old B/T  Masculine Head & dark eye. Correct bite,   Lovely reach of neck into well placed shoulders  ,good front and tight feet angulated quarters just carrying a little extra weight today , moved out well.  BV

Puppy Dog.  1.0) 1st Frickers Sundayshill  Theodore at Borzdac. 9mth old red, loved his head & expression lovely length of neck prominent front & tight elbows, good spring of rib, well angulated quarters moved out well when settled.  .just needs to mature.

Junior Dog. (2.0) 1st Robert's  Swansford Prestonador. Shaded Red  12mth old male maturing nicely,  very well balanced & plenty of bone . Lovely head & expression,  excellent front and feet and spring  of rib. well angulated quarters moved out well holding his topline on the move. 2nd. Reid's Cavallibrook Final Legacy at Maudaxi. This red dog is finer in type Beautiful head,   nice length of neck into well placed shoulders, good front & feet could be a little tighter  ,ribbing ok,  just moved a little close behind today.

Post Grad Dog. (1.0) 1st Ree's Sundayshill BlackBerry  B/T masculine head & almond eye, prominent forechest & tight elbows would prefer tighter feet, good length of ribbing would have liked more rear angulation  moved ok.          Limit ( 4.2) 1st Wedge's Dolan Johnny be Good. Liked this red  boy on his size very well presented  lovely head & length of neck,  enough forechest. good length  of ribbing  would prefer more rear angulation well muscled moved out freely . . 2nd Vincent's Gainscroft Dashing Dudley.  Another nice size boy, masculine  head  & correct bite , decent front & feet , good spring of rib, rear quarters ok just preferred the movement of 1

Open Dog.  (4.0) this was a lovely class to judge. so full of quality and a very hard decision between the first two. 1st Geeson's Ch Abydachs Return of the Night., I loved this Shaded Red boy on his overall  construction, balance and elegance . Lovely head & neck, coat in fabulous condition  well constructed front assembly ,well ribbed back strong hind quarters, free flowing on the move,  true fore & aft pleased to award him the DCC. 2nd Robert's Swansford Gregorydor,  another quality male with overall construction & balance has all the qualities of 1. I can see why he has done so much winning but today i just preferred the elegance of my winner on the move RDCC. 3rd Pike & Carter's Zarcrest George Clooney.

Minor puppy Bitch   (1.0) 1st Geeson's The Marquis Mansion's Atlantic.c to Abydachs (Imp NDL). 8mth old B/T bitch .Still a very raw baby but very promising, lovely feminine head well filled front & well placed shoulders. Ribbing well back nicely angulated quarters just needs to settle on the move.

Puppy Bitch (4.2) 1st Garlick's Kyrenia Queen's Request with Ranglewood 11mth  Red, i like her size and type,  very well balanced , lovely coat and in good condition . Feminine head lovely length of neck into well placed shoulders. Nice front & feet.  moved out with drive holding her topline pleased to award her BP. 2nd Geeson's Abydachs Hot Patootie.  Another quality 11mth old puppy, nicely balanced front and rear assembly, pretty head & expression moved out well just not as mature as 1 .

Junior Bitch (4.1) 1St Hanney-Mitchell's Cavallibrook Final Fling Bronia. This bitch caught my eye on entering the ring , feminine head, clean neck into well placed shoulders, lovely front assembly, Ribbing well back giving her a correct underline good strong quarters , very well balanced on the stack and on the move.  Freely moving out with stride .just loved her overall outline, please to award her the BCC & BOB. As I understand this was her 3rd .2nd Robert's Swansford Aquadora. Another really nice bitch,very nicely balanced well off for bone,  super front and shoulder placement, nice tight elbows, good ribbing well angulated quarters moved out with drive, just lost out on the elegance of 1. 3rd Sainsbury's Drymoor Marron Glace at Boscolla..

Yearling Bitch (1.0)  1st Way & Burley’s Swansford Almadora. Another quality bitch from this kennel, lovely head, neck and good front , nice tight feet, good spring of rib and good strong quarters,  moved out well holding her topline.

Post Grad Bitch.(2.0) 1st Whitfield-Roberts Swansford Patriciadora. Another lovely well balanced bitch from this kennel .well off for bone , lovely head and neck . super front and well placed shoulders, good spring of rib  well angulated hind quarters moved out well covering the ground. 2nd Vincent's Gainscroft Dolly's Dina.  Elegant bitch smaller and more compact, pretty head & expression soundly made throughout just preferred the overall movement of my 1st.

Limit Bitch.  (5.1) 1st Butlers Tekalhaus Our Girl from  Drymoor. In super condition Lovely feminine head .neck into well placed shoulders. Good front and well ribbed back lovely strong quarters which showed on the move, freely with drive. 2nd Dare's Darsoms Zendra. Difficult decision between my first and 2nd another nicely balanced bitch of quality lovely coat and in good condition, just preferred the overall drive of 1.  3rd Garlick's Ranglewood Islay.

Open Bitch..(3.0) 1st Dare's Ch Darsoms Zymystique. I liked this shaded Red bitch on her overall balance on the move and on the stack, lovely feminine head and length of neck,  well placed shoulders good front ,nice topline which she held on the move, good strong quarters moved with elegance and drive.  RBCC. 2nd McNaughton’s Ch Cedavoch Spellbound. Another nicely balanced bitch In good condition, Well off for bone, feminine head, strong neck into well placed shoulders,  good front and feet, well ribbed good strong quarters. Moved out freely. . 3rd Garlick's Ranglewood Trick or Treat.

Jenny Rowe.