Dachshund (Smooth Haired)

Judge: Mr Paul Price

MPD. (2). 1. McCarthy’s, Seatris Seeking Success. A super little dog, still very immature, but coming along very nicely. He has a super front, good shoulders, the best rear angulation standing and a lovely topline moving. 2. Burrell’s, Sontag Sea Breeze. Nice head, good front, good hind angulation and he kept a good topline when moving.

PD. (2). 1. Wilkinson’s, Sunhaze Slavonska. He is a very nice black and tan, still has to mature, has a super head and moved extremely well. Generally he has a nice clean outline. 2. Burrell’s, Sontag Sea Breeze.

SYD. (1). 1. Hewart and Chambers and Wilkinson’s, Sunhaze Schocalatier. A nice little character. He has a nice head, a good front, good shoulders, moved very well keeping a good level topline.

PGD. (1). 1. Kerry’s, Ralines Chocs Away to Kireton. Nice head, good forechest, shoulders nedd to tighten, nice level topline. Good length and spring of rib. Nice outline standing.

LD. (4). 1. Lockett’s, Ralines Hercules. Nicely constructed dog, excellent front quarters, good rear quarters, showed nicely, moved extremely well. Generally he has a pleasing outline. RCC. 2. Pogson’s, Rivock Rent Veil. Lovely head and expression, good almond eye. I preferred the front and shoulders of first. Although his rear quarters were very good. He is a very nice dog. 3. McNaughton’s, Cedavoch Distant Thunder.

OD. (4). 1. Norton’s, Ch. Matzell Majestic. A super dog with an excellent head. He is well bodied, has a lovely front, a good long deep ribcage and nice tight shoulders. He showed and moved well presenting an excellent outline. CC He is an extremely sound mover on the rear and this gained him BOB. 2. Lovick and Gibbs and Gibbs, Ch. Roleta Play Wright. Another extremely good quality dog, has a super head, terrific topline and a good driving rear. Lost out to first on final outline standing. 3. Bethel’s, Aust , Ch Laen Rumourze Run Riot at Hampdach. (Imp).

MPB. (2). 1. Phillip’s, Vonndach Classical Music. A closely fought class. She has nice fore and hindquarters, a good topline, showed and moved very well. She as a lovely puppy. 2. Rawson’s, Rosenket A Star is Born. Another nice puppy, she pushed first hard. With so very little to choose between them in the end I preferred the hind action of first, moving and her outline standing.

JB. (6). 1. Rawson’s, Rosenket Zcotch Mist. Super chocolate bitch, excellent head, good front, good mover keeping good topline. 2. Pogson’s, Rivock Kiss the Rod. The forefront on this bitch is incredible, the rear not quite as strong. She has a super head, nicely built and moved well but I preferred the overall balance of first. 3. Cooper’s, Sontag Single Minded.

SYB. (1). 1. Lockett’s, Ralines Reflection. Nice black and tan with excellent front quarters, stronger than the rear, lovely topline.

PGB. (5). 1. Dalgety’s, Thundergay Seaside Belle. This is a good solid bitch with super front quarters and a lovely topline moving. Her outline is spoilt by her underline being slightly loose but this can be forgiven because her general construction is so good. 2. McCathy’s, Roleta Plays the Aces with Seatris. Another super bitch with lovely front quarters, moved extremely well. Pushed very hard but I preferred the balance of first. 3. Lovick and Gibbs and Gibbs’, Roleta the Best Of.

LB. (6). 1. Hunt’s, Carpaccio Diamond Eclipse. A nice black and tan dog with excellent front quarters. He moved extremely well roung the ring, good strong head with a lovely dark eye. 2. Rawson’s, New Springtime Girl by Rosenket. Another lovely bitch, slightly lighter construction than first, also moved extremely well, but the front of first was just superior. 3. Hinwood and Little’s, Yatesbury Nut Truffle of Longmel.

OB. (8). 1. Rawson’s, Rosenket Star Sapphire. This is a really lovely bitch with a nice head, strong front quarters, plenty of substance, moved strongly with drive. Generally a nice balanced bitch. CC. 2. Norton’s, Matzell Majana. Another nice bitch in this very strong class, beautiful head and eye, good front quarters, good topline, moved extremely well. RCC. 3. McNaughton’s, Ch. Cedavoch Wintertime.

Paul Price