Bath  2002 

Dachshund (Smooth Haired)

Judge: Pam Sydney

I was honoured by the Standard Smooth Dachshund exhibitors with a first class entry of 79 Dachshunds. The Smooths have just been through a sticky patch but as often happens the result seems to be a great improvement in the breed. Temperament was very good with only one or two a bit unsteady, and the table did wobble even after remedial atteantion by our steward. Mouths no problem, hindquarters much improved there is still a question mark here and there regarding hind action. Please exhibitors make sure that nails are kept trimmed, you can’t expect your Dachshund to move correctly with long, curling nails. There was a wonderful entry of first class puppies (6 dogs and 11 bitch actually present) and the future looks secure if breeders continue to select their stud dogs with care. Take advice, study pedigrees and do not just select the current winners, wait and see his progeny and perhaps choose his sire. As president of the Southern Dachshund Association which has been responsible for the Smooths for the last 90 years I am delighted that the breed is on the way up as we hand over the responsibility of their welfare to the new Smooth Dachshund Club to which I offer my best wishes and support in the future. The S.D.A represent the Smooths on the Great Joint Dachshund Association and will always be there for the breed for which the Association was founded. DCC and BOB was Lovick-Gibbs and Gibb’s, Roleta Play Wright. RDCC. was Bethel’s, Ch/Aust Ch. Leaen Rumourz Run Riot at Hampdach. BCC and BOS was McNaughton’s, Cedavoch Raindrop. RBCC was Norton’s, Ch. Matzell Masquerade. BP. was Bethel’s, Hampdach Autum Glory.

PD. (10). 1. Bethel’s, Hamdach Joint Venture. B/T. Undoubtedly bound for stardom. Mature for his age he is very close to the standard. Lovely head well carried on good neck, excellent angulation fore and aft. Great length of ribbing and moving for a puppy with soundness and drive. 2. Norton’s, Matzell Mateus. Red. Precocious baby who gave first a close battle. Eyecatching and correctly made in all respects. Full of quality. He just lost out as he was moving a little close in front. This will certainly correct itself as he matures and strengthens. 3. Rawson’s, Twyhill Forceful Freddy for Rosenket.

JD. (1). 1. Bate’s, Batendach Taylor-Made. B/T. A very nice young dog. Long, low and good length of ribbing. Rather high set tail I think he will do well Very promising with a lot of quality. He stood alone but it as a well deserved first.

PGD. (4). 1. Norris’s, Criscan Finagle. B/T. An eye catching dog with good shoulders, front and length of ribbing. A splendid head on well arched neck carried well when moving. He still needs more confidence. I wish he had less white on his chest, it exceeds the small patch permitted but not desirably allowed by the standard. 2. Hey’s, Quiske Certain Justic. B/T. Sound, plenty of bone, well angulated and good length of ribbing. I liked him a lot but he has not quite got the length of first. A good sound dog who moved well. Good head, well carried. 3. Jeffery’s, Rosenket What a Wizard.

LD. (10). 1. Hosegood’s, Lauralee Tiger Woods T’s off at Hydax. B/t. A super sound young dog who is rapidly approaching maturity. I was amazed to find how he has improved recently. Excellent head carriage well on good neck flowing into correct backline. Plenty of bone and good length of ribbing. He moved with drive although I had a slight question mark re his hind action. Well turned out and a delightful personality. 2. Turner’s, Ralines Hercules. B/t. I liked this dog very much. Correct size, full of quality and lovely outline. He moved well and his conformation is correct. Nice head and eye. A real picture when set up. Like first he should go to the top. They will have to battle it out in the future. 3. McNaughton’s, Cedavoch Rainman.

OD. (8). 1. Lovivk-Gibbs and Gibb’s, Ch. Roleta Play Wright. B/t. CC and BOB. So much has been written about this chap that there is little I can do but put in print my admiration for this beautiful dog who deserves all his many wins and has so much to offer to the breed. My notes just show one large star. A live illustration of the standard. 2. Bethel’s, Eng/Aust Ch. Laen Rumours Run Riot at Hampdach. Red. RCC. A recent import from Australia he has hit the headlines from his first appearance in this country and is a truly splendid dog with so much to offer the breed. First is more my type of Dachshund, however it was a difficult decision. He is a great showman and dominates the ring. It would be impossible to overlook him. Angulation, bone, head carriage, length of ribbing and drives round the ring. Last but not least good strong rounded hindquarters, the lack of the latter has been a major problem in recent years. I like him better each time I see Him. 3. Davies’s, Ch. Undeg Elenius.

PB. (14). 1. Bethel’s, Hampdach Autumn Glory. Red BP. A truly lovely eye catching baby who was so pleased with herself that I felt sorry for her handler. She has it all, lovely head, correct angulation, good front sweeping into great length of ribbing. She moved correctly (when she felt like it) on excellent feet. Balanced and full of quality. 2. Dalgety’s, Thundergay at a Glance. B/T. Another lovely bitch. Great length of ribbing. Excellent angulation fore and aft. Good bone. Balanced and full of quality. She moves well but is only a baby and generally needs to tighten up which she will do as she matures. 3. Rawson’s, Twyhill Back to the Future with Rosenket.

JB. (7). 1. Burke and Manston’s, Bonavoir Kildalky Dancer. B/t. A delightful sound bitch just coming into her own. She is well balanced, correctly angulated and with great length of ribbing. She moved well. A beautiful head completes the picture. 2. Rawson’s, Rosenket a Star is Born. B/t. I do hope so! A very pleasing lady but needs to settle down. Beautiful when set up and in all respects correct to the standard. I am sure she is a future star. 3. Phillip’s, Vonndach Classical Music.

PGB. (11). 1. Lockett’s, Ralines Reflection. B/t. My notes say “sound in all respects and I have little to add”. She needs to mature but is a certain star for the future. Just lovely to look at and she moved so well with drive. Just the right size, balanced and a real quality exhibit. Great to see her owner back in the Smooth ring with a top class Ralines bitch. 2. Dalgety’s, Thundergay Lady Be Good. B/t. Another super exhibit from this kennel. Beautiful head well carried on arched neck. Long, low and leve with great sweep of ribbing. Good keel. Correct shoulder and hind angulation. 3. Davies’s, Tendrow Cover Girl.

LB. (6). 1. McNaughton’s, Cedavoch Raindrop. B/T. BCC. I have always admired this bitch from the ringside and she did not disappoint me. Her second CC and the third should not be long in coming. A truly feminine bitch with lovely head, elegant neck running into correct backline and good length of ribbing. Great sweep of ribbing and sound quarters. Long, low and leve truly applies in her case. Correct shoulder placement and hind angulation. The more she moved the better she went. The ring was a bit small for her to really get going. So well turned out she was a picture. 2. Lovick-Gibbs and Gibb’s, Roleta the Best Of. B/t. A beautiful well constructed bitch. Very feminine with sweet head. Balanced and full of quality. She proudly carries the flag for the Roletas. She was a bit unsettled at first but soon settled down and moved well. 3. Phillip’s, Roleta Annies Song. B/t.

OB. (6). 1. Norton’s, Ch. Matzell Masquerade. Red. RCC. Missing from the ring for some time - I think this was her first appearance after maternal duties, a great credit that her owner has got her back to such super show condition. Sound and well balanced with lovely feminine head, good bone, well angulated. She seems to float roung the ring. A picture of a super Dachshund bitch. 2. Hunt’s, Carpaccio Diamond Eclipse. B/t. Another beautiful bitch who has improved enormously this year. She has settled down and looks really good both on the table and moving. Correct in all respects to the standard she is a credit to her handler and breeders. 3. McNaughton’s, Ch. Cedavoch Wintertime.

Pam Sydney