Border Union 2002

Dachshund (Smooth Haired)

Judge: Mr Ralph Coxon


I found my CC and BOB winner in McNaughton’s Ch Cedavoch Wintertime. B/t. She had everything that I was looking for, correct size and construction, good head and expression, stood four square, her movement confirmed her construction, not a show girl therefore not a spectator dog but was very well handled and presented, kept her outline on the move.

My DCC winner was Bethel’s Ch & Aust Ch Lean Roumorz Run Riot At Hampdach. Red. An eye catching exhibit, masculine without coarseness and a real showman, plenty of length without exaggeration, head, eye and expression all good, long neck, strong hindquarters which he used well to drive around the ring. I just preferred the overall construction of the bitch.

PD (4) 1 Norton’s Matzell Mateus Rose. Red, well ahead of himself, looked good in profile and on the move, still an adolescent. 2 Bethel’s Hampdach Joint Venture. B/t of different type, more length than above and built on clean lines, head and expression good, moved well, has the potential to go further with maturity, close decision. 3 Rawson’s Twhill Forceful Freddy For Rosenket.

JD (2) 1 Wilkinson’s Sunhaze Slavonska. B/t of good type, height/length ratio good, good head and expression, long ribbing, moved well keeping outline. 2 Burrell’s Sontag Sea Breeze. I liked this dog, correct front and quarters, strong bone and of good size, he was unsettled throughout the proceedings which spoilt his chances of a higher placing, moved well.

ND (1) 1 Dent’s Phaeland Szar Dachstein. Red, had a good coat but needs to lose weight to advantage, had adequate bone and good feet, moved well.

PGD (2) 1 Burrell’s Sontag Sea Breeze. 2 Cocker’s Daxmuir Flash Harry For Bonnerhill. B/t, good head and expression and long neck, adequate bone and good feet, plenty spring of rib, in good condition, a little wide in movement front and rear.

LD (2) 1 Hewart, Chambers & Wilkinson’s Sunhaze Schocalatier. Choc/tan in good condition, correct conformation, good head and expression, adequate bone and good feet, plenty length of ribbing and strong quarters. I liked his size, a little unsettled in moving at first but soon relaxed, his gentle but positive handler brought out the best of him to win the Res CC. 2 McNaughton’s Cedavoch Rainman. Heavier type than above, strong bone and good feet, correct conformation, thick coat, very unsettled during proceedings but moved well keeping his outline.

OD (3) 1 Ch & Aust Ch Lean Roumorz Run Riot At Hampdach. 2 Norton’s Ch Matzell Majestic. B/t quality dog of good size, presented a good picture in profile and stood four square, in good condition, not as stylish as winner, moved with drive and balance, well presented and handled.

PB (5) 1 Cocker’s Thundergay Society Girl. B/t, good head and expression, adequate bone, presented a good picture in profile and on the move, correct front and strong quarters which she used well to drive her around the ring, could have a bright future if campaigned seriously. 2 Rawson’s Twhill Back To The Future With Rosenket. B/t, heavier than above, still an adolecent and the best of her is yet to be seen, in good condition, she gave her handler a hard time, kept outline whilst moving. 3 Dalgety’s Thundergay At A Glance.

JB (3) 1 Cooper’s Sontag See Fit. B/t of quality. I liked her a lot, correct conformation, good head and expression, good length of ribbing and presented a lovely picture of a Dachshund in profile, unsettled a little on the table but soon got used to the proceedings as time went on, moved well keeping her outline. Res CC. 2 Norton’s Tendrow Mono Maid For Matzell. B/t in good condition, well covered and of different type to above, good depth of keel and length of ribbing, unsettled at first but soon relaxed, lot her topline on the move. 3 Rawson’s Rosenket A Star Is Born.

PGB (2) 1 Dalgety’s Thundergay Lady Be Good. B/t litter sister of PB class winner, good head and expression, correct front, strong quarters, strong bone and feet, level topline and plenty length of ribbing, unsettled on table at first but whilst moving kept her outline. BP. 2 Dunne’s Kayanndrew Lucy Locket. Red. Could loose some weight to advantage, broad skull and restricted whilst moving due to her size.

LB (4) 1 McNaughton’s Cedavoch Raindrop. B/t litter sister to BOB, full of quality, good head and expression, long neck, good forequarter assembly, good spring and length of ribbing, correct quarters, handled well to advantage, moved well. 2 Turner’s Morgan La Fay. B/t of different type to above, in blooming condition, good head and expression, long neck, good spring of rib, an example in presentation and handling, not as well constructed as winner, kept outline whilst moving. 3 Rawson’s Rosenket Zcotch Mist.

OB (7) 1 McNaughton’s Ch Cedavoch Wintertime. 2 Cooper’s Sontag Silly Season. B/t, another good bitch and a fine example of the breed, head conformation all good, well bodied, drove well from behind and moved effortlessly. 3 Rawson’s New Springtime Girl By Rosenket.

Ralph William Coxon