Crufts 2002

Dachshund (Smooth Haired)

Judge: Mr Len Hammond

My apologies for the delay in submitting this critique due to family bereavement. I found temperament on the whole good. Teeth and coats were clean. An improvement on the last time I judged. I was very pleased with my winners but not so happy with a number of others.

SpPD. (1). 1. Burrell's, Sontag Sea Breeze. A nice puppy with good body. Needs to tighten in front. Good temperament.

SpJD. (3). 1. Norris's, Criscan Finagle. Long body, good front and ribbing. Well angulated quarters, lacks thrust. 2. Wilkinson's, Sunhaze Slavonska. Nice type, good to go over. Was full of himself, enjoying his day. Needs to strengthen in hindquarters. 3. Sontag Sea Breeze.

PGD. (8). 1. Cocker's, Daxmuir Flash Harry for Bonnerhill. Good length, nice front and body. Moved well. 2. Jeffery's, Rosenket What a Wizard. Good head and neck. Pleasing body, was rather unsettled. 3. Hey's, Quiske Certain Justice. Good overall conformation, moved well.

LD. (10). 1. Hewart-Chambers and Wilkinson's, Sunhaze Schocalatier. A well constructed dog. Good front and shoulders with correct width between forelegs. Good ribbing, well angulated hindquarters and really moved out. Nice size. 2. Goad's, Cedavoch Storm King by Rosanport. A very nice type with all the qualities of first, but did not quite have the hindthrust. 3. Burke and Manston's, Bonavoir Interceptor. Good front assembly and ribbing. Not the hindquarters of those above.

OD. (10). A super class. 1. Bethel's, Aust Ch. Laen Rumourz Run Riot at Hampdach. What a lovely dog to go over. Beautifully balanced with good head carriage and well arched neck. Excellent front shoulders with firm topline and well angulated hindquarters. Moved with drive. CC and BOB. Very pleased he gained his title on the day. 2. Norton's, Ch. Matzell Majestic. Another super dog which I have given a ticket before. Not so low as winner, but so well constructed. RCC. 3. Davies's, Ch. Undeg Elenius. Yet another first class dog. Well balanced. Good head and neck with good front and shoulders. Well ribbed body. Moved well. A worthy champion.

SpVD. (3). 1. Speak's, Lowscales Young Buccaneer. 8 years old. Excellent front and shoulders. Good body and very sound movement both coming and going. Nice temperament. 2. Sydney's, Yatesbury Jackanory. 8 years old. Very well bodied dog with good head and eye. Good topline and underlines. Moved well. 3. Cunningham's, Ir Ch. Celandine Cobnut. 9 years old. Nicely bodied with good ribbing, moved true.

SpPB. (3). A super class. 1. Norton's, Tendrow Mono Maid for Matzell. A little beauty. I liked everything about her. Wonderful head carriage. Good forechest and shoulders with well ribbed body. Firm topline and good rear angulation. Moved absolutely true fore and aft and really drove around the ring. RCC. 2. Rawson's, Rosenket a Star is Born. Very aptly named, she is a star. Like first so very well constructed. Excellent front, long and low. A pleasure to go over. Still very puppyish and played up a little on the move, but when settled will trouble the best. 3. Phillip's, Vonndach Classical Music. Completed a trio of super puppies. Very nice type, very feminine. Good forechest and shoulder placement. Moved very well.

SpJB. (7). 1. Cooper's, Sontag Single Minded. Gave a very good outline. Well balanced with good shoulders. Well ribbed body. Moved out very well. 2. Pogson's, Rivock Kiss the Rod. Very little to choose between her and the winner. Again an excellent outline. Good front assembly and well ribbed body. Moved well. 3. Marsh's, Marshwick Melody. Very nicely stacked and good to go over on the table. I felt a little roadwork could make a lot of difference.

PGB. (8). 1. Punter's, Roleta Spoilt for Choice Welcumen. Nice size and very well balanced. Good head and eye. Good topline and underlines, moved well. 2. Pogson's, Rivock Refuge from the Storm. A nice bitch with good head and eye. Good front and length of body. Well angulated hindquarters and moved well. 3. Davies's, Tendrow Cover Girl. Very good front assembly. Well ribbed body. Moved out well.

LB. (6). 1. Turner's, Marictur Morgan la Fay. Excellent type. Very well constructed and sound all through. Moved well and was seriously considered in the challenge. 2. Hinwood and Little's, Yatesbury Nut Truffle of Longmel. Another nice bitch with good forechest and shoulders. Firm topline and very sound all through. Excellent temperament. 3. Phillip's, Roleta Annies Song. Very well balanced, close up to second. Sound and good mover.

OB. (9) A class of quality bitches which were a pleasure to go over. 1. McNaughton's, Ch. Cedavoch Wintertime. Your hands just flow over this lovely girl. It would be nit-picking to find fault with her. Moved very soundly. Nice temperament. CC. 2. Notrton's, Ch. Matzell Majana. Very good front with excellent ribbing. Excellent topline, short loin. Moved with drive. 3. Rawson's, New Springtime Girl by Rosanket. Excellent construction all through. Strong hindquarters, just needs to firm up in front movement.

SpVB. (4). 1. Phillip's, Werdan Evening Primrose of Vonndach. Nice type. Good front and moved out well for a 9 year old. 2. Parris's, Kimkeri Impertinent (Imp). 10 years old. A rather solid lady. Good width in front. 3. Aldridge's, Ch. Ashihna Hot Scotch. Good quality bitch of 11 years. Rather well fed.

Len Hammond