Dachshund Club 2002

Judge: Jane Hosegood

 Smooth Haired

A lovely entry awaited me full of quality for which I thank you most warmly. I was looking for a well balanced Hound of great quality, moving soundly, superemely fit, well presented and with an excellent temperament. Presentation and showmanship all play a big part to win top awards. Quality war of the highest calibre, competition was strong in most classes, many very good dogs went away card less, I judged as I saw them on the day. I suggest you place a long mirror in your garden and walk your Hounds towards it several times, then hopefully you will see what I saw far too often and it did not please me. Thanks for accepting my decisions in such a sporting manner, I thoroughly enjoyed judging your Smooths.

MPD (2) 1 Marsh’s Harshwick Mandolin. Just over 7 mths B/T showing a nice outline, needs to firm up all over as expected. Most promising, well presented and handled; 2 Graham’s Gameron Rubens Hagrid. 8 mths B/T. Needs time and more ringcraft.

PD (3) 1 Bethel’s Hampdach Joint Venture. BPIB and RBPIS. 11 mth B/T. Full of quality, good head, eye, bone and feet, well arched neck carried so proudly. Lovely on move showing classic outline and keeping good topline using his hindquarters to move soundly. Well presented and handled; 2 Norton’s Matzell Mateus. Another v good quality p of good conformation. Sound, well handled; 3 Phillips’ Jessingale Cracker Jack Of Tendrow.

JD (4) 1 Rawson’s Twyhill Forceful Freddy For Rosenket. Quality C/T. Well balanced of good conformation, good head and eye, pigmentation ok, looked good on the move keeping topline sound. Well presented and handled; 2 Burke and Manston’s Bonavoir Trojan Warrior. B/T of quality, good front assembly and ribbing. Well presented and handled; 3 Wolage’s Matzell Moritz.

PGD (6) 1 Wilkinson’s Sunhaze Slavonska. CC. Young d. Full of quality. 20 mth B/T of good conformation. Lovely to go over, good breed type. Good head and eye, super front, best of feet, well arched neck running into good topline to strong hindquarters. A classic outline both standing and on the move, the more he moved the better he looked, a lovely young d to be proud of, his first CC. Lets hope for two more before too long. Well presented and handled by such an excited owner; 2 McCarthy’s Seatris Seeking Success. C/T. 17 mth quality d. Well balanced. I liked him v much, with luck will have a bright future, well handled and presented; 3 Norris’ Criscan Finagle.

LD (6) 1 Turner’s Ralines Hercules. Powerful B/T of good breed type with strong bone, well angulated hindquarters. Looked good on move, sound, well presented and handled; 2 McNaughton’s Cedavoch Rainman. B/T of good conformation showing a good outline, although not the movement of 1 but still a nice one of good breed type. Well presented; 3 Hewart-Chambers and Wilkinson’s Sunhaze Schocalatier.

OD (6) 1 Bethel’s Ch Aus Ch Laen Rumourz. RCC. A quality red well presented d showing a classic outline. Lovely head and eye, of excellent conformation. Super hindquarters used to move soundly, looked good on the move. Beautifully handled and presented; 2 Lovick-Gibbs and Gibbs’ Ch Roletta Playwright. Quality d of excellent construction, good breed type, nothing exaggerated handled and presented to perfection; 3 Parris’ Hydanthe Sea Sharp.

V (3) 1 Sydney’s Yatesbury Jackanory. BV. 8 1/2 B/T of quality, good breed type of excellent conformation. Looked good on the move, enjoying his day. Well handled and presented; 2 Speak’s Lowscales Young Buccaneer; 3 Mitchell’s Dicksons Flame. These three Veterans were a credit to their owners.

PB (3) 1 Bethel’s Hampdach Autumn Glory. 11 mth red, sister to PD 1, by a dog I love Ch Tythe Equinox. What a handful but such fun. Full of quality, of good breed type. Must have a bright future. Handled with difficulty and well presented; 2 Chambers’ Queenrook High Hopes. 10 mth B/T of quality. Needs time, v unsettled but plenty of time to get her steady and to move soundly.

JB (11) Good class. 1 Armstrong’s Lauralee Inspiration. RCC. Quality B/T of good breed type. Loved her classic outline both standing and on the move. Feminine head, expressive eye, good bone and feet, lovely arched neck running into well placed shoulders, good length ribbing, one we shall be hearing a lot about in the future. Beautifully presented and handled; 2 Dalgety’s Thundergay Lady Be Good. 14 mth B/T. V close up to 1. Well balanced, full of quality. Well handled and presented; 3 Turner’s Meganhol Apocalypse Now Rafthouse.

PG (10) 1 Dalgety’s Thundergay At A Glance. Quality B/T. 14 mths. Good breed type, well balanced, correct angulation fore and aft. Good top and underline, showed a classic outline on the move and moving soundly. Well presented and handled; 2 Lockett’s Ralines Reflection. Smaller B/T of quality and of good conformation. Pretty feminine head and small dark eye, looks good on movem keeping topline. Well presented and handled; 3 Marsh’s Harshwick Melody.

LB (8) Very good class. 1 Cooper’s Sontag Single Minded. Quality, well balanced B/T showing classic outline. Feminine head, good eye, front, topline kept on move. Well handled and presented; 2 Turner’s Marictur Morgan La Fay. V close up to 1. Another classic of good construction. Similar remarks, preferred 1 on the move. Presentation and handling of the best; 3 McNaughton’s Cedavoch Raindrop.

OB (6) Very good class. 1 Hunt’s Carpaccio Diamond Eclipse. CC and BOB. 3 yr B/T of good conformation and quality. Lovely head and expressive eye, elegant neck, tight good shoulders, lengthy ribbing carried well back to strong hindquarters which she used to move so fluently. She could not be denied the top Award. On the move she showed superior quality and a classic well balanced outline, handling and presentation at its best. I was pleased to award her crowning CC; 2 Cooper’s Sontag Silly Season. Well balanced quality B/T. Good head and eye, good front, nice tight shoulders. Well bodied. Moved soundly, keeping good topline, classic outline. Well presented and handled; 3 Armstrong’s Ch Lauralee Welsh Pageant.

Jane Hosegood